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1st February 2006


The auction of the Railing Tennis Collection at Christie’s South Kensington in London on 17th November was certainly an earthquake event which I measured at around 7.5 on the Richter Scale, as far as it affects the Tennis collectibles market. I have felt somewhat alone over the last fifteen years or so when trying to make a market in Tennis books and other items such as images, rackets etc, and establishing acceptable price ranges (to buyers and sellers) has not always been easy. But whereas the price levels have gradually increased, the major factor has always been a lack of good quality rare titles. When the Hotel Drouot auctions started in Paris some ten years ago, I made twice yearly pilgrimages to snap up the very meagre offerings of the great French titles, but these have dried up now for about five years.

Then came the Edwardes exhibition of Tennis and Rackets at The Queen’s Club in October 2004, and since then it is as though a hurricane has blown through the market. First came the establishment of a substantial collection of Tennis books at the Lord’s Museum and Library. Then came the news that the fabled Railing Tennis Collection, which had been established mostly through the 1920’s and the 1930’s, and which had formed a substantial part of the Edwardes Exhibition, might become available for purchase. After a lot of debate and careful consideration, it was decided that the Railing Tennis Collection should be put into auction, and this duly happened on 17th November. The 123 lots fetched a gross (including buyers’ premium of 20%) of around US$516,000/£295,000. For a sports auction, this figure and the fact that only four very minor lots were unsold, was considered to be an exceptional success.

The auction had three sections, firstly a range of splendid condition images, almost all of which fetched above or even well above estimate. Secondly came the books and here were several titles never seen before at public auction, such as the Barcellon and the Forbet. Estimating these was tricky but almost all the major prizes fetched substantially over estimate with plenty of keen competition coming from established and new collectors. I was particularly pleased to have secured the Barcellon of 1800 (described as the black tulip) at US$56,000/£32,000 for an ecstatic customer to whom I later delivered the book by air! Other rare titles went to Australia, Chile, Germany, the USA, and of course within the UK. London institutional buying was very much in evidence, but those of us in the trade had relatively poor pickings owing to the price levels fetched. Finally came five stunning presentation Tennis and Racquets rackets and these duly performed, the top price being US$33,600/£19,200.

If there was a disappointing title, it was the Scaino which only fetched US$23,100/£13,200 probably because Christie’s offered Scainos on two consecutive days, and frankly I don’t think the market can stand that level of frequency. Another disappointment was the third edition of Wingfield’s “Game of Sphairistike” of 1875 which I thought was a steal at only US$11,550/£6,600. A surprise was the 1874 rules booklet of “The New Game of Tennis” 1874 at US$29,400/£16,800, but as it is the only copy known, who knows what the right price is? But if there is any residual interest in this little booklet, I can offer the 2nd edition of 1876…….enquiries to me please.

One of the outstanding items in my opinion was the marvellous trio of Railing scrap-books which were considerably under-estimated, which fetched nearly five-times their estimate and which even at that level became an exceptional purchase.

In the ten weeks since the auction, I have experienced an unusually high level of interest in the Tennis books market, both from buyers (established and new) and from sellers, whose collections I did not know existed. This has led to a healthy trade, and I encourage buyers and sellers to express their interest at this time whilst supply is relatively free and thus prices are stable, on average I suggest at or just below the hammer prices of the Christie’s auction.

The following list of titles and other items has largely come to the market since the auction, and with only a very few exceptions, the condition of these items is extremely good. In most case, but not all, I have only one example, so if there are gaps in your collection, please don’t delay too long.

When preparing this list of items, I wish to acknowledge with thanks the research and text from Christie’s auction catalogue of the Railing Tennis Collection on 17th November 2005.


The following titles are those which I currently have in stock, or are offered by vendors on commission. The condition of these books is usually not less than very good, especially those titles published in the last thirty years or so. Titles published earlier than that are likely to bear modest signs of their age. Where there are obvious deficiencies, these are noted separately. Please note that my stock changes daily, and I may not have a copy of the book you want immediately. But please let me know your wants, and I will use my very wide search facilities and the substantial number of trade and private contacts I have developed over nearly twenty years to try to find your book.


Alongside the following text you will see a number of photographs of many of the following items. Let me know if you would like to receive a photograph of any other item that appeals to you.

01 (A): “ANNALS OF TENNIS (The)” by Julian Marshall; 1st edition of 1878 in rare red boards, externally gilt decorated; 226 pages in small 4to hardboards. This is the definitive English language book on Tennis in the 19th century, written by a master of the game and expert historian, as his exhaustive book shows. Most subsequent English titles refer back to Marshall’s work. This copy is currently subject to some professional restoration and will not be available until the end of March, but can be reserved. It is priced to acknowledge the restoration at US$2200/£1250

01 (B): “ANNALS OF TENNIS (The)” by Julian Marshall; 1st USA facsimile edition of 1973 in green boards. US$235/£135

02: “ART OF THE TENNIS-RACKET-MAKER AND OF TENNIS (The)” by A. de Garsault; facsimile English edition (USA) of 1977 of the Hampton Court edition of 1938; 45 pages and 5 plates in red boards (small 4to) issued in red card slip-case. This is an English translation of the original French book of 1767 in which M. de Garsault describes the manner of playing Le Jeu de Paume in the middle of the 18th century, and with the rules of the time. The game then and now is remarkably the same with only slight variations. US$210/£120

03 (A): “BALL, BAT, AND BISHOP The Origin of Ball Games” by Robert W. Henderson; 1st USA edition of 1947; 220 pages in hardboards; 8vo. The famous long-serving librarian of the Racquet and Tennis Club in New York has written a splendid study of how many of the most popular ball games originated. He deals extensively with Base-Ball, as well as football and the major racket/racquet sports. This copy does not have its dust-jacket but is in very good condition. US$220/£125

03 (B): “BALL, BAT, AND BISHOP: The Origin of Ball Games” by Robert W. Henderson; 1974 reprint; 220 pages in green cloth 8vo. Otherwise this book is similar in content and illustrations to the book above. US$90/£50

04: “BALL UND KUGELSPIELE”. 1st edition of 1996; 354 pages in large 8vo format paperback. This splendid and little known book is a series of authoritative essays by leading experts on various forms of European ball play through the last few centuries. It is brilliantly illustrated with very many illustrations, many of which I have not previously seen. Some essays are in German, others are in English, including a short piece by the late Lord (Morys) Aberdare. US$100/£60

05: “BALLARAT TENNIS CLUB: 20th Anniversary 1984-2004” by Phil Roberts; 1st paperback edition of 2004; 84 pages. This is a history of one of the most recently formed Tennis clubs in Australia, its planning and development into the thriving club it is today. US$65/£35

06: “BOOK OF SPORT (The)” edited by William Patten; de luxe edition of 1901 with 411 pages in very large format folio size; this is in an edition of 1500 numbered copies, the top edges of the pages are gilt. This is perhaps the most impressive sporting book of the early 20th century in the USA bibliography of such titles. It has a number of chapters each dealing with one of the major social sporting clubs of the Eastern Seaboard, and thus concentrates on such sports as Golf and Polo. But there is heavy emphasis on the racket sports including Court Tennis and Rackets/Racquets. There is a small number of photographs of leading players, and several on court action engravings. I have two single examples of these later on under the section called “Prints & Engravings”. The book is in generally good condition; two pages are loose but present. US$1250/£700

07: “BOOK OF THE BALL (The)” by A.E. Crawley; 1st edition of 1913; 220 pages in hardboards small 8vo. Crawley was an excellent professional coach and wrote a number of books on the game. Here he strays into the scientific by writing a book which describes the design, the manufacture, the history, and the characteristics of the ball as used in Golf, Baseball, Cricket, Football and of course Tennis and Lawn Tennis. He illustrates the book with 16 pages of black and white photographs and describes how the player can make the ball perform to his own requirements and to the frustration of his opponent. It is very rare and this copy is in particularly nice bright red boards with tissue-guard. US$260/£150

08: “BRITISH SPORTS AND SPORTSMEN: Athletic Sports, Tennis, Rackets, And Other Ball Games”; 1st very large folio edition of c1936 (1000 numbered copies) in amazing red morocco and plush leather boards, internally finely marbled, 421 pages, all page edges gilt. This is part of a substantial series of books on athletic and field sports and contains a number of authoritative articles by leading exponents of the various sports covered. There is a quantity of fine photographs of some of the top players of the era, all with tissue-guards. The lengthy articles on Tennis, Rackets, and Squash-Rackets are classics of their type. US$800/£475

09: “CHASE DOWN UNDER (A): a history of royal tennis in Australia” by Michael P. Garnett; 1st edition of 1999 in an edition of 320 copies only; 502 pages; large 8vo in pictorial hardboards. This is Garnett’s second cut at this subject and it is as thorough a study of Tennis as you will find. It is profusely illustrated and covers the subject of Tennis not only in Australia but also elsewhere in the world. US$95/£55

10: “COURT TENNIS, RACQUETS & SQUASH” by Frederick Charles Tompkins; 1st USA edition of 1909; 110 pages in small format blue hardboards, decorated externally. This is a very early USA coaching manual on the racket sports, with Tennis receiving the first 100 pages, Racquets gets 9 pages, and Squash-Racquets gets just 5. The book is illustrated with 20 pages of black and white photographs. Whereas there had been several coaching books on these sports in England by this time, I suspect this to be only the second in the USA bibliography, and thus it is a very special book. Squash had started in the USA only recently, and like the other sports, only on the Eastern Seaboard. US$975/£550

11: “EXHIBITION OF TENNIS AND RACKETS (An)” as organised by Jonathan Edwardes at The Queen’s Club in London from 9th to 17th October 2004. This is the descriptive catalogue (in A4 paperback) of Edwardes’ exhibition which included a considerable array of books, prints and engravings, antique rackets, silver trophies and other metal items, all related to Tennis and Rackets. US$25/£15


Items 12(A) & 12(B)

12 (A): “FIFTY YEARS OF SPORTS AT OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE AND THE GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS” arranged by The Right Hon. Lord Desborough of Taplow, K.C.V.O., and edited by A.C.M. Groome; in two volumes of 1913, Volume l of 332 pages and Volume ll of 325 pages. Both volumes bound in superior leather boards surmounted externally with the two university crests set in full colour into a circular shield, the spine gilt decorated, boards internally marbled. Originally intended to be a 3 volume set, Volume lll did not get published until 1922, as the Great War intervened; see the following item. These huge folio sized and luxuriously presented volumes have many chapters detailing the history of all the sporting events held between Oxford and Cambridge since the mid-1800’s. There are many photographic plates in each volume, and the text is printed on high quality art paper, thus having been cut at the edges, there is some edge roughness as would be expected. Volume l deals with Athletics, Cricket, and Rowing, with a mini-biography of every named contestant. Volume ll deals with Rackets, Tennis, Lawn-Tennis, Golf, Polo and other athletic sports. These volumes are in exceptionally good condition. See immediately below for the price of this three volume set.

12 (B): FIFTY YEARS OF SPORTS AT OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE AND THE GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS”; as above but Volume lll of 505 pages, published in 1922, otherwise presented as the volumes above. Here we find the details of all the sporting contests between Eton, Harrow and Winchester. Here the sports covered are each peculiar to the school, thus Eton has Rowing, Wall Game, Field Game, College Hunt, as well as Golf, Fives, and Athletics. Harrow has the Eton vs Harrow cricket match, the Wanderers, as well as Football and Fives. And Winchester has the big Winchester vs Eton cricket match, Fives and Bat Fives, Squash Rackets, as well as Football and Golf. This volume too has a huge series of mini-biographies at the rear, and what makes it even more interesting is E.B. Noel’s history of the Public Schools Rackets Championship with the record from 1868 onwards.
These three massive volumes are offered for sale only as a complete set at US$1750/£1000

13: “FIRST STEPS TO RACKETS” by E.B. Noel and C.N. Bruce; 1st edition of 1926; 136 pages in small format 8vo hardboards and extremely rare dust-jacket. This is the only coaching manual of the 20th century which deals exclusively with Rackets/Racquets. Without the dust-jacket it is hard to find, but with the good dust-jacket as here, it is an exceptional find. The two authors were great exponents of this game (and Tennis) and they also produce some unusual historical facts. US$875/£500

14 (A): “FRED COVEY: World Champion of Tennis” edited by Neil Covey; 1st de luxe library edition of 1994; 125 pages in large 4to leather boards in an edition of 60 numbered copies signed by the editor; page edges gilt; internally marbled boards. Covey, the Crabbet Park professional, kept a very efficient scrap-book of newspaper clippings and other reports of his matches, and here his grandson has organised them into chronological order and reproduced them in a fascinating book of personal endeavour at Tennis. US$225/£125

14 (B): “FRED COVEY: World Champion of Tennis” edited by Neil Covey; 1st standard edition of 1994; 125 pages in large 4to hardboards and dust-jacket. Otherwise as above. US$130/£75

15: “GAMES AND SPORTS", being an appendix to “MANLY EXERCISES” and “EXERCISES FOR LADIES” by Donald Walker; 2nd (or 3rd?) edition of 1837; c385 pages in small format hardboards. This apparently routine book on a wide variety of athletic sports as played at the start of the Victorian era is in fact one of the most special Racket Sports books that exists. There are chapters on Golf, Cricket, Curling, Archery, etc, but more important are the chapters on Tennis, Racket (sic), and Long Tennis. Each chapter has a wonderful and rarely seen little engraving. Brief reports of the game and its character are in the text. But what makes this book stand out as special is the chapter called Long Tennis, as the engraving clearly shows a men’s doubles at lawn tennis, the players being on the grass, the side lines delineated by a cord on raised sticks at about 18 inches high, and this about 36 years before Major Wingfield launched his new game onto the world. Pages 13 to 34 covering Athletic Sports are absent. The remainder of the book is tight, slightly water-stained. If in perfect condition, which I have never seen, this book would be a four figure book. In this condition it is offered at US$1050/£600

16 (A): “HAZARD CHASE” by Jeremy Potter; 1st edition of 1964; 192 pages in 8vo hardboards and dust-jacket. This is a murder/mystery novel about all sorts of devious doings on and around a mythical Real Tennis court in England. Potter also wrote the Oxford history. US$220/£125

16 (B): “HAZARD CHASE” by Jeremy Potter; 1st paperback edition of 1966; 192 pages. Otherwise as above. US$45/£25

16 (C): “HAZARD CHASE” BY Jeremy Potter; reprinted edition of 1989 in hardboards and dust-jacket. US$90/£50

17 (A): “HISTORY OF TENNIS (A)” by E.B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark; 1st standard edition of 1924 in two large volumes; 281 pages and 280 pages including fold-out table. Originally of 800 sets, but owing to panic pulping in the 1930’s, now an extant print run of about 430 sets, issued in decorative dust-wrappers (not present here). Noel, secretary of The Queen’s Club, has written the most important book on Tennis since Marshall’s “Annals of Tennis” of 1878. This is the complete history of the game and its courts worldwide, the major tournaments, the literature, the laws, technique and tactics, handicapping etc. It is beautifully illustrated; one of the most desirable titles in the Tennis bibliography. US$1700/£975

17 (B): “HISTORY OF TENNIS (A)” by E.B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark. As above. The books were originally issued in very attractive dust-jackets each with a coloured plate of the Haymarket court tipped onto the external front cover. I have only seen two sets in their original dust-jackets, which is an indication of how very rare they are. I can at present offer Volume ll in its dust-jacket, complete and without loss or tears. It is darkened with age and the rear portion has small areas of red staining. This dust-jacket is available at an additional US$975/£500

17 (C): “HISTORY OF TENNIS (A)” by E.B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark; de luxe facsimile edition of 1991; both volumes in one large volume of 587 pages; bound in luxury blue leather boards, gilt tooling to the spine; all page edges gilt; internally finely marbled boards. This edition too was subject to pulping of unsolds, in that they printed the paper for 150 numbered copies, but only managed to sell 45. BUT, for serious collectors, you should know that each copy was signed by the seven living World Tennis Champions, as at 1991. US$1300/£750

17 (D): “HISTORY OF TENNIS (A)” by E. B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark; standard facsimile edition of 1991; both volumes in one large volume of 587 pages in blue cloth boards. US$220/£125

18: “HISTORY OF THE LEAMINGTON TENNIS COURT CLUB 1846-1996 (The)” by Charles Wade; standard edition of 1995 (one of 550 copies); 213 pages; 8vo in hardboards and dustwrapper. This is the oldest Tennis club still in existence, and Wade’s well researched history is a very good read. But if you are a lady, you may experience some problems getting on court! US$150/£85

19: “HISTORY OF ROYAL TENNIS IN AUSTRALIA (A)” by Michael Garnett; 1st standard edition of 1983; 224 pages in hardboards, dust-jacket with cloth book-mark. This is an excellent history of all aspects of Royal Tennis in Australia. This copy is signed by the author. US$130/£75

20: “HISTORY OF THE ROYAL GAME OF TENNIS (A)” by Albert de Luze; 1st English translation of 1979 by Sir Richard Hamilton from the original French of 1933; 395 pages in large 4to format in dust-jacket and blue card slip-case; an edition of 500 copies. The original de Luze is an excellent study of the state of Tennis in France, not just in the 1930’s but right back through time, as long as Tennis was played there. He also deals extensively with the game elsewhere in the world. Well illustrated with many photographs, drawings and engravings. US$600/£350

21: “HOW TO MAKE THE REAL TENNIS BALL FROM CORE TO COVER” by Sir Richard Hamilton; 1st edition of 1977; 27 pages in what is probably best described as very small 12mo. This is an illustrated manual on how to make the Tennis ball in the traditional manner. It was published both in hardboards and as a small paperback. But most professionals seem to like to learn from their teachers. US$45/£25

22: “JEU DE PAUME DES MESTAYERS (Le)” by Auguste Vitu; 1st French language edition of 1883; 8vo format in paper covers, in an edition limited to 515 copies on papier de Hollande. As happened both in London and Paris, touring theatrical companies often used tennis courts as their temporary theatre, and so with the Mestayers Jeu de Paume court. Moliere and his company of actors opened at the theatre on 31st December 1643. Vitu has placed this now defunct court on the Rue Mazarine. He examines its changing ownership down the centuries recounting the various stages of development through which it went. This copy of the book is in good condition and has been inscribed by the author and signed. US$1200/£700

23: “MANCHESTER TENNIS AND RACQUET CLUB 1876-1980 (The)” by Nigel Kenyon et al; 1st edition of 1980 in large 8vo boards gilt decorated. One of the oldest clubs in England celebrates its centenary with an interesting history of the two games in Manchester. It is a club at which many prize matches were played in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This is in an edition of only 350 copies. US$435/£250

24: “MELBOURNE TO MYOPIA: Reflections on my visits to the Real Tennis Courts of the 20th Century” by George Limb; 1st standard edition of 2002; 170 pages in large 8vo hardboards, no dust-jacket issued. George has done what many Tennis players aspire to, in that he has visited 45 courts throughout the world and actually played on almost every one, recording his personal comments on each one. A real odyssey! US$130/£75

25 (A): “MORE THAN A YARD WORSE” by Jonathan Howell; 1st standard 8vo edition of 1995; 173 pages. This is a cheerful and amusing account of Jonathan’s career as a leading professional and competition player. He describes the entertaining characters he has met, the tournaments he has played and the courts where he coached and competed. He was pro at Bordeaux and is now pro at The Oratory School. US$130/£75

25 (B): “MORE THAN A YARD WORSE” by Jonathan Howell; 1st standard edition of 1995 in hardboards and dust-jacket; 173 pages. Otherwise as above. US$50/£30

26: “NATIONAL REAL TENNIS CALENDAR 2005 (The)”; large folio size with full-colour photographs of 13 of the British tennis courts, one for each month and one for the front cover. This is my last remaining copy and it makes a very attractive Tennis collectible. US$35/£20

27: “PELOTE BASQUE (Le): Son art, son secrets, ses regles”. French language paperback edition of 1974; 154 pages. Pelote is certainly one of the family of the jeu de paume games, possibly the fastest some might say. The book is nicely illustrated with black and white photographs of great players in action on various frontons. There are very few books on this amazing game. US$50/£30

28 (A): “PIERRE’S BOOK: The Game of Court Tennis” by Pierre Etchebaster; 1st USA edition of 1971; 78 pages; 4to in hardboards and pictorial dust-jacket; edited and introduced by George Plimpton. Pierre was undefeated World Champion from 1928 to 1954. This is an excellent coaching manual with clear court diagrams, especially for the server. His summary points at the end of each chapter are fun, all written in slightly pigeon English, reflecting his Basque origins. The last part of the book is a collection of personal compliments from some of his rivals, all of whom held him in great esteem. US$260/£150

28 (B): “PIERRE’S BOOK: The Game of Court Tennis” by Pierre Etchebaster; 1st USA edition of 1971; as above but this copy has been handsomely inscribed and signed by Etchebaster in his very characteristic hand-writing. Otherwise as above. US$525/£300

29: “PLAISIRS ET JEUX DEPUIS LES ORIGINES” by Gaston Vuiller; 1st French language edition of 1900; very large 4to paperback format with 270 plates and drawings in 344 pages; in an edition of 3300 numbered copies. This is one of the prettiest books I have ever offered. It is in a long line of magnificently produced French books which describes a wide range of sporting activities as played in France over the last few centuries, perhaps similar to the English Hoyles series. The book is profusely illustrated with a large number of stunning prints and engravings. Sports covered include games for the very young, field sports, card games, ball games including of course La Paume, dancing, croquet, board games, bull-fighting (!), and many others. There are several well known Paume images. In this copy there are still a few uncut pages; it is presented in its original glassine dust-jacket and then in a specially made book-box. For a very large paperback of this period, it is in very good condition. US$1400/£825

30 (A): “QUEEN’S CLUB STORY 1886-1986 (The)” by Roy McKelvie; standard edition of 1986; 306 pages; 4to in hardboards and decorative dust-jacket. This famous London club is the home of Tennis and Rackets. Many other sports have been played there and all are well documented and illustrated. I was pleased to have been asked to help write this book. There was a de luxe edition of only 50 copies in a slip-case. US$60/£35

30 (B): “QUEEN’S CLUB STORY 1886-1986 (The)” by Roy McKelvie; standard edition of 1986; 306 pages; 4to in hardboards and decorative dust-jacket. As above but this copy has been beautifully autographed internally by Boris Becker and Jimmy Connors. US$175/£100

31: “RACKETS, SQUASH-RACKETS, TENNIS, FIVES & BADMINTON”; The Lonsdale Library; 1st edition of 1933; 328 pages in hardboards and dust-jacket, externally photographically decorated. Edited by Lord Aberdare, this book takes up where “The Badminton Library” series left off in that it deals thoroughly with each of the so-called “minor racket sports”. Several distinguished exponents of each of these sports has written a study of their game including history, tactics, technique, and the laws of play. There are drawings of the courts, and many black and white photographs of the play. Each section was subsequently published individually. US$150/£80


Items 32 & 33

32: “RACQUET & TENNIS CLUB”. This is a range of Club Books issued annually by the Racquet & Tennis Club at 370 Park Avenue, New York. The books list the officers, the committees, and the members with their state of residence and year of joining. Then listed are the by-laws, rules of the club, and the roles of honour for the various sports played at the club. Each handbook is in hardboards in the club colours with crossed rackets (racquets) on the front board. Years for which I have examples are as follows: 1936, 1939, 1940, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1975, 2004.
Each edition is offered at US$35/£20. First preference will be given to a buyer for the entire list of 24 editions which is offered at US$750/£425

33: “RACQUET CLUB OF THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA (The)”. Club Books showing lists of Officers, Members, Charter and By-Laws. The Club emblem of crossed rackets within a shield is on the front cover. Here are editions for 1936 and 1940, each offered at US$50/£30

34 (A): “RACQUET GAME (The)” by Allison Danzig; 1st USA edition of 1930; 283 pages small 8vo hardboards (there is a very rare dustwrapper). Danzig was an excellent racket sports player and also a very astute observer and writer on these games. This is the most detailed study of the games of Court Tennis, Racquets, Squash Racquets, and Squash Tennis as played in North America upto 1930. There are many match reports and commentaries on the top players and their on-court characteristics. At page 52 there is a large fold-out photograph. US$435/£250

34 (B): “RACQUET GAME (The)” by Allison Danzig; 1st USA edition of 1930. This copy is in very good condition internally. The boards externally and the top of the spine bear some stains, possibly water. The price reflects the condition. US$200/£125

35 (A): “RACQUETS, TENNIS, & SQUASH” by Eustace Miles; 1st English edition of 1902 in the Isthmian Library series in attractive green boards, externally gilt decorated. In addition to the three title sports, there is a section on the little known (in the UK) sport of Squash-Tennis, which flourished at this time in the USA. Miles was a great coach in the UK and in the USA and was a world champion. The book has great photographic coaching shots, and he gives plenty of background on the sports at which he excelled. This is the first coaching book on these sports of the 20th century. US$700/£400

35 (B): “RACQUETS, TENNIS, & SQUASH” by Eustace Miles; 1st USA edition of 1903 in handsomely decorated green boards externally decorated with fine images of the three rackets/racquets used; 336 pages. Otherwise basically as above. US$700/£400

36: “RAILING TENNIS COLLECTION”: Christie’s South Kensington Auction Catalogue for Thursday 17th November 2005. This is the catalogue for the seminal sale of Tennis images, rackets, and books in the Railing Collection which was formed from the 1920’s onwards. The sale contained almost every great Tennis title and image, and was bid up to a total including premium of about US$520,000/£295,000. The catalogue is expertly researched and heavily illustrated and has now become a collectible Tennis item itself. US$35/£20

37: “REAL TENNIS” by Kathryn McNicoll; 1st paperback edition of 2005; 40 pages in small format 8vo paper covers. This is in the “Shire Book” series and is thus a brief and very informative pocket book on the game and its history. US$10/£5

38: “REAL TENNIS IN CAMBRIDGE: the first six hundred years” by Roger Morgan; 1st standard large format paperback edition of 2001; 60 pages. Morgan was one of the great Tennis history authorities and wrote several titles. He examines the history of various Cambridge courts through the ages, and there is a detailed honours list of half-blues. There was also a limited de luxe edition in hardboards. US$90/£50

39: “RECUIL DE PLANCHES SUR LES SCIENCES, LES ARTS LIBERAUX, ET LES ARTS MECHANIQUES…..” by MM Diderot et d’Alembert; the 8th volume of the set of 35 volumes published in 1771 in large format folio size in worn hard-boards. This will be the first time I have offered a complete volume in this set and this volume contains the entire pagination for the chapter called “Paumier” with 9 plates. This very rare volume has slight spine damage, and a tiny bit of water staining to plate 9. US$1750/£1000

40 (A): “ROYAL GAME (The)” compiled and edited by L. St. J. Butler and P. J. Wordie; 1st large 8vo edition of 1983 in hardboards and dust-jacket; 144 pages with a foreword by HRH Prince Edward, himself a keen player of Tennis. This is a compilation of mentions of Tennis in emblem books, with excellent reproductions of the images showing Tennis play and the accompanying text. Publication of this book was linked in to celebrate the 400 years of Tennis at the open court in Falkland Palace. US$60/£35

40 (B): “ROYAL GAME (The)” by L. St. J. Butler and P. J. Wordie; 1st large 8vo paperback edition of 1983; 144 pages. As above. US$45/£25

41: “ROYAL GAME OF TENNIS (The)” by Sir Anthony Hamilton, Bart; 1st paperback edition of 1973; 20 pages in small 8vo format.. This little booklet was published to recount some history of the Moreton Morrell Real Tennis court and club and also to raise funds by donation for the benefit of the retiring professional Ted Johnson. US$50/£30

42: “ROYAL TENNIS COURT (The): A History of Tennis at Hampton Court Palace” by David Best; 1st standard edition of 2002; 331 pages; large 4to format in hardboards and decorative dust-jacket. This is an exhaustive study of the game as played on the various courts which have existed at Hampton Court. There are many engravings, drawings and site-maps showing aspects of the courts. US$80/£45

43: “ROYAL TENNIS COURT HAMPTON COURT PALACE (The)” by Lord Aberdare and Tony Negretti; paperback edition of c1954; 12 pages in small 8vo This is amongst the first of the public service booklets published by the RTC to inform visiting members of the public what the game and the court were, and how the game was plated. There are several informative diagrams. US$35/£20

44: “ROYAL TENNIS FOR THE RECORD” by Michael Garnett; 1st edition (Australia) of 1991, 500 copies only; 110 pages in small 8vo format with pictorial front board gilt decorated. This was Mike Garnett’s second major Tennis title, and it is a most useful reference book, especially for collectors of Tennis literature. The book lists the courts in the world, player ranking lists, books on the game, and much more. US$175/£100

45: “RULES & PRINCIPLES OF TENNIS” by Pierre Barcellon; 1st standard edition English translation of 1987 by Sir Richard Hamilton, Bt.; 47 pages; small 8vo in hardboards and dust-jacket. Barcellon’s 1st French edition of 1800 is a prize all Tennis book collectors seek. Here his book is translated with his views on coaching, technique etc. It is all amazingly like the modern game of today. US$35/£20

46 (A): “SCAINO ON TENNIS” by Antonio Scaino da Salo; 1st English translation by P. Kershaw of 1951; 319 pages in small almost 12mo red hardboards. This was the first translation with notes by P.A. Negretti in an edition of only 250 numbered copies signed by him. US$525/£300

46 (B): “SCAINO ON TENNIS” by Antonio Scaino da Salo; 2nd English translation by P.A. Negretti in a Library edition (100 numbered copies only) of 1984; 200 pages in large 4to format in gilt decorated boards, all page edges gilt, presented in a card slip-case, no dust-jacket issued. This revised English translation, after the first translation in 1951, presents each page of the 1555 Scaino immediately adjacent to its new English translation, making following the Italian text much easier. There was also a standard edition of 400 copies. US$435/£250

46 (C): “TRATTATO DEL GIOUCCO DELLA PALLA” by Antonio Scaino da Salo; facsimile edition of 1968 in an edition of 500 copies in a card slip-case, the book in brown ¾ morocco boards internally marbled. This is a very little known edition & extremely hard to find. US$875/£500

47: “SPORTS ET JEUX D’ADRESSE” by Henri Rene d’Allemagne; large folio French language paperback edition of 1903 in ¾ brown morocco boards, the paper covers bound in; 382 pages, with more than 300 engravings of sporting activities and 29 full page engravings in colour. This is another of those excellent French titles discussing and describing a very wide range of sporting activities in France. These include Le Jeu de Paume and Le Jeu de la Balle. In this copy, the front cover is loose and the front hinge is cracked. A little restoration needed. US$875/£500


Items 48, 31, 60 & 09

48: “STORY OF TENNIS (The)” by Lord (Morys) Aberdare; 1st edition of 1959; 180 pages in hardboards and original decorative dust-jacket (small 8vo). This was Lord Aberdare’s first major tennis history wherein he describes Real Tennis and how eventually it gave birth to Lawn Tennis. He told me that this book was indeed the precursor to his later major works “The Willis Faber Book of Tennis & Rackets” and its successor the “J.T. Faber Book of Tennis & Rackets”. This copy of “The Story of Tennis” is inscribed, dated June 1967, and signed “from Morys”. US$165/£95

49 (A): “TENNIS: A Cut Above the Rest” by Chris Ronaldson; de luxe library edition of 1985 of 100 copies, signed by the author; 176 pages; small 8vo in leather boards and gilt page edges. The Royal Tennis Court Professional and World Champion has written the most upto date coaching manual and biography of his playing life; very well illustrated with court diagrams. US$450/£250

49 (B): “TENNIS: A Cut Above the Rest” by Chris Ronaldson; 4th edition of 1999; 176 pages; small 8vo in hardboards and dust-jacket in an edition of 500 copies. Otherwise as above. US$45/£25

50: “TENNIS AND OXFORD” by Jeremy Potter; 1st edition of 1994; 152 pages in 8vo hardboards and dust-jacket. There has been a Tennis court at Oxford since 1450, and this book celebrates the 400th anniversary of Tennis in Merton Street. Potter describes Tennis at the various courts in the city through the ages. There was also a de luxe edition of 100 copies. US$45/£25

51: “TENNIS & RACKETS ASSOCIATION RECORDS” as at 1948; 28 pages in A4 paperback format. Listing the record of major Tennis and Rackets championships played in England since 1867 (Tennis) and 1820 (Rackets). This is an essential reference work, though all these details can be found updated in Lord Aberdare’s two major titles. The two centre pages list the 42 real tennis courts in the British Isles. US$175/£100

52: “TENNIS IN NEDERLAND TUSSEN 1500 EN 1800” by Cees de Bondt; 1st Dutch language edition of 1993; 179 pages in 8vo paperback. The story of the game of Tennis as it was played through the centuries in Holland; illustrated with many engravings and photographs. US$50/£30

53 (A): “TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES”; the Badminton Library; 1st edition of 1890; 484 pages in decorative brown boards; small 8vo. Part of a series of books on field and athletic sports, this excellent four part volume deals with each of the four racket sports as to history, derivation, the court, the implements, the laws, some hints on play, records of major matches etc, and it is illustrated with engravings by Lucien Davis. Tennis is by J.M. Heathcote, Lawn Tennis by C.G. Heathcote, Rackets by E.O. Pleydell-Bouverie, and Fives by A.C. Ainger. US$260/£150

53 (B): ”TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES”; the Badminton Library; 2nd edition of 1891; 484 pages in cloth and leather (de luxe binding); with additions and corrections. This is a particularly rare edition. US$235/£135

53 (C): “TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS; RACKETS; FIVES”; the Badminton Library as above; 3rd edition of 1894; 488 pages; with additions and corrections. US$235/£135

53 (D): “TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES”; the Badminton Library as above; 4th edition of 1897; 488 pages; with later additions, corrections and amendments. US$235/£135

53 (E): “TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES”; the Badminton Library as above; revised edition 1903; 491 pages. US$220/£125

54 (A): “TENNIS ORIGINS AND MYSTERIES” by Malcolm D. Whitman; 1st edition of 1932 (450 copies only); 258 pages; large 8vo in original gilt decorated boards. This book looks at the terms used in Tennis and describes their meaning and derivation. The second and third sections are large bibliographies of Tennis and Lawn Tennis, albeit upto 1932. This rare title was originally issued in a glassine dustwrapper. US$1500/£875

54 (B): “TENNIS ORIGINS AND MYSTERIES” by Malcolm D. Whitman; 1st edition of 1932. Otherwise as above but this copy has been signed by the author, whose signature is extremely rare. He was one of the top Lawn Tennis players in the USA at the end of the 19th century, and truly a giant in his own country. US$2950/£1750

54 (C): “TENNIS ORIGINS AND MYSTERIES” by Malcolm D. Whitman; reprinted paperback edition of 2004; 166 pages, but these later reprinted editions do not include the bibliographies. US$90/£50


Items 55 & 42

55: “TENNIS PLAYERS (The): from pagan rites to strawberries and cream” by Tom Todd; 1st standard edition (500 copies only) of 1979; 240 pages in large 4to hardboards and dust-jacket. Todd was an early collector of tennis collectibles and left his collection to the Wimbledon Museum where it formed the nucleus of their holdings. This is probably the best account of how Real Tennis eventually gave birth to the infant Lawn Tennis and maybe not quite as you had been taught to accept. Wingfield was by no means the only one experimenting with a rudimentary form of the game in the 1860’s and the 1870’s. This book also has a list of the known copies of the various editions of Wingfield’s rules booklet for Sphairistike, which totalled 15 at that time, but this list has now been expanded to around 25 copies. US$875/£500

56: “TENNIS, RACKETS, FIVES” by Julian Marshall, Major J. Spens, and J.S. Arnan Tait; 1st edition of 1890; 105 pages in small format hardboards externally decorated; note that the boards are rather faded and worn externally. Each of the three sports is covered as to history, the court and the laws, definitions, and hints to beginners. The price reflects the condition of the boards; internally very good. I believe that this book contains the first code of Rackets/Racquets that has been published for public consumption. US$875/£500

57 (A): “TENNIS: The Development of the European Ball Game” by Roger Morgan; 1st de luxe library large 4to edition (100 copies only) of 1995; 259 pages in leather hardboards and dust-jacket; all page edges gilt; with a foreword by HRH The Prince Edward. Morgan has identified and described many forms of ball play across the centuries as played by the citizens of almost every country in Europe. He illustrates his book with many elderly photographs of a variety of courts; a book for the serious student of ball games. US$225/£125

57 (B): “TENNIS: The Development of the European Ball Game” by Roger Morgan; 1st standard large 4to edition of 1995; 259 pages in hardboards and dust-jacket. Otherwise this edition is exactly as the de luxe edition. US$50/£30

58 (A): “TENNIS WITH REAL ATTITUDE: the lighter side of five centuries of Tennis” compiled by Richard Seymour Mead, and with a foreword by Tim Henman; 1st small format paperback edition of 2005. This little compilation of amusing tennis orientated cartoons was put together to celebrate the centenary of Tennis played at Moreton Morrell. US$25/£15

58 (B): “TENNIS WITH REAL ATTITUDE: the lighter side of five centuries of Tennis”. This copy has been autographed by Roger Federer (Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Champion), Robert Fahey (World Real Tennis Champion), and Chris Ronaldson, (former World Real Tennis Champion and Professional at the Royal Tennis Court). The book was signed in June 2005 on the occasion of a visit by Roger Federer. US$430/£250

59: “THEATRE DES BONS ENIGINS (Le)” , (and) “LA MOROSOPHIE” by Guillaume de la Perriere; 1993 facsimile of two emblem books of c1550; in red boards the two books together in one volume. Volume 1 contains a splendid emblem of a tennis match. US$130/£75

60: “TREATISE ON THE ROYAL GAME OF TENNIS” by de Manivieux; first published in French in 1783, this book is now translated into English, and was published in August 2004 in Melbourne by Mike Garnett. I have only seen 2 copies of the first French edition, but historically speaking, it is one of the most important books on Tennis (Le Jeu de Paume), as it describes in great detail the state of the game as at the mid-eighteenth century in France, when it was at its most popular. The print run of this new translation was limited to 350 copies only. It is very well illustrated and is presented in plush green boards externally gilt decorated. A de luxe edition (already fully subscribed) of only 50 copies is planned. The author (de Manivieux not Garnett!) sadly lost his head during the French Revolution! US$130/£75

61 (A): “TUDOR TENNIS: A Miscellany” by Roger Morgan; 1st large 4to format de luxe edition (edition of 50 copies only); 2001; 175 pages in hardboards and dust-jacket; signed by the author, all page edges gilt. Morgan was a great expert on medieval Tennis, and here he concentrates on the Elizabethan era. His book is filled with ancient town plans showing equally ancient and now defunct Tennis courts, and there are many engravings, drawings and photographs. US$220/£125

61 (B): “TUDOR TENNIS: A Miscellany” by Roger Morgan; 1st large 4to format standard edition of 2001. Otherwise as above. US$45/£25

62: “TWO CENTURIES OF REAL TENNIS” by John Shneerson; 1st standard edition of 1997 in an issue of only 300 copies; 86 pages in 8vo format hardboards and dust-jacket. This is a well researched history of the old Real Tennis court at Newmarket in Suffolk which spent many years as a repair garage and then a few years ago was bought and renovated by a small band of enthusiastic tennis players. It is a delightful story of endeavour and eventual success. There was also a library edition of only 50 copies. US$130/£75

63 (A): “WILLIS FABER BOOK OF TENNIS & RACKETS (The)” by Lord Aberdare; 1st de luxe edition of 1980 in large 4to blue leather hardboards and card slip-case; 368 pages in an edition of 250 numbered copies signed by the author. Here is Lord Aberdare’s first major work on Tennis and Rackets, providing a century by century history of both sports, and then a report and photograph from every Tennis and Rackets/Racquets club in the world. Finally the book contains an exhaustive record of championships both amateur and professional. This book was updated and revised for publication in 2001 as seen below. US$1300/£750

63 (B): “WILLIS FABER BOOK OF TENNIS & RACKETS (The)” by Lord Aberdare; 1st standard edition of 1980 in large 4to hardboards and dust-jacket; 368 pages. Otherwise as above. US$260/£150

63 (C): “J.T FABER BOOK OF TENNIS & RACKETS (The)” by Lord Aberdare; de luxe edition of 2001 in an edition of 150 numbered copies; 415 pages; large 4to in green leatherette boards externally gilt decorated with internally marbled boards; all page edges gilt; contained in a green card slip case. This is Lord Aberdare’s updated and revised book, originally published in 1980 as “The Willis Faber Book of Tennis and Rackets”. It is the authoritative history of both games through the ages, and contains rewritten and updated chapters on every club and court in the world. The record of championships has been brought up to date as at 2001, and it is full of fascinating historical detail. US$850/£500

63 (D): “J.T.FABER BOOK OF TENNIS & RACKETS (The)” by Lord Aberdare; standard edition of 2001 in green boards and green and gilt decorated dust-jacket. Otherwise as above. US$90/£50

64: “WINNING GALLERY (The): Court Tennis Matches and Memories” by Alison Danzig; 1st USA edition of 1985; 347 pages in green simulated morocco decorated hardboards. The history of Tennis in the USA written as a follow-up to his earlier title of the 1930’s “The Racquet Game”. This excellent book also contains tables of the USA championships at racket sports. US$220/£125

65: “YOUNG SPORTSMAN (The)” edited by E.T. Watson; edition of 1900; 661 pages in large format 8vo in red (slightly stained) external boards the front board gilt decorated. This is a massive compendium of every type of athletic and field sport enjoyed by young men of the late Victorian era. It is illustrated with many “how-to-do-it” photographs. Rackets is covered by E.O.P. Bouverie at pages 447 to 454, and Tennis is covered by G.E.A. Ross at pages 602 to 615. The laws of both games are listed in full. The book is a little worn internally with a small amount of spine eased; it is however a little known contribution to the bibliography of both sports, not previously seen by me. US$260/£150


66: “ART OF TENNIS 1874-1940 (The)” compiled by Gary H. Schwartz; 1st large format paperback edition of 1990; 171 pages. See many examples of racket sports art in magazine covers, newspaper and billboard advertising placards, and postcards. US$45/£25

67: “BOOK OF TENNIS RACKETS” compiled by Siegfried Kuebler; English edition of 2000; 635 pages in large 4to format hardboards and dust-jacket. Siggy’s vast racket museum in Germany is now illustrated. There are 1000’s of colour photos; each manufacturer is listed in A-Z order, and their rackets are listed in year of manufacture order. This is the authoritative reference book for racket collectors. US$115/£65

68: “BOOK OF TENNIS RACKETS, UPDATE 2004” by Siegfried Kuebler; large 4to paperback of 120 pages. Its title says exactly what it is, that is to say Siggy’s updating supplement to the item above. It is full of full colour photographs of recent acquisitions. US$60/£35

69: “RACKET SPORTS COLLECTIBLES” by Bob Everitt; 1st large format edition of 2002; 304 pages in hardboards and dust-jacket. This massive work describes in detail a huge range of collectibles, including books, magazines, programmes, ephemera, games, cigarette/tobacco cards, postcards, playing equipment, ceramics, glassware, silver, metal-ware, and jewellery. There are over 1000 colour photographs and each is supported by a descriptive text. Each item is dated and given an estimated market valuation. US$85/£50

70: “SPORT AND THE ARTIST: Volume 1 Ball Games” compiled by Mary Ann Wingfield; 1st edition of 1988; 359 pages in large 4to format; hardboards and dust-jacket. This is a substantial book which reviews a wide range of artists and images across nineteen categories of ball sports, and the racket sports are well represented. There are more pictures of Rackets and Real Tennis than you might think. US$60/£35

71: “TENNIS ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES” by Jeanne Cherry; 1st USA edition of 1995; 200 pages in large 4to format paperback. This is mainly a photographic record of Jeanne’s fabulous tennis antiques collection. It has a huge number of colour photographs of the complete range including rackets, ball cans, fashion, ceramics, silver, books, ephemera, and so on. US$50/£30

72: “TENNIS BIBLIOGRAPHY 1874-2000” compiled by Frank Phelps and Gordy Sabine; 1st large format edition of 2004; 377 pages; no dust-jacket issued. This marvellous source of information for the tennis collector lists over 3200 English language tennis titles in four ways, first A-Z order of author, second category of book (biography, history, novel etc), third A-Z order of title, and fourth year of publication order. This book does not profess to cover Real/Court Tennis, but there is some minor cross-over. Nor does it list books in languages other than English. US$130/£75


73: “SPORTS BESTIARY (A)” by George Plimpton with drawings by Arnold Roth; 1st USA edition of 1982’ 102 pages in large 4to hardboards and dust-jacket. I met George once at Wimbledon and found him a delightful companion in the bar. This book is a series of USA sports terminology each illustrated with outrageous cartoons demonstrating the various terms. These include for example “The Hanging Curve”, “The Gipper”, “The Two-Bagger”, “The Suicide Squeeze”, “The Reverse Lay-up” and so on, none of which means anything to us this side of the pond! US$45/£30



Items 17(B), 77, 76, 75 & 78

74: “TENNIS AND RACKETS/RACQUETS AUTOGRAPHS OF GREAT CHAMPIONS FROM THE LATE 19TH CENTURY” This is a collection of 4 sheets (15cm x 9.5cm) from an autograph book which I date around 1910/1915. It is amazing to learn that even then there were autograph hunters and that this particular individual haunted the Tennis courts of London seeking out the great champions. He was very fortunate in that he managed to approach some truly legendary players and champions; next to each signature is a short resume of each of the player’s major achievements. These are described below. Autographs of Wimbledon Champions of this era fetch anything from US$875/£500 upwards. Those listed below can be considered to be exceptionally rare. The sheets are offered (initially as one collection) at US$4375/£2500

74 (A): SHEET 1:
Percy Ashworth Amateur Rackets Champion 1890, Ditto in the Doubles with W.C. Hedley 1890, E.L. Metcalfe 1891, and H.K. Foster 1896-7-9-1900. Cambridge University Singles 1890-1, Doubles 1890.
E M Baerlein Amateur Rackets Champion 1903-05-08-09. Doubles 1902-04-05 with E.H. Miles and 1909 with P. Ashworth. Cambridge Univ. Singles 1901-02. Tennis University Singles 1899-1900-01-02. Doubles 1900-01-02
C.I. Feldon Manchester Tennis Court since 1887
Jamsetji. M. Marker Bombay India Parsee Rackets Champion of the World 1903 to 1911
Also on this sheet E.R. Voigt, J.C. English, and Ed. Owen, famous athletes.

74 (B): SHEET 2:
James T. Fennell Tennis and Racquets Marker at Lords MCC
Peter W. Latham Professional Racquets Champion 1887 to 1902 and Professional Tennis Champion 1895 to 1903. The Greatest of all the Worlds Champions
Henry C. Lambert Tennis Coach at Lords MCC
John H. Fennel Racquets Coach at Lords MCC

74 (C): SHEET 3:
R.C.E. Dickinson, Oxford Tennis Player The University
C. “Punch” Fairs Professional Tennis Champion of the World American
Eustace Miles (The Renowned Food Expert) Amateur Tennis Champion 1899 to 1903, 1905-06 and 1909. Gold Medal 1897 to 1899, 1901 to 1906 and 1908-09. Won International Match England v America in 1900 and 1906.
G.F. Covey Tennis Player with the Hon. A. Lyttleton Tennis Champion of the World

74 (D): SHEET 4:
George Lambert Professional Tennis Champion of the World 1871 to 1885
Also on this sheet are John Roberts (The Billiard Champion), Billy Meredith (Welsh International Association Footballer), and others.

75: “BADMINTON AND RACQUET CLUB OF TORONTO”: This is a small ceramic bowl, marked “Minton Bone China Made in England”. It measures 7.75cm across at the widest point, and 6.5cm high. It is white china with the club’s logo of crossed rackets on one face, and similar coloured stripe around the top rim. It is in perfect condition, and the date is likely to be early to mid 1900’s. US$75/£40

76: “VICTORIAN PAIR OF SILVER PLATED TROPHIES FOR TENNIS AND FIVES”. A matching pair of silver plated trophy cups each awarded to E.E.S. Utterton. The first was awarded when at Winchester College for the “House Fives Doubles 1895” and the second was awarded for “New College Tennis Singles Handicap 1897”. The trophies measure 12.75cm high and are in good condition. US$260/£150

77: “VICTORIAN GLASS NEGATIVE PHOTO OF REAL TENNIS PLAYER”. When I first saw this delightful little item, I assumed it was a black and white photograph of a Tennis player, sat on a chair, half-length wearing a suit and carrying a tilt-headed square-shafted racket across his body. I think I recognise the face but at present can’t put a name to him. But having taken it out of its plush velvet lined frame, I find that it is not a photo as such, rather it is a glass negative containing the photo, and behind it is a dark card which gives it its colouring. The overall dimensions of the frame (which has a similar sized hinged cover) measure 8cm x 9cm, the external faces being profusely decorated with carved floral garlands and decorations. The two halves clip together with delicate but original hooks and eyes. It is all in very good condition and has the bonus that you might recognise the player. US$435/£250

78: “VICTORIAN SILVER PLATED TENNIS RACKET TOAST-RACK”. This is an excellent example of the racket sports toast-rack, and we have seen them with rackets for Lawn Tennis. Real Tennis and even Rackets/Racquets. (see the item below). The date will be around 1895/1905, the seven double sets of crossed rackets are all fish-tails and the middle pair is surmounted with a circular ring-handle. The toast-rack is set into a dark wood base and the feet also in silver plate are fixed to the base. The whole item is in excellent condition. At Christie’s sale on 17th November, a damaged version of this item sold for US$575/£330. This lovely condition item is offered at US$750/£425

79: “VICTORIAN SILVER PLATED RACKETS/RACQUETS TOAST-RACK”. This is unique as far as I am concerned, unless you know of another example. It is a toast-rack but with Rackets/Racquets rackets set into seven pairs and similar to the above item, save for the fact that there is no wood base. Unusually, whereas the rackets are usually set with their handles intersecting across the toast-rack, these rackets are set side to side, with racket heads facing out to the side, the racket handle ends touching at the top. The middle pair is surmounted with a circular ring-handle. Even more unusually the toast-rack has an egg-cup set at either end on an extension platform. It is believed this item dates from the mid-1870’s. The whole item is stood up on four legs as opposed to ball feet, and at the top of each leg there is set a ball. It measures about 23cm in length.
This exceptional and most rare item is in splendid condition and is offered at US$4800/£2750


80: “M. EDMOND BARRE, ANCIEN PAUMIER DE LA COUR DE FRANCE c1885”. An engraving probably taken from a French magazine and this image is a famous image of Edmond Barre in tennis clothes leaning against a the base of a pillar, his racket in his hand and two tennis balls on the floor. This is in its original uncoloured state, mounted/matted. The image measures 15cm x 18.5cm. US$260/£150

81: “RACKETS (at the King’s Bench Prison);” drawn & Etched by Theodore Lane; published by Chas. Hunt 18 Tavistock St(reet), Cov(ent) Garden in the late 18th century. This is an early impression of the rackets game which, in the 18th century, was mainly restricted to the King’s Bench and Fleet prisons. (See Christies South Kensington sale catalogue for 17th November 2005 lot 14). Image size is 30cm x 22.5cm and this is mounted/matted, framed and glazed. This is coloured and I suggest it is likely to be original colouring, as issued. US$435/£250

82: “TIME BADLY EMPLOYED” a series of 5 small vignettes drawings depicting “time”, namely “summer time”, “winter time”, “time badly spent”, “time was”, and “time is”. These are lovely little drawings, and “time is” depicts a disconsolate debtor strolling round the prison yard with a game of rackets going on in the background. The date is approximately 1800. The image embracing the five vignettes measures 27.5cm x 22cm and this is mounted/matted, framed and glazed. This is in its original uncoloured state. US$350/£200

83: “THE PLAYER WHO ASKED FOR A LET AT MATCH POINT”. A life-size reproduction of a cartoon drawn in 1964 by H.M. Bateman. The cartoon in colour shows a crowded Rackets/Racquets court gallery with four players on court in various forms of agitated action at match point as one player asks for what is clearly a ridiculous let. The crowded gallery dissolves into outrageous hysteria in a manner which is absolutely typical of Bateman’s style. The proceeds of the sale of this image are in aid of the Young Professionals Fund and the Old Etonian Racquets and Tennis Club, and the image measuring 29cm x 39.5cm will be delivered rolled into a postal tube. US$70/£40

84: “A WHISTLING SHOP. Tom & Jerry visiting Logic on board the Fleet”. An original coloured engraving c1830 showing Tom and Jerry entering a gin house with all sorts of unsavoury characters around, Tom (?) with tennis rackets under his arm. The image measures 19.5cm x 12.5cm and it is mounted/matted. It is in extremely good clean condition. US$350/£200

85: “LOGIC visiting his old acquaintances on board the FLEET, accompanied by Tom and Jerry to play a Match of Rackets with Sir John Blubber, The fat knight floored!. An original coloured engraving c1830 showing Tom and jerry playing a Rackets match within the walls of the Fleet Debtors’ prison, with an enthusiastic audience of slackers in attendance. The image measures 19.5cm x 13.5cm and it is mounted/matted. It is in extremely good clean condition. US$350/£200

86: “HAND FIVES” and PREPARING TO SERVE, RACQUETS”. Two original engravings which I believe have been taken out of William Patten’s folio title “The Book of Sport” published in the USA in 1901. These are better described as vignettes in that whereas they are on A4/4to sized paper, they are quite small views, from behind of two players on the Fives court, and another player preparing to serve at Racquets. On the reverse sides are photographs of Edward La Montagne and Lawrence M. Stockton, the latter being winner of the National Championship for racquets, 1896, 1898, 1899. Both pages are in very good condition. US$100/£60

87: “STROKES OF LONGUE PAUME c1895”. This is an original engraving from 1932 showing the main strokes as used in the little known game of La Longue Paume as played in north-east France and parts of Belgium. The game is still played in those regions. The ten images on this engraving are by Uzalac, and they are taken from a book called “Petit Manuel de la Longue Paume” of 1891.The technique of play is quite unlike that as used in Tennis as the rather upright images show. This item is loose and ready for matting, and measures 23cm x 31cm. US$175/£100

88: “SPORTSMAN’S BOOK FOR INDIA (The)” edited by F.G. Aflalo; 1st edition of 1904; 567 pages in beautiful red boards externally decorated with a crouching tiger in gilt., top page edges gilt. This is mostly a book wqhich deals with the hunting, shooting and fishing habits of the mainly British military who had huge opportunities for wild game. But amongst the sports played there were also opportunities to play Rackets/Racquets in a number of “up-country stations”. From pages 516 to 519 are interesting facts about the games there, where “lawn” was dropped from lawn tennis, since grass was such a rarity. Calcutta had two courts, and Bombay and Murree are also named as court locations. Also mentioned is the great Parsee champion Jamsetjee whose autograph can be found at item 74 (A). Very good condition. US$260/£150

89: “HOUSE ON SPORT (The)” edited by W.A. Morgan; 1st edition of 1898; 470 pages in lavish red boards with black and gold writing and decorations; large 8vo format. This is a series of long articles by various prominent members of the London Stock Exchange describing the wide variety of field and athletic sports in which the members and their families were involved. Rackets/Racquets and Tennis are dealt with extensively by several leading players at the end of the 19th century, and the articles are illustrated with black and white photographs. US$235/£135


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