Newsletter 44 - May 2001
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INTRODUCTION: A long, wet winter in Europe has thankfully moved into spring, and that heralds the approach of summer! Queen's Club, Eastbourne and then Wimbledon will be upon us, as the global tennis world flies in for four hectic weeks of Lawn Tennis (yes…on grass and long may it last!). Please note that my office is closed from 8 June to 10 July, but during Queen's, Eastbourne, and the Christie's sale, I will be on……………..07860-395798

** Margaret Croft "Peggie" Scriven died in February, aged 88. She was one of the last of the great British 1930's players, though not one of the most well-known. Peggie's name should be honoured as not only the first British woman to win the French singles title (1933), but also the last British woman successfully to defend a Grand Slam title the following year. For the record, the last British man successfully to defend a Grand Slam was Fred Perry in 1936.

** I went to Dublin with the books in February for the KPMG Men's Senior Tour. It was, a pleasant interlude, but not as busy as the Royal Albert Hall event in December.

** The famous ivy on Wimbledon's Centre Court has been stripped away to allow building repair and maintenance, but I hear that it may be allowed to grow back. I do hope so.

** Lightning does strike twice! Great Britain has again drawn Ecuador in the next round of the Davis Cup, this time away. We do not need to be reminded about the last occasion.

** I hear Anna Kournikova and Martina Navratilova are both entered to play at Eastbourne.

** Real Tennis players might enjoy their web-site

** The 8th edition of the Wimbledon Library Catalogue is now available from me at £10.

"TENNIS WORLD" IS BACK! On May 16, Umbrella Media, the new publishers of Tennis World, will re-launch the title in a bigger and better format. To quote the release: "The new-look, glossy Tennis World is all about the game you love, and will bring news, views, and exclusive interviews. Read about the big names in the world game and see what they have to say. There's more, like invaluable information about the sport, fitness and lifestyle written and presented by our experts to help your game and make you feel better about life. It's what tennis fans have been waiting for! Every month, Tennis World will give advice on nutrition, fitness and the latest equipment, insights into the big stars as well as the best locker room gossip." UK clients of The Tennis Bookshop will receive a complimentary copy. From May 16, you can pick up a copy from WH Smith or Sainsbury's, or subscribe through Umbrella Media's web-site or phone their subscription hotline 01778-391180.

DIARY DATES FOR 2001: Here are some dates of forthcoming tennis events and sales:

11/17 June: The Stella Artois Men's Championships…….at The Queen's Club

15/16 June: Mullock Madeley Sports sale………………… Kempton Park

16/23 June: Britannic Asset Management International (Ladies)….........… Eastbourne

22 June: Christie's South Kensington Tennis sale (flier enclosed)… London

25 June/08 July: The Wimbledon Championships. I will again be working at Wimbledon

05/09 December: Honda Challenge ATP Senior Tour………at the Royal Albert Hall, London

WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIPS ANNUALS SPECIAL OFFER! While stocks last, I can offer 9 years of the annual at only £10 per copy, mint in original dustwrappers. And I can offer copies of all the rarer editions at reduced prices, as I now control the remainder stock. UK postage is £4 for one; £5 for two; £6 for three etc. Please ask for overseas rates.

01: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999………each at £10

02: 1983 @ £195; 1984 @ £65; 1985 @ £100; 1990 @ £30; 1991 @ £50; 1993 @ £95; 1994 @ £60; 1997 @ £60; 2000 @ £25. The 2000 edition is already sold out from the publishers.

03: "LAWN TENNIS, BADMINTON, CROQUET, TROCO, RACQUETS, FIVES, NURR AND SPELL, BOWLING, HURLING, etc., etc." by Captain Rawdon Crawley; 1st edition 1879; 101 pp. Other than the many editions of rules booklets, I can only see that "Lawn Tennis" by Jasper Smythe (1878) comes before this title in the lawn tennis bibliography. Originally published in paper covers, this copy is rebound into modern blue and gilt boards, the paper covers being absent. Internally it is in very good condition. It may well be the first contemporary history of the new game, saying inter alia that "Lawn Tennis began to attract attention in the spring of 1873." I had not previously known that, but as it was written in 1879, it may be true. He also refers to Captain (not Major) Wingfield as the inventor. Diagrams show the court both as rectangular and hour-glass. The book deals with the other named title sports as to history, technique, and rules. Before the title page is a delightful engraving of a doubles tennis match. This exceptionally early and important tennis title is offered at £2000

SIX SPECIAL OFFERS: I can offer 10 copies of the following modern titles each at £15. They are all 1st editions, hardbacks in dustwrappers and in near mint condition.

04: "Courts of Babylon (The): Tales of Greed and Glory in the Harsh New World of Professional Tennis" by Peter Bodo; USA 1995; 480 pp. The title says it all, I think! £15

05: "Ladies of the Court: Grace and Disgrace on the Women's Tennis Tour" by Mike Mewshaw; USA 1993; 327 pp. Mike follows the tour and asks some difficult questions. £15

06: "Love Match Nelson vs Navratilova" by Sandra Faulkner; USA 1993; 215 pp. Here is the background and detail of their marriage, separation and divorce. £15

07: "Monica From Fear to Victory" with Nancy Ann Richardson; USA 1996; 240 pp. The best Seles biog so far, featuring the Hamburg affair and her struggle to regain the top. £15

08: "Open Tennis: 25 Years of Seriously Defiant Success on and off the Court" by Richard Evans; UK 1993; 264 pp. Celebrating the birth and growth of the Open Game. £15

09: "Wingfield Edwardian Gentleman" by George Alexander; USA 1986; 313 pp. The story of the opportunist Wingfield who is now accepted as the inventor of Lawn Tennis. £15

THREE VERY RARE DUSTWRAPPERS: I continue with my emphasis on the acquisition of early tennis titles in their original dustwrappers. Here are three more exceptional gems.

10: "Lawn Tennis The World Game of To-Day" by F.R. Burrow; 1st UK edition; 1922; 211 pp. The former Wimbledon referee wrote this wide-ranging, large format account of tennis, mostly as to coaching and technique. The dustwrapper is in amazingly good condition. £300

11: "My Story" by Fred Perry; 1st UK edition 1934; 317 pp. Always one of my top tennis titles, Fred wrote this while his offhand treatment by the AELTC was fresh in his mind, and when he was a national hero after the Davis Cup matches with France. The book is very rare, even without the dustwrapper; this is the first time I have seen the dustwrapper. £950

12: "Perry on Tennis" by Fred Perry; 1st USA edition 1937; 155 pp. This is a further autobiographical history after 11 above. He has now finished his amateur career and tells you how to improve your own tennis performance by following his techniques. Once, when he visited my shop at Eastbourne, he said he had never seen the book in a wrapper. £110

13: "THE SHUTTLECOCK MINISTRY"; an engraving (or possibly a lithograph) published August 7th 1840 by McLean of 26 Haymarket, London. Image measuring 36 cm x 28 cm, this is a cartoon showing two politicians whom I should be able to identify, but have failed. Each holds a racket and they are batting a shuttlecock between each other, the one saying: "I'll keep it up as long as I can, and am not at all tired, indeed the harder I hit, the stronger I fancy I become." and the other saying: "I'll keep it up a little longer, but I begin to feel it a tiresome work." This unusual racket sports picture is offered at (+VAT for UK clients) £150

A LIST OF ODDMENTS: Here is a cosmopolitan selection of titles for many tastes.

14: "ATP Player Guide 2000"; 15: "WTA Player Guide 2000". Each £10; the two for £15

16: "ATP Player Guide 2001"; 17: "WTA Player Guide 2001". Each £20; the two for £35

18: "Australian Open 2001"; 19: "U.S. Open 2000"; magazine/final drawsheet. Each £15

20: "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanacks 1937 & 1938". Two very good copies, each at £75

21: "BP Year Book of Tennis" by Barrett and West; 1969. The rare 1st edition in a dw. £75

22: "Cooper's Annual of Lawn Tennis 1960". Only 2000 copies were printed; p/back £25

23: "Dawson's International Lawn Tennis Almanac 1960"; 416 pp in pb (worn) £25

24: "Dunlop Lawn Tennis Almanacks" 1939 at £60; 1947, 1948, 1949 each at £30

25: "India Davis Cup 1921-1995" by P Datta. History of the Indian Davis Cup team. £25

26: "New York Racquet & Tennis Club 1936". Club handbook and membership list. £30

27: "Pelote Basque (La)"; French edition 1974; pb. Amazingly fast Basque ball game. £25

28: "Proudly She Serves" by Helen Hull Jacobs; 1st edition 1953. This is my first copy of this US Navy/Tennis novel, loosely based on her own life. It is ex-lib but still a rare title. £40

29: "Wimbledon Who's Who and Tennis Celebrities"; 1934 pb. Great player biogs. £40

30: "Women's Tennis Tour Calendar 2001"; 12 WTA beauties to adorn your walls! £10

31: "World of Tennis Annuals" by J. Barrett; 2001 at £13; those in 32 below each at £15

32: "1971, 1973, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998"

THE FRED PERRY LIST: I recently wrote about a range of original and unique items from the Perry family. The books are all sold, but I can still offer these five decorative items:

33: "A glass wall plaque" (17cm x 22cm) inscribed: "Living Legend. Presented to Fred Perry a Living Legend at the Living Legend Golf and Tennis Invitational April 10, 1992 Fort Lauderdale Philharmonic Society". Set on the glass surface are a circular gilt shield, ornately decorated, and a rectangular gilt plate with the inscription in black text. £250

34: "A wood wall plaque" (23cm x 30cm) inscribed: "To Fred Perry in appreciation of your ongoing support and your love of the Israel Tennis Center Children, Oct 1991". Set on the wood surface is a black metal plate bearing the inscription, with a raised gold boss decorated with a racket and ball, the metal plate bordered with gilt decoration. £250

35: "A wood wall plaque" (25cm x 20cm) inscribed: "Honorary Membership in Palm Beach County Senior Tennis League is hereby awarded to Fred Perry 1988". Set on the wood surface is a black metal plate bearing the inscription in inset silver script, four gilt screws at each corner, the metal plate bordered with gilt decoration. £250

36: "A wood wall plaque" (15cm x 21cm) inscribed: "New Zealand Special Olympics; Presented to Mr & Mrs Fred Perry Sincere Thanks for your Support 1991-1992". This is in the shape of a shield, upon which is mounted a smaller shield, raised up from the surface with the New Zealand emblem and flag. The inscription is on a small metal plate. £200

37: "A Radio 5 printed dedication" (23cm x 51cm): "Radio 5 Eighty-three year old British tennis player favourite for Wimbledon. Fred Perry on Wimbledon. BBC Radio Medium Wave/AM 909 or 693". This is a tall cartoon type of item, showing Fred on court with the inscription below. The whole piece is mounted, framed and glazed. £150

REX BELLAMY, TENNIS CORRESPONDENT WITH "THE TIMES" FOR 30 YEARS: Rex and I recently had a very convivial dinner together. Admirers of his writing will be pleased to know he is very well. I can offer signed copies of two of his tennis books. (1st in dustwrappers).

38: "Game, Set and Deadline", 1986. Rex describes some of his "greatest" matches. £15

39: "The Tennis Set", 1972. Rex is on the tour following the Grand Slams. £15

"REAL TENNIS IN CAMBRIDGE: the first six hundred years" by Roger Morgan; to be published in May 2001 in a special bound edition of 50 numbered copies, and a standard edition of 500 copies. Published to celebrate the restoration of the second tennis court, this book will record the history of Cambridge Tennis from the 15th century to the present day. To order, contact Peter Raby, 71 Commercial End, Swafham Bulbeck, Cambridge CB5 0ND, England; tel/FAX 01223-811264. Overseas mailing rates may apply.

REAL TENNIS BOOKS LIST: The long list of titles in Newsletter 43 produced a substantial demand, which I was not able to satisfy fully. Since then, I have also traded a de Garsault of 1767 and a Scaino of 1555. I can still offer, competitively, one or two of the following titles:

40: "Ball, Bat and Bishop: The Origin of Ball Games" by R. W. Henderson; 1st USA edition 1947; 220 pp; in decorated dw. Baseball, Tennis, Lawn Tennis, & Racquets are here. £220

41: "History of Tennis (A) " by Noel and Clark; 2 large volumes 1924. Only 430 sets exist of this magnificent and very important Real Tennis work. It is excellent value here at £685

42: "History of Tennis (A)"
by Noel and Clark; as xx above. This set is in very good condition without any colour fade; presented in the exceptionally rare decorative dustwrappers. £2500

43: "History of the Royal Game of Tennis (A)"
by de Luze 1933; English translation 1979 by Hamilton. In mint condition in dustwrapper & slip-case; 500 numbered copies only. £250

44: "Pierre's Book The Game of Court Tennis"
by Pierre Etchebaster; 1st USA edition 1971; HB in DW. Pierre's technique and advice on the game. Beautifully inscribed and signed. £275

45: "Racquet Game (The)"
by Allison Danzig; 1st USA edition 1930; no dw. Expert study of Court Tennis and Squash as played in North America in the early 20th century. £145

46: "Tennis A Cultural History"
by Heiner Gillmeister; 1st English large pb edition of 1998; 452 pp. An exhaustive examination of Tennis ball-play in Europe in the last 800 years. £20

47: "Willis Faber Book of Tennis & Rackets"
by Lord Aberdare; 1st edition 1980. This large book has been the major title on the subjects since items 41/42 above. £145


48: "Notice Historique sur la Salle du Jeu-de-Paume de Versailles" by Charles Vatel; 1st French PB edition 1883; 103 pp. This is a history of the "Serment du Jeu-de-Paume" of the 20th June 1789 when the French deputies met on the floor of the Versailles tennis court. With a description of the proceedings is a list of the names of the deputies present. £375

49: "Les Sports et Jeux d'Exercice dans l'Ancienne France"
by J.J. Jusserand; 3rd French edition of 1901; 474 pp. This is a comprehensive review of most types of sporting activity as practised in France from the earliest times, including combat at arms, jousting, and hunting. Types of ball play are La Paume, La Soule, La Crosse and other derivatives of these three. Each is subjected to historical study in life and literature in France and in England. The vast majority of the pages in this large paperback is still uncut. £250

ALICE MARBLE (born 28 Sep 1913; died 13 Dec 1990). Alice won the Wimbledon Singles in 1939, winning all three main events that year, a feat she shared with the controversial Bobby Riggs. She was US singles champion in 1936 and 1938/40, and was very active in war work through the 1940's, which is described in item 51 below. Famous for her hard hitting style, I have read with amusement that under the cap she always wore on court, was a cabbage leaf, which she had been told prevented sunstroke. Can anyone confirm that?

50: "Changing the Game"; Stories of Alice Marble and Althea Gibson; 1997 pb. £15

51: "Courting Danger"
; USA 1991; by Dale Leatherman. Her life, film and war work. £22

52: "The Road to Wimbledon"; 1st UK edition in dw; 1947; her autobiography. £25

53: "The Road to Wimbledon"; 1st USA edition 1946; no dw. Nicely signed by Alice. £125


Here is a wide-ranging and totally random selection of tennis titles. All are in good condition in dustwrappers unless marked PB (paperback). I have been agreeably surprised how well this new feature has done in the last newsletters. Special terms below for multiple orders.

Each title: £10; any 2 for £15; any 3 for £20; any 4 for £25; any 5 for £30


54: "Big Bill Tilden" by Deford 1976; 55: "Cross Court" by Jenkins 1986;

56: "Evonne" by Collins 1975;

57: "Flannelled Fool and Muddied Oaf" by West 1986;

58: "Lloyd on Lloyd" by Thatcher 1985;

59: "Rosewall Twenty Years at the Top" by Rowley 1976;

60: "Sampras a Legend in the Works" by Branham 1996;

61: "Stop Talking and Give the Score" by Robertson 1987;

62: "Tennis Down Under" by Stolle (signed) 1985 PB;

63: "Tennis My 26 Years" by Holloway 1984 PB;

64: "The Game" by Kramer 1981.


65: "Better Tennis" by Hopman 1972;

66: "Don't Count Yourself Out" by Connors 1992;

67: "Extraordinary Tennis for the Ordinary Player" by Ramo 1971;

68: "Game of Doubles in Tennis" by Talbert/Old 1957;

69: "Inner Game of Tennis" by Gallwey 1974;

70: "Lawn Tennis Courtcraft" by Patterson 1964;

71: "Lawn Tennis for Schools" by Hankinson 1951;

72: "Lawn Tennis the Australian Way" by Pollard 1964;

73: "Love and Hate on the Tennis Court" by Cath et al 1977;

74: "Mixed Doubles Tennis" by Graebner1973;

75: "Modern Lawn Tennis" by Mottram 1957;

76: "Olliff on Tennis" by Olliff 1948;

77: "Perry Wins!" by Perry 1934 Pic Bds;

78: "Tackle Lawn Tennis This Way" by Buxton 1958;

79: "Tactics in Women's Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles" by Lardner 1975;

80: "Tennis" by Gonzales 1962;

81: "Tennis Styles and Stylists" by Metzler 1970;

82: "Tiger Tennis in One Season" by Murray 1961;

83: "Tournament Tough" by Goffi/McEnroe 1985;

84: "Winning Tennis" by Kramer 1949.


85: "Behind the Scenes at Wimbledon" by Smyth 1965;

86: "Courting Fame" by Stabiner 1986;

87: "Cup!" by Scott 2000;

88: "Fame" by Scott 1999;

89: "Famous Women Tennis Players" by Frayne 1979;

90: "Game, Set, and Match" by Wind 1979;

91: "Great Women Tennis Players" by Davidson 1971;

92: "Guinness Book of Tennis Facts & Feats" by Tingay 1983;

93: "Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Tennis" by Haylett/Evans 1989;

94: "Inside Tennis" by Cutler 1954;

95: "Open Tennis" by Evans 1993;

96: "Rothmans Wimbledon on Camera" by Cole 1981;

97: "Shades of Gray" by Tingay 1988;

98: "Tilden and Tennis in the Twenties" by Voss 1985 no dw issued;

99: "Wimbledon Centre Court of the Game" by Robertson 1987.


100: "Break Point" by Burnham 1982;

101: "Breakpoint" by Brinkley 1978;

102: "The Davis Cup Conspiracy" by Bickham 1994;

103: "Double Fault" by Bickham 1993;

104: "The Finalists" by Braddon 1977;

105: "Grand Slam" by Lambert 1971;

106: "The Total Zone" by Navratilova 1994;

107: "Wimbledon 2000" by Johnstone 1992.

SOME MORE SIGNED TENNIS TITLES: These are first editions in dustwrappers.

108: "A Mixed Double" by H.W. Austin; 1969. Inscribed and signed "Bunny & Phyll" £85

109: "The Net" by Ilie Nastase; 1987. A rather raunchy tennis tale. Signed "I. Nastase". £35

110: "Streamline Tennis" by Mary K. Browne; 1940. Beautiful inscription signed. £125

111: "Sudden Death" by Rita Mae Brown; 1983; tennis novel; signed "Rita Mae" £35

112: "Tennis by Simple Exercises"
by Suzanne Lenglen and Margaret Morris; 1937. Morris was an acclaimed gymnast. Beautifully inscribed and signed by Margaret Morris. The book has many posed photos of Suzanne demonstrating the shots, and diagrams. £95

Tilden was a prolific writer of coaching titles and tennis fiction. Usually his novels were about the ageing tennis star, entering the club doubles with a fresh faced teenage boy, who steers the old champ through trials and tribulations on and off the court, and late in the 5th set, they come through to inevitable victory! They are quite naïve in style, but have acquired a modest collectability, as long as you don't take them too seriously. In the 1920's, they were publicly vilified. No dw's. Items 117 & 118 are special.

113: "Glory's Net"; 1st USA edition 1930; 296 pp. This story includes many well-known players, as well as a central character amazingly named "Miss Fanny Pratt"! (Honestly) £45

114: "Phantom Drive (The) and Other Stories of Lawn Tennis"; 1st USA edition 1924; 235 pp. Probably the hardest to find of all his fiction, this is several tennis action stories. £125

115: "It's All In the Game Tennis Tales"; 1st UK edition 1922; 245 pp. The first of his groups of tennis stories, setting the trend for his literary interest in playing tennis with young boys. It seems quite harmless but in the 1920's, would certainly have been risky. £50

116: "It's All in the Game and Other Tennis Tales"; 1st USA edition 1922; 245 pp. £110

I am adding to this short list of Tildenana (!) two of his earliest and rarest tennis titles:

117: "The Kid A Tennis Lesson"; USA pb edition 1921. This was the forerunner of his later title "Lawn Tennis for Young Players". This is only the second copy I have ever seen. £225

118: "Me The Handicap"; 1st edition 1929. His first autobiog in the rare dustwrapper. £200

THE LONSDALE LIBRARY: This is a series of some 25 sporting volumes published in the early 1930's, edited by the Earl of Lonsdale. I can offer the two racket sports volumes in the special presentation de luxe format. They are in green card boards, with green leather spine, gilt engraved and bookmark, internally blue marbled. Each book covers the sports thoroughly, from history, development, rules, technique, tactics, great matches and personalities. Both are profusely illustrated with photos of the great names of the day, and the books are written by top authorities and players. 119: They are offered as a pair at £250

120: "Lawn Tennis Its Principles & Practice" by A. Wallis Myers; 1930; 215 pp. £135

121: "Rackets, Squash Rackets, Tennis, Fives & Badminton" by Aberdare, Baerlein, Tomkinson, Snell, Moss, Egerton, Armitage, and Thomas; 1933; 328 pp. £135

122: "LAWN TENNIS IN AUSTRALASIA" by Austral (R.D. Kitson); 1st edition 1912; 344 pp in hard boards, in very good condition. This is the foundation book of lawn tennis history in Australia and New Zealand. It is profusely illustrated with action photos of the great stars of the period, and contains many records of championships in Australia and New Zealand, Davis Cup ties, and playing techniques of the greats. It is extremely rare in any condition. £475

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