Newsletter 40 - May 2000
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THE SUMMER TOUR approaches. The Tennis Bookshop will be at The Queen's Club for the Stella Artois (my 9th) from 12 to 18 June, and then at Eastbourne for the Direct Line (my 11th) from 19 to 24 June. I will be offering for sale an ever larger range of tennis titles, ancient and modern, with lots of special offers. Come and say hello and spend some time browsing the shelves. Contact me on 0860-395798. I will be at Wimbledon (my 25th) from 26 June to 9 July, so if you order after 7th June, please remember that no parcels will be moving until 12 July.

BRITISH TELECOM took 7 days to repair my phone in the week after I sent out Newsletter 39. Apologies to anyone who could not get through by phone, FAX or e-mail. Thanks a lot BT!

POSTAL CHARGES are up again, because "we thought it was about time!" Having lost 4 UK parcels in 6 months, I now use 1st class post for light parcels, and insured post for heavier parcels. I regret that I can no longer absorb excess postal costs. Thanks a lot Parcel Force!

THE AXA CUP at the London Arena was a memorable few days, but not for all the right reasons. The previous venue at Battersea was a wonderful spot; the Isle of Dogs was not ideal. I know the tent blew about a bit at Battersea but it was convenient for the spectators, and served a huge tennis enthusiastic catchment area. I was very pleased to meet so many clients who had braved the trip east of Tower Bridge, but please can we go back to Battersea next year, Jeremy!!

WIMBLEDON 2000 features a Centre Court parade on the middle Saturday of surviving singles champions and runners-up, plus those who have won two or more Doubles titles. So far, 67 out of 74 eligible players will be there, including Borg for his first return visit, and Wood, the 1931 champion (by default!). Two very notable absentees may be Connors and Lendl. This occasion will prove to be a marvellous opportunity for autograph hunters and photographers of nostalgia.

AUCTION CALENDAR: Auctions of tennis collectables will be held by Mullock Madeley at Kempton Park on Sunday 11 June and at Christie's South Kensington on Friday 23 June.

REAL TENNIS & RACKETS TITLES: Here are four more hard to find racket sports titles.
01: "Ball, Bat and Bishop" by Robert Henderson; 1st USA edition 1947; 220 pp HB in beautifully decorated DW. Fascinating analysis of ball sports history & development. Rare! £225
02: "Racquets, Tennis & Squash" by Eustace Miles; 1st USA edition 1903; 336 pp with nicely decorated front board. First (very comprehensive) 20th century book on Tennis & Rackets. £245
03: "The Story of Tennis" by Lord Aberdare; 1st edition 1959; 180 pp HB in DW. How Real tennis evolved and eventually gave birth to Lawn Tennis. The precursor of 04 below. £45
04: "Willis Faber Book of Tennis & Rackets" by Lord Aberdare; 1st edition 1980; 368 pp HB in DW (large format). The definitive title on these two fast moving Racket Sports. £165
05: "Willis Faber Book of Tennis & Rackets"; numbered facsimile edition 1998; as above. £90
MARTINA IS BACK! The greatest woman tennis player ever is playing Ladies' Doubles at Eastbourne and Wimbledon. This selection of books has always been central to her tennis and persona. Unless stated otherwise, these titles are 1st edition hardbacks in dustwrappers.
06: "Being Myself" by George Vecsey; UK edition 1985; 272 pp. UK version of 14 below. £25
07: "Breaking Point" by Liz Nickles; USA edition 1996. This is the 2nd of the Jordan Myles tennis circuit murder/mystery novels. This copy is signed by Martina. £50
08: "Choices" by Judy Hill Nelson; USA edition 1996; 232 pp. The story of how they met, how their relationship blossomed, and eventually how it went wrong. £20
09: "K.D. Lang" by Paula Martinac; USA edition 1997; 135 pp in PB. A well written book about KD, whom I met at Wimbledon one year when she was part of Team Navratilova. £15
10: "Killer Instinct" by Martina and Liz Nickles; USA edition 1997; 290 pp. Here is the 3rd of the Jordan Myles tennis circuit murder/mystery novels. £20
11: "Love Match Nelson vs Navratilova" by Sandra Faulkner; USA edition 1993; 215 pp. A rather detailed account of the divorce. This copy is signed by S(andra) Faulkner. £50
12: "Love Match Nelson vs Navratilova", as 11 above. This copy is nicely signed by Judy. £70
13: "Love Match Nelson vs Navratilova", as 11 above, but no signatures. £20
14: "Martina" by George Vecsey; USA edition 1985; 287 pp. Authorised version of her life so far, with much more excitement on and off the court still to come. USA edition of 06 above. £20
15: "Martina Navratilova" by Jane Mersky Leder; USA edition 1985; 48 pp in pic bds. A juvenile interest title with some nice action and domestic scene photos. £30
16: "Martina Navratilova Tennis Power" by R.R. Knudson; USA edition 1986; 58 pp in pic bds. A juvenile interest title based on George Vecsey's biography, see items 06 & 14 above. £30
17: "Martina Navratilova Tennis Power" as 16 above but in paperback. £20
18: "Martina Navratilova The tennis star who chose freedom" by Dolan & Lyttle; USA edition 1977; 81 pp. A juvenile interest title but it is probably the earliest title on her. £50
19: "Martina Unauthorized" by Adrianne Blue; UK edition 1994; 224 pp. Tour tittle-tattle!£15
20: "Second Serve The Renee Richards Story" by John Ames; USA edition of 1983; 373 pp. Richard Raskind (later Renee Richards) played Wimbledon as a man and then as a woman. £25
21: "Signed Photo"; official Wimbledon colour postcard showing Martina displaying the Ladies' salver. This postcard is signed on the reverse "Martina". The year is uncertain. £40
22: "Sudden Death" by Rita Mae Brown; USA edition 1983; 241 pp. A popular tennis novel about life on the women's circuit. This copy is inscribed and signed by Rita Mae (Brown). £50
23: "Sudden Death" by Rita Mae Brown; as 22 above but not inscribed. £30
24: "Tennis My Way" with Mary Carillo; UK edition 1984; 215 pp. Martina coaches you . £20
25: "The Total Zone" by Martina and Liz Nickles; 1st UK edition 1994; 246 pp. This is the first of the Jordan Myles trilogy of tennis circuit murder/mystery novels. £15

26: "A Handful of Summers"; 1st edition 1978; 238 pp HB in DW. This has for many years been considered the funniest book in tennis. It tells the story of a group of young South Africans who spend a year on the tennis tour and the many humorous happenings they experienced. £30
27: "Too Soon to Panic"; 1st USA edition 1997; 315 pp HB in DW. In the sequel, Forbes recounts his later life following the circuit more as an elder statesman than as a player. £25

28 "International Who's Who in Tennis"; USA edition 1983; 971 pp. A huge format directory of mini-biogs of everyone who was or is somebody in tennis anywhere in the world. £200
SIGNED PHOTOS: Last newsletter's signed photos proved very popular, so here is another selection, all guaranteed by me as genuine, coming as they do from an impeccable source.
29: "Greg Rusedski"; colour photo 17 cm x 24 cm; waving to crowd ¾ length. £40
30: "Stefan Edberg"; colour photo 10 cm x 15 cm; waist up holding Wimbledon trophy. £75
31: "Richard Krajicek"; colour photo 17 cm x 24 cm; waist up holding Wimbledon trophy £65
32: "Wayne Ferreira"; colour photo10 cm x 15 cm; full length action signed across body. £25
33: "Michael Stich"; colour photo 10cm x 13 cm; mounted and signed on the mount. £35
34: "Vitas"; colour postcard of Vitas Gerulaitis in full length action, signed across his legs. £35

35: MEDIA/PLAYER GUIDE FEST: Here is an opportunity to pick up some bargain items to fill those gaps in your collection. Mostly I have only one of each! All are priced at £10 each
ATP 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.
Davis Cup 1996, 1997; Federation Cup 1996, 1997, 1998; US Open 1996; MIPTC 1985.
WTA 1984/85, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.

WIMBLEDON PROGRAMMES: Here are three quite early Wimbledon programmes.
36: "1935, 2nd Monday" and "1938, 1st Saturday"; both folded but in nice condition. Each £45
37: "1949, 2nd July, Finals Day". Singles winners were Ted Schroeder and Louise Brough. £20
I will offer 100's of recent Wimbledon programmes at Queen;s Club & Eastbourne at only £2

38: 100 YEARS OF THE WIMBLEDON TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS by James Medlycott; 1st edition 1977; 93 pp; HB in DW. A profusely illustrated history of the Championships. This copy has 25 player autographs signed on their own photos throughout the book. In A-Z order, the women are: Rosie Casals, Francoise Durr, Chris Evert, Ann Jones, Angela Mortimer, Christine Truman and Virginia Wade, the men are: Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors, Sven Davidson, Neale Fraser, Bob Hewitt, Lew Hoad, Jan Kodes, Frew McMillan, Gardnar Mulloy, John Newcombe, Charles Pasarell, Budge Patty, Fred Perry, Raul Ramirez, Ken Rosewall, Frank Sedgman, Stan Smith and Fred Stolle. This book is offered on an auction basis; opening bids around……..£250

39: WIMBLEDON ANNUALS: Here is my current price and availability list. I may offer some of these editions a little cheaper at Queen's Club and Eastbourne, and you save postage costs!
1984, 1991, 1994, 1997 at £90; 1985 at £150; 1990 at £45; 1993 at £110
1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999: (2 for £35; 3 for £50) each at £20

40: "The Love Game, Being the Life-Story of Marcelle Penrose" a novel by Suzanne Lenglen; 1st English edition of 1925; 301 pp. Suzanne's only tennis novel, set on the French Riviera, describing the idle life led by the rich who followed the tennis circuit. Very Rare! £175

JAMES SCOTT "JIMMY" CONNORS: He is still a marvellous tennis player, now thankfully restored to us in the Senior Tour. However, he and his memory are poorly served as far as authoritative books are concerned. A thorough, authorised edition is long overdue. In the meantime, his huge legion of dedicated fans must make do with the following very scarce titles, mostly written for young readers and therefore rather short on text but long on photos.
41: "Jimmy Connors" by Larry Batson; 1975 HB; 31 pp. Probably the first Connors title. £50
42: "Jimmy Connors Sports Hero" by M. Burchard; 1976 HB in DW; 93 pp. £50
43: "The World of Jimmy Connors" by Jim Burke; 1976 PB; 217 pp. A serious book. £30
44: "Budge on Tennis" by J. Donald Budge; USA edition 1951; 180 pp HB in DW. This copy of the late Don Budge's very popular coaching classic is dedicated and signed by him £100
45: "Friend of Tennis" by Roy Wilder; 1st edition 1962; 214 pp HB in DW. The story of a man who devoted his life to tennis administration. This copy is nicely dedicated to Gussie Moran. £65
46: "Hitting Hot; Ivan Lendl's 14-Day Tennis Clinic"; 1st USA edition 1986. Anything original by Lendl is scarce; this relatively common title is inscribed, signed & dated 1986. £95
47: "Lawn Tennis for Ladies" by Mrs. Lambert Chambers; 1st edition 1910; 135 pp. England's greatest player of the first 20 years of the 20th century wrote a classic coaching title, probably the first by a woman. Included is a hand-written receipt (on her own letter-head) for coaching by her, dated 1936. She has used her full signature: "D.K. Lambert Chambers". £200
48: "Match Play and the Spin of the Ball" by William T. Tilden; 1st USA edition 1925; 355 pp; boards slightly bumped/faded. Tilden's greatest coaching work; inscribed: "To Lois From one fair tennis player to a real good one. Bill". Tilden's handwriting is unmistakable! £325
49: "Streamline Tennis" by Mary K. Browne; 1st USA edition 1940; 112 pp in decorated dustwrapper. This title, by a great USA tennis champion, is inscribed and signed by Eleanor Tennant (coach to Alice Marble & Mo Connolly) and by Mary Browne. Rare signatures. £225
50: "Tennis!" by Tom Okker; " 1st Dutch edition 1966; 255 pp; HB in DW. The life story of Holland's famous "Flying Dutchman". He remains a firm favourite at Wimbledon. £50
51: "Winning Ugly" by Brad Gilbert; 1st USA edition 1993; 211 pp HB in DW. Certainly the top selling coaching title of the 1990's. This copy is signed by Brad Gilbert. £30

52: "ATP Tour 2000 Media Guide". All player photos are in colour this year. £20
53: "Australian Open 2000". One last copy of this 200 page magazine without the draw. £18
54: "Davis Cup Final Programme 1999" France vs Australia. No draw sheets; one only. £15
55: "Dawson's International Lawn Tennis Almanac 1960 and 1961". each at £24
56: "Dunlop Lawn Tennis Annuals" edited by Pat Hughes; 1947, 1948, 1949. each at £30
57: "Dunlop Lawn Tennis Annuals" 1950, 1951, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1958. each at £25
58: "Sanex WTA Tour Player Guide 2000". Stocks of this one are now in short supply. £20
59: "World of Tennis Annuals 1977, 1978, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985. HB in DW. each at £24
60: "World of Tennis Annual 2000" edited by John Barrett. This year's edition. £13
61: "WTA Calendar 2000". Cover shows Kournikova, Davenport, Hingis and Williams. £15

Newsletter 39 - 2nd April 2000


EDITORIAL In London, we wound up 1999 at The Royal Albert Hall with The Honda Challenge for the Delta Air Lines ATP Senior Tour of Champions, won again by John McEnroe. Leconte, Borg & Connors added some thrilling tennis. In this newsletter, I especially recommend the wide range of high quality and quite rare national histories. My bibliography of titles on Lawn Tennis, Real Tennis, Rackets, Squash Rackets, Paume and Pelote has now passed 3300 entries. Above every consideration, "high quality books in high quality dustwrappers" is my aim for all collectors, serious or rather more casual. These books will cost you a bit more, but I strongly advise: never buy damaged books; always buy the best you can afford. **** Enjoy books****

THE AXA CUP is fast approaching - there will be a report in my next newsletter.

TWO NEW PLAYING RULES will be tried this year. First, there will be a two minutes break at the end of every set, irrespective of the game score (i.e. odd or even game totals). Second, the 90 seconds break at the change of ends after the first game of each set is eliminated. Instead, players will walk straight past the net and resume play in the second game without pause. I think they are both excellent ideas. Would Real Tennis benefit from a break after each set?

BUNNY AUSTIN: I recently had coffee with a very lively Bunny Austin. Born on the 26th August 1906, he lives in comfortable retirement near London. He is recovering well from a fall. Bunny is the oldest living Wimbledon Men's Singles finalist, unless you know better!

FAREWELL JOHN DONALD BUDGE, born 13th June 1915, died 27th January 2000. Don was involved in a motor accident in the USA before Christmas, and did not recover from his injuries. He was lightning fast on the court, with a marvellous back-hand; his epic battles with Perry and von Cramm are part of tennis legend. Much has of course been made of his place in tennis history by being the first winner of the Grand Slam in 1938. His singles title total included two Wimbledons, one Australian Open, one French Open, and two US Opens. He quickly turned professional and with Perry, Vines and others, toured endlessly, giving exhibition matches and playing in many long series of head-to-head challenges with his colleagues. We saw him often at Wimbledon. My last memory of him was in a wheel-chair, but willingly signing autographs. Budge's name was always a magic name, permanently linked with great tennis on the Wimbledon lawns. He was a tennis giant. Sidney Wood is now the oldest living Wimbledon champion.

E-MAIL ADDRESSES: A logical development from the proliferation of e-mail is that in the foreseeable future, I will be able to e-mail a large percentage of my newsletters to my 1200 or so clients in 60 countries, saving a considerable amount of time, postage and printing costs, and personal effort. So, I encourage you to use e-mail if possible, and as soon as I have a few hundred e-mail addresses, I will start to send the newsletters electronically. Such is progress!

TENNIS DATES FOR YOUR DIARY: This year, the tennis season has moved on one week from previous years. Thus, the Stella Artois at Queen's is 12/18 June, the Direct Line at Eastbourne is 19/24 June, and Wimbledon is 26 June to 9 July. Bournemouth is now Brighton 20/26 November. Christie's South Kensington tennis sale is Friday 23 June.

01: "ATP Media Guide & Sanex WTA Player Guide 2000": Circle ATP/WTA each still £20

02: "World of Tennis 2000" edited by John Barrett. Published in January; still priced at £13

03: "WTA Calendar 2000": here is the special millennium edition just arrived at £15

04: "Wimbledon Who's Who and Tennis Celebrities": (1934) Phyllis Satterthwaite's entry says: "She is the holder of the world's longest rally, 419 strokes lasting 19 ½ minutes at Bordighera in the last point of a match in the Ladies' Singles final against Mlle. Valerio" Has there been a longer rally anywhere? What and when was the longest rally at Wimbledon? £45

05: "Helen Wills Photo Folio": I have one last folio of photos from the personal collection of Helen Wills, containing 15 photos (action, still and fashion) of Fred Perry, Helen Wills, Rene Lacoste, Alfred Lyttleton Rogers, Lili de Alvarez and Vinnie Richards. £100

Baron Gottfried Alexander Maximillian Walter Kurt von CRAMM: born 07 July 1909; died 09 November 1976 in a car crash. Prior to Boris Becker, von Cramm was long considered the best German tennis player of all time. Three times a losing Wimbledon Singles finalist (1935 & 1936 to Perry; 1937 to Budge), he is well remembered for being not just a fine stroke player and athlete, but also a most sporting competitor. His sportsmanship was such that once, when foot-faulted, he turned to the line judge and apologised! Items about von Cramm are very rare. I am offering the following three items as a memorable package of this great tennis player at £300

06: A card signed "Gottfried Cramm" dated 27/10/75, in original postal envelope. Very rare

07: "Gottfried von Cramm Der Tennisbaron" by Egon Steinkamp; 1st German edition of 1990; 224 pages in d/w & slip-case. This is the official, very detailed and nicely illustrated biography.

08: "Gottfried Freiherr von Cramm: Fair Play ein leben lang 1909-1976"; a magazine of 45 pages published by Berlin's Rot-Weiss Tennis Club as a tribute to von Cramm.

09: "Wimbledon Programme 1920": I have a very good, original programme for Finals Day on Saturday July 3rd 1920. The ground is still at Worple Road, the first Championships at Church Road being in 1922. This is the earliest Wimbledon programme I have been able to offer. The Challenge Round played that day was between Gerald Patterson (the holder) and Bill Tilden (the challenger). Until 1922, the holder stood out from the Championships and let the others toil to produce a challenger. Having overcome the brilliant Japanese player Shimidzu, Tilden beat Patterson 3 sets to 1 for the first of his 3 Wimbledon titles. Other finals matches played that day: Mlle Lenglen/Miss Ryan beat Mrs Lambert Chambers/Mrs Larcombe in the Ladies' Doubles; R. Williams/C. Garland beat A. Kingscote/J. Parke in the Men's Doubles; G. Patterson/Mlle Lenglen beat R. Lycett/Miss Ryan in the Mixed Doubles. All the results of previous matches are printed on the draw-sheets. This extremely rare and slender programme is offered at £600

10: "Wimbledon Final Programmes": I am keen to acquire copies of the Wimbledon Final Programmes of all years. I can offer one of each of the following Wimbledon Final Programmes: 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993. Each at £15

FIVE OF THE TOP TENNIS TITLES: The following titles are, in my opinion, the premier books in the tennis bibliography. This is probably an emotive statement to make, because it depends on what criteria you use. My criteria in this instance are the importance of the player/author to the game, and the size of the contribution made over a period of years, together with the thoroughness and scope of the book. These are the titles without which no serious tennis library is complete. Every sport has its giant titles. These are my lawn tennis giants.

11: "Fifteen-Thirty The Story of a Tennis Player" by Helen Wills; 1st USA edition of 1937; 311 pages in dustwrapper. This is the first (English language) female tennis biography in the tennis bibliography; there is an earlier French biography of Lenglen. Wills was the dominant woman player for 10 years, with 15 Wimbledon and US Open singles titles under her belt. £225

12: "Great Lawn Tennis Players, Their Methods Illustrated" by George Beldam & P.Vaile; 1st edition reissued of 1907; 403 pages in green boards, gilt decorated externally. This superb coaching title has 229 black and white action photos of the great players of the period demonstrating their shots. Technically for its time, this book was at the forefront of the "action shot" vogue. The authors wrote similar highly sought-after books on Golf and Cricket. £400

13: "Match Play and the Spin of the Ball" by William T.Tilden 2nd; 1st USA edition of 1925; 355 pages in blue boards, gilt decorated externally. This volume is universally accepted as the coaching bible, the book to which all other coaches refer in awe. It contains all Tilden's playing wisdom, his technique and advice. He refers to and compares other great players of the period, and much of its contents are still relevant today. The last section is a tribute to and biography of "Big Bill" written by Stephen Wallis Merrihew. This wonderful book is offered at £300

14: "My Story" by Fred J. Perry; 1st edition of 1934; 317 pages. Written by Perry after his first Wimbledon win, in which he exercises his bitterness about the way he was treated, coming as was made clear to him, from distinctly the wrong side of the railway-line. He made them eat their words. It is not generally known that he wrote this large book so early in his career. £400

15: "The Tennis Players, from pagan rites to strawberries and cream" by Tom Todd; 1st edition of 1979; 240 pages in pictorial dustwrapper. Todd, whose tennis collection formed the basis of the Wimbledon Museum, wrote this beautifully illustrated book (500 copies only) to describe the history of the game from its ancient base right through to the mid-1970's. £500

SOME POPULAR PLAYER LIFE STORIES: These are "always-in-demand" titles. All are 1st editions, in hardboards and dustwrappers, and in very good condition.

16: "Beyond Center Court" by Tracy Austin; 1992. She is a very popular tennis player. £25

17: "Courting Danger" by/with Alice Marble; 1991. There is more to her than I knew! £25

18: "Don Budge: A Tennis Memoir" by Frank Deford; 1969. He was an all-time great. £25

19: "From Where I Sit" by Dan Maskell/J. Barrett; 1988. Dan's is an amazing life story. £25

20: "Handful of Summers" by Gordon Forbes; 1978. It just keeps selling and selling. £25

21: "Rosewall: Twenty years at the Top" by Peter Rowley; 1976. Ken is still playing. £22

22: "Teach: Story of Eleanor Tennant" by Nancy Spain; 1953. Enigmatic tennis coach. £25

23: "Wings on My Tennis Shoes" by Pauline Betz; 1949. She won Wimbledon in 1946. £20

WIMBLEDON ANNUALS: Here is my current price and availability list
24: 1983 at £250; 1984, 1991, 1994, 1997 at £90; 1985 at £150; 1990 at £45; 1993 at £110

25: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999: (2 for £35; 3 for £50) each at £20

REAL TENNIS RACKETS: I have four lovely examples to offer, dated from c1900 to c1965.

TWO NEW TITLES: These are just published and now available from The Tennis Bookshop.

26: "The Book of Tennis Rackets" by Siegfried Kuebler. This massive book is the updated and enlarged version, and now in English. Thousands of models of rackets are listed with photos. £45

27: "The Greatest Tennis Matches of the Twentieth Century" by Steve Flink of Tennis Week magazine; 277 pages in large format. Lenglen vs Wills to Hingis vs Graf; Tilden vs Cochet to Becker vs Sampras. His choices may not coincide with yours, but his are wonderful matches. £25

BOOKS ON TENNIS (Real/Royal/Court) and RACKETS:

28: "Book of Rackets (The)" by J.R. Atkins; 1st edition of 1872; 108 pp. This is the only 19th century book devoted entirely to the game of Rackets, now played in just a few parts of the world, such as the English Public Schools, Queen's Club, Seacourt and Manchester, Montreal and on the eastern seaboard of the USA. Rackets is the fastest ball game, nephew of Tennis and father of Squash. This copy (the second I have seen in 15 years), is in dark red (worn) boards, gilt engraved spine, but tight and complete, showing just a few signs of age. Incredibly rare! £2000

29: "A CHASE DOWN-UNDER -a history of royal tennis in Australia" by Michael Garnett, published in December 1999; 500 pages in 9 parts with 8 chapters. This book was advertised in Newsletter 38. The title says exactly what this substantial, brilliantly researched and profusely illustrated book does. It is an essential part of any (Real) Tennis library. Guest authors include Lord Aberdare, Julian Snow, Robert Fahey, and Michael Wooldridge, who has prepared a fascinating bibliography of Tennis titles across the centuries. The de luxe edition (75 copies) sold out, but I can offer some of the standard edition (325 copies) in blue decorated boards at £45

EXAMPLES OF CLASSIC COACHING TITLES: These books are in very good condition. The attractive dustwrappers make a significant (upwards) difference to the value. As always, I say to you: "Buy high quality books in their dustwrappers. It's the only way to buy books!"

30: "Championship Tennis" by Maureen Connolly; 1st edition of 1954; 81 pages in d/w. "Little Mo" and her only coaching manual, illustrated with many photos of herself. £25

31: "Courtcraft Lawn Tennis Tactics & Psychology" by Norman H. Patterson; 1st edition of 1934; 111 pages in photographic dustwrapper. A coaching manual for all levels. £35

32: "How To Play Tennis" by Mercer Beasley; revised edition of 1937; 174 pages in photographic dustwrapper. A famous USA coach recounts his teaching methods. £65

33: "Lawn Tennis Lessons for Beginners" by J. Parmly Paret; 3rd USA edition of 1927; 128 pages. (no d/w) Beautiful external front-board of male player at the ready position. £95

34: "Lawn Tennis The Game of Nations" by Suzanne Lenglen; 1st edition (reprinted) of 1925; 127 pages in pictorial dustwrapper. Suzanne's first and most famous coaching manual. £85

35: "Learning Tennis" by Betty Nuthall; 1st USA edition of 1928; 240 pages in photographic dustwrapper. The UK edition is of course called "Learning Lawn Tennis". £75

36: "Top-Flite Tennis" by Mary K(endall) Brown; 1st USA edition of 1928; 130 pages in amazing yellow & black, highly decorated dustwrapper. The famous USA champion player. £85

37: "Winning Tennis and How To Play It" by Sarah Palfrey Cooke; 1st edition of 1946; 247 pages in dustwrapper. The Women's National Tennis Champion and coaching for women. £45

38: EVENT PROGRAMMES: I only have one of each, mostly without drawsheets: Direct Line, Beckenham 1990; Guardian Direct, Battersea Park 1999; Honda Challenge, Olympia 1998 & Royal Albert Hall 1999; Stella Artois, Queen's Club 1980, 1984, 1985, 1998. Each at £5

HISTORIES OF INTERNATIONAL LAWN TENNIS: I can offer some remarkable histories of national tennis associations, events, and clubs. All are substantial, heavily illustrated, authoritative works in their national language. Countries covered are Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, and the United States.

39: "Centrecourt: A Century of New Zealand Tennis 1886 to 1986" by Paul Elenio; 1986; 287 pages in d/w. This is a country where lawn tennis has been played passionately. £40

40: "Fifty Years of Lawn Tennis in Scotland" edited by A. Wallis MacGregor; 1st edition of 1927; 287 pages in d/w. An early and fascinating contemporary tennis history. Very rare. £375

41: "Game, Set and Glory: A History of the Australian Tennis Championships" by Bruce Matthews; 1st edition of 1985; 138 pages in d/w. A detailed Grand Slam history. £25

42: "Grand Slam Australia, the Story of the Australian Open Tennis Championships" by Joseph Johnson; 1st edition of 1985; 364 pages in pictorial dustwrapper. This book is a thoroughly researched history of the Oz Open, with a chapter on each of the champions. £35

43: "Great Players of Australian Tennis" by Paul Metzler; 1st edition of 1979; 202 pages d/w. Considered to be the major work on the many world class Australian tennis players. £25

44: "Illustrated History of Australian Tennis (An)" by R.S. Whitington; 1st edition of 1975; 126 pages in d/w. The history of the Oz game, detailing the exploits of the great players, from Brookes through Patterson, Crawford, Bromwich, Quist, Sedgman and then the great ladies. £25

45: "Kooyong 1892-1992: A Serve To Authority" by Richard Yallop; 1992; 1st edition (1000 copies); 194 pages in d/w and slip-case. This was the venue for the Australian Open. £100

46: "Livre d'Or de la Federation Royale Belge de Lawn-Tennis 1902-1952"; 139 pages in large format paperback. Certainly the first copy I have seen, detailing the foundation, growth and development of the F.R.B.L.T.A. It is an excellent history with many old photographs. £135

47: "Mexico en la Copa Davis 1924-1988"; no stated author; 379 pages in d/w. This large book, written in Spanish, is one of a run of only 2500 copies. It reviews every Davis Cup match played by the Mexican team from the first year they entered. It is an amazingly detailed history. £225

48: "Queen's Club Story 1886-1986" by Roy McKelvie; 1st edition of 1986; 306 pages in nicely coloured pictorial dustwrapper. In an edition of 2000 copies, here is the history of this great London sporting club, now the scene of the long running Stella Artois men's event in June. I was privileged to be asked by Roy to assist him in the writing of the squash history. £40

49: "Roland Garros: Le Livre du Tournoi du Centenaire" by Gilles Delamarre; 1st French edition of 1991; 246 pages in d/w. My second copy of this magnificent, huge history of the arena and the many exciting tennis moments which have taken place there. Well illustrated. £145

50: "60 Anos de Harmonia: A Historia do Tenis no Brazil"; no stated author; 1st edition of 1990; 100 pages in d/w. Written in Portuguese (where Tennis is Tenis!), this is a review of the domestic game in Brazil, though extraordinarily not a mention of Maria Bueno! £110

51: "Sweet Spot (The): One Hundred Years of Life and Tennis in Geelong" by Graeme Kinross Smith (signed); 1st edition of 1982; 191 pages in d/w. Australia's oldest tennis club. £50

52: "Tennis in Scotland: 100 Years of the Scottish Lawn Tennis Association 1895-1995" by George Robertson; 1st edition of 1995; 317 pages in d/w. The title seems to say it all. £25

53: "Tennis Observed: The USLTA Men's Singles Champions, 1881-1966" by Bill Talbert; 1st USA edition of 1967; 142 pages in dustwrapper. This huge format book reproduces the complete draw sheets for every US Open from 1881 up to 1966, plus a photo of each champion. £150

54: "Tennis: The South African Story" edited by Russell Eldridge; 1978; 172 pages in pictorial boards. Hewitt, McMillan, Maud and many others from earlier eras feature in this very rare tennis history, which also reviews the game through the provinces. £85

SOME SIGNED TITLES: Here are more titles (in d/w's), all signed by famous players/authors.

55: "Advantage Striker" by Gardnar Mulloy; 1959. A stalwart of USA tennis. £25

56: "Handful of Summers" by Gordon Forbes; 1978. Still the most popular tennis title. £35

57: "My Side Of The Net" by Bobby Wilson; 1964. He was England's number one player £25

58: "Nastase" by Richard Evans; 1978. The great Ilie Nastase and his crazy life in tennis. £25

59: "Pat Cash My Story" by Bruce Matthews; 1987; p/b. Exciting Wimbledon champion. £20

60: "Vijay!" by Richard Evans; 1990; p/b. India's elegant Vijay Amritraj. The Bond star! £20

FAMOUS PLAYER SIGNATURES: Only one each of these, so please be quick!

61: Maria Bueno: Black and white photo, image 19 cm x 25 cm, full-length action shot. £50

62: Martina Hingis: Signed "Martina" on front cover of Swisscom Challenge programme. £60

63: Helen Hull Jacobs: Laid down slip on autograph page, plus black & white photo. £75

64: Jack Kramer: Black & white photo; image 9 cm x 11 cm; full-length action shot. £45

65: Henri Leconte: Black & white photo, image 19 cm x 24 cm, full-length action shot. £50

66: Hana Mandlikova: Full signature on postcard; I suspect this is quite an early signature. £30

67: John McEnroe: Two legible, recently signed, colour photos. Image size is 16 cm x 24 cm. In one, he holds the Wimbledon Singles trophy; in the other, he has played a backhand. Each at £95

68: "ATP Tour: Ten Years of Superstar Tennis" by R. Evans; 128 pages in d/w LF. £25

69: "Australian Open 2000" programme and final day drawsheet; 5 copies only, each at £20

70: "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack 1938" edited by Wallis Myers. A very nice copy. £75

71: "Bud Collins' Tennis Encyclopedia"; 1st edition 1997; 608 pp. Massive p/b statfest! £15

72: "Duel for the Crown" by Neil Harman; 1st edition 1999. Henman & Rusedski's 1998. £12

73: "Dwight Davis: The Man and the Cup" by N. Kriplen; 1st edition 1999. £15

74: "Fame" edited by Gene Scott; 128 pages in d/w. Portraits of Hall of Fame Inductees. £15

75: "Open!" by Gene Scott; 192 pages in d/w LF. US Open review; 1967/1999 +draws. £25

76: "Roland Garros Annuals": One each for 1986, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1999. Each at £50

77: "Tennis Week" USA tennis magazine; 6 editions June 1999 to January 2000. This lot at £30

78: "The Davis Cup" by Richard Evans; 1st edition 1998. Centenary history of the event. £15

79: "Ultimate Encyclopedia of Tennis" by John Parsons; 224 pages in d/w LF. £20

80: "Visions of Tennis"; the Allsport Agency; 143 pages in d/w LF. Super tennis photos. £15

81: "We Have Come A Long Way" by BJ King; 1988. A huge history of women's tennis. £25

82: "WITA/WTA Media Guides" 1984/85, 1986, 1988. One of each only at £25

83: "WTA Player Guides" 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998. Each at £10

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