Newsletter 49 - September 2002
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INTRODUCTION: After a very busy summer, I am taking things a bit more quietly for a while so as to be able to catch up on cataloguing the masses of new purchases made recently.

*** My racket sports bibliography has now passed 4600 items, and I am complementing this by storing photographs of as many titles as I can locate. Sports covered include Lawn Tennis, Real Tennis, Rackets, Squash Rackets, Pelota, and Kaatsen (a Fresian ball game of three a-side)

*** Christie's and Sotheby's held what looked at first like exciting tennis auctions. But because of hopelessly over optimistic estimating, a large number of lots remained unsold. The market in Tennis collectables is a delicate one, and needs careful, sensitive handling. It is nothing like as robust as the markets for Golf, Cricket, and Baseball. A bit of informal consultation before deciding on estimates might do wonders, and boost the confidence of buyers.

*** UK parcel postal charges have been raised yet again. With the increasing frequency of lost parcels, I am having to use recorded delivery more often. I have lost the last 4 parcels I sent to Paris. One was actually tracked to within a mile of its destination and still was lost without trace. Despite having return addressed labels on every parcel, they still vanish. I shall have to reflect these considerations in future invoicing, but as a concession I will waive all postal charges for invoices in excess of £250 or for orders of 10 or more books. Remind me!

THE HONDA CHALLENGE will be back again at the Royal Albert Hall in London from Wednesday 4th to Sunday 8th of December. This event, now in its 5th year, provides the most exciting tennis in the country after Wimbledon, and it features top quality tennis from some of the sport's all-time greats. Amongst the players who have been invited are John McEnroe, Pat Cash, Boris Becker, Henri Leconte, Ilie Nastase, Guy Forget, Petr Korda, and one other Wimbledon champion whose name I cannot yet mention! For corporate hospitality packages, call Tournament Director John Beddington on 020-7351-7499. You can buy tickets using the enclosed order form (UK clients only), or by phoning the box office on 020-7589-8212

QUEEN'S CLUB AND EASTBOURNE: Great weather, large crowds and plenty of top-ranked players ensured that these tournaments were entertaining and, for The Tennis Bookshop, very busy weeks. My stocks of books and programmes were well plundered, but I have just bought two collections, so I will have plenty of excellent titles for the Honda Challenge in December. Thanks again to the huge number of friends and clients who visited the two shops in June.

WIMBLEDON 2002: This was not exactly a vintage Wimbledon, the loudest sound in the first week being the dull thud of falling seeds. Hewitt came through without losing a set and was by head and shoulders the best male player around. The Williams sisters provided an excellent final, but no match in either draw approached the excitement of the 2001 Men's final. I was fortunate to spend quality time with the ebullient Pancho Segura; I met Dick Savitt and Ted Schroeder, and the irrepressible Sidney Wood, the 1931 champion who is still sharp as a blade! Gardnar Mulloy still comes but is much slower round the corridors. Maria Bueno looks as lovely as ever. I tried my hand at some broadcasting on Radio Solent, Radio Wimbledon, and Radio Europe, and managed to enjoy the experience enough to agree to do more next year.

DIGITAL CAMERA: I am delighted/relieved to say that my camera is now fully operational, which means that I can very quickly send by mail or by e-mail photographs of any item you may wish to consider. I have already used this service for several clients here in the UK in the USA.

E-MAIL ADDRESSES: Well over half the names on my client list now has an e-mail address. This makes for much easier and faster communication. With the digital camera, (see above) information and photographs can flow in an instant. If you have an e-mail address and have not yet let me have it, I urge you to do so, as I propose to start e-mail circulations of tennis buying opportunities rather more frequently than the four-times a year Newsletters.

001: "Fame" compiled & edited by Eugene L. Scott; 4th edition; 144 pp in hardboards and dw; broad 8vo. Here is Gene's latest edition of the record of inductees into the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport RI. The latest are Pam Shriver (on the front cover), and recently married to James Bond star George Lazenby, and Swedish player Mats Wilander. Delivery delays are possible. £25
002: "Roland Garros 2002" by Patrice Dominguez; 124 pp in large format (4to) paperback. This year the format is smaller and the book is no longer in a box. It is nevertheless an excellent reminder of Roland Garros 2002 and it has an added section of historical photos. £30
003: "Serious: John McEnroe the Autobiography" written with James Kaplan; June 2002; 346 pp in dw 8vo. The USA title is "You Cannot be Serious". This title came out at about the same time as the Cash book and rumours of a massive advance to JM from Little, Brown ensured the McEnroe book was everywhere you looked. Love him or hate him, you cannot deny he was and indeed remains a most skilled and brilliant tennis player. I have already put in a request to the organisers of the Honda Challenge at the Royal Albert Hall in December for some signing sessions. There is a wide range of prices in the high street on this book. My price is £15
004: "Tennis Confidential: Today's Greatest Players, Matches, and Controversies" by Paul Fein; May 2002; HB in DW 8vo; 320 pp. This new book is a collection of essays and interviews. Fein has talked with Connors, McEnroe, Agassi, Sampras, Capriati, Kournikova and many more top names. Thus the bulk of this book deals with 1985 and onwards. But as a last thought, he lists his selection of "The Ten Greatest Matches in Tennis History", always an emotive and rather brave step to take in public. But by and large, I can't find fault with his list. £17
005: "Tennis Record Book Men and Women" by Rino Tommasi; new edition; 220 pp in large 4to pb. This is for stats fans, carrying enormous quantities of data. Amongst many other tables of stats can be found all the draw-sheets for the 69 ATP events and the 63 WTA events in 2001; the top 300 men and women by birthday, country, and activity; all the draw-sheets for the 136 Challengers; Grand Slams for 2001, and much, much more! Hours of happy stat hunting! £25
006: "Tennis's Most Wanted: the top 10 book of baseline blunders, clay court wonders, and lucky lobs" by Floyd Conner; 1st USA paperback edition of 2002; 289 pages in paperback. This is just out and should interest and even educate the most knowledgeable tennis fan. It consists of 65 sections, each listing 10 tennis people who fit into sections with titles such as First Serves, Strange Shots, Teen Terrors, Record Breakers, Court Artists, Embarrassing Losses, Family Ties, Great Rivalries, Ultimate Upsets, and so on. All very entertaining & interesting! £8
007: "Tennis's Strangest Matches" edited by Peter Seddon; 1st UK paperback edition of 2001; 276 pp. I listed this book previously but am doing so again as I have thoroughly enjoyed the many fascinating and strange stories of tennis happenings. It makes great holiday reading! £9
008: "Uncovered: The Autobiography of Pat Cash" written with Barry Flatman; published in May 2002; 333 pp in dw 8vo. Here is the story so far of the Australian Wimbledon champion of 1987. "Pat bares his soul with remarkable honesty, detailing how some of his rivalries and confrontations over the net have spilled over into violence back in the confines of the locker room." (My thanks to Barry Flatman for this quote from the fly). The book attracted some notoriety in the pre-Wimbledon weeks. As with the McEnroe title above, I have asked for signing sessions during the Honda Challenge at the Royal Albert Hall in December. £15
009: "Venus & Serena: My Seven Years as Hitting Coach for the Williams Sisters" by Dave Rineberg; 1st USA edition of 2001; 170 pp in 8vo; HB in DW. This is quite a detailed account of how this young man came to be invited to hit with the Williams sisters from 1992 to 1999. Whilst I have listed this title as new, I anticipate delivery problems so be patient please. £25
010: "Venus Envy: A Sensational Season Inside the Women's Tennis Tour" by L. Jon Wertheim; 1st USA edition of 2001; 225 pp in 8vo; HB in DW. This is the story of how the older Williams sister came to dominate the women's game and win her first Wimbledon. Though there seemed to be enormous sibling rivalry, mostly Press inspired I believe, Serena's turn would come. £20
011: "A Will to Win" by Alice Peterson; 1st UK paperback edition of 2002; 261 pp. With a foreword by Tim Henman, this is the sad story of Alice who, as a teenager was a very good player, until she was diagnosed with crippling rheumatoid arthritis. £5

SPALDING'S TENNIS ANNUALS: This fine USA annual was published for nearly 40 years until its merger with the even longer running Wright & Ditson annual. It is a thorough review of the tennis season and results of tennis as played in the USA, with only a small overseas review.
012: 1923, 1925, 1927 (rebound into boards), 1928, 1929, 1930. Each at £40

013: "Beyond Match Point: The Cliff Drysdale Story"; 1st ed 1968. A very rare tennis story £35


014: "ATP Player Guides" 1981, 1982, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.
015: "Davis Cup Media Guides" 1998, 1999, 2000.
016: "Wimbledon Compendiums" 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.
017: "LTA Handbooks" 1982, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000.
018: "WTA Player Guides" 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002.
019: "World of Tennis Annuals": While stocks last, these years are offered each at…….….£10
1971, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995.

MINOR BIOGRAPHIES AT £10 EACH; 3 for £25; 5 for £40: Most of these were published for the American university library circuit; they do not often reach the UK market. They were written for young teenage readers rather than adult fans. They are essential player ephemera.
020: "Andre Agassi Tennis Prince" by Gary Stern; 1993; 48 pp in pictorial boards.
021: "Andre Jaeger Sports Star" by Ray Sons; 1981; 46 pp in pictorial boards; ex-lib.
022: "Andrea Jaeger Tennis Champion" by Fogel & Watkins; 1980; 42 pp in dw.
023: "Billie Jean King" by Jim Baker; 1974; 90 pp in paperback.
024: "Chris Evert" by Jay H. Smith; 1975; 31 pp in worn pictorial boards; ex-lib.
025: "Chris Evert Princess of Tennis" by Julian May; 1977; 48 pp in pictorial boards; ex-lib.
026: "Free Spirit Evonne Goolagong" by D.J. Herda; 1976; 47 pp in pictorial boards; ex-lib.
027: "Ivan Lendl" by Chip Eliot; 1988; 48 pp in pictorial boards.
028: "Jennifer Capriati Tennis Sensation" by Margaret Goldstein; 1993; 56 pp in pic. boards.
029: "John McEnroe Sports Star" by S.H. Burchard; 1979; 63 pp in paperback.
030: "Martina Hingis" by Bev Spencer; 1999; 107 pp in paperback.
031: "Martina Navratilova Tennis Power" by R.R. Knudson; 1987; 58 pp in paperback.
032: "Monica Seles Champion Tennis Player" by Liza N. Burby; 1997; 24 pp in pictorial bds.
033: "Monica Seles Returning Champion" by Kristin Smith; 64 pp in pictorial boards.
034: "Raising a Racket Rosie Casals" by Alida Thacher; 1976; 47 pp in pictorial boards; ex-lib
035: "Steffi Graf" by Laura Hilgers; 1990; 118 pp in pictorial boards.
036: "Tracy Austin" by Gloria Miklowitz; 1978; 87 pp in paperback.
037: "Tracy Austin Teen Tennis Champion" by N. Robison; 1980; 80 pp in pict. bds; ex-lib.
038: "Tracy Austin Tennis Wonder" by Peter Talbert; 1979; 48 pp in large paperback.

COACHING TITLES AT £10 EACH; 3 FOR £25; 5 FOR £40: This section did splendid business last time I featured it with nearly all books selling. The books are in at least good condition, in hardboards with dustwrappers (2 in paperback); most of them are 1st editions.
039: "Art of Tennis" by Alan Trengove 1964.
040: "Better Tennis with the World's Best Players" by Cornel Lumiere 1963.
041: "Bill Talbert's Weekend Tennis" by Talbert & Greer 1970.
042: "Budge on Tennis" 1957 PB.
043: "Championship Tennis" by Kramer et al 1951
044: "Elements of Lawn Tennis" by Norman Patterson 1950.
045: "Extraordinary Tennis for the Ordinary Player" by Simon Ramo 1971.
046: "Game of Doubles in Tennis" by Talbert & Old 1957.
047: "Game's the Same" by John Smyth 1956.
048: "Hitting Hot" by Lendl & Mendoza 1986.
049: "Improving Your Tennis" by G.P. Hughes 1947.
050: "Lawn Tennis" by Mike Davies 1962.
051: "Lawn Tennis" by C.M. Jones 1961.
052: "Lawn Tennis" by John Olliff 1950.
053: "Lawn Tennis & Table Tennis" by Vantage c1936.
054: "Lawn Tennis Courtcraft" by Norman Patterson 1946.
055: "Lawn Tennis for Teachers & Players" by T Moss 1949.
056: "Lawn Tennis Technique, Training and Tactics" by Gresham & Millman 1953.
057: "Lawn Tennis the Australian Way" by Jack Pollard 1964.
058: "Learning Lawn Tennis" by Emlyn Jones 1960.
059: "Love and Hate on the Tennis Court" by Cath, Kahn et al 1977.
060: "Match-Winning Tennis" by C.M. Jones 1971.
061: "Modern Lawn Tennis" by Tony & Joy Mottram 1957.
062: "Modern Tennis Doubles" by Smith & Lutz 1976.
063: "Olliff on Tennis" by John Olliff 1948.
064: "Play the Game Lawn Tennis" by R Applewhaite 1956.
065: "Science of Tennis" by D.J. Anderson 1982 PB.
066: "Sinister Tennis" by P. Schwed 1976.
067: "Swedish Way to Tennis Success" by Cox & Gould 1990.
068: "Tackle Lawn Tennis This Way" by Angela Buxton 1958.
069: "Tennis How to Become a Champion" by C.M. Jones 1968.
070: "Tennis Simplified" by Eleanor Tennant 1923 PB.
071: "Tennis Techniques Illustrated" by Mace & Micoleau 1952.
072: "Tilden Lehrt Tennis" 1950 German PB.
073: "Tony Mottram's Quick Way to Better Tennis" 1952.
074: "Tournament Tough" by C. Goffi 1984.
075: "Use Your Head in Tennis" by Harman 1963.

Did you know that each year for the last 10 years or so, all Wimbledon publications for any one year are decorated externally with the same picture? This includes the poster (see item 092 below), the programme, the compendium, the tickets, the player and media guides, etc.
076: "Kenneth Ritchie Wimbledon Library Catalogue 2001" compiled by Alan Little; 176 pages in paperback. Lists all the book holdings on the library shelves in country order and then in date of publication order. This is a "must have" for all serious tennis books collectors. £9
077: "This is Wimbledon; The Official Guide to the Championships" 1990, 1993, 1996. each £5
078: "Wimbledon 2002 Final Programme" with all the match results and scores….………...£6
079: "Wimbledon Annuals": Some prices up, and some down; due to supply and demand. 1983 @ £195; 1984 @ £100; 1985 @ £110; 1986 @ £10; 1987 @ £10; 1988 @ £10; 1989 @ £10; 1990 @ £25; 1991 @ £50; 1992 @ £10; 1993 @ £110; 1994 @ £40; 1995 @ £10; 1996 @ £10; 1997 @ £125; 1998 @ £10; 1999 @ £10; 2000 @ £20; 2001 @ £20. 2002 at £22
080: "Wimbledon Das Offizielle Jahrbuch" 1994, 1998; German language annuals, each £10

081: "Wimbledon Programmes" Package at £15: I have put together several packages of 8 Wimbledon programmes, all taken from the second week for the years 1994 to 2001 inclusive. Wimbledon programmes are updated each night so these have at least all the first week's results. The package of 8 programmes weighs about 4.5kg; additional postage will be: UK £7; Europe £15; USA airmail £33/Surface £15; Australia/Japan £38 airmail/surface £16.

082: "Wimbledon Finals Day Programmes" at £5 each: These are for the 12th day if before 1981, and 13th day if from 1981 onwards. Each edition has printed within it every result except for the matches played on the last day. I have one of each for: 1977, 1978, 1980, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.

"Wimbledon Final Programmes": These editions are those issued after the Championships have finished, containing every result in every event. It is published in a very small print run.
083: 1955 £30
084: 1965 £20.
085: 1980, 1981, 1982, 1986 £15.
086: 1998, 2001, 2002 £7

Two Wimbledon Programmes from the 1930's: Pre-1946 Wimbledon programmes are rare. All my stock was bought at The Queen's Club by one client. Here are two good examples.
087: "Monday 3rd July 1933" £100.
088: "Tuesday June 22nd 1937" (Coronation Issue) £75

089: "Wimbledon Golden Jubilee Medal". This bronze medal was presented to each of the entrants for the 1926 Championships. It is circular with a diameter of almost 5cm, in a partly damaged original card presentation case, internally green velvet, by the London medallist John Pinches. The medal shows on the obverse the Men's Singles trophy in raised relief, encircled round the rim by "Jubilee Lawn Tennis Championships"; the reverse has "Wimbledon 1877-1926" and a blank plate for the player's name to be engraved. This is an interesting and evocative memorial of the first 50 years of the All England Club Championships. £175

"Fifty Years of Wimbledon 1877 to 1926" by A. Wallis Myers; 96 pp 4to. Published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Championships, this is a study of the great names and matches of that period from Spencer Gore in 1877 and Maud Watson in 1884 upto Rene Lacoste and Suzanne Lenglen in 1925. The book is filled with many evocative photographs of so many legendary names. The book was published in a standard and a de luxe edition as follows:
090: The de luxe edition in green calf boards externally gilt decorated. Rare. £225
091: The standard edition in grey boards with the All England Club colours. £95

092: "Wimbledon Posters" at £10 each: These have been issued by the AELTC since about 1990 and they are as collectable as any major event poster. They show either historical scenes or new developments. Several of each: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

"Wimbledon 1922" and "Wimbledon 1922-2002"; two new titles from Alan Little at the Wimbledon Library. These fully illustrated booklets are each of 32 pages. The first describes the building of the new complex at Church Road, and the second highlights all the construction and layout changes carried out. Order from the Museum Shop at £2.50 plus pp on 0208-946-6131

"Wimbledon Plates": These are very pretty Wedgwood bone china plates showing highly coloured, imaginary tennis scenes from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

093: "Wild Strawberry"; mid 1990's. An attractive boxed cake plate 27cm x 24cm. £125
094: "1994 Championships"; 20.5cm diameter. One boxed at £50; one not boxed at £40

Since the last newsletter, there have been two new Real Tennis titles, both of which are listed here. I am also listing a small number of older interesting titles, and two decoratives.

095: "Divertissements Sports et Jeux des Rois de France" by Henry Carre; 1st French edition of 1937; 282 pp in boards 4to. This book describes the sporting pastimes of the kings of France through the ages, and this includes a chapter on La Paume. £50

"Fred Covey: World Tennis Champion" edited by Neil Covey; published in 1994; 125 pp in large 4to. This book reproduces the many press cuttings accumulated by George Covey in his career as a professional Tennis player who became a great English World Champion. There are full match reports of many great Real Tennis matches with Kinsella, Etchebaster, etc, etc.
096: 1st de luxe edition, marbled boards, gilt page-edges. 60 copies printed; 8 remaining. £125
097: 1st standard edition in hard-boards and dust-wrapper. 100 copies printed. £45

098: "Games with the Ball, Tennis: The Court at Lord's" from Miles; c1885. Image size is 25cm x 16.5cm. This is a well-known view of a men's doubles on the old Lord's tennis court. This one is in its original state, thus not hand-coloured; ready for matting and framing. £150
099: "Hazard Chase" by Jeremy Potter; reprinted edition of 1989; 192 pp in dw (small 8vo). Here is the Real Tennis crime novel, which takes place on and around the court. £45
100: "Melbourne to Myopia: Reflections on my visits to the Real Tennis Courts of the 20th Century" by George Limb; 170 pp in blue boards (8vo no dw); published April 2002. George has done what all Tennis players will envy in playing on all the 45 courts in the world. Each complex has a chapter describing the court and his experiences on that court. The limited edition of 50 copies in a card slip-case was pre-sold. The standard edition of 450 copies is available at £40
101: "Paris Sportif" par Crafty; 1st French edition of 1896; 322 pp in blue boards (small 4to). This is always one of my favourite Jeu de Paume titles, describing the various sporting activities of the Parisians at the end of the 19th century. Beside much emphasis on the horse and cycling, there are chapters on Le Lawn Tennis, La Paume, Le Crocket, and Le Foot-ball. £135
102: "Racquet & Tennis Club 1967"; the handbook of the New York club; 191 pp (12mo) £40
103: "Tennis Origins and Mysteries" by Malcolm D. Whitman; facsimile reprint 2002; 258 pp in boards (8vo no dw). Originally published in 1932 (450 copies only) and then reprinted in 1968, this new edition is in a tiny run of perhaps 100 copies. Its chapters describe the origin of the various words used in Tennis; then there are the two substantial bibliographies of Real and Lawn Tennis (both as at 1932). Collectors of Tennis books will find these lists invaluable. £125
104: "Tennis Origins and Mysteries" by Malcolm D. Whitman; 1st USA edition of 1932 in an edition limited to 450 copies. The contents of this book are as described in item 103. £675
105: "Thomas Pettit Court-Tennis Champion" as shown on the front page of the "New York Clipper" dated Saturday June 28 1884. This is actually an original and complete copy of the NY newspaper which has in the middle of its front page a fine engraving of Pettit in tennis clothes holding a racket and three balls. (Image is 10.5cm x 17.5cm). Internally there is a short biography of Pettit. Measuring 10.5cm of column length, it is ready for cutting & framing. £150

SIGNED TITLES: Here are some more signed tennis items.
106: "Amazing Grace: The Story of the Grace Park Lawn Tennis Club 1880-1989" by Joseph Johnson; 1st edition Australia 1989; 210 pages in 4to HB in DW. This is the story of one of Melbourne's top tennis clubs, where famous members included Pat Cash, Harry Hopman, Margaret Court and Kerry Reid. Superbly illustrated, this copy is signed by the author. £45
107: "Arantxa" signed Slazenger Wimbledon tennis balls; 3 of them only nicely signed, each £5
108: "Arthur Ashe: Portrait in Motion" by Frank Deford; 1st USA edition of 1975; 272 pp in dw (8vo). This is the major Ashe life story, in the year he beat Connors at Wimbledon. This copy is inscribed in his hand-writing, signed and dated "2 Feb 76", thus a very early autograph. £250
109: "Les Dessous du Tennis Feminin" by Nathalie Tauziat; French language paperback reprint of 2001; 213 pp. The new edition is a smaller format, nicely illustrated with photos. £20
110: "Tennis For Teenagers" by Pauline Betz Addie; USA reprinted paperback edition of 1966; 120 pp 8vo. Some great tennis legends illustrate this coaching manual; signed internally. £65
111: "Weltmacht Tennis" by Roderich Menzel; German language edition of 1951; 437 pp in small 4to. This large book is a superb history of tennis written by a great German tennis player. It does focus on the German players of all eras, but it also covers the top players of other countries and it is also a comprehensive coaching manual. The end paper bears a hand-written dedication to "Pat", dated "Munchen, 12th of June 1951" and it is signed "Roderich". £100
112: "Wimbledon Signed Letter-Head"; no obvious date but 1990/95, signed by many female players including those I can identify: M de Swardt, Wendy Turnbull, Anne Smith, Lisa Raymond, Renee Stubbs, Joanne Russell, Helena Sukova. There are 10 other signatures. £50
113: "WITA poster placard" (28cm x 42cm); shows a woman in profile on a racket head; signed by Hana Mandlikova, Liz Smylie, Gretchen Magers, Wendy Turnbull, and several others whom I should be able to recognise but cannot at the moment. Chances for a lucky buy at £25

RICHARD ALONZO 'PANCHO' GONZALEZ (born 09 May 1928, died 03 July 1995) Pancho was one of the best three male players never to win the Wimbledon title. Will you agree with me I wonder? I know Joe will, if he knows what's best for him! Rosewall and Lendl are the two others in that exclusive club, at least as far as 1946 onwards is concerned. Gonzalez changed the spelling of his surname to Gonzales later in life. The five times married Gonzales will be fondly remembered for the many exhibition matches he played in the USA and the UK, but probably most of all for the amazing 5-set first round Wimbledon match in 1969 against Charlie Pasarell. 'Pancho' won 22-24, 1-6, 16-14, 6-3, 11-9 in 5 hrs 12 mins to applause I can still hear.
114: "Man With a Racket: The Autobiography of Pancho Gonzales" as told to Cy Rice; 1st UK edition of 1959; 238 pp; HB in DW 8vo. This is the official story but only upto 1959. £15
115: "The Return of a Champion: Pancho Gonzalez' Golden Year 1964" by Dave Anderson; 1st USA edition 1973; 123 pp in dw small 8vo. Whilst this biography focuses on 1964, it is also an interesting account of his earlier life; the Wimbledon marathon with Pasarell is covered. £40
116: "Richard Pancho Gonzalez: Tennis Champion" by Doreen Gonzales; 1st USA edition of 1998; 128 pp in Pic Bds (8vo). This is my first copy of this rather engaging biography. £30

SOME RECENT TITLES, SOME NOT SO RECENT: Back in stock in small numbers.
117: "Little Mo's Legacy: A Mother's Lessons, A Daughter's Story" by Cindy Brinker Simmons; 1st USA edition of 2001; 126 pp in dw small 8vo. This is about Little Mo's daughter and how her life was while her mother was a famous global personality; not always an easy life. £20
118: "Rocket to the Top: On the Road with Pat Rafter" by Leo Schlink; 1st edition Australia 1999; 212 pp in 8vo paperback. He is such a popular tennis personality, so the book sells. £20
119: "We HAVE Come a Long Way: The Story of Women's Tennis" by Billie Jean King with Cynthia Starr; 1st USA edition of 1988; 200 pp in large format (4to) HB in DW. This is a major history on the women's game (albeit the book is now 14 years old). It is profusely illustrated including the tennis action picture of all time of Martina Navratilova at Wimbledon. £25
120: "Wimbledon: The Official History of the Championships" by John Barrett; edition of 2001 revised and updated; 468 pages in large format (4to) HB in DW. This is the ultimate Wimbledon history and a great present for all tennis fans. This edition has the full draw sheets for the Gentlemen's Singles from 1877, and the Ladies' Singles from 1884; superbly illustrated. £20
121: "Winning Ugly: Mental Warfare in Tennis" by Brad Gilbert (with Andre Agassi); USA paperback edition of 1994; 227 pp in paperback 8vo. The most asked-for coaching book. £8

BOOKS ON SEVERAL RACQUET SPORTS AT £10 EACH: These USA titles between them discuss a range of sports including Tennis, Squash, Racquet Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Paddle Tennis, Platform Tennis, Court Tennis, Racquets, Handball, Paddleball, and Pickle-Ball.
122: "The Complete Racquet Sports Player" by H. FitzGibbon; 1st edition 1979; 221 pp in dw
123: "Racquet Sports" by the Diagram Group; 1st paperback edition 1978; 160 pp.
124: "Racquet Sports: An Illustrated Guide" by E. Nickerson; 1st edition 1982; 181 pp; no dw
125: "The Other Racquet Sports" by Dick Squires; 1st edition 1978; 273 pp; 4to in dw.

126: CLASSIC BOOKS LIST: I have recently prepared a list of 16 very early Lawn Tennis titles from 1883 to 1917, all in beautiful condition. The list is available to anyone who wants a copy, but at £20, to be deducted from a purchase from that list; thus it is for serious enquirers only.


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