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INTRODUCTION: The four weeks at Queen’s Club, Eastbourne, and Wimbledon were a strange contrast. At Queen’s, we sweltered in a marquee with a clear plastic roof, such that it was like being in a green-house. At Eastbourne, the heat-wave continued, and I finished a bottle of factor 25. Then off to SW19 for two weeks, and the weather man turned firmly against us. Cold, over-cast, wet, windy, miserable, you name it, we had it. The middle Sunday duly came our way, and even Finals day saw an event final on just about every court in sight! But La Sharapova….what a delightful breath of fresh air into women’s tennis. This was a very popular winner, whom I had the pleasure (!) of meeting on the day after. And Federer duly took his 2nd Championship Singles title, and there was no-one to come close to him in the end.

*** The exhibitions I staged at the Stella Artois Men’s at The Queen’s Club, and then the Hastings Direct Ladies’ at Eastbourne were the most hectic I can recall. We were blessed with the publication of two major new tennis titles by Boris Becker and Ilie Nastase. There was substantial demand for both, and it is interesting to note that Ilie outsold Boris by about 3 to 1. Why? Well, quite simply because Ilie signed a huge quantity of his book in public signings, whereas Boris played very hard to get, like John McEnroe with his book a couple of years ago. I think the publishers of the Boris book got the message. I hope for better things in December at the Royal Albert Hall, if Boris qualifies. Despite this problem, I really must thank Harper Collins and Transworld for their considerable promotional efforts with the two books. Would that all publishers were so helpful!

*** I had to take much core stock off the stand early during Eastbourne week, as I had sold so many books right across the entire range. Then two people walked in and asked if I ever bought tennis books! The consequence of those conversations is that I have been able to buy a substantial collection of several 100 tennis titles, most of which I was delighted to see. Some of those new items are listed this time.

*** You can now order the 2004 edition of the Wimbledon Annual, for delivery around the end of September; see the order form at the end.

*** There will be a sporting memorabilia auction at Christie’s South Kensington on the 18th of November.

*** Some contacts on my e-mail list, mostly in the USA, are employing spam-washers which are not yet programmed to permit entry of my occasional e-mails. If you want to receive these messages, please adjust your spam-washer. Let me know if you want to come off my list.

*** There is quite a large number of autographed items in this newsletter. As always, I personally guarantee the full authenticity of each signature, and will immediately refund in full any that a buyer feels may not be correct. See 112 & 113 for the rare Martina Navratilova full autograph.

*** I always make very great efforts to ensure that all books and other items in this newsletter are of the highest quality and condition. Such items will cost more than items in less good condition, but I do not stock any item in what I would term as being in other than collectable condition.

*** Don’t forget that I can always e-mail you a photograph of any item you may wish to consider.

001: “Wimbledon Championships 2004 Final Programme” with all the results for every event. (See 067/068 for earlier final editions). £6/$10

THE MASTERS AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL 30th NOVEMBER TO 5th DECEMBER: Here are the dates so please put them in your diary. This year the event has been upgraded to be the official final of the European circuit. Thus players in the main draw in London will have earned their places by achieving well in the constituent events. The top 10 performers will qualify automatically and there will be 2 wildcards to make the draw up to 12 players. There will also be a doubles event with the usual suspects including Ilie Nastase, Mansour Bahrami, and Henri Leconte; once again Tim Henman will play a celebrity doubles on the gala evening on Friday in aid of The Masters’ charities. The Tennis Bookshop will be there for the 8th consecutive year, in the main entrance foyer at door 6. Tickets are selling very fast, so don’t delay in ordering yours. To assist you in booking your tickets, UK clients will find a copy of the event brochure and ticket order form accompanying this newsletter.
The ticket hotline is 0207-589-8212; or book on line at

“Boris Becker The Player” by Lubenhoff and Sorge; 1st UK edition of 2004; 306 pp in hardboards and dw. As I said above, this sold very well during June and would have benefited from a more cooperative subject. But I did manage to obtain a few signed copies, and have trickled some out on E-Bay since Wimbledon at prices up to $87 or about £50 a copy. Boris signed a small number of copies for me during the second week of Wimbledon and I am down to my last 5 copies. I am not sure if the book has reached the USA yet.
002: “The Player”, unsigned at £18/$30

See items 005 & 174

“Mr Nastase” by Debbie Beckerman; 1st UK edition of 2004; 384 pages in hardboards and dw. Ilie came down to Eastbourne on Thursday and spent 45 minutes in The Tennis Bookshop doing a very popular public signing. He could not have been more obliging. The book is a fascinating life story of a fascinating man, who is still drawing the big crowds at the senior tour events. He will be at the Royal Albert Hall in December, playing in the doubles as usual, entertaining the crowds, and definitely personally signing copies of his book at The Tennis Bookshop.
003: “Mr Nastase”, unsigned at £19/$32
004: “Mr Nastase”
, signed at £19/$32

THREE EXCEPTIONALLY RARE TENNIS TITLES: The three following titles are very special tennis titles, probably appealing to libraries, institutions, or other major collectors. They may appear to be heavily priced, but as in all such matters, their extreme rarity and excellent condition constitute a major part of their pricing. In such cases, I am usually willing to consider a negotiated price.

005: “Croisades pour La Coupe Davis” illustrated with “caricatures de Robert Monteil”; 1929; 32 pp in large format soft covers; in an edition of 580 copies. This lovely book is a series of cartoons showing various stages of the project of the fabulous 4 Musketeers as they travelled the world to bring home the Davis Cup for France. This copy is signed internally (and they are stunning signatures) by H(enri) Cochet, J(ean) Borotra, R(ene) Lacoste, and J(aques) Brugnon. Additionally, there is a lengthy inscription (dated 1934) in French, signed by Jean Borotra in which he refers to “Les Jeunes Mousquetaires”. Other signatures include Christian Boussus, and Pierre Gillou, (team captain.). I have seen many single signatures from the Musketeers, who conquered the tennis world in the 1920’s, but I have never seen all 4 together in such pristine condition. £1000/$1800

006: “The Games of Lawn Tennis (with the Authorised Laws) and Badminton” by “Cavendish” (real name Henry Jones); 2nd edition of 1878; 32 pp in 12mo green, black and gilt decorated hardboards. The 1st edition was two years earlier in 1876, and this edition was published during the year of the holding of only the 2nd Wimbledon Championships. I consider that any lawn tennis book pre-1880 is now exceptionally rare. This beautiful little rules book is in remarkably good condition with just a little internal foxing. Lawn Tennis, now listed first in the book, takes up 26 pages, and Badminton now comes a poor second with only 3 pages of text. It has a court diagram and advertisements. £1750/$3150

007: “Regle des Jeux de Croquet et de Lawn-Tennis” par “Laun”; 32 pp in 12mo paper covers, a little fragile. Like 006 above, this is a pre-1880 publication. Croquet takes up some 19 of the 32 pages and Lawn-Tennis comes at the end of the booklet. Therefore it is very early and quite probably about 1876/1877. The court diagram shows the serving diamond at one end, and the service boxes being between the base-line and the half-court line. This court formation had been abandoned in England by about 1876, but it may have lingered another year in France. The text says that Lawn-Tennis had been played in England for a few years. There are 21 rules. The last 2 pages give a short history of “L’Ancien Jeu de Paume”. £500/$900

Other than Wimbledon programmes, most events publish a magazine, and a separate daily draw-sheet. The contents are usually messages from sponsors, player biographies, and articles on tennis. This is a selection from English venues. Each £5/$9

008: “Wightman Cup 1952, 1972”

009: “Davis Cup GB vs Ecuador 2000”

010: “The Guardian Direct Cup (Men) 1998”.
011: Programmes for 1986, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996.
012: “Pretty Polly (Ladies) Classic 1984, 1985, 1986”
013: “Midland Bank (Ladies) Championships 1992”
014: “Samsung Open (Men) 2000”.
015: “Davis Cup GB vs Australia 1978”
016: “Direct Line Ladies 1999, 2000”
017: “Hastings Direct Ladies 2004”
018: “Britannic Asset Management Ladies 2001”;
019: “Inter-County Championships 1971”
020: “The Axa Cup (Men) 2000”.
021: “Lowther LTC Open Tournament 1966”.
022: “Federation Cup 1991”;
023: “Nottingham Open 1995
024: “Davis Cup GB vs India 1998”
025: “Braniff Airways World Doubles (Men) 1979, 1980”

026: “Honda Challenge (Men) 1998”
027: “ILTC of GB vs ILTC of France 1954, 1955”
028: “Prudential National Championships 1988”
029: “London vs Paris 1955”;
030: “Davis Cup GB vs France 1990”
031: “Stella Artois” programmes for 1985, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004.
032: “Dewar Cup 1973, 1974”

033: “Mazda Cars G.B. Classic 1979”
034: “Nabisco Wightman Cup 1984”;
035: “Honda Challenge 1997”
036: “Barrett World Doubles Championship 1983, 1984”

037: “Nabisco Masters Doubles 1987, 1988, 1989”
038: “British Car Auctions Wightman Cup 1988”
039: “International Professional Indoor (Men) 1958”

040: “Silk Cut Championships (Men) 1989”
041: “WD & HO Wills Covered Court GB Championships (Men & Women) 1969”;
042: “Diet Pepsi Indoor Challenge (Men) 1990”
043: “Benson and Hedges Championships (Men)” for 1976, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1986, 1987, 1988.

044: SOUTH OF ENGLAND LAWN TENNIS TOURNAMENT 1922: This is a programme from the 34th Annual Meeting at The Devonshire Park in Eastbourne, held in the same summer as the new All England Lawn Tennis Club opened in Church Road. Unlike the somewhat contentious situation today at Eastbourne, in 1922 there were as many as 19 (yes! 19!) separate events. Top players in the singles events included Brian Norton from the USA and Kitty McKane from England. This very good condition item is offered at £75/$125

WIMBLEDON PROGRAMMES PRE-1940: Such editions are really very rare now.
045: July 7th 1930 (covers loose) at £110/$190;
046: July 6th 1933
at £75/$135
047: June 28th 1934 at £50/$90
048: July 2nd 1935
at £50/$90
049: June 22nd 1936
at £50/$90
050: July 3rd 1936 at £95/$170
051: June 28th 1938 at £50/$90
052: June 29th 1939 at £50/$90

WIMBLEDON PROGRAMMES 1946 to 1954: Increasingly hard to find, here is a small selection.
053: 26th June 1946
054: 29th June 1946
055: 23rd June 1947
056: 22nd June 1948
057: 23rd June 1948
058: 1st July 1949. Each £15/$25
059: 27th June 1950
060: 4th July 1950
061: 30th June 1951
062: 4th July 1952
063: 29th June 1953
064: 30th June 1953. Each £15/$25
065: 23rd June 1954
066: 24th June 1954 each at £10/$18.

WIMBLEDON FINAL PROGRAMMES: Containing all the results of every event played during the Fortnight.
067: 1962, 1982, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999 (one of each only). Each £15/$25
068: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. (For the 2004 final edition, see item 001 on the front page) Each £8/$14

WIMBLEDON LAST DAY PROGRAMMES: These editions are for the finals day, either the 12th day (upto and including 1981), or the 13th day (from 1982 onwards). They are full of results for all matches played so far during the Fortnight. Each £5/$9
069: 12th days: 1957, 1958, 1959, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981.
070: 13th days: 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1995, 1997.

WIMBLEDON ROYAL BOX PROGRAMMES: Sought after by collectors, these editions are marked externally “Royal Box” and they have a cloth book-mark in the club colours of green and purple. Each £10/$18
071: 24th June 1987
072: 6th July 1996
073: 25th June 1998
074: 27th June 1998
075: 29th June 2002;
076: 28th June 2003

ROLAND GARROS ANNUALS AND MAGAZINES: These annuals are in a slip-case and dust-wrapper (almost folio size 25cm x 32cm) and packed with stunning photographs of on and off court action. Patrice Dominguez always sets a very high standard in his French language text.
077: “Roland Garros Annual 1993”; 120 pages. I have two copies available, usual price £35/$60, but offered here at only £20/$35
078: “Roland Garros Annual 1994”; 120 pp. I have several of these lovely annuals, usual price £35/$60, but offered here at only £20/$35
079: “Roland Garros magazine/programmes 1999, 2000, 2002”; (no draw-sheets); 195 pp. Each £8/$14
080: “Open de Paris 1998 at Bercy”; magazine/programme; 66 pp. £5/$8

081: TENNIS WEEK MAGAZINE (USA): 15 various editions from September 2001 to July 2004. The lot at £30/$55

NBC FRENCH OPEN AND WIMBLEDON LAPEL PINS: These pins are very popular amongst pin collectors and usually only given out to special NBC clients. I have 3 of each.
082: “French Open 2004”
083: “Wimbledon 2004”
. Each £20/$35

See items 126, 127, 116. 118

084: “Tennis Bibliography 1874-2000” compiled by Gordy Sabine & Frank Phelps; 377 pp in large format hardboards. Every library and major tennis collector should have one of these magnificent books (300 copies only). Books are listed in author A-Z order, in subject order (coaching, biographies etc.), title A-Z order, and year of publication order. There is also a list of annuals and periodicals. Buy it before it sells out! £75/$135
085: “Wimbledon The Official History of the Championships” by John Barrett; edition of 2001; 468 pp in large format hardboards and dw. I thought this huge book was sold out, but recently found 5 copies. It is the definitive Wimbledon history and has the unique attraction of containing the full draws for both men’s (since 1877) and women’s (since 1884) singles events. Many previously unseen photographs illustrate some of the great Wimbledon moments. Many other lists of fascinating statistics are to be found at the back of the book. I thoroughly recommend this huge book not just because of its historical and statistical content, but also because it is about to disappear from public sale. £35/$60 

For me, there are few more pleasing sights at a tennis exhibition than to see a customer walk into the shop with a list in his/her hand. It means that here is someone who really knows what he/she wants, and is desperate to fill gaps on the shelves. I am pleased to say that quite a few bearers of lists came my way this June and a huge number of Wimbledon and World of Tennis Annuals flew off the shelves. Here is a list of my current stock position and the prices at which I am able to offer annuals, prices way below anything you will find elsewhere!!!!

DUNLOP LAWN TENNIS ANNUAL & ALMANACK: These fine annuals were started in 1939 under the editorship of Arthur Wallis Myers, interrupted by the 2nd World War, and then restarted in 1946 under the editorship of GB Davis Cup captain G. Pat Hughes. They continued until the last edition in 1958.
086: 1951, 087: 1952, 088: 1956, 089: 1957, 090: 1958. Each £10/$18

091: “Spalding’s Tennis Annual 1930” edited by Samuel Hardy; c275 pp in small format paperback (front cover detached but present). £20/$36

092: WIMBLEDON ANNUALS 1983 to 2004: Following the death of the author John Parsons of The Daily Telegraph, it is a great pleasure to welcome Neil Harman as the new author. He knows he has a high standard to match, but knowing Neil, I am sure the change-over will be seamless! Once again I can offer a complete set of all 21 editions (22 if you count 2004 due out in September). I sold a complete run at exhibition in June, and have another lovely set available. My current unit prices indicate a total of exactly £1000. This complete set in excellent condition is offered for sale (including UK delivery, outside UK at incurred cost) at a discounted price of £795/$1400

WIMBLEDON ANNUALS INDIVIDUAL PRICES: Here is the current list of prices for odd annuals.
093: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1998, 1999. 1 @ £10/$18; 2 @ £19/$34; 3 @ £27/$48; 4 @ £34/$60; 5 @ £40/$70; 6 @ £45/$80
094: 1983 @ £150/$270;
095: 1984, 1985
, each @ £125/$225;
096: 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1997, each @ £75/$135
097: 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. 1 @ £20/$35; 2 @ £35/$55; 3 @ £50/$90; 4 @ £65/$115; 5 @ £80/$145

WORLD OF TENNIS ANNUALS: I continue to bemoan the fact that there does not seem to be any realistic prospect of the publication of a global tennis annual to match the standards set by John Barrett with his World of Tennis Annuals over 33 consecutive years. But the annuals continue to sell as ever to those whose runs are not quite complete. Here is a wide selection including the 2 hard to find first years.
098; “BP Year Book of World Tennis 1969” at £30/$50
099: “BP Year Book of World Tennis 1970”
at £20/$35
100: “World of Tennis Annuals” 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. 1 @ £10/$18; 2 @ £18/$32; 3 @ £21/$38; 4 @ £25/$45; 5 @ £30/$55

101: “The World’s Leading Tennis Players 1954” compiled by E.C. Potter; 58 pp in a slim format 8vo paperback. This and the next item are extremely rare tennis annuals. I have never seen this edition previously. I think it ran to about 8 editions in the 1950’s. £50/$90
102: “The World’s Leading Tennis Players 1956” compiled by E.C. Potter; celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the USLTA; 110 pp in slim format 8vo paperback. One of the rarest of the tennis annuals, this short but excellent annual is full of player biographies of the period. £50/$90

103: “Wright & Ditson Lawn Tennis Guide 1939” edited by Wright and Hardy; 260 pp in small format rebound hardboards ex-lib, but a very nice copy. Heavily accented towards tournaments played in the USA in 1938, but with international coverage also. £20/$36

I have just taken in a large selection of Media Guides for the men and the women, and have several clients looking for gap-fillers, so I thought it best to sell them on a first come, first served basis. Unless stated otherwise, all editions are offered for sale each at £10/$18
104: “ATP” (Association of Tennis Professionals): 1980 (Volvo), 1981 (Volvo), 1983 (Volvo), 1984 (Volvo), 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.
105: “Davis Cup”: 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999; 106: “Federation Cup”: 1996, 1998; 107: “French Open”: 2001, 2002
108: “MIPTC” (Men’s International Professional Tennis Council): 1985, 1987.
109: “Roland Garros Head to Head Results from Jan 1 to end May 1998”.
110: “WCT” (World Championship Tennis): 1975, 1977 each at £20/$35; 1980, 1982.
111: “WTA” (Women’s Tennis Association): 1978, (Colgate), 1979 (Colgate) each at £25/$45; 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 (Corel), 1997 (Corel), 1999 (Corel), 2000 (Sanex), 2001 (Sanex), 2002 (Sanex), 2003, 2004.

See item 251

112: “Martina Navratilova” rare full autograph on reverse of small colour photo c1982, £75/$135
113: “Martina Navratilova” rare full autograph on reverse of 1976 ticket for Colgate Women’s event Eastbourne, £100/$180
114: “Martina” autograph on white card with certificate of authenticity, £20/$35
115: “Martina” autograph on envelope franked 26 Jan 2003 for Australian Open, £25/$45
116: “Goran Ivanisevic” autograph on Wimbledon envelope franked 3 July 2001, £50/$90
117: “Anna Kournikova 2004 Calendar”; a mint copy still wrapped with 12 glamorous photos of the gorgeous but elusive AK, £10/$18
118: “Bjorn Borg Autograph” on Racket Sports Envelope franked 12 Jan 1977, £25/$45
119: “Postcard signed by Lleyton Hewitt” with Australian stamp of tennis player, franked 17 August 2000, £45/$70
120: “Jennifer Capriati The Making of a Champion”; VHS video narrated by BJK; 25 minutes, £10/$18
121: “Virginia Wade’s Workout to Win”; VHS video 75 minutes, £10/$18
122: “Improve Your Game with Sabatini”; VHS video 45 minutes, £10/$18
123: “Martina Navratilova player cards”; 5 all different player cards of MN in action £20/$36
124: “Amelie Mauresmo” stamped envelope franked 3 Jan 2004 for the Hopman Cup with Fabrice Santoro, £8/$14
125: “Roger Federer” stamped envelope franked 6th July 2003 as Wimbledon 2003 Champion, £8/$14
126: “Margaret Court” autograph on envelope franked in the UK 22 March 1988, £15/$25
127: “Ivan Lendl” autograph on stamped envelope franked 22 March 1988, £30/$55
128: “Roger Federer & Andy Roddick” autographs on order of play card, £100/$180;
129: “Lleyton Hewitt” autograph on order of play card, £50/$90
130: “Lleyton Hewitt” autograph on Wimbledon Christmas card (in dinner jacket!), £50/$90
131: “Richard Krajicek” autograph on envelope franked 02 Feb 1999, £25/$45
132: “John McEnroe” autograph on stamped envelope franked 12 Jan 1977, £40/$70;
133: “Eltingh, Connell, Piolene, Petchey, Stich” autographs on order of play card, £30/$50
134: “Meadowlands Arena Poster” challenge involving McEnroe, Lendl, Connors, and Gomez; c1980; 35cm x 50cm, £35/$60
135: “Wimbledon 1936 Jubilee Championships” player’s presentation bronze medal in battered case; 5cm across, £50/$90
136: “Queen’s Club Medal” handicap second prize, ornate bronze medal in original presentation box, for 1903 tennis tournament, £75/$135
137: “Queen’s Club member’s pass 1922-1923”, circular card pass 5cm across in name of R Southey Esq. £10/$18
138: “Lawn Tennis and Badminton”, magazine editions for July 15 1948, August 1 1949, August 1 1950, July 1 1952; 4 editions for £5/$9
139: “Tennis Illustrated” magazine, Wimbledon preview edition for June 15 1935, £5/$9
140: “4 autographed envelopes” signed by Guy Forget, Jason Stoltenberg, Andrew Castle, and Barry Cowan, £20/$35

See item 252

141: “Arthur Ashe Off the Court” with Neil Amdur; 1st USA edition of 1981; 230 pp in hardboards and dw. So many books have now been written about the late Arthur Ashe, Wimbledon champion extraordinary, and against the odds. He was a true gentleman on and off the court and an inspiration to millions throughout the world. It is inscribed “To Chris, Peace Arthur Ashe”. £150/$250
142: “Behind the Scenes at Wimbledon” by Duncan Macaulay; 1st UK edition of 1965; 320 pp in hardboards and dw. Macaulay was Secretary of the All England Club for many years and involved with the Championships for many years before that. He tells many interesting stories about life at the AELTC and discusses many of the great players he met. Inscribed Christmas 1965 and signed “Duncan”. £30/$50
143: “Beyond the Game” by Helen Hull Jacobs; 1st USA edition of 1936; 275 pp in hardboards and dw. I think this is the first biography of a woman tennis player. Although she was a great player at singles, she suffered at the hands of her compatriot Helen Wills who was nearly always just the better player. Indeed when Jacobs did win at Wimbledon, she did so when Wills was not playing. This copy is signed on the front end paper “Sincerely Helen Hull Jacobs”. Hers is quite a rare signature. £150/$275
144: “Borg by Borg” from Fernand Nathan; 1st English edition of 1980; 72 pp in large format paperback. This is quite an intimate personal study of Bjorn Borg on and off the court, with many colour photos. It is nicely inscribed and signed internally by Bjorn Borg. £50/$90
145: “A Game to Love” by Ann Jones; 1st UK edition of 1971; 180 pp in hardboards and dw. Wimbledon champion in 1969, and before that a table tennis international (like Fred Perry), Ann is still running tennis events in the UK. Signed “Best wishes Ann Jones”. £22/$40
146: “Kitty Godfree: Lady of a Golden Age” by Geoffrey Green; 1st UK edition of 1987; 129 pp in hardboards and dw. This is about England’s Kitty McKane, Wimbledon champion in 1924 and 1926, and Olympic tennis champion. Signed “Kitty Godfree 1988”. £60/$100
147: “Lobbing Into the Sun” by Harry Hopman; 1st USA edition of 1975; 129 pp in hardboards and dw. The great Australian coach lays out his coaching wisdom. The book has a lengthy inscription dated Feb 1976 and it is signed “Good wishes Harry Hopman”. £50/$90
148: “Love and Faults” by Ted Tinling with Rod Humphries; 1st USA edition of 1979; 314 pp in hardboards and dw. This large book formed the basis for Ted’s later book in item 154 below. It is a fuller version with many anecdotes about his long life in tennis as a player, as a couturier to the stars, and his pivotal role as the master of ceremonies at 100’s of tennis events throughout the world. This copy is inscribed in Ted’s distinctive hand-writing and it is signed and dated 1/27/79. With the book is a copy of the service order for his memorial at St. James’s Piccadilly on 24th June 1990, which I attended. We were played out of the church with the theme tune of Neighbours, a TV programme to which Ted was dedicated. I worked with Ted at Wimbledon for several years and it was an amazing experience. I admired him greatly and enjoyed his amusing company. £100/$175
149: “Margaret Smith Story” by Margaret Smith and Don Lawrence; 1st UK edition of 1965; 192 pp in hardboards and dw. She was one of the great Australian tennis players of the 1960’s, winning Wimbledon in 1963 and in 1965, and then again in 1970 as Mrs Court. This book is signed “With best wishes Margaret Smith” and I believe it was signed around publication date, before her 3rd title. £25/$45
150: “My Game” by Lew Hoad with Jack Pollard; 1st UK edition of 1958; 224 pp in hardboards and dw. I met several ladies of a certain age during June/July who still talk of the handsome Hoad of the 1950’s! Inscribed and signed by Lew Hoad on his photograph. £60/$100
151: “Passing Shots: Pam Shriver on Tour” by Frank Deford; 1st edition of 1987; 211 pp in hardboards and dw. She was a great doubles player with a long string of titles to her name. Signed by Pam Shriver. £20/$35
152: “Prime Time Tennis: Tennis for players over 40” by Vic Seixas; 1st USA edition of 1983; 239 pp in hardboards and dw. Lots of good advice for those of you getting on a bit but still up for a tough match! Nicely inscribed and signed by Vic Seixas in 1983. £50/$90
153: “Tennis for Teenagers” by Pauline Betz Addie; USA edition 1966; 120 pp in card boards and spiral binding. She won the Wimbledon title in 1946 and had already won several US singles titles. A product of Teach Tennant, I read recently that she always wore a cabbage leaf under her tennis hat, as it took the heat out of the sun. Or was I dreaming that, Joe? Signed internally “Pauline Betz Addie”. £50/$90
154: “Tinling Sixty Years in Tennis” by Ted Tinling with Richard Evans; 1st UK edition of 1983; 227 pp in hardboards and dw. Definitely one of the best tennis books ever written about one of the most fascinating men it has been my good fortune to meet and know. This lovely book takes you through his 60 years of tennis involvement with just about every great player who lived in that period. Inscribed and signed by TT. £65/$110
155: “Tony Mottram’s Quick Way to Better Tennis” by Tony Mottram; 1st edition of 1952; 64 pp in hardboards and dw. England’s leading player of the 1950’s and his coaching book. This copy is inscribed and signed by both Tony Mottram & Max Robertson, whose book it was. £35/$60
156: “Top-Flite Tennis” by Mary K. Browne; 1st USA edition of 1928; 130 pp in hardboards. Browne was a top player in the USA, winning the US title in 1912, 1913 and 1914. She became an excellent coach. Nicely inscribed, signed and dated May 27 1930. £100/$180
157: “You Cannot Be Serious” by John McEnroe with James Kaplan; 1st USA edition of 2002; 342 pp in hardboards and dw. It is so difficult to find a signed copy of this book now, and this one has a good McEnroe signature on the front end paper. His book was a huge seller and makes a very good read for fans of the great era of Connors, Borg, Nastase, and McEnroe. £50/$90

See items 006 & 007

158: “Beyond Center Court, My Story” by Tracy Austin written with Christine Brennan; 1st USA edition of 1992; 224 pp in hardboards and dw. Tracy was a very young winner of the US Open, and then sadly had to leave the playing scene owing to early injury. This copy is accompanied by a stamped envelope for “The Celebration of Women in Sports”; the envelope is signed “Tracy Austin.” £30/$50
159: “Bigger Than Life: The Last Great Amateur” by William X. Shields; 1st USA edition of 1986; 204 pp in hardboards and dw. Frank Shields is probably most famous for being the rare Wimbledon finalist who did not play his match, allowing Sydney Wood (now the father of the tennis house) to take the Renshaw trophy. As fate would have it, the Shields family eventually gathered in a Renshaw trophy when Andre Agassi married Brook Shields, grand-daughter of Frank. This copy is accompanied by a card signed by Frank Shields, dated 5/7/74. £60/$100
160: “Cannonball Tennis” by Mike Sangster written with John Ballantine; 1st UK edition of 1965; 173 pp in hardboards and dw. The very good-looking Sangster had a meteoric tennis career for Great Britain in the 1950’s and the 1960’s. He also had a very good Davis Cup record. This copy is accompanied by an autographed card dated 5th April 1980. He died tragically young in 1985 aged 45. £45/$80
161: “Education of a Tennis Player” by Rod Laver written with Bud Collins; 1st edition of 1971; 318 pp. Many consider Laver to be the greatest tennis player of all time. His record is certainly a great testament to his skill and fitness. This copy is accompanied by an envelope (signed Rod Laver) franked Sep(tember) 2 1994 issued to celebrate the USTA National Tennis Center at Flushing Meadow. £45/$80
162: “Hana” by Hana Mandlikova written with Malcolm Folley; 1st edition of 1989; 184 pp in hardboards and dw. Somewhat in the shadow of her fellow Czech, (MN), Hana still managed to win 4 Grand Slam singles titles, and she remains very much a presence on the tennis scene. This copy is accompanied by a card signed “All the best to you Hana Mandlikova”. £30/$50
163: “Pancho Segura’s Championship Strategy” written with Gladys Heldman; 1st USA edition of 1976; 179 pp in large format hardboards and dw. The great little man tells you how to plan to beat your opponent, and how to use each shot to your advantage. Never go on court without a plan! This copy is accompanied by a large stamped envelope (UK) showing a scene of Wimbledon’s no. 3 court issued to raise money for St. John’s Ambulance and franked at Wimbledon on 5th July 1998. It is signed “Pancho Segura”. £40/$70

164: “Waveney Borderers’ Archery and Lawn Tennis Club Rules 1891”; 16 pp in tiny format paperback booklet. I think that this little tennis club is in Norfolk. It contains a list of the officers, recent prize winners, the rules of the club, tournament rules, and a list of club members. It is in very good condition and is another example of how Archery and Lawn Tennis went together in the late 19th century. £50/$90

All book-dealers get left with stock they find hard to shift, so an occasional sale is good for me and it’s also good for you! The books in the first three sections on this page are offered at well below my normal catalogue prices, mostly one copy only.

PAPER-BACK CORNER: I have accumulated a quantity of paper-backs, for which I don’t experience much demand at exhibitions. So for those of you who like a good paper-back read on a plane or train, here is a selection, (1 of each only). Each £5/$9
165: “Advantage Miss Seeton” by Hampton Charles (a novel), 1990
166: “Andre Agassi Reaching the Top Again” by Jeff Savage, 1997
167: “Avantage France!” by Francois Jauffret (in French), 1978
168: “Badminton” by Centre Court, 1928
169: “Bjorn Borg Mein Spiel, Mein Leben” by Gene Scott (in German), 1982
170: “Bjorn Borg My Life and Game” by Gene Scott, 1981
171: “Bjorn Borg The Coolest Ace” by James Hahn, 1979
172: “Book of Tennis Lists” by Norman Giller, 1985
173; “Boris” by Gunther Bosch, (in English), 1987
174: “Boris B.” by Herbert Riehl-Heyse (in German), 1992
175: “Boris Becker Wunderkind” by Johnny Waller (in English), 1986
176: “The Field Story of Wimbledon” by Jeremy Alexander, 1986
177: “First Team at Tennis” by Sally Jones (story for children), 1986
178: “A Handful of Summers” by Gordon Forbes, 1978
179: “Holding Serve” by Michael Chang (his biog) and Mike Yorkey, 2003
180: “Improve Your Squash Game 101 Drills” by Pippa Sales, 1996
181: “John McEnroe Rebel Without Applause” by Ian Adams, 1982
182: “Ken Rosewall on Tennis”
, 1974
183: “Ladies of the Court” by Michael Mewshaw, 1994
184: “Language of Tennis” by Ossian Shine, 2003
185: “Lottie Dod Wimbledon Champion” by Alan Little, 1983
186: “Martina Navratilova Bei Aufschlag Mord” by Liz Nickles (“Killer Instinct” in German), 1999;
187: “McEnroe A Rage for Perfection” by Richard Evans, 1983
188: “Oh, I Say!” by Dan Maskell, 1989
189: “On the Court with Andre Agassi!” by Matt Christopher, 1997
190: “Our Club A History of the Cottlesloe Tennis Club” (Canada) by Pat Adamson, 1992
191: “Passing Shots” by Bell/Peters, 1983 (you must see the Rinaldi pic!)
192: “Pat Cash My Story” by Bruce Matthews, 1987
193: “Players” by John Duigan (a novel), 1988
194: “The Rideau 75 Years in the Life” by Hunter Wells (Canadian tennis club), 1987
195: “The Science of Tennis” by David Anderson, 1982
196: “Serious The Autobiography of John McEnroe” by James Kaplan, 2003
197: “The Server” by Spencer Vignes, 2003
198: “Squash A Joyful Game” by John Hopkins, 1980
199: “Squash Basics for Men and Women” by Betty Constable, 1979
200: “Squash Rules O.K.” by John Timperley, 1983
201: “Le Squash” by Jim Rowland (in French), 1977
202: “Tennis Gallery” from Tennis World magazine, 1990, (wonderful photographs)
203: “Ted Avory a Life in Tennis” by Huw Evans, 1995
204: “Tennis Superstars, Volume 1 The Men” by Craig Wolf, 1979
205: “They Came from SW19” by Nigel Williams (a mystery novel), 1993
206: “Tie-Break” by Ilie Nastase (a novel), 1987
207: “Tilden Lehrt Tennis” by W T Tilden (in Dutch), 1950
208: “Use Your Head in Tennis” by Harman/Monroe, 1974
209: “Who’s Who in International Tennis” by David Emery, 1983
210: “Wimbledon Compendium 2003” by Alan Little
211: “Wimbledon Ladies A Centenary Record 1884-1984” by Alan Little
212: “Wimbledon Poisoner” by Nigel Williams (a mystery novel), 1991
213: “Wimbledon Serving Through Time” from the Wimbledon Museum, 2003
214: “Wimbledon 100 Years of Men’s Singles” by M. Rowley, 1986
215: “Wimbledon 2000” by Iain Johnstone (a futuristic novel), 1993.

The following books are mostly published for the USA university library circuit, often not published for sale in book-shops, and thus are titles which are seldom seen in the public domain. All are relatively thin on words, but interesting player ephemera. Each at £10/$18
216: “Andre Agassi Tennis Prince” by Gary Stern, 1993
217: “Andrea Jaeger Pro in Ponytails” by Ray Sons, 1982
218: “Andrea Jaeger Tennis Champion” by Julianna Fogel, 1980
219: “Arthur Ashe Superstar!” by Charles Morse, 1974;
220: “Arthur Ashe World Tennis Champion” by Julian May, 1977
221: “Billie Jean King Tennis Champion” by Julian May, 1974
222: “Chris! Sports Legend” by James Hahn, 1981
223: “Chris Evert Sports Star” by S Burchard, 1976
224: “Chris Evert Superstar!” by Jay Smith, 1975
225: “Chris Evert Tennis Pro” by Linda Jacobs, 1974;
226: “Chris Evert The Young Champion” by Lynn Haney, 1976
227: “Chris Evert Women’s Tennis Champion” by Dorothy Schmitz, 1978
228: “Evonne Goolagong Free Spirit”
by D Herda, 1976
229: “Evonne Goolagong Smasher from Australia” by Julian May, 1975
230: “Ivan Lendl” by Chip Eliot, 1988 (probably the only book on Lendl)
231: “Jimmy Connors Superstar!” by Larry Batson, 1975
232: “Mi Historia” by Gabriela Sabatini (in Spanish), 1995
233: “Monica Seles Champion Tennis Player” by Liza Burby, 1997
234: “Monica Seles Returning Champion” by Kristin Fehr, 1997
235: “Pete Sampras Sports Great” by Victoria Sherrow, 1996
236: “Rosie Casals Raising a Racket” by Alida Thacher, 1976
237: “Tracy Austin Teen Tennis Champion” by Nancy Robison, 1980;
238: “Tracy Austin The World’s Fastest Rising Tennis Star!” by Gloria Miklowitz, 1978.

My bibliography of racket sports titles (now over 5100 items) list s about 200 tennis novels over a period of 90 years. Here is a brief selection of first editions, in hardboards and a dustwrapper as issued, and all in very good condition, unless stated otherwise. Each at £10/$18
239: “Breakpoint” by William Brinkley, 1978
240: “Break Point” by Ilie Nastase, 1986
241: “Cool Man on the Court” by Les Etter, 1969 (no dw)
242: “The Davis Cup Conspiracy” by Jack Bickham, 1994;
243: “The Finalists”
by Russell Braddon, 1977
244: “Killer Instinct” by Martina Navratilova/Liz Nickles, 1997
245: “The Net” by Ilie Nastase, 1987
246: “The Pigeon with the Tennis Elbow” by Matt Christopher, 1975 (ex-lib, no dw)
247: “Sudden Death” by Rita Mae Brown, 1983
248: “Tie-Break” by Ilie Nastase, 1986;
249: “When No One Was Looking”
by Rosemary Wells, 1980 (ex-lib copy)
250: “Wimbledon 2000” by Iain Johnstone (autographed), 1992.

See items (from top to bottom) 255, 084, 085, 078, 077

251: “The Story of the Davis Cup” by A. Wallis Myers; 1st edition of 1913; 103 pp in small format hardboards; silver Davis Cup embossed on front board. Mostly taken from his earlier compendium on lawn tennis, this is the first history published on the competition then only 13 years old. All results are listed. This extremely rare book in good condition even has its original tissue guard at the front photograph. £225/$400
252: “The Quest of the Davis Cup” by S. Wallis Merrihew; 1st USA edition of 1928; 377 pp in 8vo hardboards with gilt decorated external front board. This copy signed by Merrihew, contains all match scores so far; a most comprehensive history of the first 25 years of the event. £250/$450
253: “The Davis Cup Celebrating 100 Years of International Tennis” by Richard Evans; 1st UK edition of 1998; 256 pp in large format hardboards and dw. The results are not listed here, but all the great stories, matches, and personalities are very well described & illustrated. £20/$35
254: “Australia and the Davis Cup” by Alan Trengove; 1st edition of 2000; 248 pp in large format hardboards and dw. The great Australian tennis journalist has produced a stunning review of Australian involvement in the Davis Cup with complete results of every Oz match. £35/$50
255: “Mexico en la Copa Davis 1924-1988”; 1st Spanish edition of 1988; 379 pp in large format hardboards and dw; an edition of 2500 copies. There is a detailed match report on every Davis Cup match played by the Mexican side with full match scores and many photographs. £150/$275
256: “Davis Cup by NEC: The Year in Tennis 1997, 1998” by Christopher Clarey; 128 pp in large format hardboards and dw. These are annuals from the ITF describing and illustrating the year’s Davis Cup competitions throughout the world. Each £20/$35
257: “Davis Cup by NEC: The Year in Tennis 2001” by Neil Harman. Format etc exactly as in 256 above. £20/$35
258: “Davis Cup by Paribas: The Year in Tennis 2003” by Neil Harman. Format etc exactly as in 256 above. £20/$35
259: “The Story of the Davis Cup” by Alan Trengove; 1st UK edition of 1985; 577 pp. The most detailed DC history; every match result. £20/$35
260: “Jimmy Connors Saved My Life” by Joel Drucker; 1st USA edition of 2004; 320 pp in hardboards and dw. Joel has known Connors for probably longer than anyone outside the family, and here he provides the most thorough examination ever attempted on one of the most complex characters in recent sports history. He has combined meticulous research and dozens of interviews to craft a book that is both a comprehensive biography and a memoir of the author’s life as it intersected and ultimately clashed with the tennis superstar. Joel is a leading USA tennis journalist. £20/$35

See items (from top to bottom) 268, 263, 261, 002, 003/4, 263, 267

261: “Bad News for McEnroe” by Bill Scanlon; 1st USA edition of 2004; 228 pp in hardboards and dw. Just arrived, this tells of the life on and off court of the great stars of the 1980’s including McEnroe and Scanlon (who had little love for each other), and Vilas, Borg, Gerulaitis, Lendl, Nastase and of course Connors. There is a wide range of stories about good things and bad things that happened on the tour. £22/$39
262: “First lady of Tennis: Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman” by Tom Carter; 2001; 217 pp in paperback. This is one I missed in 2001, but having met Dottie Wightman-Hood at Wimbledon, I had to have a few copies. It’s a great story of tennis in the 1920’s and the 1930’s, as HHW was not just the founder of the competition which now bears her name, she was also a very good tennis player, winning the US singles title 4 times. £15/$25
263: “First Service: Following God’s Calling and Finding Life’s Purpose” by Andrea Jaeger; 1st USA edition of 2004; 324 pp in hardboards and dw. This book is mostly about how she realised her purpose in life in founding and financing the Silver Lining Foundation, a non-profit organisation benefiting children with cancer. All income on sales of this book will be donated to the Foundation. (Includes signed bookplate) £10/$15
264: “My Life with Lew” by Jenny Hoad; 1st paperback edition Australia of 2002; 228 pp. This book tells the story of how Lew and Jenny went round the world so often on tennis duty and then introduces us to the tennis ranch in Spain. They were a glamorous pair. £15/$25
265: “Roma: 61 anni di sfide e grandi duelli” by Ubaldo Scanagatta; 112 pp in paperback. Here is the 4th edition of Ubaldo’s fine research on the statistics of the Rome Open. Here can be found all the winners, seedings, biographies, match reports etc. £15/$25
266: “Tennis Record Book 2004 edition” by Rino Tommasi; 242 pp in large format paperback. Rino has produced yet another edition of his fabulous statfest. Includes complete draws for every ATP & WTA event for 2003, last 8’s from Grand Slams since 1946, all men top 100’s since 1973 and women since 1975, all 2003 player’s results, Davis & Federation Cup results in 2003, etc. I have only 10 copies; these sell fast. £25/$45
267: “The Match: Althea Gibson & Angela Buxton” by Bruce Schoenfeld; 1st USA edition of 2004; 304 pp in hardboards and dw. Sub-titled “How Two Outsiders, One Black, the Other Jewish, Forged a Friendship and Made Sports History”. How the black player, Althea Gibson, came to Wimbledon in the 1950’s, found it impossible to get a partner, so she teamed up with Angela Buxton, and they won the Ladies’ doubles. £20/$35
268: “Tie-break! Justin Henin-Hardenne, Tragedy & Triumph” by Mark Ryan; 1st UK edition of 2004; 225 pp in hardboards and dw. Perhaps this book is a bit premature, as Henin is not yet of a great age! But it tells her life story so far, and she has won 3 Grand Slam titles, though is now side-lined by injury. It is certain however that her own family life is a series of awful personal tragedies. £17/$30
269: “Wimbledon Library (Kenneth Ritchie) Catalogue 2004”; by Alan Little; 184 pp in paperback. Here is the latest list of all the tennis books and other printed ephemera currently on the shelves of the Wimbledon Library, with items listed from 90 countries. £11/$20

270: “Ballarat Tennis Club: 20th Anniversary 1984-2004” by Phil Roberts; 84 pp in broad paperback. This is a brief history of the Ballarat club in Australia. It is well illustrated and contains comprehensive lists of the many event winners since the club’s foundation. £25/$45
271: “Clifton Racquet Court”; an original photograph c1890, image 20cm x 15cm. It shows the interior of the Rackets Court at Clifton College taken from the inside of the court looking at the back of the court and the gallery. The four players on court are captioned as S Steel, W H Brain, Druitt, and B F Hanson. A master wearing a mortar-board is sitting in the gallery, perhaps as the marker. £50/$90
272: “Cricket, Lawn-Tennis, Tennis, Rackets, Fives, Golf, Hockey” in the Handbook of Athletic Sports; 1st edition of 1890 edited by Ernest Bell. This is a compendium of several small books, each on one of these sports and which were also published separately in the 1890’s. The sections on Tennis and Rackets are by Julian Marshall; the pictures for Lawn Tennis are good views of the AELTC’s old Worple Road grounds. £150/$270
273: “Edgar Baerlein” photo-cigarette card 1926 showing Baerlein on court at net as Amateur Real Tennis champion for the 10th time. £20/$35
274: “Manchester Tennis and Racquet Club 1876-1980” by Nigel Kenyon; 97 pp in large 8vo gilt engraved boards. Only 350 numbered copies were published of this excellent history of one of the oldest racket sports clubs in England. There are some lovely old photographs. £80/$145
275: “Rackets in Canada and the Montreal Racket Club” by Christopher Marks; (500 numbered copies only); 240 pp in large format hardboards. This is an extensive history of the game of Rackets in Canada, and its home at the Montreal Racket Club. Well illustrated. £95/$170
276: “Sticke Tennis” by Graham Tomkinson; 1st UK paperback edition of 2004; 36 pp. Seemingly a derivative of Real Tennis, Sticke courts still exist in the UK. This book researches the history of the game, where and how it was played, illustrated with photos of courts and players. £15/$25
277: “Traite sur la Connaissance du Royal Jeu de Paume” by de Manivieux. I have been told that this English translation will definitely be here in the UK by October as it has now been printed. Those of you who ordered the standard edition should receive it from me in October.
278: “1ere. Vue de Bayonne”; image is 26cm x 18cm; c1800. This is a colourful view of the river at Bayonne (Adur or Nive) showing a busy quay-side scene with two men playing tennis of some sort. I have never seen this view before so it must be rare! Ready for framing etc. £200/$360
279: “Racquet & Tennis Club”; 22 Club Books for the New York RTC: 1939, 1940, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1975. 279 (a): each at £25/$45 OR 279 (b): The Lot of 22 books at £440/$775


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