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WIMBLEDON 2001: An amazingly exciting Wimbledon still looms large in the memory. Fine, hot weather right upto nearly the end of the second week left us gasping for air, not just from the heat but also from the string of memorable matches in both singles. Much has been written about the cruel hand of fate that ruled the Henman/Ivanisevic match over some three days. Don't anyone think that Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam where it rains! A roof on the Centre Court is a media driven myth which is unlikely to happen. Nor are flood-lights a feasible possibility. The dew rises inexorably at night and no end of tinkering with the facilities will ever change that. The drama of Wimbledon 2001 was a classic, and the superb gamble of the third Monday paid off handsomely. The marvellous atmosphere on Centre Court dwarfed that on the 1991 Middle Sunday, and the men's final was a match of swinging fortunes that I will remember above most finals I have seen in 26 years. Well done Goran (at long and exasperatingly last!) and Venus; both are worthy champions. No wild card has previously won at Wimbledon; and you could have had Goran at 125 to 1!!!

THE HONDA CHALLENGE for the Delta Tour of Champions at the Royal Albert Hall, London, presented by Buendia Coffee is the major feature on my winter schedule in early December. This not-to-be-missed tennis festival is now in its 4th year in London. Starting with the evening session on Wednesday 5th, the event runs two daily sessions on Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th, with the Final session in the afternoon of Sunday 9th. Players expected to compete include John McEnroe, Pat Cash (last year's winner), Henri Leconte, Petra Korda (for the first time in London), Guy Forget, and of course the hilariously talented Mansour Bahrami. I have enclosed a ticket application form for UK clients. Be there!

QUEEN'S AND EASTBOURNE: These were two busy weeks for tennis book selling (and buying), and as ever thanks to the huge number of clients and friends who came into the shop. The weather started fine and remained so except for a day at Queen's. I met good demand for tennis books right across the range, with John Barrett's new book being the star Along with most of the UK tennis press, I much regret the continued contraction of the draw at Eastbourne, which for me has now reached a critical stage. If the draw does not increase in 2002, it is unlikely I will go again (after 13 years), nor will a large number of the regular fans. It is up to the LTA and the WTA to get their act together on this and quickly. I recommend they both read Richard Evans in Tennis Week (July 24 issue). The saving grace may be moving Wimbledon back a week so there is an extra week after the French Open, Eastbourne being played in the second week of Paris. This gap week will benefit the whole tennis world; most unfortunately 2003 looks likely to be the earliest it can be done.

WORLD OF TENNIS ANNUALS: John Barrett has now completed unbroken editorship of 33 editions of the World of Tennis Annual. In his editorial for the 2001 edition, he indicated this would be his last edition. I am sure many of you would regret the passing of this invaluable reference and record book, really the only one of its type in the world, other than the WTA and ATP Player Guides. I am told that all may not be over; watch this space for further news.

01: GORAN INVANISEVIC'S 1999 AUSTRALIAN OPEN PASS: What a hero he was at Wimbledon and what joy he brought to his fanatical Croatian fans. I know! I had them all round me! Here is a unique piece of Goranalia. It is his 1999 Ford Australian Open pass. It measures 10 cm x 13 cm, is suspended on a yellow Oz Open cord, and bears his colour photo and name: "Goran Ivanisevic Competitor Main Draw". This special item is offered at £350

TENNIS LAPEL PINS: I have bought a large collection and am looking to acquire more. I think they are most attractive tennis collectibles. Does anyone out there collect tennis pins?

REAL TENNIS AND RACKETS TITLES: I experienced a healthy demand for Real Tennis titles at Queen's. The large range I advertised earlier in the year has now been nearly exhausted, but a few titles remain. I have also made some new acquisitions as follows:

02: "Annals of Tennis (The)" by Julian Marshall; 1st edition of 1878, presented in original and rare red boards. This is the major English language Tennis title of the 19th century, to which all subsequent Tennis titles demur. The last 3 copies sold at auction have all topped £2000 plus buyer's commission of around 15%. This excellent copy is offered at £2500

03: "Annals of Tennis (The)" as above; USA 1973 facsimile edition; green boards. £150

04: "Art of the Tennis-Racket-Maker and of Tennis" by M. de Garsault; 1st English edition of 1938. Originally in French (1767), this is the special edition (200 copies only) for the members of the Royal Tennis Court, in red boards, signed by the Secretary. £450

05: "Ball, Bat and Bishop" by Robert Henderson; 1st USA edition of 1947 in price clipped and slightly frayed pictorial dustwrapper. Early history of racket sports and baseball. £225

06: "Divertissements, Sports et Jeux des Rois de France" by Henry Carre; 1st French edition of 1937; 282 pp; HB in pictorial boards. This is new title to me; it has a chapter dealing with the enjoyment experienced by the French kings who played Paume. £145

07: "Eton & Rugby Fives" by David Egerton & John Armitage; 1st UK edition of 1936; HB in DW. Winchester Fives also feature in this rare but comprehensive little title on Fives. £50

08: "First Steps to Rackets" by EB Noel & CN Bruce; 1st UK edition of 1926. I am delighted to be able to offer another copy of this very rare book on the fast game of Rackets. £250

09: "How to Make the Real Tennis Ball from Core to Cover" by Hamilton/Hobson; 1st UK paperback edition of 1977. More copies of this interesting little title are available at £20

10: "Photographs". These are original, contemporary photographs of two of the greatest late-Victorian Tennis players. "John Moyer Heathcote" (23 cm x 30 cm), author, Amateur Singles winner in 1888, 17 times the winner of the MCC Gold & Silver Racquet Cup, authority on the rules of both Real and Lawn Tennis. "The Hon. Alfred Lyttleton" (21 cm x 27 cm), 12 times the winner of the MCC Gold & Silver Racquet Cup. The photograph of Lyttleton is (I contend) an original strike of that shown opposite page 39 in volume 1 of "A History of Tennis" by Noel & Clarke. It can also be found (in part) on page 260 of "The Willis Faber Book of Tennis & Rackets" by Lord Aberdare. These photographs are offered each at £250

11: "Pierre's Book: The Game of Court Tennis" by Pierre Etchebaster and others; 1st USA edition of 1971. This is a classic coaching title with superb tennis court diagrams. I can offer this book in 2 editions: hardboards in a dustwrapper at £115, OR in paperback at £20

12: "Plaisirs et Jeux" by Gaston Vuillier; 1st French edition of 1900; 344 pp in large format original marbled boards with leather spine gilt engraved. This is a typically well produced French title covering a huge number of games and sports enjoyed by the French over many centuries. It is superbly illustrated with coloured plates (one absent) and engravings. £275

13: "Tennis: A Cultural History" by Heiner Gillmeister; 1st UK paperback edition of 1998. I recommend this book for students of the early days of Tennis and Ballplay. £20

14: "Tennis: A Cut Above the Rest" by Chris Ronaldson; 1st edition of 1985; (500 copies only); hardboards in a dustwrapper. This is the most modern Tennis coaching manual. £35

15: "Tennis, Rackets, Fives" by Marshall, Spens & Arnan Tait; 1st USA edition of 1891 in beautiful light green and gilt decorated boards. I had not previously seen the 1st USA edition of this book originally published in England a year earlier. The fep and title pages are loose but present. This is a marvellous little coaching title and exceptionally rare. £875

16: "Tennis, Rackets, and Other Ball Games" by Michael Garnett; 1st edition (Australia) of 1986 in green and gilt decorated boards. Well illustrated history of Racket Sports. £150

17: NETPRO TOUR STAR CARDS: These came with some books. Please buy them! Offered at £5 each or as a lot at £30. Players are Curren, Fernandez, Kulti, McNeil, Michibata, Muller, Prpic, van Rensburg, and the index card showing all 96 cards available in the series.

CHRIS EVERT JUVENILE TITLES: These Evert books were published mainly for the American university libraries circuit. They did not often make it into the public domain.

18: "Chris Evert Sports Star" by SH Burchard; 1976; 64 pp in pictorial boards; ex-lib. £35

19: "Chris Evert Tennis Pro" by Linda Jacobs; 1974; 40 pp in pictorial boards; ex-lib. £30

20: "Chris Evert The Young Champion" by Lynn Haney; 1976; 127 pp in dustwrapper. £35

21: "Quest of the Davis Cup (The)" by S. Wallis Merrihew; 1st USA edition of 1928; 377 pp in beautiful condition. This is an expert history of the cup, then only 28 years in being. Every tie score is recorded in this substantial book which is lavishly illustrated. £325

22: "Story of the Davis Cup (The)" by A. Wallis Myers; 1st edition of 1913; 103 pp. This is the earliest title solely on the Davis Cup. Most of it was published originally in Myers' much larger work "The Complete Lawn Tennis Player" (1908). This extracted book was brought upto date and published just before the Great War. It is extremely rare. £250

WIMBLEDON TITLES: Included are 2001 editions of regular titles, annuals. and some programmes from earlier years. The offer of many of the Wimbledon Annuals at the low price of £10 was very well received. It is a great time to buy, while stocks last. Note item 29

23: "Wimbledon Annuals" by John Parsons; 1983 @ £185; 1984 @ £65; 1985 @ £100; 1990 @ £30; 1991 @£75; 1993 n/a; 1997 @ £100 (1 without d/w @ £20); 2000 @ £20.

24: "Wimbledon Annuals" 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999. £10

25: "Wimbledon Annual 2001" by John Parsons. Here is the 19th edition of this much collected annual. The 2001 edition will be available in late September. The price is £20

26: "Wimbledon Compendium 2001" by Alan Little. Every conceivable fact and statistic about Wimbledon since 1868 is here. It gets bigger and more informative each year! £10

27: "Wimbledon Library Catalogue 2001" by Alan Little. This book lists every tennis title on the shelves of the Wimbledon Library, and it is a MUST for tennis book collectors. £10

28: "Wimbledon 2001 Final Programme". Published shortly after the Championships, this is the popular edition containing every match result from every event. £6

29: "Wimbledon Programme 1921". This is the edition for Friday July 1st 1921, the day when Suzanne Lenglen defeated Elizabeth Ryan in the last of the Challenge Round Championships. This was Suzanne's 3rd Wimbledon title and the last women's singles match played at the old Worple Road ground. Because of the enormous popularity of Lenglen and Tilden, it was time for the AELTC to move to bigger accommodation. This extremely rare and very good condition programme has with it the admission ticket, price 3 shillings! £975

30: WIMBLEDON PROGRAMMES: These are unusual editions in that they are final programmes, or late in the Fortnight, or from the 1940's and 1950's. Each is offered at £10

1940's: 1947 3rd day, 4th day, 5th day, 6th day, 12th day; 1948 1st day, 7th day, 8th day, 9th day; 1949 1st day, 3rd day, 4th day, 5th day, 6th day, 7th day, 8th day.

1950's: 1950 1st day; 1952 12th day; 1958 11th day, 12th day.

1960's: 1961 12th day; 1962 12th day.

's: 1977 12th day.

1980's: 1980 12th day; 1981 12th day, final; 1982 final; 1983 12th day, 13th day; 1984 12th day, 13th day, final; 1985 12th day, 13th day; 1987 13th day; 1988 13th day.

1990's: 1990 final; 1991 final; 1992 12th day, final; 1993 13th day, final; 1994 6th day (Royal Box), 12th day, 13th day (Royal Box), final; 1995 11th day, 13th day (Royal Box); 1996 12th day (Royal Box), final; 1997 final.

31: "ATP Player Guides" 1990/91/92/93/94/95/96/97/99 and 2001. each £10

32: "Anna Kournikova"; stunning large colour posters of the beautiful Anna!!! each £10

33: "Dawson's International Lawn Tennis Almanac 1961". £25

34: "Feast of My Life" by Ken Lo; 1st edtn 1993. Chinese restauranteur & tennis player £20

35: "Ford Australian Open 1990"; large format magazine, no draw sheets. £10

36: "History of Pit Farm Tennis Club"; 1998; 90 pp in paperback. Guildford club. £20

37: "Libre Arbitre" by Jacques Dorfmann; 1st French pb 1989. Chair umpire's life. £15

38: "Racquet & Tennis Club Handbook 1945" from the New York Racquet Club. £50

39: "US Open" 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995; large format magazines, no draw sheets £10

40: "Virginia Slims Circuit Media Guides 1976 & 1977"; very rare editions. each £50

41: "West Side Tennis Club Story (The)" by Ed Potter; 1952. The story of Forest Hills. £50

42: "Women of Tennis (WITA) Players Calendar 1987 & 1988. Such glamour! each £25

43: "World of Tennis Annuals" 1971/3/7/8/1980/2/3/5/1991/3/4/5/7/8. each £15

44: "WTA Player Guides" 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2001. each £10

HOLIDAY ABSENCE: From the 8th to the 22nd of September I will be away on holiday. Please send orders and messages primarily by e-mail, by mail, or by FAX. My answer phone tends to get overwhelmed but do leave simple call-back messages for me which I will act on immediately I return. My mobile will be on even though I am in Spain and you may be able to contact me on 07860-395798 for UK callers and +44 7860-395798 for non-UK callers.

NEW OR RECENT TENNIS TITLES: The following titles have recently come to my attention, and I can offer a small number of most of them. As far as my research has been able to establish, virtually none of these can be found in high street book-shops.

45: "Champions Tennis: The Official Tour Guide 2001-2002". Here is the large, heavily illustrated magazine which describes the Tour. (This is not the player guide) £8

46: "Italian Open Record Book 2001" by Ubaldo Scanagatta; p/b. This is the revised edition of a book first published about 2 years ago. It contains a full statistical analysis. £10

47: "Little Mo's Legacy: A Mother's Lessons, A Daughter's Story" by Cindy Brinker Simmons; 1st USA edition 2001; 126 pp in hardboards and dustwrapper. This is the personal, and in my opinion, slightly syrupy story of Maureen Connolly's daughter and her impressions of life as the child of one of the world's most famous tennis players. £20

48: "Mary Pierce: Ma Vie Cote Court Cote Jardin" by Gilles Lhote; 1st French edition of 1995; 144 pages in hardboards and dustwrapper. As far as I can tell, this book on Mary's life was written in cooperation with her, but subsequently she requested its withdrawal. £25

49: "Please Play On: Biography of John McEnroe" by James Harbridge; 1st UK edition of 2001; 206 pp in paperback. This latest book on McEnroe is written as a cross between a analysis of press sound-bites and a playing diary. All his Wimbledon results are here. £12

50: "WIMBLEDON: The Official History of the Championships". This massive volume of 468 pages (2.25 kg) is the updated, revised, corrected, and expanded edition of his earlier work published in 1986. A major improvement is that ALL the draw sheets for the Gentlemen's and Ladies' Singles are reproduced in draw form (rather than in text form as in the earlier edition). This book should appeal to all tennis fans, whether for the detailed All England Club history from 1868 to 2001, or for the player biographies, or for the amazing Championships statistical fund at the end, or for the luxury of the draw sheets. It will make an excellent Christmas present. The published price is £25, but thanks to the cooperation of the publishers HarperCollins, I will be offering it at £20 at the Royal Albert Hall in December.
My price for UK clients, INCLUDING postage (£7.37 1st class or £6.50 Parcel Force) is £25
My price for non-UK clients, PLUS postage (£9 Europe; £19 USA; £21 Australia/Japan) is £20

ROLAND GARROS TITLES: The following titles are about the French Open and the Stade Roland Garros, the wonderful tennis club in Paris where the French Open is played.

51: "French Open Championships 2001 Media Guide". I have one copy only of this large statistical analysis provided mostly for use by the international tennis Press. £25

52: "Roland Garros 1986, 1987, 1992" large format magazine; no draw sheets. each £10

53: "Roland Garros Annuals 1993 & 1994". I have 2 of each of these large format and lavishly illustrated annuals on the French open. Each is in its original slip-case. each £35

54: "Roland Garros: Le Livre du Tournoi Centenaire" by Gilles Delamarre; 1st French edition of 1991; 246 pp in very large format hardboards and dustwrapper. This is a magnificent and very hard-to-find book which tells the history of the Roland Garros complex from inception through 100 years to 1991. It is lavishly illustrated. £125

55: "Roland Garros 2001 Official Magazine". This is the large magazine issued for the French Open. It is accompanied by a full set (14 issues) of the "Quotidien Officiel", the daily draw sheet and mini-magazine. I can offer only one example of this substantial set at £45

56: "Roland Garros 2001 Official Magazine". As above but no issues of the Quotidien. £15

57: "Roland Garros 2001 Poster". In the series of posters by great artists. (1 only) £50

58: "Book of Tennis Rackets (The)" by Siggy Kuebler; 1st English edition of 2000; 635 pp in very large format. Here is the amazing record of Siggy's tennis racket museum, listing and illustrating 1000's of rackets from the 1870's up to the most modern times. This is the racket collector's definitive work of reference. Postage costs are substantial! £45

SOME SIGNED BOOKS AND PHOTOS: The following signed items are guaranteed by me to be correct and genuine. I don't usually get too interested in signatures of the modern players as they are often signed in a hurry and are frequently unidentifiable. This was instanced at Queen's when I was offered several autographed pages of players who had signed during the week. Nobody I could find was able to identify a single signature!

59: "Agassi: The Fall and Rise of the Enfant Terrible of Tennis" by Robert Philip; 1st UK edition of 1993. This is my first Agassi signature, yet another Wimbledon favourite. £80

60: "Ann Jones" autographed 1st day stamp cover. Edgbaston Club dated March 1988. £25

61: "Backhand" by Liza Cody; 1st edtn 1991; HB in DW. Crime novel with tennis theme. £25

62: "Champion in Exile" by Jaroslav Drobny; 1st edition of 1955. Wimbledon champion in 1954, the Czech who is still fondly remembered. He is not in the greatest health today. £85

63: "Champions Dinner Menu" at the French Open, 2 June 1980. Autographed by Don Budge, Lew Hoad, Harry Hopman, Mike Davies, Lennart Bergelin, Henri Cochet, & Barbara Jordan. These are beautiful signatures by great players, of whom 4 are no longer here. £425

64: "Don Budge" dedicated and autographed black and white photograph from pre-1940. Shows him wearing a suit in a sports goods shop. Measures 15 cm x 20 cm. £125

65: "Embassy Tennis Championships 1971" signed by "Rod Laver" and "Stan Smith". Played at the Empire Pool, Wembley in London; part of the touring pro circuit. £65

66: "Greg Rusedski" autographed colour photograph waving to crowd. 17 cm x 24 cm. £30

67: "Martina" (Navratilova) signature on BMW Eastbourne 1982 programme cover. £25

68: "John McEnroe" autographed black/white action photo, measuring 17 cm x 24 cm. £60

69: "John McEnroe/Peter Fleming" jointly autographed black and white photograph; receiving Wimbledon doubles trophy; measuring 24 cm x 18 cm. £75

70: "McEnroe: A Rage for Perfection" by Richard Evans; 1st UK edition of 1982. This is the first major book on his life, and it is boldly signed by McEnroe. He remains a great star. £85

71: "My Aces, My Faults" by Nick Bollettieri; 1st USA edition of 1996. Signed by both Bollettieri and Schaap (who helped Nick write the book). Agassi's early tennis coach. £40

72: "Pat Cash" autographed 1st day stamp cover. May 1993 with Polish stamps. £20

73: "Power Tennis" by Neale Fraser; 1st UK edition of 1962. One of the great Australian players who excelled at doubles and who was a stalwart Davis Cup competitor. £30

74: "Serena" (Williams) autographed colour photo, measuring 10 cm x 14 cm. £70

75: "Steffi Graf" autographed colour action photo, measuring 10 cm x 14 cm. £40

76: "Streamline Tennis" by Mary K Browne; 1st USA edition 1940. This top USA player of the 1930's writes a great coaching manual. Inscribed, signed and dated by her. £120

77: "Suzanne Lenglen" autographed postcard; c1925. This is an excellent signature. £275

78: "The Net" by Ilie Nastase; 1st edtn 1987; HB in DW. Signed copy of tennis novel. £30

79: "Tim Henman" autographed colour photo, measuring 15 cm x 25 cm. £40

80: "Venus" and "Serena" (Williams). This is a Wimbledon 2001 poster that has been boldly signed by both the Williams sisters with their first names, measuring 51 cm x 70 cm. £250

81: "Wm. T. Tilden 2nd" autographed slip, measuring 3 cm x 8 cm. £100

82: A SELECTION OF EVENT PROGRAMMES: One copy only, unless indicated. each at £5

BOTH MEN'S & WOMEN'S EVENTS: Beckenham Open 1996; Direct Line (Beckenham) 1986, 1990 x2, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994; Guardian Direct Nationals (Telford) 1995, 1996; Holden NSW Open (Queensland) 1990; Italian Open (Rome) 1993; Lacoste Pro-Celebrity (Queen's Club) 1994; Prudential Nationals (Telford) 1989 x2.

MEN'S EVENTS: Axa Cup (London) 2000; Benson & Hedges Championships (Wembley) 1988 x2; Davis Cup (Birmingham) 1999; Diet Pepsi Indoor Challenge (Wembley) 1990; Honda Challenge (London) 1998, 1999, 2000; Newsweek Champions Cup (Indian Wells) 1991; Privilege Challenge (London Arena) 1990; Stella Artois (Queen's Club) 1992, 1993, 2001 x2.

WOMEN'S EVENTS: Autoglass Classic (Brighton) 1993; Britannic Asset Management (Eastbourne) 2001 x5; Daihatsu Challenge (Brighton) 1982, 1983; Danone Women's Open (Queensland) 1990; DFS Classic (Edgbaston) 1994, 1995, 1997; Federation Cup (Nottingham) 1991 x2; Federation Cup (Valencia) 1995; Gaz de France Open (Paris) 2001; Mazda Classic (California) 1993; Midland Bank (Brighton) 1989, 1990; Pilkington Glass (Eastbourne) 1985 x2, 1986, 1987 x2, 1988 x2; Pretty Polly (Brighton) 1984 x2, 1985 x2, 1986 x2; Volvo Classic (Brighton) 1987 x2.

19th CENTURY LAWN TENNIS TITLES have always been hard to find in any condition. The Piele and Wilberforce titles were first published in England before being published in the USA, and I have never previously seen the 1st USA editions. The Wimbledon Library does not have copies. The Dwight titles are the first USA tennis titles. These titles are mostly in very good condition, rare in itself. The prices have a limited degree of flexibility!

083: "Games of Lawn Tennis and Badminton (The)" by Cavendish; 5th edition of 1883. A lovely copy of this early rules book in green boards and finely gilt decorated externally. £750

084: "Lawn Tennis" by HWW Wilberforce; 1st USA edition 1890; front gilt engraved board slightly stained o/wise very good. It subsequently went into many later editions. £800

085: "Lawn Tennis as a Game of Skill" by Lieut. SCF Piele, edited by Richard D Sears; 1st USA edition of 1885 (1st UK edition of 1884); 90 pp in small hardboards finely decorated externally. I regard this as the first mass-produced coaching book; it went into 6 editions. This copy is in brown boards, and it in remarkably good condition, almost unmarked. £1500

086: "Lawn Tennis as a Game of Skill"; as 085 above in brown boards, slightly stained and worn externally but in overall good condition. £500

087: "Lawn Tennis as a Game of Skill"; as 085 above in grey/blue boards, both boards stained, but tight and clean internally; otherwise it is in very good condition. £650

088: "Lawn-Tennis" by James Dwight; 1st USA edition of 1886; in very good condition. This is the first lawn tennis coaching manual published in the USA by an American author. £1250

089: "Practical Lawn Tennis" by James Dwight; 1st USA edition of 1893; very good. Dwight's second tennis title; he has now modified some of his coaching opinions. £1175

COACHING CORNER…TITLES FROM THE 1940's and 1950's: The following books are examples of coaching titles written mostly by well-known tennis players of the period. Each is a first edition in a dustwrapper, generally in very good condition. Each is offered at £10

090: "Elements of Lawn Tennis (The)" by Norman Patterson; 1950; 64 pp.

091: "Game of Doubles in Tennis" by Talbert and Old; 1957; 223 pp.

092: "How to Play Championship Tennis" by Oscar Fraley; 1955; 144 pp. (dw chipped).

093: "Lawn Tennis Technique, Training and Tactics" by Gresham and Millman; 129 pp.

094: "Lawn Tennis" by John Olliff; 1950; 148 pp.

095: "Modern Lawn Tennis" by Tony and Joy Mottram; 1957; 160 pp.

096: "Olliff on Tennis" by John Olliff; 1948; 188 pp.

097: "Quick Way to Better Tennis" by Tony Mottram; 1952; 61 pp.

098: "Tackle Lawn Tennis This Way" by Angela Buxton; 1958; 132 pp.

099: "Tennis Techniques Illustrated" by Wynn Mace; 1952; 96 pp.

100: "Winning Tennis" by Jack Kramer; 1949; 203 pp.

101: "Winning Tennis and How to Play It" by Sarah Palfrey Cooke; 1946; 247 pp.

102: "Centrecourt: A Century of New Zealand Tennis" by Pail Elenio; 1st edtn 1986; 200 pp in dw large format. A fine history of the birth and development of New Zealand tennis. £35

103: "Visions of Wimbledon"; 1st edition of 2000; 143 pp in dw large format. This book is a beautifully illustrated photographic impression of The Championships. £18


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