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INTRODUCTION: I was unable to publish a winter newsletter in November as I usually do, as I had an extra exhibition sprung on me in mid-October. This was the amazing exhibition at The Queen’s Club for Tennis and Rackets. Prior to that, I spent two weeks preparing a special newsletter just for Tennis and Rackets (copies still available if you would like to receive one) and then further time writing a feature and preparing a list of literature specially for the catalogue. As that exhibition finished, I raced home and found the Royal Albert Hall week staring at me from all too close and no preparation done. So my work was cut out buying-in stock and planning for what was an exceptionally successful week there.

THE MASTERS TENNIS 2004 was played at the Royal Albert Hall from 30th November to 5th December in front of excellent audiences. As anticipated, newcomer to London Jim Courier won the event and was a very popular new champion. The Tennis Bookshop was in its usual position and we sold substantial quantities of books, especially the Nastase and Becker titles. Ilie gave us two lengthy signing sessions and he was very flexible with regard to personal dedications. I even managed to persuade Boris Becker to sign 10 copies of his book and beautiful signatures they are too.


GAMAL AWAD: (born 09 Aug 1955; died 05 Nov 2004). Awad died in Egypt of heart failure aged only 49. He was a great squash player whose main claim to fame was his defeat in a truly epic match on 30th March 1983 on a glass-backed court at Chichester in West Sussex. Against the great Jahangir Khan and in a match of only 4 games, the play extended over 2 hours 45 minutes. Using the traditional scoring system of first to 9 points in a game, the 1st point was scored after 7 minutes, and the 1st game lasted 1 hour 11 minutes. Awad was 1/8 down and clawed his way back to 9/9. The rally at 9/9 lasted over 300 shots over 8 minutes (!!) and ended in a let being awarded. Awad took that game 10/9, but Jahangir came back and took the next 3 games 9/5, 9/7, 9/2, the last in only 13 minutes I was in the front row of the theatre and made notes through the match which nearly 22 years later is still starkly etched into my brain. Gamal became pro’ at Horsham Squash Club; I don’t believe he ever fully recovered from that night.

HARRY BELCHAMBER: (died 2004). Harry was Referee and Handicapper of the Surrey Grass Court Championships (England) through the 1950’s and 1960’s. This was always the first grass court championships of the UK season, and early Paris losers liked to come over and get on the grass. One year we lost the middle 3 days through rain. By semi-finals day (Saturday) we had the men’s doubles down to the last 4 pairs. Forecast for Sunday (Finals day) was appalling so Harry called the 4 semi pairs into his office and told them he was going to play the final today, and the semis tomorrow! He drew one pair from each semi, put them on court and got his final through on Saturday. My memory fails me as to whether we played the semis on Sunday, but we definitely finished the mixed doubles final at 2110 hrs with three cars shining their headlights onto the main court. Such was the style of life in those days!

NORMAN FRANCIS BORRETT: (born 01 Oct 1917; died 19 Dec 2004). Borrett was a great sportsman of the 1940’s and the 1950’s. He was 5 times Amateur (Squash) Champion from 1946 to 1950, winning all 5 finals without losing a single game. He was also a great hockey international, being GB captain for the 1948 London Olympics. He spent almost his entire life at Framlingham School, first as a boy and then as a senior master.

ERIC JOHN FILBY: (born 31 May 1917; died 09 Dec 2004). Filby was a competent English tennis player of the period 1935 to 1956. He played at Wimbledon in the singles from 1935 to 1939, and then three more times after the war ended, losing every time in the first round. He also played men’s and mixed doubles though the same period when he only had marginally more success.

REGINALD EDWARD HAWKE HADINGHAM: (born 06 Dec 1915; died 27 Dec 2004). “Buzzer”, as he was always known, was a fine Chairman of the All England Lawn Tennis Club from 1983 to 1989. He was also managing director of Slazengers, manufacturers of tennis equipment. He was a most charming man with a huge fund of good jokes. During his time as Chairman, he expended much effort in attempting to control John McEnroe’s volatility on the court. Buzzer had a distinguished 2nd World War career, during which time he won two Military Crosses.

BRUCE RONALDSON: (born 13 Apr 1917; died 02 Dec 2004). Bruce Ronaldson was the father of Real Tennis professionals Chris and Steve. Through the last 20 years of his life, Bruce was the driving force of Ronaldson Publications, publishers of a long list of Real Tennis titles, including Chris’s big selling “Tennis: A Cut Above the Rest”, two major titles on European ball games by the late Roger Morgan, and several facsimiles of 18th and 19th century titles. His most recent publication was David Best’s excellent book “The Royal Tennis Court”. Most of Bruce’s titles appeared in a standard and a de luxe edition, and most are now highly collectable. Real Tennis owes a great debt to Bruce for making available such an eclectic list of Real Tennis titles at prices the majority of collectors can afford. In his earlier life, Bruce was a renowned colonial administrator in mid-Africa. After returning to the UK, Bruce became Company Secretary to Oxfam, and this became a very important part of his life.

001: “Aces, Places and Faults” by William T. Tilden; 1st UK edition of 1938; 304 pp; 8vo. Tilden wrote many book, ostensibly as coaching manuals but inevitably they all finished up as being biographical, historical, and often controversial. This tended to get him into trouble with USLTA who did not like his journalistic input, least of all his books. This title is very wide-ranging and deals with players, events, countries, and even his own artistic qualities. The dust-wrapper on this book is chipped round the edges and has small loss on the spine and front covers. £125/$235

002: “Lacoste on Tennis” by Rene Lacoste; 1st USA edition of 1928; 263 pp; 8vo. The French Musketeers were top of the world in terms of tennis at this time and often in constant head-to-head battles with Tilden and other leading players. At the time of writing he is described as Champion of the World. Lacoste’s book first came out in France and was quickly translated into English and became a big seller. It is soundly constructed and well illustrated. The dust-wrapper is distinctive and typically 1920’s. It is slightly chipped at the base and has minor loss on the front edge. £150/$275

003: “Me The Handicap” by William T. Tilden; 1st UK edition of 1929; 164 pp; small 8vo. Here is another of Tilden’s somewhat egotistic books, in which he describes himself as the handicap growing up, learning to play tennis, meeting people, getting controversial, international, professional etc. The dust-wrapper is generally in good condition. Slight chips at the edges, a little darkened, otherwise as good as I have seen on this title. £150/$275

004: “The Centre Court…..and others” by F.R. Burrow; 1st UK edition of 1937; 312 pp; 8vo. The Referee of the Championships at Wimbledon for the last 18 years writes his memoires, not only about his time at Wimbledon but also about the many other less high profile events at which he has officiated. He was in charge throughout the period 1919 to 1936, which included the domination of the game by the French and the Americans. He is very observant and quite wry in his text. The dust-wrapper is sun-faded at the spine but is otherwise complete and in good condition. £125/$235

005: “Twenty Years of Lawn Tennis” by A. Wallis Myers; 1st UK edition of 1921; 180 pp; 8vo. Lawn Tennis correspondent for The Telegraph, and competent lawn tennis player, Myers was able to write about the game from the late 19th century onwards, as he started playing in that era. He went on to become a travelling competitor, and then started writing books on the game. His triumph was editorship of the Ayres Lawn Tennis Almanack from 1908 to 1938. This book is full of marvellous personal reminiscences. The dust-wrapper lacks a portion of the lower spine (3cm x 3cm) with only minor loss on the top edge. This is the 2nd oldest Lawn Tennis title dust-wrapper that I have been able to offer in 18 years. £175/$325

I have bought 3 large, sprawling collections of tennis books, programmes, pins and videos, providing me with an enormous quantity of multiple copies of many titles. This gives me the opportunity of honing the stock and releasing many books at low values. The condition of a few of these books may not be in my normal pristine state, though most of them are pretty good; this is reflected in the very low price. All books are hardboards (hb) in dust-wrappers (dw) unless stated otherwise, or paperbacks (pb), or in pictorial boards (pic bds); page numbers are shown as “pp”. Obvious defects are listed; “ex-lib” is from a public library.

ANNUALS (all at £5/$9 each plus postage);
006: “ATP Player Guides” 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.
007: “Davis Cup Media Guides” 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999.
008: “Dunlop Lawn Tennis Almanacks” 1951, 1952, 1955.
009: “French Open Media Guides” 2001, 2002.
010: “Kraft Tour Rules” 1992, 1993; manuals of rules and regulations for the circuit administration and control.
011: “LTA Handbooks” 1981, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1996; pb; all you ever wanted to know about the LTA and how it is run.
012: “Roland Garros Annual 1994” by Patrice Dominguez; 119 pp in very large format and slip-case; what an amazing bargain this is!!
013: “WTA Player Guides” 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.

BIOGRAPHIES WOMEN (all at £5/$9 each plus postage):
014: “Andrea Jaeger Pro in Ponytails” by Ray Sons; 1982; 46 pp in pic bds; children’s book on Andrea.
015: “Andrea Jaeger Tennis Champion” by Fogel/Watkins; 1980; 42 pp in hb; children’s book on the young Andrea.
016: “Billie Jean an Autobiography” by Kim Chapin; 1975; 208 pp in hb; an early biography with much more still to come.
017: “Billie Jean King” by Frank Deford; 1982; 207 pp in hb; BJK is still considered one of the Wimbledon great players.
018: “Billie Jean King Tennis Champion” by Julian May; 1974; 48 pp in pic bds, ex-lib; children’s book about BJK.
019: “Chris Evert Superstar” by Jay Smith; 1975; 31 pp in pic bds; children’s book about Chrissie.
020: “Chrissie” by Neil Amdur; 1982; 239 pp in hb; a great tennis story with still much more to achieve.
021: “Courting Triumph” by Virginia Wade; 1978; 192 pp in hb; Virginia’s version of that memorable Wimbledon win in 1977.
022: “First Service” by Andrea Jaeger; 2004; 324 pp in hb; Andrea’s story after tennis but now heavily into charity work.
023: “Lloyd on Lloyd” by Carol Thatcher; 1985; 213 pp in hb; slightly schmaltzy story of John and Chris in tennis and in love.
024: “Martina Unauthorized” by Adrianne Blue; 1996; 272 pp in pic bds; large text format of unofficial study of MN’s life.
025: “Mi Historia” by Gabriela Sabatini; Spanish edition of 1995; 122 pp in pb; glamorous Gabriela’s tennis life.
026: “Monica Seles Champion Tennis Player” by Liza Burby; 1997; 24 pp in pic bds; children’s book on Monica.
027: “Monica Seles Returning Champion” by K.S. Fehr; 1997; 64 pp in pic bds; children’s book on Monica post the stabbing.
028: “My Waiting Game” by Angela Mortimer; 1962; 196 pp in hb; winner of a cliff-hanging Wimbledon Ladies’ title.
029: “Steffi a Biography” by Sue Heady; 1995; 196 pp in hb; the early years of her amazing tennis life.
030: “Tennis Today” by Christine Truman; 1961; 119 pp in hb; ex-lib; Christine’s rise to play in the Wimbledon final.
031: “Tracy Austin Teen Tennis Champion” by Nancy Robison; 1980; 80 pp in pic bds; ex-lib; children’s book about Tracy.
032: “Tracy Austin The World’s Fastest Rising Tennis Star” by G. Miklovitz; 1978; 87 pp in pb; children’s book on Tracy.
033: “Will to Win” by Alice Peterson; 2001; 256 pp in hb; budding player whose tennis career is cut short by illness.

BIOGRAPHIES MEN (all at £5/$9 each plus postage):
034: “Advantage Striker” by Gardnar Mulloy; 1959; 195 pp in hb no dw; story of a great tennis character from the USA.
035: “Agassi Enfant Terrible of Tennis” by Robert Philip; 1993; 183 pp in hb; early unauthorised biography of AA.
036: “Andre Agassi Reaching the Top Again” by Jeff Savage; 1997; 64 pp in pb; children’s book on Agassi as he comes back to form.
037: “Andre Agassi Tennis Prince” by Gary Stern; 1993; 48 pp in pic bds; the first book on Andre as he wins Wimbledon in ’92.
038:“Avantage France!” by Francois Jauffret; 1978; 174 pp; French pb; story of a great French tennis player.
039: “Being John McEnroe” by Tim Adams; 2003; 144 pp in hb; an amusing look at the life and times of Big Mac.
040: “Big Bill Tilden” by Frank Deford; 1977; 286 pp in hb; perhaps the greatest male tennis player of all time?
041: “Bjorn Borg My Life and Game” by Gene Scott; 1980; 171 pp in hb; first of the many biogs on Bjorn after 5 Wimbledon’s.
042: “Bjorn Borg Winner Loses All” by Lars Skarke; 1993; 257 pp in hb; slightly messy and sad story of Borg’s later years.
043: “Boris” by H. Riehl-Heyse; 1994; 255 pp in pb; detailed study of BB but it’s in German.
044: “Boris Becker Wunderkind” by Waller/Lassen; 1986; 143 pp in pb; English edition of the first book on BB.
045: “Cannonball Tennis” by Mike Sangster; 1965; 173 pp in hb; story of Sangster’s tennis life as a GB star player.
046: “Days of Grace” by Arnold Rampersad; 1993; 336 pp in hb; salutation after the death of Arthur Ashe.
047: “Duel for the Crown” by Neil Harman; 1999; 271 pp in hb; alleged rivalry between Henman and Rusedski.
048: “Dwight Davis The Man and The Cup” by Nancy Kriplin; 1999; 256 pp hb; Davis, donor of the Davis Cup, and his life.
049: “Holding Serve” by Michael Chang; 2003; 248 pp in pb; Chang’s life of tennis and move towards God.
050: “Ivan Lendl” by Chip Eliot; 1988; 48 pp in pic bds; ex-lib; the only book on the great Ivan.
051: “Jimmy Connors Superstar” by Larry Batson; 1975; 31 pp in pic bds; children’s book on JC.
052: “John Newcombe’s Bedside Tennis”; 1983; 88 pp in pic bds 4to; humorous look at his tennis life.
053: “John Newcombe’s Bedside Tennis”; 1984; 88pp in pb; somewhat amusing book at his tennis life.
054: “My Game” by Lew Hoad; 1959; Sportsman’s Book Club edition in hb; 224 pp; the great Adonis, Lew Hoad and his game.
055: “Nastase” by Richard Evans; 1978; 256 pp in hb; the first book on Ilie’s spectacular life in tennis on and off the court.
056: “Oh, I Say!” by Maskell/Barrett; pb edition of 1989; 428 pp; the revised edition of Dan Maskell’s amazing life in tennis.
057: “Pat Cash My Story” by Bruce Matthews; 1987; 104 pp in pb; the first book on Cash after Wimbledon 1987.
058: “Pete Sampras” by Victoria Sherrow; 1996; 64 pp in pic bds; ex-lib; the first book on Pistol Pete.
059: “Portrait in Motion” by Frank Deford; 1975; 272 pp in hb; first major biography on Arthur Ashe.
060: “Tennis Is My Racket” by Bobby Riggs; 1949; 245 pp in hb, no dw; splendid story of controversial Wimbledon champion.
061: “Tennis My Way” by Budge Patty; 1951; 140 pp in hb; the handsome Patty tells his tennis story and adds good coaching advice.
062: “The Game My 40 Years in Tennis” by Jack Kramer; 1979; 318 pp in hb; the man who started the pro tour after the war.

COACHING TITLES (all at £5/$9 each plus postage):
063: “Advanced Tennis” by Paul Metzler; 1979; 191 pp in pic bds; huge selling coaching manual.
064: “Art of Tennis” by Henri Cochet; 1936; translated from the French, Cochet’s great coaching manual.
065: “Art of Tennis” by Alan Trengove; 1964; 192 pp in hb; great players describe their great shots.
066: “Better Tennis with the World’s Best Players” by Cornel Lumiere; 1963; 152 pp in hb; advice from several top players.
067: “Budge on Tennis” by Don Budge; 1957; 157 pp in pb; the great Don expounds his coaching advice.
068: “Complete Racquet Sports Player” by FitzGibbon/Bairstow; 1979; 221 pp in hb; technique etc for the minor rackets sports of the USA.
069: "Elements of Lawn Tennis” by Norman Patterson; 1950; 64 pp in hb; nice little coaching manual from the 1950’s.
070: “Fit for Tennis” by Bev Risman; 1986; 94 pp in pic bds; well constructed coaching manual.
071: “Game of Doubles in Tennis” by Talbert/Old; 1957; 223 pp in hb; torn dw ex-lib; popular coaching manual for doubles pairs.
072: “Handbook of Tennis” by Paul Douglas; c1986; 288 pp in hb; thorough coaching manual.
073: “Hitting Hot Ivan Lendl’s 14-Day Tennis Clinic” by Lendl/Mendoza; 1986; 144 pp in hb; rare coaching work from the great Ivan.
074: “How to Improve Your Tennis” by Harry Leighton; 1952; 50 pp in pb; coaching illustrated with many flicker-photos.
075: “How to Learn Lawn Tennis” by Charles Hierons; 1922; 190 pp in hb; large selling coaching manual of the 1920’s.
076: “How to Play Championship Tennis” by Oscar Fraley; 1955; 144 pp in hb; top players show you their strokes.
077: “How to Play Tennis” by Clarence Jones; 1989; 61 pp in pic bds; one of Jimmy Jones’ excellent coaching manuals.
078: “How to Play Your Best Tennis All the Time” by Larry Sheehan; 1971; 178 pp in hb; top players offer you their best advice on tactics etc. 079: “How to Succeed at Tennis” by Peter Scholl; 1982; 127 pp in pb; coaching manual heavily illustrated.
080: “Improve Your Tennis Skills” by Anita Ganeri; 48 pp in pb; a coaching manual for children.
081: “Improving Your Tennis” by G.P. Hughes; 1949; 82 pp; Hughes’ expert coaching manual.
082: “Lawn Tennis” by Mike Davies; 1962; 89 pp in hb; fiery Welshman and his coaching advice to reach the top.
083: “Lawn Tennis” by Godfree/Wakelam; 1937; 233 pp in hb, no dw; comprehensive coaching book from leading GB players of the 1930’s.
084: “Lawn Tennis” by John Olliff; 1950; 148 pp in hb; coaching manual from The Telegraph’s tennis writer.
085: “Lawn Tennis & Table Tennis” by Vantage; c1935; 96 pp in hb; coaching manual on both ball sports.
086: “Lawn Tennis Courtcraft” by Norman Patterson; 1947; 116 pp in hb; post-war coaching manual for the masses.
087: “Lawn Tennis for Women” by Mary Hardwick; 1937; 88 pp in hb; many flicker photos demonstrate Mary’s shots.
088: “Lawn Tennis for Young Players” by William T. Tilden; 2nd edition of 1924; 53 pp in small format no dw; Tilden’s book for young players. 089: “Lawn Tennis How to discover and correct faults” by T. Moss; c1938; 47 pp in pb; basic coaching manual.
090: “Lawn Tennis Sport in Action” by Louis Stanley; c1949; 128 pp in very torn dw; some coaching, some contemporary history.
091: “Lawn Tennis Technique, Training and Tactics” by Gresham/Millman; two great pro’s tell you how to improve.
092: “Lawn Tennis the Australian Way” by Jack Pollard et al; 1964; 143 pp in large format hb; title says it all really.
093: “Match-Winning Tennis” by C.M. Jones; 1971; 166 pp in hb; ex-lib; tactics, temperament and training to improve your game.
094: “Mein Erfolgsrezept” by Martina Navratilova; 1983; 160 pp in pic bds; German edition of “Tennis My Way”; possibly signed.
095: “Modern Lawn Tennis” by Tony/Joy Mottram; 1957; 160 pp in hb; the Mottrams, GB’s top pair of the 1950’s and their advice.
096: “Newnes Tennis” by C.M. Jones; 1985; 92 pp in large format hb; great colour pix illustrate this coaching manual.
097: “Quick Way to Better Tennis” by Tony Mottram; 1952; 64 pp in hb; top GB player of the 1950’s and his coaching methods.
098: “Play Better Tennis with Billie Jean King”; 1st edition of 1981; 137 pp in large format; no dw; BJK shows us how to play the game her way. 099: “Play Tennis with Rosewall” by Rosewall/Barrett; 1975; 160 pp in pb; anything Ken says is worth paying attention to!
100: “Play to Win Tennis” by Andy Durham; 1987; 80 pp in pic bds; step-by-step guide to better tennis.
101: “Playing Tennis” by Sue Barker; 1979; 133 pp in hb; Sue shows how she became a great player.
102: “Sports Starters Tennis” by Terry Mabbitt; 1981; 125 pp in large format pic bds; kids coaching manual.
103: “Sportograph Lawn Tennis” by Stanley Doust; 1947; 32 pp in hb; features some of the top players of the period in action.
104: “Sportsviewers Guide Tennis” by Reginald Brace; 1984; 64 pp in pic bds; a basic coaching manual.
105: “Step by Step Tennis Skills” by DTB; 1988; 143 pp in pb; coaching manual aimed at the young player.
106: “Swedish Way to Tennis Success” by Cox/Gould; 1990; 151 pp in hb; how Borg et al managed to dominate world tennis.
107: “Tackle Lawn Tennis This Way” by Angela Buxton; 1958; 132 pp in hb; rare GB Wimbledon finalist and her coaching advice.
108: “Teach Yourself Lawn Tennis” by F.N.S. Creek; 1952; 180 pp in hb; big-selling coaching manual.
109: “Tennis” by H.C. Dubey; 1999; 250 pp in hb; a useful coaching manual published in India.
110: “Tennis” by Lokesh Thani; 1995; 72 pp in pic bds; another coaching title from India.
111: “Tennis A-Z” by Bill Tilden; 192 pp in hb; Big Bill’s last coaching book.
112: “Tennis for All” by A.M. Lethbridge; 1937; 90 pp in small format pb; a pocket coaching manual.
113: “Tennis from A to Z” by Eileen Bennett; 1931; 48 pp in small format pb; basic coaching manual.
114: “Tennis My Way” by Martina Navratilova; 1983; 215 pp in hb; MN takes great interest in this coaching manual.
115: “Tennis Simplified” by Tennant/McLoughlin; 1923; 64 pp in small format pb; early 20th century coaching from 2 great stars.
116: “Tennis That Counts” by A. Stonebridge; 1983; 64 pp in pb; useful coaching manual.
117: “Tennis the Georgeson Way” by Dudley Georgeson; 1982; 189 pp in pb; well thought-out coaching manual from experienced coach.
118: “Tennis the Making of a Champion” by Breskvar; 1987; 128 pp in pic bds; English translation of the next book.
119: “Tennis wie es Boris Becker bei mir Lernte” by Breskvar; 1985; 128 pp in pic bds; BB’s first coaching book after winning Wimbledon. 120: “Tennis 101 Essential Tips” by Paul Douglas; 1995; 72 pp in small format pb; heavily illustrated coaching manual for the young.
121: “The Game’s the Same” by John Smyth; 1956; 104 pp in hb; competent coaching manual with some inside history.
122: “The Tennis Drill Book” by Sharon Petro; 1986; 118 pp in pb; useful court diagrams illustrate this coaching manual for the young.
123: “Tiger Tennis in One Season” by H.A. Murray; 1961; 124 pp in hb; a book described as having all the secrets!
124: “Tilden Lehrt Tennis” by William Tilden; 1950; 172 pp in pb; German language edition of “Tennis A-Z”.
125: “Top Coach Tennis” by Cox/Applewhaite; 1st edition of 1994; 160 pp in 4to hb; emphasis on Becker’s amazing path to glory.
126: “Tournament Tough” by Carlos Goffi; 1985; 144 pp in hb; commentary by John McEnroe in this good selling coaching manual.
127: “Use Your Head in Tennis” by Harman/Monroe; 1974 pb edition; 230 pp; huge selling coaching manual.
128: “Weekend Tennis” by Bill Talbert; 1970; 227 pp in hb; how to have weekend fun and still win.
129: “Winning Tennis Doubles Tactics” by Jones/Buxton; 1980; 124 pp in hb; how to combine together as a winning team on court.
130: “The Young Tennis Player” by Arantxa Sanchez Vicario; 1996; 45 pp in large format hb; well illustrated coaching manual for the young.

HISTORIES (all at £5/$9 each plus postage):
131: “Book of Tennis Lists” by Norman Giller; 208 pp in pb; stats & profiles on players of the period.
132: “Buch der Tennisrackets” by Siegfried Kuebler; 1st German edition of 1990; 423 pp in large format; torn dw; tennis racket museum.
133: “Concise Dictionary of Tennis” by Martin Hedges; 1978; 278 pp in large format hb; huge quantity of player mini-biogs.
134: “Courting Fame” by Karen Stabiner; 1987; 254 pp; life on and off the court on the women’s tennis tour.
135: “Fame” by Eugene Scott; 1999; 128 pp in hb; mini-biogs of all the players inducted into the Hall of Fame..
136: “Famous Women Tennis Players” by Trent Frayne; 1979; 223 pp in hb; biogs of the author’s top 13 women players in history.
137: “Game, Set and Match The Nestle Book of Tennis no 2” by various contributors; 128 pp in hb; review of tennis in GB in 1964.
138: “Great Women Tennis Players” by Davidson/Jones; 1971; 142 pp in hb; top 15 women tennis players of all time.
139: “Guinness Book of Tennis Facts & Feats” by Lance Tingay; 1983; 256 pp in large pb; longest, shortest, fastest, and all about tennis.
140: “History of Lawn Tennis in Pictures” by Lance Tingay; 1st large format edition of 1973; 144 pp; pictorial depiction of tennis history.
141: “Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Tennis” by Haylett/Evans; 1989; 256 pp in large format hb; history, players, events, records etc.
142: “International Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain”; 1991; 165 pp in pic bds; history of the international club.
143: “K.C.S. Tennis and Wimbledon”; 1989; 29 pp in pb; grammar school at Wimbledon and its involvement with tennis thru the ages.
144: “Lawn Tennis Encyclopaedia” by Maurice Brady; 1969; 221 pp in hb; another major stat fest for the tennis fan.
145: “Lawn Tennis Year” by Sidney Moorhouse; 1971; 143 pp in 8vo hb; reproduces articles on English tennis in the 1970 season and earlier. 146: “Match Point” by Riessen/Evans; 1974; 248 pp in hb; one of the first books about life on the men’s tour.
147: “Match Point the Nestle Book of Tennis” by various contributors; 1963; 128 pp in large format dw; a review of tennis in GB in 1963.
148: “More Than Tennis” by Sarah Bunting; 2001; 112 pp in hb; first 25 years of wheelchair tennis competition.
149: “Off the Frame” by Higham/Carter; pb edition of 1997; 82 pp; amusing stories of provincial English tennis.
150: “Open Tennis the First Twenty Years” by Richard Evans; 1988; 252 pp in pb; great insight into the early years of the open game.
151: “Rothmans Book of Tennis” by Peter Wilson; 1973; 104 pp in large format pb; huge quantity of pics of the stars on the 1973 tour.
152: “Shades of Gray” by Gray/Tingay; 1988; 224 pp in hb; tennis articles from The Guardian written by the late David Gray.
153: “Short Circuit” by Michael Mewshaw; 1983 in pb; 325 pp; six months on the Men’s Professional Tennis Tour.
154: “Tennis” by Gianni Clerici; 1978; 335 pp in massive hb; easily the biggest and most thorough history of tennis.
155: “Tennis Superstars” by Sue Heady; 1998; 100 pp in large format hb; pix and biogs of 50 of the world’s top players, male and female.
156: “Tennis A Pictorial History” by Lance Tingay; 1977; 168 pp in hb; as the title says a pictorial history of the game.
157: “Tennis Fashions” by Diane Poirier; 2003; 79 pp in hb; a modest look at tennis fashions through the ages.
158: “Tennis Gallery” by Tennis World magazine; 1990; 112 pp in large format pb; marvellous photos of the world’s top players.
159: “Tennis In Our Time” by Susan Noel; 1954; 208 pp in hb; good history from the women’s point of view.
160: “Tennis In Our Time” by Susan Noel; Sportsman’s Book Club edition of 1955; 186 pp in hb; good history from the woman’s point of view. 161: “Tennis, Squash and Badminton Bygones” by Gerald Gurney; 1984; 32 pp in pb; lots of 19th century racket sports antiques.
162: “The Other Racquet Sports” by Dick Squires; 1978; 273 pp in hb; history and technique for several other lesser known racket sports.
163: “The Tennis Racket” by Barry Waters; 1984; 96 pp; humorous look at tennis.
164: “Tennis the Greats 1920-1960” by Adrian Quist; 1984; 208 pp in pb; many rare photos illustrate this interesting historical book.
165: “The Tennis Experience” by Eugene Scott; 1979; 256 pp; large format; pictorial description of the 1970’s game.
166: “What is the ITF?”; 1990; 32 pp in pb; reviews the various functions of the International Tennis Federation.
167: “The World’s Worst Tennis Book Ever” by Sherwood/Alderdice; 1980; 96 pp in large format pic bds; A-Z list of crazy tennis terms.

NOVELS (all at £5/$9 each plus postage):
168: “Bei Aufschlag Mord” by Martina Navratilova; 1999; 349 pp in pb; German edition of “Killer Instinct”.
169: “Break Point” by Ilie Nastase; 1986; 360 pp in hb; ..his hand wandered over the girl’s thigh…
170: “Davis Cup Conspiracy” by Jack Bickham; 1994; 384 pp in hb; one of a series of tennis/murder mysteries.
171: “Hal, Tennis Champ” by Mike Neigoff; 1971; 126 pp in pic bds; ex-lib; juvenile tennis novel.
172: “I Do Not Sleep With Strangers” by Hari Burrus; pb edition of 1987; 95 pp; poems about this and that, some about female tennis players. 173: “Players” by John Duigan; 1988; 447 pp in pb; raunchy tennis novel.
174: “The Finalists” by Russell Braddon; 1971; 224 pp in hb; two great players slug it out in amazing final match.
175: “The Tennis Party” by Madeleine Wickham; 1995; 240 pp in pb; novel about a tennis weekend.
176: “The Total Zone” by Martina Navratilova; 1995; 324 pp in pb; the first of Martina’s trilogy of tennis/detective novels.
177: “Tie-Break” by Ilie Nastase; 1987; 384 pp in pb; typically salacious tennis orientated novel from Ilie!
178: “Tie-Break” by Ilie Nastase; 1985; 273 pp in hb; typically salacious tennis orientated novel from Ilie!

PHILATELIC ITEMS (all at £5/$9 each plus postage). Autographs are guaranteed original and correct:
179: “Australian Bicentenary”; non-tennis stamps and cover celebrating 200 years of settlement; autographed by Jason Stoltenberg.
180: “Australian Open 2003”; special envelope franked 20 Jan 2003 with pic of James Blake.
181: “Dutch LTA Centenary 1899-1999”; special envelope and tennis stamp franked 02.02.1999; autographed by Richard Krajicek.
182: “Hyundai Hopman Cup 2004”; special envelope franked 3 Jan 2004 with pix of Amelie Mauresmo and Fabrice Santoro.
183: “Hyundai Hopman Cup 2003”; special envelope franked 4 Jan 2003 with pix of Serena Williams and James Blake.
184: “(Australian) National Tennis Centre”; franked 11 Jan 1988 showing panoramic view of stadium.
185: “Grenadines of St Vincent stamp sheets”; each sheet with 20 identical stamps, highly coloured with action photos of: Jimmy Connors; Chris Evert; Steffi Graf; Anne Hobbs; Anders Jarryd; Billie Jean King; Ivan Lendl; Ilie Nastase; Martina Navratilova; Yannick Noah.
186: “Ladies’ Centenary Year” 1884-1984; specially decorated Lawn Tennis Museum envelope, not stamped nor franked.
187 “Lawn Tennis Association Centenary 1888-1988”; franked 22 March 1988 with special stamp; autographed by Andrew Castle.
188: “Lawn Tennis Association Centenary 1888-1988”; franked 22 March 1988 with special stamp; autographed by B. A. Cowan.
189: “Lawn Tennis Association Centenary 1888-1988”; franked 22 March 1988 with special stamp; autographed by Ivan Lendl.
190: “Racket Sports”; British Post Office First Day Cover with 4 new racket sports stamps; franked 12 Jan 1977.
191: “Racket Sports”; celebrating Wimbledon Centenary & World Table Tennis Champs; 4 new racket sports stamps franked 12 Jan 1977.
192: “Roland Garros 1928-1978”; special envelope franked 27 Mai 1978; with tennis stamp; autographed by Guy Forget.
193: “Wimbledon Centenary First Day Cover”; franked 12 Jan 1977 with racket sports stamps; autographed by Guy Forget.
194: “Wimbledon Centenary First Day Cover”; franked 12 Jan 1977 with racket sports stamps; autographed by Ann Jones.
195: “Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum”; franked June 20 1977; tennis stamp and decorated envelope.
196: “Wimbledon Mens Single Final 2003”; special envelope franked 8 Jul 2003 showing Federer holding trophy.
197: “Wimbledon Womens Single Final 2003” special envelope franked 5 Jul 2003 showing Serena Williams holding trophy.
198: “Wimbledon 2003”; special envelope franked 6th July 2003, showing Federer kissing Gentlemen’s Singles trophy.
199: “World Philatelic Exhibition”; special envelope with tennis stamp; franked May 1993; autographed by Jason Stoltenberg.
200: “World Philatelic Exhibition”; special envelope with tennis stamp; franked May 1993; autographed by Scott Draper.
201: “World Philatelic Exhibition”; special postcard with tennis stamp; franked May 1993; autographed by Ken Fletcher.

PINS (all at £5/$9 each plus postage);
202: “Atlanta Olympics 1996”; tennis event pin.
203: “Barclay Open ‘91”; decorative racket framed pin.
204: “NBC News America’s News Leader”; square pin highly coloured with NBC sunburst logo.
205: “Newsweek Champions Cup”; with orange tennis ball logo.
206: “Sydney Olympics 2000”; Olympic rings and Sydney logo.
207: “US Open ’95 CBS Sports”.

VIDEOS (all at £5/$9 each plus postage). Please note that I have not viewed these videos, all of which are VHS.
208: “Best of Wimbledon Golden Highlights 1952-1984” ; 82 minutes.
209: “Best of Wimbledon 1988”; 105 Minutes.
210: “Improve Your Game with Sabatini” 45 minutes.
211: “Jennifer Capriati The Making of a Champion”; narrated by BJK; 25 minutes.
212: “Virginia Wade’s Workout to Win”; 75 minutes.
213: “Wimbledon Golden Moments of the 1980’s”; 40 minutes.
214: “Wimbledon 1989”; 53 minutes.

WIMBLEDON (all at £5/$9 each plus postage):
215: “Book of Wimbledon” by various contributors; c1957; 64 pp in large format pb; a wander down memory lane.
216: “Cross Court Wimbledon the Future at Risk” by Bob Jenkins; 1986; 160 pp in hb; somewhat contentious book about relationships and how they break down.
217: “Field Story of Wimbledon” by Jeremy Alexander; 1986; 80 pp in large format pb; illustrated history of the Championships.
218: “Gallery of Champions” by Helen Hull Jacobs; 1951; 224 pp in pb; 15 of the world’s top women tennis players through the ages.
219: “Romance of Wimbledon” by John Olliff; 1949; 183 pp in hb very torn dw; competent history of the Championships.
220: “Rothmans Wimbledon on Camera” by Tingay/Cole; 1981; 256 pp in large format hb; Cole’s huge photo library illustrates this fine history. 221: “Wimbledon” by Ron Atkin; 1981; 95 pp in large format pb; Robinson’s Barley Water book of Wimbledon history.
222: “Wimbledon 1877-1977” by Max Robertson; 180 pp in large format hb; splendid history of Wimbledon.
223: “Wimbledon 93”; large format magazine of 98 pp; reviewing the leading players of the 1993 Fortnight.
224: “Wimbledon Posters 1998, 1999”; large decorative official posters. (wrinkled on lower margin).
225: “Wimbledon a Celebration” by John McPhee; 1972; 136 pp in large format hb; intimate study of the Championships.
226: “Wimbledon at War 1939-1945” by Norman Plaistow; 1972; 92 pp in pb; how Wimbledon village (and AELTC) coped in the bombing.
227: “Wimbledon Compendium” 1992, 1996, 2003; pb; guide to all the stats of Wimbledon.
228: “Wimbledon Library Catalogue 2001” by Alan Little; 176 pp in pb; list of all the book in the Wimbledon Library.
229: “Wimbledon The Hidden Drama” by Gwen Robyns; 1973; 200 pp in hb; a charming study of the Championships past & present.
230: “Wimbledon Serving Through Time” from the Wimbledon Museum; 2003; 72 pp in large format pb; thematic displays of tennis artefacts. 231: “Wimbledon 80” by Peter Pickup; 1980; 36 pp in pb; privately printed review of the 1980 Championships.
232: “Wimbledon 100 Years of Men’s Singles” by Malcolm Rowley; 1986; 120 pp in large format pb; pictorial depiction of Wimbledon’s centenary.
233: “Wimbledon 2000” by Iain Johnstone; 1993 pb; 405 pp; futuristic novel about tennis at Wimbledon.
234: “Wonderful Wimbledon” by Alastair Revie; 1972; 141 pp in hb; historical tribute to Wimbledon’s great moments.
235: “100 Wimbledon Championships” by John Barrett; 1986; 287 pp in hb large format; masterly review of Wimbledon Centenary.
236: “100 Years of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships” by James Meddlycott; 1977; 93 pp in large format hb; pictorial history of the Championships.

237: “Boris Becker The Player” by Lubenoff & Sorge; 1st English edition of 2004; 306 pp in hb. Still selling well, here is Becker’s autobiography. I can offer copies unsigned at £10/$20 OR beautifully autographed (10 copies only) in his dressing room at the Royal Albert Hall at £50/$95

238: “Mr Nastase The Autobiography” by Debbie Beckerman; 1st edition of 2004; 384 pp in hb. It sold in prodigious numbers at the Royal Albert hall and Ilie signed them all and posed for endless photographs. Offered here unsigned at £15/$28 OR beautifully signed at £20/$38

AN EXHIBITION OF TENNIS AND RACKETS was held at The Queen’s Club in London from 9th to 17th October in conjunction with the world “overs” Real Tennis and Rackets singles and doubles. Players came from Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA to play in the over 40’s, 50’s etc. Jonathan Edwardes organised the whole exhibition and I staged a display of books on the 2 sports. Some were for sale and these sold very well. Others were examples of the major classics, some of which I had never seen, and these caused considerable interest. In addition, Jonathan sourced huge quantities of other antiques including oil paintings, water colours, engravings, presentation rackets, silver and ceramic objects, and a massive display of the T & RA’s silver trophies. Many visitors came and inspected the exhibits and we experienced considerable positive feedback. One great pleasure for me was to meet for the first time so many players from the USA and Australia with whom I have been dealing in books for 10 years or more.
238: I have available a few copies of the illustrated A4 32 page catalogue (post-free world-wide) at £10/$20

239: “Art of the Tennis-Racket-Maker and of Tennis” by M. de Garsault; reprinted English language edition of 1977 (750 copies only) from 1st French edition of 1767, translated into English in 1938 by Catherine Leftwich; 45 pages and 5 plates, in 4to red boards in red card slip-case. The de Garsault and the de Manivieux are the leading 18th century French language tracts on Le Jeu de Paume. They are excellent contemporary descriptions of the game; it is amazing how recognisable the game is when read today. Did you know that the choice of who served first was decided by spinning a racket at least as long ago as the mid-18th century? This was when racket strings were individually knotted at each intersection, all knots on one side, thus providing a very definite rough and smooth. He describes the finer points of the game and the laws of play. £110/$200

240: “Ball, Bat and Bishop” by Robert W. Henderson; 1st USA edition of 1947; 220 pages in 8vo hardboards and rare distinctive dust-wrapper. This is a book for the keen student of ball sports in all its forms, as Henderson covers polo, tennis, football, racquets, golf, billiards, cricket, and baseball. His historical perspective is excellent and he illustrates the book with some very obscure engravings. £225/$425

241: “De La Paume au Tennis” by Guy Bonhomme; 1st French language edition 1991; 144 pagses in small format paperback. This hard to find book is a heavily illustrated description of the history of Le Jeu de Paume through the centuries until it gave birth to Lawn Tennis. Whilst there is understandably a French slant to the book, it is an excellent addition to the racket sports bibliography. £20/$38

242: “Emblemata, cum aliquot nummis anyiqui operis Ioannes Sambuci tirnaviensis pannonii”; by Johan Sambucus, 1st edition of 1554; 240 pages in small format hardboards, this a facsimile edition in leatherette boards of 1982. The reproduction is of a particularly high standard. There is a famous Tennis Emblem (Ad pilulam) at page 133, showing the net, galleries, the door, and balls in a basket. £145/$275

243: “Jeu de la Balle au Tambourin (Le)” by Max Rouquette; 1st French language edition of 1948; published in an edition of 7 de luxe copies and 150 standard copies; 64 pages in 8vo paperback. This obscure little book describes an equally obscure member of the racket sports family, a ball -game still played in parts of Europe. The book discusses all aspects of the game including the history, rules of play and technique, the implements used, including the seldom seen ground based tambourin on short stilts. £175/$335

244: “J.T. Faber Book of Tennis & Rackets” by Lord Aberdare; de luxe edition of 2001; 415 pages in green leather boards internally marbled and externally gilt decorated, in a green card slip-case, all page edges are gilt. In an edition of only 150 numbered copies, signed by the author, this is a stunning publication which is acknowledged as the authoritative book on both sports. Aberdare has researched the history and development of Tennis and Rackets since earliest times, and illustrated the book with many engravings. Each club in the world has submitted photographs and account of recent activities, and the book ends with a complete record of major championships since they were inaugurated.
There is also a standard edition at £50/$95; this magnificent and very collectable de luxe edition is offered at £350/$650

245: “Notice Historique sur la Salle du Jeu-de-Paume de Versailles…” by Charles Vatel; 1st French language edition of 1883; 103 pages in 8vo paperback. I would not really say this is a book on Paume as such, but it is an integral part of the Paume bibliography. It describes the events leading up to Le Serment du Jeu de Paume on 20 June 1789, when the members of the Third Estate met in rebellion. Barred from meeting in the parliament as the King had surrounded it with his troops, the Deputies met on the floor of the Versailles court, and swore their historic oath of defiance together. The end of the book contains a long list of the names of the Deputies and their constituencies. £150/$285

246: “Real Tennis” by Kathryn McNicoll; 1st pb edition of 2005; 40 pp in small 8vo. This is a compact, informative and well illustrated booklet on Real Tennis, its history and development; allied European ball games in the Jeu de Paume family are also described. £5/$10

247: “Report for 1908 Olympic Games” by Mallon & Buchanan; reprinted edition of 2000; 516 pages in 4to hardboards (no dw issued). This report is memorable for the fact that it reports on the only Olympics in which Real Tennis and Rackets were played, both at The Queen’s Club. “Racquets” is at pages 208 to 211 with the draws and a brief report for the events. “Le Jeu de Paume” (rather than Real Tennis) is at pages 194 to 196, similarly with full draws and a report on the events. The original report, in itself a very rare book, changes hands at well over £1500. £75/$140

248: “Royal Tennis for the Record…” by Mike Garnett; 1st edition of 1991; 110 pages in gilt engraved hard boards. In just 110 pages, Mike managed to include a vast amount of informative facts and figures about the game not only in Australia, but world-wide. So here can be found the active and disused courts of the world, the world champions and top players, a very lengthy list of the Real Tennis bibliography in date order, emblems of the clubs of the world, and much press comment on the game in Australia. These are the last few copies remaining unsold. £30/$55

249: “Scaino on Tennis” by Antonio Scaino da Salo; 1st Italian edition of 1555, here translated into English in 1951 in a numbered edition of 250 copies only, 320 pages plus acknowledgements etc. in small format red hardboards, no dw issued. This is the first English translation of the famous Scaino, surely the pinnacle title in any Real Tennis library. The 6 wood engravings are reproduced and the text persuades that much of the character of the game in the mid-16th century is unchanged. Copy no 99 in bright red boards at £250/$475; copy no 248 in slightly faded spine at £195/$370

250: “Sticke Tennis” by Graham Tomkinson; 1st edition of 2004; 36 pages in 8vo paperback. Here is the fascinating story of a very odd and hardly known version of the tennis family. Played now only in England on 2 courts, it has similarities to both Real and Lawn Tennis. With mostly military beginnings, its expansion was like Real Tennis where private individuals built a court at their home. £15/$28
251: “Tennis in Nederland 1500 en 1800” by Cees de Bondt; 1st Dutch language edition of 1993; 179 pages in 8vo paperback. I had several disappointed buyers for this last time I had it. Cees is an expert on ball-play in his country and his book is a thorough review of its history, admirably illustrated with many engravings and photographs. There is a thriving peripatetic Real Tennis Association in Holland. £20/$38

252: “Tennis Origins and Mysteries” by Malcolm D. Whitman; 2nd reprint of 2002; 258 pages. First published in 1932, Whitman’s book is a fund of information about the derivation of the terms used in tennis. This edition includes the massive bibliographies of Real and Lawn Tennis. £75/$140

253: “Tennis Origins and Mysteries” by Malcolm D. Whitman; paperback reprint of 2004; 8vo; 166 pages. This is the second reprint of the famous Whitman, first published in 1932. This edition omits the large bibliographical section. £20/$38

254: “Theatre des bons engins…” by Guillaume de la Perriere. This is a combined volume of the 1st and 2nd editions of the Perriere, namely the 1540 and the 1553 editions. The pages of the two mid-16th century Emblem books are facsimiles, the first having Tennis emblems at V and XLl, whereas the second edition has none. Emblem Books were a cross between travelogues, story-tellers, myth propagators, and religious tales. But to Tennis, they are important parts of the bibliography, depicting our game in a very recognisable style, even 450 years later. Original editions of this and the Sambuccus of the same period can fetch many thousands of pounds. £75/$140

255: “Treatise on the Royal Game of Tennis” by de Manivieux in French in 1783; translated here into English by Richard Travers in 2004; 98 pages in large 8vo green leatherette boards externally gilt engraved. The French edition is just about the rarest book on Paume, so it is a pleasure to have the text in English, thanks to the initiative of Mike Garnett. De Manivieux describes the state of the game as the French Revolution is due, an event which cost the poor man his head! The laws of play are here and the book is beautifully illustrated with several colour images. Published in an edition of only 300 standard copies (I have 10 unsold); a de luxe edition of 50 copies (fully subscribed) is due out in 2005. £55/$100

FINALLY: 256: “The National Real Tennis Calendar 2005”; large wall calendar with internal & external views of 13 UK Real Tennis courts: Falkland Palace, Leamington, Oxford, Queen’s Club, Prested Hall, Cambridge, Moreton Morrell, Holyport, Oratory, M.C.C., Hatfield House, Seacourt, and the Royal Tennis Court. Question: How on earth did they manage to omit Petworth? Price including mailing costs is £15/$30

257: “Bad News for McEnroe” by Bill Scanlon; 1st USA edition of 2004; 228 pp; 8vo in hb & dw. There does not seem to be too much love lost between these two, and Scanlon manages to lift the lid on many occurrences on the tour of the 1980’s when they were rivals. £20

258: “I’ve Got Your Back” by Brad Gilbert; 1st USA edition of 2004; 215 pp; small 8vo in hb & dw. Brad’s latest title is mostly biographical and as with anything Brad does, this is interesting tennis stuff. He is a tireless and effective motivator and he tells many interesting tennis stories. £20

259: “Jimmy Connors Saved My Life” by Joel Drucker; 1st USA edition of 2004; 276 pp; 8vo in hb & dw. Though not an authorised life story of Connors, Joel recounts a lot of new information about the young Connors and how their lives strangely intersected over the years. £20

260: “Les Dessous du Tennis Feminin” by Nathalie Tauziat; 212 pp in small pb; in French only. Several customers wanted copies. £10/$20

261: “Maria Sharapova 2005 Calendar”; large wall calendar with 13 stunning colour pix of la Sharapova, all on court. My last copy at £20/$35

262: “Tie-Break!” by Mark Ryan; 1st edition of 2004; 225 pp; 8vo in hb & dw. This is the short life-story of Justine Henin-Hardenne who seems to have had a very event packed early life, continuing into her meteoric tennis career. Can she win at Wimbledon in 2005? £17/$32

263: “Wimbledon Annual 2004” by Neil Harman; 168 pp; 4to in hb & dw. The latest in the series of marvellous Wimbledon Annuals. £22/$40

264: “You Cannot Be Serious” by John McEnroe; 2002; USA edition; 342 pp in hb & dw; this copy well signed by John McEnroe. £50/$90

THREE LARGE PAPERBACK TITLES ON TOP AUSTRALIAN TENNIS PLAYERS: £15/$28 for 1; £25/$45 for 2; £35/$65 for 3
265: “My Life with Lew” by Jenny Hoad 2002.
266: “Newk” by John Newcombe; 2002.
267: “Rocket to the Top” with Pat Rafter; 1999.

WIMBLEDON PICTURE PROGRAMMES: £5/$10 each. Condition is good. Some editions may have hand-written results.
268: 1968: 4th day, 12th.
269: 1970: 1st day.
270: 1971: 3rd day, 4th.
271: 1972: 1st day, 12th.
272: 1973: 1st day, 4th, 8th, 11th.
273: 1974: 2nd day.
274: 1975: 1st day.
275: 1976: 2nd day, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th.

WIMBLEDON PROGRAMMES: £2/$4 each, 3 for £5/$10, 6 for £10/$20. Condition is good. Some editions may have hand-written results.
276: 1978: 1st day, 11th.
277: 1979: 6th day, 10th.
278: 1980: 12th day.
279: 1981: 11th day, 12th.
280: 1982: 7th day, 8th, 13th.
281: 1983: 2nd day, 6th, 7th, 10th, 13th.
282: 1984: 2nd day, 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th.
283: 1985: 2nd day, 6th, 8th, 13th.
284: 1986: 1st day, 13th.
285: 1987: 5th day, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 13th.
286: 1988: 1st day, 6th, 13th.
287: 1989: 1st day, 2nd, 13th.
288: 1990: 4th day, 5th, 11th, 13th.
289: 1991: 2nd day, 12th, 13th.
290: 1992: 1st day, 2nd, 7th, 10th.
291: 1993: 1st day, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th.
292: 1994: 1st day, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th.
293: 1995: 1st day, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th.
294: 1996: 1st day, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th.
295: 1997: 1st day, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Middle Sunday, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th.
296: 1998: 1st day, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th.
297: 1999: 1st day, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th.
298: 2000: 2nd day, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th.
299: 2001: 1st day, 4th, 6th, 10th.
300: 2002: 13th day, final.
301: 2003: 12th day, final.
302: 2004: 10th day.

303: WIMBLEDON PROGRAMMES FINAL EDITIONS each at £15/$25: 1979, 1986, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003.

304: “Le Tour du Monde en Jouant au Tennis” by Jacques Brugnon; 1st French edition of 1928; 154 pp in small format marbled boards. Brugnon was the least well-known of the fabulous French Musketeers, but he wrote the definitive story of how Borotra, Cochet, Lacoste and he travelled the world for France gathering tennis glory wherever they went. This copy is beautifully signed internally by Brugnon, Borotra, Boussus, and Landry. The front board is partly detached, otherwise it is in very good condition. This is an important historical book. £500/$975

VIRGINIA SLIMS CHAMPIONSHIPS POSTERS 34cm x 62cm, each at £50/$100,00 signed as follows:
305: 1991 Graf, Capriati, Navratilova, Sabatini, Arantxa, Garrison, Shriver, McNeil, Tauziat, Gigi & Mary Jo Fernandez, Sukova.
306: 1992 Graf, Capriati, Navratilova, Sabatini, Arantxa, Sukova, Garrison, Shriver, McNeil, Gigi, Stubbs, Croft.
307: 1993 Graf, Navratilova, Sabatini, Arantxa, Sukova, Garrison, Shriver, Gigi, Stubbs, Coetzer, Pierce, Bollegraf, Croft, Nieland, 2 x Maleeva. 308: 1994 Graf, Sabatini, Davenport, Arantxa, Shriver, Coetzer, Pierce, Martinez, Huber, Majoli, Smylie, Fendick, Tauziat, Date.

309: “Divertissemens Innocens contenant les Regles du Jeu des Echets, du Billard, de la Paume, du Palle-Maile, et du Trictrac”; 1st French edition of 1696; 482 pp in very small format leather boards. This is an exceptionally rare book containing one of the earliest studies of “Le Jeu de Paume” (pages 333-359). With a very early mention of Pelote, the book describes some history, the benefits of playing, with the 24 rules of play. The rules of the Maitres Paumier follow. Chess gets 324 pp, Billiards 9 pp, Palle-Maile 10 pp, Trictrac (Backgammon) 106pp. £2500/$4750

310 (a): “Academie Universelle des Jeux, avec des Instructions faciles…”; new French edition of 1760; 2 parts bound in as one in small format leather boards; part 1 of 384 pp, part 2 of 294 pp. As with 308 above, this is a major French title on a variety of sports, part 1 being mainly party games, and part 2 having an 11 page section on “Le Jeu de la Paulme”, with brief comments on play and then 30 rules of play. Also included in this section is a separate piece on “La Longue-Paulme”. The book is in nice condition with a little wear at the top and bottom of the spine. £500/$975

310 (b): “Academie Universelle des Jeux, contenant les regles de tous les jeux…”; new French edition of 1773; 2 parts bound in as one in small format leather boards; part 1 of 384 pp, part 2 of 324 pp. This is a later edition of 309 (a) and therefore fundamentally the same. The large number of games of chance and other indoor pursuits is continued in part 1, and “La Paulme” and “La Longue-Paulme” are similarly covered. I believe the 1st edition of this multi-sport manual appeared in 1725, and further revised editions appeared into the 19th century. Lovely decorated spine! £500/$975

311: “Winning Ugly” by Brad Gilbert; 1st pb edition of 1994; 228 pp. Brad’s top-selling motivator title with a chapter by Andre Agassi. £10

312: “Autograph Album” signed by Tony Roche, Peter Curtis, Rod Laver, Ross Case, Judy Dalton, Ron Holmberg, & Ray Moore. £35/$65


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