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INTRODUCTION: At last, 2002 has arrived and hopefully the world will have a more peaceful time. But the New Year brings difficult times for both the ATP (financial) and the WTA (player ranking list). On the positive side, the memory of that superb Wimbledon Men's final between Goran and Pat still lingers on as fresh as ever. Here in the UK, we look forward to our summer!

** A regular penalty for going into print on a public basis is that out there in the wide world, there are always people who know more than you do. So to Frank in PA, I say thanks for pointing out I had the wrong Kozeluh as a Wimbledon quarter-finalist. And thanks also to RMAW from Monks Risborough for pointing out that I had described Alice Marble as Wimbledon champion in 1946 rather than 1939, but I suppose that as he was very probably there, he should know!

** Christie's South Kensington will stage their next Cricket, Tennis & Boxing Memorabilia auction in London on Tuesday 25th June. This date is the first Tuesday of Wimbledon.

** I am looking for a big Gabriela Sabatini fan, for whom I have a small number of very special items. If you are out there, give me a call before someone else gets there first!

THE HONDA CHALLENGE for the Delta Tour of Champions took place at the Royal Albert Hall. Personally, I had a badly timed laryngitis which I was forced to keep lubricated throughout! But it was a very entertaining few days with so many clients and tennis faces coming into the shop for a chat and more than the occasional purchase. The crowds greatly enjoyed watching McEnroe, Forget, Cash, and (briefly) Becker, though he chose not to stay with us, having played just one match! This infuriated his once-dedicated fans, doing his reputation no great favours. Martina and Arantxa played a good match; Bharami, Nastase, and Leconte entertained brilliantly.

01: "International Who's Who in Tennis" edited by Jane Cooke; 1983; 971 pages in huge format. Here are brief biographical details (many with photos) of over 8000 individuals from every country of the world, all of whom had or have a role to play in the tennis scene. Because it sold so badly in the early years, much of the print run was dumped into a land-fill site in Texas. Only recently however has its true worth become to be appreciated; it is very scarce. £150

02: "The Good Loser" by E. Richard Schayer; 1st USA edition of 1917; 59 pp in hardboards, tissue guard still present internally; a picture mounted externally on the front board showing two tennis players. This is almost the earliest tennis novel I have ever found. "The boy" Billy wants to become a great tennis player. "The coach" takes him on, and the rest is history! £250

03: "Lawn Tennis" by Brigadier J.G. Smyth; 1st edition of 1953; 240 pages in dustwrapper. Jackie Smyth was not only a Member of Parliament, and the holder of the Victoria and Military Crosses for outstanding valour, he was also Lawn Tennis correspondent of The Sunday Times, and biographer of Jean Borotra. This is a presentation copy, inscribed and signed by Smyth to Frank Riseley, Gentlemen's Singles runner-up at Wimbledon in 1903, 1904, and 1906 (died 1959). The inscription says: "Frank Riseley with my profound admiration for a very great player and with happy memories of many Wimbledons. Jackie Smyth Wimbledon 1953." £220

04: WIMBLEDON PROGRAMMES: I stock many 100's of editions from 1960 to 2000. I also stock several Final editions, and a few editions from the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's at separate prices. Let me know if you want a particular year or date. If you just nominate a year, I will send the latest edition I have in stock. Some may have later results hand-written on the pages. Each edition (postage included) will cost…..£5 (UK) or £6 (Europe) or £7 (world-wide)

05: ANNA KOURNIKOVA CALENDAR 2002: I bought a few for the Royal Albert Hall and, most unsurprisingly, they sold like hot cakes! I have just one remaining unsold, offered at £20

REAL TENNIS & RACKETS TITLES: The new titles listed last time have sold well, and are reprised below. I have also listed a cosmopolitan selection of titles for all tastes and pockets.

06: "Art of the Tennis-Racket-Maker and of Tennis" by M. de Garsault; 1st English edition of 1938; 45 pp plus 5 engravings. This is the translation of the French 1767 title, published here in an edition of only 200 copies, especially for "Members of The Royal Tennis Court". £300

07: "First Steps to Rackets" by EB Noel & CN Bruce; 1st edition of 1926; 136 pages. This is the only book of the 20th century solely devoted to the game of Rackets. This copy is in very good condition and is illustrated with action photos of several great names of the period. £245

08: "Robt. W. Henderson" a typed letter signed by the famous librarian of the Racquet & Tennis Club.Dated 1971 re his book "Ball, Bat & Bishop". The typed envelope is included. £50

09: "History of the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club 1881 to 1974 (A)" by Vernon Mussell; 49 pp in PB. This is a short but fascinating study of the Royal Tennis Club in Melbourne. £30

10: "How to Make the Real Tennis Ball from Core to Cover" by Hamilton and Hobson; small PB edition of 1977 with 27 pages. A book for the obsessive Tennis player and the Aspro! £15

11: "J.T. Faber Book of Tennis & Rackets" by Lord Aberdare; 450 pages with 350 illustrations in large format. I heartily recommend this magnificent book to all players and students of the games of Real Tennis and Rackets. We expect the leather-bound edition (150 copies only at £300) in the next few weeks. The standard edition is now available from me at £60

12: "Jeu des Rois, Roi des Jeux, Le Jeu de Paume en France"; compiled (in French) by Yves Carlier & Thierry Bernard-Tambour; 2001; 182 pages in large format paperback. Celebrates the refurbishment of the Fontainebleau court. They staged an exhibition of artefacts related to Le Jeu de Paume in France and at Fontainebleau. Illustrates and describes a wide range of the exhibits, including old documents, books, rackets, maps, and other three dimensional objects, each of which has a Jeu de Paume theme; it is also an excellent history of Le Jeu de Paume. £45

13: "Pierre's Book, The Game of Court Tennis" by Pierre Etchebaster; PB edition of 1991; 500 copies only. Both a great coaching manual and a series of mini biographies of a man who was undefeated World Champion for a quarter of a century. It has great court diagrams. £20

14: "Racquet & Tennis Club 1927" Members' Book; 144 pp in blue and red hardboards. £40

15: "Racquet Game (The)" by Allison Danzig; 1st USA edition of 1930; 283 pp no d/w. I have always found this one of the most detailed and interesting books on the games of Court Tennis and Racquets. It is full of great personalities and matches, and is an excellent history. £145

16: "Real Tennis in Cambridge, the first six hundred years" by Roger Morgan; 2001. It is now available in the standard paperback edition at £25 or the special edition (50 copies) at £90

17: "Rules & Principles of Tennis" by Pierre Barcellon; 1987 English translation by Hamilton; 47 pp in d/w. The state of Le Jeu de Paume as at 1800; in French this is the rarest of books. £20

18: "Story of Tennis (The)" by Lord Aberdare; 1st edition of 1959; 180 pages in worn dustwrapper. I have always described this book as the precursor to Lord Aberdare's major work on Tennis and Rackets (item 11). This book takes you through the history of Real Tennis as it gives birth to the young stripling Lawn Tennis. This book is always in demand. £50

19: "Tennis A Cut Above the Rest" by Chris Ronaldson; 4th edition of 1999; 176 pp in d/w. This is the coaching successor to "Pierre's Book" (item 13). Illustrated with clear court diagrams and action shots, it is also an autobiography of World Champion Chris Ronaldson. £20

20: "Tennis in Nederland Tussen 1500 en 1800" by Cees de Bondt'; 1st Dutch language edition of 1993;179 pages in PB. Superbly illustrated study of Dutch tennis (ball-play). £40

21: "Tudor Tennis A Miscellany" by Roger Morgan; 2001. This new title is available in hardboards & d/w. The standard edition is at £40 and the limited edition (60 copies) is at £130

22: "400 Years of Tennis"; published late 1930's as an advertising booklet for racket strings as made by the Thompson Manufacturing Co. of Chicago; 31 pages in slim paperback form. It is also a fascinating history of tennis. No author is identified, though there is a tribute to Malcolm Whitman and his book "Tennis Origins and Mysteries". With 27 photographs and illustrations of well-known tennis engravings etc, its middle 8 pages praise Thompson's products, with a unique chart showing the development of the racket and stringing tension from the 14th century. £150

23: "Bad Boy of Tennis (The)" by Bob Hewitt & Rory Brown; 1st edition of 1974; 139 pages in d/w. The stormy career of one of the world's greatest men's doubles players; very scarce. £40

24: "US Open 2001" magazine and finals day drawsheet (Sunday, September 9th). 2 only. £20

25: "Winning Ugly" by Brad Gilbert; PB edition with 227 pages. Top selling coaching title. £8

26: "Roland Garros: Le Livre du Tournoi du Centenaire" by Gilles Delamarre; 1st very large format French language edition of 1991; 246 pages in hardboards and dustwrapper. This is one of my favourite tennis titles, being the definitive history of the French Open. It has always been a very hard title to locate, but once found is a real treasure. It is profusely illustrated with great photos from throughout the history of the Roland Garros site, with much emphasis on Lenglen and the Musketeers. This copy is slightly water-stained at the base of a few of the earlier pages; while this does not affect the text, it is reflected in the slightly lower price of £110

ALL THESE BOOKS AT £20 OR £25 EACH!: The following titles are all great tennis titles; unfortunately they do not have a dustwrapper, which regular readers will know is one of my passions. Generally their condition is good and complete, but they are more for those of you who want to own a good reading copy rather than a fine condition collector's item. Therefore, the following books are offered at prices reflecting the condition and lack of a dustwrapper.

27: "Aces, Places and Faults" by William T. Tilden; 1st edition of 1938; 304 pages. (x2) £25

28: "British Lawn Tennis & Squash"; bound magazines; August 1957 to December 1958. £20

29: "Budge on Tennis" by Don Budge; 3rd USA printing of 1946; 180 pages. £20

30: "Captain Anthony Wilding" by A. Wallis Myers; 1st edition of 1915; 306 pages. £25

31: "Centre Court" by Helen Jacobs; 1st edition of 1952; 237 pages; tennis novel. £20

32: "Complete Lawn Tennis Player" by A Wallis Myers; 3rd edition of 1912; 333 pages. £25

33: "Fifty Years of Lawn Tennis in Scotland" by A. MacGregor; 1st edition 1927; 287 pp. £25

34: "First Steps to Lawn Tennis" by A.E. Beamish; 2nd edition of 1922; 103 pages. £20

35: "Glory's Net" by William T. Tilden; 1st edition of 1930; 296 pages; tennis novel. £20

36: "Gordon Lowe on Lawn Tennis" by F. Gordon Lowe; 1st edition of 1924; 160 pages. £20

37: "Great Lawn Tennis" by A. Wallis Myers; 1st edition of 1937; 223 pages; tennis history £25

38: "Lacoste on Tennis" by Jean-Rene Lacoste; 1st edition of 1928; 191 pages. (x2) £20

39: "Lawn Tennis" by J.C.S. Rendall; 1st edition of 1926; 180 pages. £20

40: "Lawn Tennis" by H.W.W. Wilberforce; edition of 1908; 80 pages. £25

41: "Lawn Tennis for Club Players" by William T. Tilden; 2nd edition of 1925; 57 pages. £20

42: "Lawn Tennis For Ladies" by Mrs. Lambert Chambers; 1st edition of 1910; 135 pages. £25

43: "Lawn Tennis Its Principles & Practice" by A.W. Myers; 1st edition 1930; 215 pages. £20

44: "Lawn Tennis Made Easy" by H.W. Austin; 1st edition of 1935; 109 pages. £20

45: "Lawn Tennis Masters Unveiled" by B.H.L. Hart; 1st edition 1926; 264 pages. (x2) £20

46: "Lawn Tennis The Game of Nations" by Suzanne Lenglen; 1st edtn 1925; 127 pages. £20

47: "Lawn Tennis Tip Book (The)" by A.E. Beamish; 1st edition of 1923; 59 pages. (x2) £20

48: "My Story, A Champion's Memoirs" by W.T. Tilden; 1st edition of 1948; 320 pages. £25

49: "Perry on Tennis" by Fred. J. Perry; 1st edition of 1937; 155 pages. £20

50: "Rackets, Squash-Rackets, Tennis, Fives & Badminton"; 1933; 328 pages. £25

51: "Singles & Doubles in Lawn Tennis" by W.T. Tilden; 3rd edition of 1927; 221 pages. £25

52: "Streamline Tennis" by Mary K. Browne; 1st edition of 1940; 112 pages. £20

53: "Technique of Lawn Tennis (The)" by A.E. Crawley; 1st edition of 1923; 58 pages. £20

54: "Tennis" by Helen Wills; 1st edition of 1928; 214 pages. £25

55: "Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Rackets, Fives"; 1st edition of 1890; 484 pages. (worn!) £25

56: "Tennis Terror (The)" by Harold M. Sherman; 1st edition of 1932; 244 pp; tennis novel. £20

57: "Text Book of Lawn Tennis" by M.J.G. Ritchie; c1910; 80 pages. (x2) £20

58: "Things That Matter in Lawn Tennis" by J.C.S. Rendall; 1st edtn of 1930; 203 pages. £20

59: "TENNIS IN BALTIMORE" by Frank. G. Roberts; 1st USA edition of 1928; 241 pp in extremely rare dustwrapper. This is only the 2nd time in 15 years that I have seen this book, and never before in a dustwrapper. As its title says, it is all about the growth of Lawn Tennis in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Starting with the first recorded playing of the game in 1879, this book is a most detailed local chronicle. Each of the clubs where it was played is described. Full results of every major event in Baltimore are listed. The two gems in this very rare title are first "The Tennis Player's Rubaiyat" by H.J. Holt, written in the early 1890's. It consists of 29 verses of rhyming text, describing tennis. The second gem here is the marvellous original dustwrapper, slightly chipped, showing a men's singles in progress. This charming book is offered at……..£250

"Wimbledon The Official History of the Championships" by John Barrett. This huge history (468 pages) was published in the summer of 2001, and proved an instant hit with tennis fans. Already in its second print-run, it also sold very well at the Royal Albert Hall in the run-up to Christmas. With the full singles draw-sheets for Gentlemen (from 1877) and Ladies (from 1884), it sets a very high standard for the three other Grand Slams to meet. It will be a classic title for many years to come. I am retaining the same discounted price level; the list price is £25.

60: For UK clients, INCLUDING POSTAGE my price is
61: For non-UK clients, PLUS POSTAGE: £9 Europe; £19 USA; £21 Australia and Japan £20

TWO TITLES IN GERMAN: I do very little business in non-English language tennis titles. In my bibliography, well over 90% of all tennis titles are in English. But here I have two small German language titles. One is a tennis novel and the other is an early coaching title (I think!).

62: "Geliebte Tennispartnerin" by Roderich Menzel. I have two editions of this title, one published in 1940 and the other in 1949. As neither is a first edition (or print-run), I guess it was first published in the late 1930's. Each is a small format hardboard title with a tennis lady decorating the external front board. Internally there is a number of tennis scene vignettes decorating some of the pages. Each of these two editions, in good condition, is offered at…….£45

63: "Unser Tennis" by (Baron) R. von Fichard. This mass-produced paperback edition of 88 pp was published in the 1920's. As with many countries after the Great War, there was big demand for an easy to read coaching manual, and this was the German answer. It is illustrated with rare photos of top German players of the period, and it is in remarkably good condition. £35

SMALL PIECES OF TENNIS SILVER: These attractive items are not in the range of tennis items that I generally sell, but they seemed to me to be so attractive that I decided, temporarily, to broaden my range. I have always found it hard to turn my back on tennis silver.

64: "4 Teaspoons" (marked EPNS) but very attractive; 11cm long. The top of each spoon is decorated liberally with crossed rackets, net, and scrolls. Date? probably 1920's. The 4 for £60

65: "4 Apostle Teaspoons" (hall-marked Sheffield 2 x 1922, 2 x 1923); 11cm long. Within the bowl is later engraved a tennis racket below the letters "T.B.C". The 4 for £80

66: "Tennis Blazer Buttons". The law requires I describe these as being of a silver coloured "white metal". They are circular, bearing on the front very old style crossed rackets surmounting 2 balls, the design being in raised relief above the surface of the buttons. The date is probably 1950's, but the design is from a much earlier era. These buttons will make marvellous displays on jackets and blazers, both for men and women. Select the number and sizes you want and order accordingly. There are three sizes of diameter: 2.2cm at £5; 1.9cm at £4; 1.5cm at £3

67: "ATP Player Guide 2002"; 68: "WTA Media Guide 2002", available February, each at £20

BOOKS FROM FOUR AMERICAN LADIES: These are autobiographies of four of the greatest American Wimbledon Singles champions of the 1940's and the 1950's; mostly small print-runs.

69: "Courting Danger" by Dale Leatherman about Alice Marble; 1st USA edition of 1991 in d/w. This is the new and much wider biography of Alice, and this one is signed by Leatherman. £30

70: "I Always Wanted to be Somebody" by Althea Gibson; 1st USA edition of 1958 in d/w. Althea was the first black Ladies champion; hers was and is a hard road to travel. (ex-lib) £30

71: "Road to Wimbledon (The)" by Alice Marble; 1st UK edition of 1947 in d/w. Winner of the Wimbledon treble in 1939 and many top USA titles; she was coached by Teach Tennant. £30

72: "Tennis With Hart" by Doris Hart; 1st UK edition of 1956 in d/w. Hart was Wimbledon Champion in 1951 and three times runner-up. She was a great Wightman Cup player. £25

73: "Wings on My Tennis Shoes" by Pauline Betz; 1st UK edition of 1949 in d/w. Pauline won the first post-war Wimbledon in 1946. I did not know the USLTA had suspended her! £30

TENNIS ANNUALS: Here are a few rather unusual UK and USA tennis annuals.

74: "Cooper's Annual of Lawn Tennis 1961"; PB; UK title which ran for just 2 years. £25

75: "Dawson's International Lawn Tennis Almanac 1961" ; PB; another rare UK title. £25

76: "Dunlop Lawn Tennis Almanack"; PB editions for 1947, 1949 each £25

77: "Dunlop Lawn Tennis Almanack"; PB editions 1950, 1951, 1952, 1954, 1955 each £20

78: "Spalding's Tennis Annual"; PB editions for 1924, 1925, 1928, 1930 each £40

79: "Wright & Ditson Lawn Tennis Guide"; PB editions 1926, 1932, 1937, 1938 each £40

SIGNED TENNIS TITLES, all signed internally either by the author or the subject of the book.

80: "All the Way to Wimbledon" by Joseph Romanos; 1st edition of 1984 in d/w. Here is the story of New Zealand's Chris Lewis, Wimbledon semi-finalist in 1983. Signed internally. £50

81: "Art of Lawn Tennis (The)" by William T. Tilden; 1st edition of 1920; dustwrapper has small edge absences; front fep absent. This is Tilden's first major coaching manual. Plate 1 at the title page shows Tilden as "Champion of the World in Action" on what appears to be the old Wimbledon Centre Court. The page is boldly signed in ink "William T. Tilden 2nd". £250

82: "Balles de Match" by Yannick Noah; 1st French PB edition of 1981. Written with Christian Collin (also signed by him), here is Noah's relatively short life story. Signed internally. £35

83: "Better Tennis" by Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman; 1st edition of 1933; no d/w. She instituted the Wightman Cup, and she was also a very good tennis player. Signed internally. £80

84: "Beyond the Game" by Helen Hull Jacobs; 1st USA edition of 1936 in rare dustwrapper. One of the greatest of the 1930's players writes her autobiography. Signed internally. £225

85: "By Your Leave, Sir" by Helen Hull Jacobs; USA edition of 1945 in rare decorative d/w. Jacobs, a USNR Lieutenant, writes her famous naval novel. Signed and dated internally. £150

86: "Champion in Exile" by Jaroslav Drobny; 1st edition of 1955. Drobny, who died so recently, was a great Wimbledon favourite and champion. This is my last signed copy. £150

87: "Courting Triumph" by Virginia Wade; 1st edition of 1978. England's Wimbledon Champion in 1977 after so many near misses in the years before. Signed internally. £25

88: "Gordon Lowe on Lawn Tennis" by Sir F. Gordon Lowe; 2nd edition of 1926; no d/w. He was a good player and coach, and this is his main title, signed by him in 1942. £50

89: "Kitty Godfree Lady of a Golden Age" by Geoffrey Green; 1st edition of 1987. England's Wimbledon champion in 1924 and 1926; she was a delightful lady. Signed internally. £75

90: "Lacoste on Tennis" by Jean-Rene Lacoste; 1st English edition of 1928; no d/w. His very popular coaching title, first in French; signed internally by English star "Dorothy E. Round". £60

91: "Love and Faults" by Ted Tinling and Rod Humphries; 1st USA edition of 1979. Ted was the great tennis communicator, as well as couturier. His story is fascinating to read. (see 97) £75

92: "My Waiting Game" by Angela Mortimer; 1st edition of 1962. Winner of that so tense all-English Wimbledon Final in 1961 against Christine Truman. She is a charming lady. £30

93: "Nastase" by Richard Evans; 1st edition of 1978. Ilie was the loser to Stan Smith in that dramatic postponed Wimbledon final in 1972. He still plays on the Senior circuit. £35

94: "Passing Shots" by Pam Shriver; 1st USA edition of 1987. The story of one of the most amusing tennis players on the circuit who is now a competent commentator. £25

95: "Streamline Tennis" by Mary K. Browne; 1st USA edition of 1940. Some marvellous world top tennis players illustrate this coaching title from a great American champion. £120

96: "Tennis Is My Racket" by Bobby Riggs; 1st edition of 1950. Here is his first autobiography, written decades before the notorious "love matches"; signed and dated internally. £50

97: "Tinling Sixty Years in Tennis" by Richard Evans; 1st edition of 1983. This might be described as the revised edition of 91 above. It is a wonderful book. Signed internally. £75

98: "Top-Flite Tennis" by Mary K. Browne; 1st USA edition of 1928. (See also 95 above). This was her first coaching title, and internally it is beautifully inscribed by her. £125

99: "Will to Win (The)" by Gardnar Mulloy; 1st USA edition of 1960. Still, I think, the oldest player to win any of the 4 Wimbledon majors, and still coming over every year. £50

100: "Wimbledon Annual 1997" by John Parsons. This is one of the hardest editions to find, and this copy is nicely signed internally by Mark Woodforde and Todd Woodbridge. £120

101: "Winning Faith" by Margaret Court; 1st PB edition of 2000. This great Australian tennis champion writes about her religious calling and its affect on her. Inscribed internally. £40

FAREWELL RUTH MARY HARDWICK (HARE), born 08 Sep 1913, died 12 Dec 2001. Mary was born in Wimbledon, and until the last few years, never missed a day at the Championships. She never reached a Grand Slam final, but Gordon Lowe ranked her 8th in the world in 1939. Turning pro in 1941, Mary undertook many exhibition tours with Alice Marble, Tilden, Budge, and Riggs. She pioneered the Federation Cup, and is one of only two English women to have beaten the great Helen Wills in singles competition in England in the 1930's. In 1943, she married Charles Edgar Hare, the no 1 ranked British tennis player, who died several years ago.

102: "Lawn Tennis for Women"; 1st reprinted edition of September 1937; 88 pages in d/w largely made up of a series of flicker photos showing Mary demonstrating her best shots. £35

PLAYER SIGNATURES: I can offer the following signed paper slips and photographs, each bearing the signature of a great tennis player of earlier eras. All signatures are guaranteed as genuine by me and immediately refundable in case of dispute.

103: SIGNED PAPER SLIPS: "Bryan Grant Jr" at £50; "Roderich Menzel" at £40; "Adrian Quist" at £50; "Don P Turnbull" at £40; "H W Austin" at £40; "Suzanne Lenglen" at £200; "Martina" (Navratilova) at £40; "Hana Mandlikova" at £30; "Don Budge" at £110.
Together on one slip: "E. Vines" & "Donald Budge" at £200.

104: SIGNED PHOTOGRAPHS: "Wayne Ferriera" at £20; "Jack Kramer" at £50; "Hana Mandlikova" at £25; "Steffi Graf" at £50; "Serena" (Williams) at £70; "Henri Leconte" at £25; "Tim Henman" at £30; "Greg Rusedski" at £30; "Don Budge" at £80.

REX BELLAMY OF "THE TIMES": I recently offered a selection of titles by Rex, (formerly the award-winning tennis correspondent of The Times), all of which he had recently signed for me. They sold out very quickly, so here is another signed selection, including his squash history.

105: "Love Thirty Three Decades of Champions"; 1st edition of 1990; 210 pages in d/w. Rex recalls 30 of the greatest tennis players (19 men and 11 women) whose matches he watched and filed for The Times in, as he aptly puts it, three decades of reporting world-wide. £25

106: "Squash A History"; 1st edition (revised) of 1988; 230 pages in hardboards and d/w. This edition is brought upto date from 107 below. It is a great read for racket sports fans. £25

107: "Story of Squash (The)"; 1st PB edition of 1978; 222 pages. The history of Squash is a fascinating tale; there were some truly great characters, but the Pathans are the greatest. £25

108: "Tennis Set (The)"; 1st edition of 1972; 206 pp in hardboards and d/w. Rex's first tennis title which describes life as a tennis journalist and then visits each Grand Slam in turn. £25

WORLD OF TENNIS ANNUALS: I hear it may reappear in 2003; watch this space for news.

109: "BP Yearbook of World Tennis 1970"; in PB; the second year and very hard to find. £50

110: "World of Tennis"; PB editions 1971/1973/1975/1977/1978/1980/1982/1983 each £15

111: "World of Tennis"; PB editions 1985/1986/1988/1991/1993/1994/1995/1997 each £15

112: "World of Tennis"; PB editions 1981, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1996, 2000, 2001 each £20

113: "World of Tennis"; Hardboards in dustwrapper 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1983 each £20

114: WIMBLEDON ANNUALS by John Parsons. Here is my current price and availability list. I am now almost out of 1995. I hear the 2001 edition is very nearly sold out from the publishers.
1983 at £185; 1984 at £185; 1985 at £185; 1986 at £10; 1987 at £10; 1988 at £10; 1989 at £10; 1990 at £20; 1991 at £50; 1992 at £10; 1993 at £150; 1994 at £100; 1995 at £150; 1996 at £10; 1997 at £125; 1998 at £10; 1999 at £20; 2000 at £20; 2001 at £20.

115: "Tennis's Strangest Matches" by Peter Seddon; UK PB edition of 2001; 276 pp. This is a large collection of strange stories surrounding tennis matches from 1437 (!) to 2000. £10

116: "Book of Tennis (The)". Late News! Launching in February, with ITF input, partly to replace "World of Tennis Annual"; 192 pp; contains many articles on the international tennis world, history, the pro tours, the top tennis people, rules of play, web-sites, and much more. £15


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