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THE TENNIS BOOKSHOP Newsletter is 50 with this edition! The first mailing was in November 1986, and my first exhibition was for the LTA Centenary in March 1988 when I was honoured with a visit from HM The Queen! Since then, I have staged a further 57 exhibitions, mostly a week in length, in venues as far apart as Stockholm, Frankfurt, Antwerp, and Amsterdam, as well as the last 15 years at Eastbourne, the last 10 years at The Queen's Club, the last 5 years at the Royal Albert Hall, and many others. I have traded not a long way short of 100,000 tennis books! Who said tennis fans don't buy tennis books? The exhibitions allow me to meet and make new clients and meet again many old acquaintances. Since I started, other dealers have come into the business on their own account, but with a differing philosophy to mine. I don't compromise on condition and that means that my prices may be higher than elsewhere. But my experience is that almost all my clients will pay a little more for a book in beautiful condition. In addition I pride myself in locating the great, rare titles. I have also established a trade in books on Real Tennis and Rackets/Racquets, and latterly in Squash Rackets. Here the prices frequently lurch into 3 or even 4 figures, but this is mostly because they are published in tiny runs, often less than 500 copies. So now I look forward to the next 50 editions with plans to change the format and include photographs. This is my chance to say thanks to all of you who have been regular clients and supported The Tennis Bookshop. I am at it 7 days a week usually and never know what the next e-mail or phone call will bring in terms of new opportunities. And now I wish all my readers a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2003.

SPECIAL BOOK OFFERS AT VERY LOW POST-FREE PRICES! To celebrate the 50th edition of the Newsletters, I am listing a large number of mainstream tennis biographies and histories. I have made substantial price reductions on all of them; in addition they are all offered at post-free prices. Unless stated otherwise, they are in very good condition, with dustwrappers. See the end of this newsletter about an offer of a free book for all orders of £20 and over, and two free books ("Winning Ugly" and "A Handful of Summers") for all orders of £100 and over.

THE HONDA CHALLENGE is at the Royal Albert Hall from 4th to 8th of December. The list of top players appearing includes McEnroe, Cash, Becker (thanks to the judge!), Stich, Korda, Leconte, Forget, Edberg, Wade, and Henman! Two sessions a day will keep the crowds enthralled with entertaining tennis played in a somewhat light-hearted manner. I hope to get signing sessions from Cash and McEnroe for their books. I can't promise success, but let me know if you want a dedication and I will see what I can do for you. My price for signed copies will be £20 plus postage. Let me know before 3rd December if you want a copy or call me at the Royal Albert Hall on my mobile 07860-395798. If I succeed, I will deliver books to you in time for Christmas.

E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS of various unusual and interesting opportunities will be a growing feature of my marketing. With about 75% of my list having an e-mail address, it gives me the chance quickly to advertise topical news. I know that most of you have differing interests and some of you might regard it as spam. If you do, let me know and I will remove your e-mail address from my files. The other side of this is that, following two recent mass e-mailings, I quickly sold "The Book of Racquets" by J.R. Atkins (1872), and quite a few Real Tennis titles. If you have not yet advised me of your e-mail address or if you have changed it, do let me know.

A WINGFIELD RULES BOOK passed through Dominic Winter's book auction in early October. I was there and was an under-bidder. It eventually sold at £3900 plus commission against a ridiculous pre-sale estimate of £200/£400. Close inspection showed this to be almost certainly a 1st edition of only 8 pages. Tom Todd's excellent book "The Tennis Players" listed the location of the known surviving editions, but this one was not on the list. I was able to examine if very carefully and take photographs for my record. It was in very nice condition and in retrospect I consider that I should have bid it up to £10,000, but that's easy for me to say after the event!

001: ATP and/or 002: WTA PLAYER/MEDIA GUIDES 2003 are expected in February, so I am taking orders now. It is too early to guess the delivery date but if you want to guarantee getting an early copy, please let me know now. Price is still unsure but between £20 and £25

E-MAIL AUCTIONS: My next move with regard to e-mails is to start occasional e-mail auctions. This will entail listing a small number of unusual and interesting books and other items, and offering them for auction amongst recipients of my e-mails. Lot prices will start low, and auctions will run for 7 days, the winner being the best buyer at the end of the 7th day.

003: US OPEN 2002 DAILY SCHEDULE AND DRAW at £5 post-free world-wide: I can offer several sets of the first and last day program inserts for the US Open 2002. Each insert has 12 pages carrying the full draws for the Men's Singles and Doubles, the Women's Singles and Doubles, plus all the age-group supporting events, and a large plan of the grounds.

COLLECTION OF REAL TENNIS PRINTS AND ENGRAVINGS: I have recently e-mailed notification of a 4 page list of original prints and engravings related to Real Tennis. The list of 39 items in 28 lots is available by post or by e-mail. All items are matted/mounted, framed and glazed. They date from 1600 to 2000, and include not only the relatively common items such as the Diderot set of 1767 but also lovely items from France, England and the USA.

004: Registered envelope with 1948 London Olympic stamps franked at Wimbledon 11 Jul 1954 at £30;
005: Envelope franked 22 Jun 1960 at £10;
006: Envelope franked 27 Jun 1961 at £10;
007: Envelope franked 25 Jun 1962 at £10;
008: Envelope franked 24 Jun 1963 at £10;
009: Envelope franked 22 Jun 1964 at £10;
010: Envelope franked 25 Jun 1966 at £10;
011: Wimbledon special franked envelope 02 Jul 1983 at £5;
012: UK Envelope franked at the Museum 08 Jul 1990 with Stefan and Martina triumphant on the front at £5.

TENNIS STAMP COVERS FROM OUTSIDE UK mostly £5 each post-free world-wide:
013: Australia special envelope Switzerland defeat USA in Hopman Cup 06 Jul 2001;
014: Davis Cup Final Australia vs France 30 Nov 2001;
015: US Open celebrating 100 years of Lawn Tennis 1874-1974;
016: Australian Sporting Celebrities stamp showing Sir Norman Brookes;
017: UK Racket Sports first day cover with 4 racket sports stamps 12 Jan 1977;
018: UK Racket Sports first day cover with 4 racket sports stamps on official Post Office cover 12 Jan 1977;
019: Swedish special envelope celebrating Borg's career 09 Sep 1981 at £20;
020: Hungarian 1st day cover envelope showing tennis player 23 Jul 1964 at £10;
021: German sports envelope with 3 sporting stamps including tennis 18 Feb 1988 at £10.

TENNIS STAMP SHEETS FROM St. VINCENT £10 each post-free world-wide: These are complete sheets of 20 stamps showing a well-known tennis player in full colour on-court action. The sheets contain bona fide postage stamps.
022: Chris Evert;
023: Steffi Graf;
024: Anders Jarryd;
025: Billie Jean King;
026: Ivan Lendl;
027: John McEnroe;
028: Ilie Nastase;
029: Martina Navratilova;
030: Yannick Noah;
031: Virginia Wade.

032: HAPPY FAMILY PLAYING-CARDS: This is a rather unusual item, being 6 playing-cards from a card game dating about 1910. They might be even earlier than this. Each card shows a nice coloured scene of a member of the family playing tennis, thus there are Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Daughter and Son. The cards are in beautiful condition. £75

DAVIS CUP TITLES post-free: UK £12; world-wide £15
033: "Davis Cup (The)" by Richard Evans; 1st edition of 1998; 256 pages. Centenary history.
034: "Davis Cup (The)" by Edward C. Potter; 1st edition of 1969; 142 pages.
035: "Davis Cup Yearbook 1996" by Ronald Atkin; 128 pages. 1996 competition review.
036: "Davis Cup by NEC 1998" by Christopher Clarey; 128 pages. 1998 competition review.
037: "Davis Cup by NEC 2000" by Neil Harman; 128 pages. Review of 2000 competition.
038: "Davis Cup by NEC 2001" by Neil Harman; 128 pages. Review of the 2001 competition.
039: "Story of the Davis Cup (The)" by Alan Trengove; 1985; 577 pp. This copy is ex-lib.
040: "Story of the Davis Cup (The)" by Alan Trengove; 1991; 677 pp. Revised p/back edition.

041: "Annuaire de la Federation Russe de Lawn Tennis 1933"; 108 pp in PB. There were several editions of this very rare tennis annual; all were published in French and Russian. £75
042: "Cooper's Annual of Lawn Tennis 1959/60" by M P Cooper; 103 pp. After Dunlop ended and before BP started, this was a very competent privately published tennis annual. £25
043: "Dunlop Lawn Tennis Almanacks 1951 and 1952" by Pat Hughes in PB. Each at £10
044: "Flicker no 10; Service and Smash" by Bunny Austin. This is one of the sought-after 1930's Slazenger flicker-books. It is in good tight condition, a bit rubbed externally. £60
045: "Le Tennis" par Melle Lenglen, champion du monde; 1923; 97 pp in PB. I suspect this is her first coaching manual. It has some stunning photos of her contemporaries in action. £75
046: "New York Racquet & Tennis Club 1939"; club handbook of members, rules etc. £35
047: "Tennis Simplified for Everybody" by Ellsworth Vines; 1933; 125 pp in PB. This tall, fast-serving Wimbledon champion writes his own thoughts on how to improve your game. £30
048: "Wie Lerne ich Tennis" by Max Stock; 1922; 48 pp in PB. Lovely little German title. £25
049: "World of Tennis Annuals" 1973, 74, 77, 78, 80, 82, 83; all in HARDBOARDS. Each at £15

050: "Book of Rules for Playing Lawn Tennis, as adopted by the All-England and Other Clubs"; 1883; 15 pp in leaflet format. Referring to the All England Club as the "A.E.C. and L.T.C." in a very early booklet of playing rules with several court diagrams and contemporary notes. £475
051: "Lawn-Tennis" by James Dwight; 1ST USA edition of 1886; c100 pp. This is the first real "home-produced" coaching manual in the USA Lawn Tennis bibliography. Dwight was one of the first Americans to visit Europe to play in competition, and in his preface he acknowledges the debt he owes to the Renshaws in showing him how to hone his competitive edge. This is an exceptionally rare title and this copy is in exceptionally good condition. £750
052: "Practical Lawn-Tennis" by James Dwight; 1st USA edition of 1893; 168 pp. This is the 2nd of Dwight's foundation books on Lawn Tennis in the USA bibliography. He has now changed some of his earlier views on technique, moving away from Court Tennis and treating Lawn Tennis as its own game. It is beautifully illustrated and this is a superb copy of a rare title. £500

WOMEN PLAYER BIOGRAPHIES post-free: UK £12/world-wide £15
Any 2 for £20/£25; any 3 for £30/£40; any 4 for £40/£50; any 5 for £50/£60.
053: "Billie Jean: An Autobiography" by Kim Chapin; 1975; 208 pp. First major King biog.
054: "Billie Jean King" by F. Deford; 1985; 207 pp. She is holder of most Wimbledon titles.
055: "Choices" by Judy Nelson; 1996; 232 pp. Judy's version of life and marriage to Martina.
056: "Chrissie" by Neil Amdur; 1982; 239 pp. Golden girl of tennis & Wimbledon champion.
057: "Chrissie: My Own Story" by Neil Amdur; 1982; 209 pp. The USA title of 056 above.
058: "Courting Triumph" by Virginia Wade; 1978; 192 pp. Wimbledon Champion of 1977.
059: "Hana" by Malcolm Folley; 1989; 184 pp. The Mandlikova story is a good tennis read.
060: "Kitty Godfree: Lady of a Golden Age" by G Green; 1987; 129 pp. 20's Wimbledon champ.
061: "Lloyd on Lloyd" by C Thatcher; 1985; 213 pp. Mostly domestic rather than tennis story.
062: "Love Match: Nelson vs Navratilova" by S Faulkner; 1993; 215 pp. It could not last.
063: "Margaret Smith Story (The)" by D. Laurence; 1965; 192 pp. Oz Grand Slam winner.
064: "Martina" by George Vecsey; 1985; 287 pp. The most popular Navratilova biography.
065: "My Waiting Game" by A. Mortimer; 1962; 196 pp. England's 1961 Wimbledon champion.
066: "Passing Shots" by Shriver/Deford; 1987; 211 pp. Pam's amusing story of tour life.
067: "So bin Ich" by Martina Navratilova; 1991; 278 pp. German edition of the Vecsey title.
068: "Steffi: Public Power, Private Pain" by S. Heady; 1995; 196 pp. The Graf story so far.
069: "Tennis Today" by Christine Truman; 1961; 119 pp. England's leading player of 1960.

070: "Le Tennis a L'Affiche 1895-1986" by Jean-Pierre Chevallier; 1st French edition of 1986; 96 pp in large format (4to) PB. Always a very hard book to find, Chevallier brilliantly illustrates in full colour many examples of tennis posters over the 90 years his book covers. £75
071: "The Art of Tennis 1874-1940" by Gary Schwartz; 1st USA edition of 1990; 171 pp in large format (4to) PB. This book includes magazines, postcards, advertising, posters etc. £35

TENNIS HISTORIES post-free: UK £12/world-wide £15
Any 2 for £20/£25; any 3 for £30/£40; any 4 for £40/£50; any 5 for £50/£60
072: "Aces and Places" by Harry Hopman, 1957, 240 pp. Australian view of 1950's tennis.
073: "Advantage Canada" by Martyn Kendrick, 1990, 213 pp. History of tennis in Canada.
074: "ATP Tour Ten Years of Superstar Tennis" by Richard Evans, 1999, 128 pp. ATP review.
075: "ATP Tour Year One 1990" by R. Evans, 1991, 240 pp. Review of 1990 men's season.
076: "ATP Tour Year Two 1991" by R. Evans, 1992, 240 pp. Review of 1991 men's season
077: "Book of Wimbledon (The)" by R. Atkin, 1981, 93 pp. Here are many great action photos
078: "Centre Court Story (The)" by M. Brady, 1957, 227 pp. Excellent Wimbledon history.
079: "Courting Fame" by Karen Stabiner, 1986, 254 pp. How life is on the women's circuit.
080: "Covering the Court" by Al Laney, 1960, 285 pp. Great tennis articles by a great reporter.
081: "Czech Tennis Association 90 Years" by Tomas Cechticky, 1996, 96 pp. Czech history.
082: "Dictionary of Sporting Artists 1650-1990 (A)" by Mary Ann Wingfield, 1992, 354 pp.
083: "Fame" by Gene Scott, 1999, 128 pp. Mini-biogs on all the Hall of Fame enshrinees.
084: "For the Love of Tennis" by Ron Atkin, 1985, 265 pp. Anthology of recent great articles.
085: "Gallery of Champions" by Helen Jacobs, 1951, 224 pp. Her comments on her opponents.
086: "Game, Set and Deadline" by Rex Bellamy; 1986; 165 pp. Rex writes about the Slams.
087: "Game, Set and Glory: History of Australian Tennis Championships" by Matthews, 1985.
088: "Game, Set and Match" Nestle Book of Tennis 2, 1964, 128 pp. Topical tennis articles.
089: "Guinness Book of Tennis Facts & Feats" by L. Tingay, 1983, 255 pp. Longest, shortest!
090: "Hurlingham Club (The)" by Taprell Dorling, 1954, 69 pp. History of London sports club.
091: "Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Golf (The)" by Chris Plumridge, 1988, 256 pp.
092: "Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Tennis (The)" by Haylett & Evans, 1989, 256 pp.
093: "Illustrated History of Australian Tennis (An)" by R.S. Whitington, 1975, 126 pp.
094: "Inside Tennis" by Norman Cutler, 1954, 232 pp. Comments on the post war game
095: "International Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain", 1991, 168 pp. IC Club history.
096: "Ladies of the Court: Century of Women at Wimbledon" by Virginia Wade, 1984, 192 pp.
097: "Ladies of the Court" by Virginia Wade as 096 above but this copy is a large paperback.
098: "Match Point" Nestle Book of Tennis 1, 1963, 128 pp. Plenty of topical tennis articles.
099: "Open XXXlll" by Gene Scott, 2001,168 pp. Dramatic photos of the 2001 US Open.
100: "Open Tennis" by Richard Evans, 1988, 250 pp. How the game eventually went "open".
101: "Open Tennis" by Richard Evans, 1993, 264 pp. Updated & revised edition of 100 above.
102: "Queens of the Court" by George Sullivan, 1974, 111 pp ex-lib. Review of top women.
103: "Rothmans Wimbledon on Camera" by Arthur Cole, 1981, 256 pp. Great Wimbledon pix
104: "Shades of Gray" by D. Gray, 1988, 224 pp. Gray's best tennis articles in The Guardian.
105: "Short Circuit: 6 months on the Men's Professional Tennis Tour" by Mewshaw, 1983, PB.
106: "Tennis: A Pictorial History" by Lance Tingay, 1977, 168 pp, History of Lawn Tennis.
107: "Tennis Book (The), A complete A-Z encyclopedia of tennis", Lorimer, 1980, 160 pp in PB.
108: "Tennis du jeu mondain au sport athletique" by Cochet & Feuillet, 1980, 578 pp in PB.
109: "Tennis Experience (The)" by E.L. Scott, 1979, 256 pp. Great photos illustrate the game.
110: "Tennis Gallery" by Tennis World, 1990, 112 pp. Lovely colour photos of the top players.
111: "Tennis in Scotland 1895-1995" by George Robertson, 1995, 317 pp. Scottish history.
112: "Tennis Styles and Stylists" by Paul Metzler, 1970, 218 pp. His all-time great players.
113: "Tennis Superstars" by Sue Heady, 1998, 100 pp. Appreciation of current tennis greats.
114: "Tennis the Greats 1920-1960" by Adrian Quist, 1984, 208 pp in PB. His top players.
115: "Trabert on Tennis" by Tony Trabert, 1988, 209 pp. His opinions on players & matches.
116: "Ultimate Encyclopedia of Tennis (The)" by John Parsons, 1998, 224 pp. It's all here.
117: "Wills Book of Excellence Tennis" by David McMahon, 1985, 192 pp. Indian tennis title.
118: "Wimbledon 1877-1977" by Max Robertson, 1977, 180 pp. 100 years of Championships.
119: "Wimbledon a Celebration" by John McPhee, 1972, 136 pp. Pictorial Wimbledon history.
120: "Wimbledon Centre Court of the Game: Final Verdict" by Max Robertson, 1987, 500 pp
121: "Zlata Kniha Tenisu" by S. Chvatal, 1993, 205 pp. History of tennis written in Czech!??
122: "100 Wimbledon Championships: A Celebration" by John Barrett, 1986, 287 pp.

MEN PLAYERS BIOGRAPHIES post-free: UK £12/world-wide £15
Any 2 for £20/£30; any 3 for £30/£40; any 4 for £40/£50; any 5 for £50/£60.
123: "Advantage Striker" by Gardnar Mulloy; 1960; 195 pp. Wimbledon's oldest title holder.
124: "Arthur Ashe: Portrait in Motion" by F. Deford; 1975; 272 pp. Ashe wins Wimbledon.
125: "Big Bill Tilden" by F. Deford; 1977; 286 pp. Was he the greatest player of all time?
126: "Bigger Than Life" by W X Shields; 1986; 204 pp. The defaulting Wimbledon finalist.
127: "Bjorn Borg: Winner Loses All" by L Skarke; 1993; 257 pp. The down-side of Borg's life.
128: "Cannonball Tennis" by Mike Sangster; 1965; 173 pp. England's top Davis Cup player.
129: "Cross Court" by Bob Jenkins; 1986; 160 pp. Stormy life of top tennis chair umpire.
130: "Duel for the Crown" by N. Harman; 1999; 271 pp. Rivalry between Henman & Rusedski.
131: "Dwight Davis: The Man and the Cup" by N. Kriplen; 1999; 256 pp. How the DC started.
132: "Feast of My Life" by Ken Lo; 1993; 224 pp. Chinese restauranteur and Davis Cup player.
133: "Fred Perry" by Ron Atkin; 1984; 204 pp. England's 3 times Wimbledon Champion.
134: "Jean Borotra: The Bounding Basque" by J Smyth; 1974; 230 pp. 1920's French player.
135: "Love and Faults" by Ted Tinling; 1979; 314 pp. Top couturier's life on the Women's Tour.
136: "Love Match" by Marian Borg; 1981; 151 pp. Married life with Bjorn Borg.
137: "Memoirs" by Mabel Brookes; 1974; 216 pp. Australian player in the early 20th century.
138: "Mixed Double (A)" by Bunny Austin; 1969; 264 pp. Fine 1930's English tennis player.
139: "My Aces, My Faults" by N. Bollettieri; 1997; 346 pp. Coach to so many great players.
140: "My Life with the Pros" by Bud Collins; 1992; 369 pp. PB. Tennis reporter's global travels
141: "Playing for Life" by Billy Talbert; 1959; 310 pp. Diabetic USA Player who excelled.
142: "Playing from the Heart" by R. Crawford; 1989; 196 pp. Overcame enormous handicaps.
143: "Portrait in Motion" by Ashe & Deford; 1975; 272 pp. UK title of 124 above.
144: "Power Tennis" by Neale Fraser; 1962; 159 pp (torn DW). 1960 Wimbledon champion.
145: "Sampras: A Legend in the Works" by H. Branham; 1997; 250 pp. Unauthorised Pete biog
146: "Set Points" by Dinny Pails; 1952; 125 pp. Australian player's life and technical advice.
147: "Stop Talking & Give the Score" by Max Robertson; 1987; 164 pp. Radio commentator.
148: "Tennis Rebel" by Mike Davies; 1962; 160 pp. Fiery Welsh tennis player of the 1950's.
149: "The Game" by Jack Kramer; 1981; 318 pp. Wimbledon champ & Open game proponent.
150: "Tinling: 60 Years in Tennis" by Ted Tinling; 1983; 226 pp. A very good tennis history.
151: "View from the Tall Chair" by C. Beck; 1988; 259 pp in PB. Top umpire's story. (inscr)

The South African tennis bibliography is not a big one. Other than Gordon Forbes's two titles, not much else has come out. Because of the adverse international political situation which maintained at the time, copies of these titles are even now seldom seen outside South Africa.
"Bad Boy of Tennis (The)" by Bob Hewitt & Rory Brown; 1st edition of 1974; 139 pages in DW. Bob Hewitt's somewhat stormy life in tennis is a very good read. I can offer 3 copies as follows:
152: VG in G DW at £50;
153: VG (inscription) in G DW at £40;
154: VG in G DW ex-lib at £35
155: "Beyond Match Point" by Andrew Drysdale; 1st edition 1968; 175 pages in HB, DW lacks large portion of rear section. This very rare book tells the story of Cliff Drysdale's tennis life £95
156: "When Springboks Leap the Net" by Louis Duffus; 1st edition of 1968; 104 pages. This paperback title recounts the history of South Africa's teams in the Davis Cup competition. £75

157: "WIMBLEDON ANNUALS" (plus postage) 1984 £100; 1986/87/88/89/92/95/96/98/99 each at £10; 1990 £25; 1991 £50; 1993 £110; 1994 £40; 2000/2001 each at £20; 2002 at £22

L'ART DU PAUMIER-RAQUETIER ET DE LA PAUME by Francois A. de Garsault. This is perhaps the most fascinating Real Tennis title of the 18th century. It describes how the game was played, and it is accompanied by 5 very well-known plates. I can offer editions as follows:
158: 1st French edition of 1767; 34 pages of text (folio). The best copy I have ever seen. £4000
159: 1st English edition of 1938; 45 pages of text (4to). Only 200 copies were printed. £475
160: 2nd English (USA) edition of 1977; 45 pages of text (4to). 1 of 750 numbered copies. £100
Purists will know there was also a German edition of 1768. I have seen one copy in 15 years and this copy was rather smaller than folio, author given as Herr F.A. von Garsault.

EARLY 20th CENTURY CLASSICS at £99 each plus postage
This 50th edition of the newsletter gives me the opportunity of offering some great tennis titles at very advantageous prices. All these books are in hardboards and in good/very good condition. I have only one copy of each for sale, so please don't delay too long. Buy now!
161: "Aces, Places and Faults" by Wm. T. Tilden; 1st UK edition 1938; 304 pp. Typically frank Tilden in which he expounds his theories on tennis, his own game and the game of others.
162: "Lawn Tennis at Home & Abroad" by A W Myers; 1903; 328 pp. Lovely pictorial boards & 100's of photos; this is the first major review of Lawn Tennis since it started 30 years earlier.
163: "Lawn Tennis in Australasia" by "Austral" or R M Kidston; 1912; 344 pp. This is the foundation title in the Australian tennis bibliography. It is beautifully illustrated. (worn boards)
164: "Lawn Tennis: The World Game of To-day" by F R Burrow; 1922; 264 pp. The great Wimbledon Referee writes his seminal coaching manual, presented with green boards and gilt.
165: "Match Play and the Spin of the Ball" by William T. Tilden; 1st USA edition of 1925; 355 pp. His most famous and enduring coaching manual, accompanied by a biographical section.
166: "Match Play and the Spin of the Ball" by William T. Tilden; 1st UK edition of 1928; 144 pp. Contains the entire coaching section as published in 1925 in the 1st USA edition.
167: "Mechanics of the Game" by J. Parmly Paret; 1st USA edition of 1926; 269 pp. Part of the Lawn Tennis Library, this is a highly technical manual, well illustrated with many photographs.
168: "Memory's Parade" by A. Wallis Myers; 1st UK edition of 1932; 211 pp. Myers continues his narrative about the great players of the international tennis world through the 1920's.
169: "Methods and Players of Modern Lawn Tennis" by J. Parmly Paret; 1st USA edition of 1915; 295 pp with lovely red & gilt decorated external front board. In the Lawn Tennis Library.
170: "Methods and Players of Modern Lawn Tennis" by J. Parmly Paret; 2nd USA edition of 1922; 399 pp with lovely green and gilt decorated front board. Part of the Lawn Tennis Library.
171: "Off the Racket: Tennis Highs and Lows" by Philip Hawk; 1937; 391 pp. This large book contains many marvellous articles on early USA tennis history; very nicely illustrated.
172: "R.F. & H.L. Doherty on Lawn Tennis"; reprint of 1932; 87 pp. This is a rare reprint of the coaching section from the Doherty's famous 1903 title, the first coaching book of the 20th century. The Doherty brothers were idolised by the public and greeted even by royalty!
173: "Tennis" by Helen Wills; 1st USA edition of 1928; 214 pp in DW. She wrote this coaching book for women at the height of her career; it is beautifully illustrated with her own drawings. 174: "Twenty Years of Lawn Tennis" by A. Wallis Myers; 1st UK edition of 1921; 180 pp. The great writer from The Telegraph describes life on the fledgling tennis circuit in the early 1900's.
175: "World's Tennis Stars and How to Play the Game" by Pat O'Hara Wood; c1926; 117 pp. A fine coaching manual with lots of photos of Australian and New Zealand top players of the era.

176: "A TENNIS MEMOIR" by Don Budge and Frank Deford; 1st USA edition of 1969; 184 pp This lovely copy of Budge's autobiography is inscribed, signed and dated by Budge. £150


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