Newsletter 61 - March 2006
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INTRODUCTION: In my world, the last few months have almost exclusively been taken up by preparing for the Railing Tennis Collection auction at Christie’s on 17th November, and then coping with the aftermath of delivering a range of quite large-priced books around the world. I was pleased to be asked to proof-read the catalogue, so any mistakes can be marked down to me! The sale was a marvellous occasion for serious tennis collectors.

*** The Lawn Tennis side has been quieter, although the Masters’ event at the Royal Albert Hall in early December saw substantial demand for books from a Christmas-buying public. Now here we are in March already and looking forward to summer season with my usual event plans now finalised.

*** The Wimbledon Championships take place later than normal this year running from Monday 26th June through to Sunday 9th July. Quite clearly there will be a high degree of Murray-mania amongst the British tennis supporters. The press hype will be enormous, but let’s all be reasonable!

*** This Newsletter 61 follows the publication of Newsletter 60 in February. Newsletter 60 dealt solely with books and other items related to Tennis (Real, Royal, Court), Racquets/Rackets, and Fives, and it was only published for e-mail access. Let me know if you would like a hard copy in the post.

CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS: Here in the UK, we have strengthened security systems around credit card transactions in that with immediate effect, the three figure security code on the signature side must be included with other details when ordering. Be prepared for me to ask!


  Item 52
For those of you who prefer to browse the shelves in person when buying books, rather than buying through the mail, you can find The Tennis Bookshop on exhibition at the following major tennis events:
Apr 25th to 29th: At The Oratory Real Tennis Club, Reading for the World Real Tennis Championship.
Jun 12th to 18th: At The Queen’s Club, London for the Stella Artois Men’s Championship on grass.
Jun 19th to 24th: At Devonshire Park, Eastbourne for the Hastings Direct Ladies’ Championship on grass.
Dec 05th to 10th: At The Royal Albert Hall, London for the Masters’ Championship.

The first week of December 2005 was a very busy and indeed frenetic week with two sessions of play a day, so the RAH was full of tennis fans from midday to midnight. We had the good fortune of the non-stop company and cooperation of both Ilie Nastase and Alan Mills, and both were in constant heavy demand for personal dedications in their excellent books.

Bonham’s, a London auction house, has announced that on 21 June, it will be offering for sale Bjorn Borg;’s 5 replica Wimbledon trophies in one lot at a presale estimate of £200,000/US$350,000. Borg is also offering for sale two Donny rackets (now unstrung), one of which he used in the 1976 final against Ilie Nastase and the other in the epic 1980 final against John McEnroe, each with a presale estimate of £15,000/US$25,000. It seems s;ightly odd to offer the trophies as one huge lot, but that might appeal to an institution, whereas splitting them into 5 lots might broaden the appeal. We shall see.

01: “ATP/WTA PLAYER GUIDE 2006”, or as it is now known “2006 Official Guide to Professional Tennis”. Here it is again as an amalgamated volume for the two Associations together. ATP has 379 pages, whereas WTA has 400 pages. The book has a huge number of player biogs, all with colour photos, lifetime player records, prize money earnings, personal profiles, ranking progress, and much more. A must have book for fans. £25/US$45


02: “A Necessary Spectacle, Billie Jean King, Bobby Riggs” by Selena Roberts; 2005; 272 pages.

03: “Bad News For McEnroe, Blood, Sweat, and Backhands with John, Jimmy, Ilie, Ivan, Bjorn, and Vitas” by Bill Scanlon; 2004; 228 pages.

04: “Borg Versus McEnroe: The Greatest Rivalry, The Greatest Match” by Malcolm Folley; 2005; 214 pages.

05: “Boris Becker The Player” by Robert Lubenoff and Helmut Sorge; 2004; 306 pages.

06: “Capital Tennis: A Memoir” by Allie Ritzenberg; 2004; 201 pages.

07: “Double Fault My Rise and Fall, and My Road Back” by Roscoe Tanner and Mike Yorkey; 2005; 227 pages.

08: “I’ve Got Your Back: Coaching Top Performers from Center Court to the Corner Office” by Brad Gilbert; 2004; 217 pages.

09: “Mr. Nastase: Talented, Tempestuous and Totally Outrageous” by Debbie Beckerman; 2004; 384 pages.

10: “Jimmy Connors Saved My Life: A Personal Biography” by Joel Drucker; 2004; 276 pages.

11: “Tennis Confidential: Today’s Greatest Players, Matches, and Controversies” by Paul Fein; 2002; 319 pages.

12: “The Agassi Story” by Mike Agassi with Cobello and Welsh; 2004; 177 pages.

13: “The Rivals: Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova, Their Epic Duels and Extraordinary Friendship” by Johnette Howard; 2005; 296 pages.

14: “Tie-Break! Justine Henin-Hardenne, Tragedy & Triumph” by Mark Ryan; 2004; 225 pages.

15: “Tim Henman: England’s Finest” by Simon Felstein; 2005; 295 pages.


16: “A Handful of Summers” by Gordon Forbes; 1997; 330 pages in paper covers. Quite the funniest tennis book!


  Items 21 22 23 24 27 28
17: “A Little History of Tennis” by John Crace; 1997; 60 pages in small format hardboards and dust-jacket; this is for children!

18: “Les Dessous du Tennis Feminin” by Nathalie Tauziat; 2001; 214 pages in paper covers, written in French.

19: “Roma 75 Anni Dopo….1930-2005” by Ubaldo Scanagatta; 2005; 112 pages in paper covers.

20: “Tennis Is Mental” by Stephen Renwick; 2005; 50 pages in small format paper covers; this is for children!

21: “Tennis’s Strangest Matches" by Peter Seddon; extraordinary but true stories from over a century of tennis; 2001; 276 pages in paper covers.

22: “The Ballad of Worple Road” by Max Robertson; 1997; 128 pages in hardboards and dust-jacket. Signed by Max Robertson.

23: “The Language of Tennis” by Ossian Shine; 2003; 160 pages in paper covers.

24: “Venus & Serena: Serving from the Hip” by Hilary Bear; 2005; 133 pages in paper covers.

25: “Wimbledon Compendium 2004” by Alan Little; 468 pages in paper covers. 26: “Wimbledon Compendium 2005” by Alan Little; 480 pages.

27: “Wimbledon Facts, Figures & Fun” by Cameron Brown; 2005; 96 pages in hardboards and dust-jacket.

28: “Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Champions 1884-2004” by John Barrett and Alan Little; 2005; 134 pages in paper covers.

29: “Winning Ugly: Mental Warfare in Tennis, Lessons from a Master” by Brad Gilbert; 1994; 228 pages in paper covers.

30: “You Can Quote Me On That: Greatest Tennis Quips, Insights, and Zingers” by Paul Fein; 2005; 270 pages in paper covers.


31: ATP Player Guides 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002. 32: Davis Cup Media Guides 1996, 1998. each at £5/US$10

33: Federation Cup Media Guides 1996, 1998. 34: WTA Player Guides 1993, 1999, 2001, 2002. each at £5/US$10

35: Maria Sharapova Calendar 2006 with 12 stunning colour photos of la Sharapova on and off the court. £10/US$15

36: Stamp Sheets from Grenadines & St. Vincent, each with 20 stamps of Ilie Nastase and Chris Evert. each at £5/US$10

37: Wimbledon Order of Play Card for 6th July 2002 signed by Lleyton Hewitt. £20/US$35

38: Lawn Tennis Association Centenary, first day cover franked 22 Match 1988; envelope signed by Barry Cowan. £10/US$15

39: Tennis Week Magazines; a selection of 33 issues from March 2004 to January 2006. For sale as one lot at £50/US$85


I know how much many customers like to collect tennis titles signed by the great players, and other famous figures in the game’s history. Here is probably the best selection I have ever been able to offer. All these titles are 1st editions in hardboards with dust-jacket, and all are in very good condition. Every signed copy I offer is fully guaranteed as to authenticity. Most of these signatories are singles and/or doubles Wimbledon Champions.


  Item 40 - J B Priestley's Personal Monogram
40: “ANGEL PAVEMENT: The Works of J.B. Priestley”; 1st edition of 1931; 613 pages in small 8vo boards, internally decorated with Priestley’s personal monogram. This copy is inscribed internally: “To Helen Wills Moody with J.B. Priestley’s best wishes June 1933”. £250/US$425

41: “ARTHUR ASHE: Portrait in Motion” with Frank Deford; 1st USA edition of 1975; 272 pages 8vo. This was written just after his historic Wimbledon win over Jimmy Connors and it is in expanded diary format, written over one year as he went round the circuit from event to event. He declares his fears and doubts, and records his triumphs interspersed with the occasional defeat. Ashe inscribed and signed the title page. £150/US$250

42: “BIGGER THAN LIFE: The Last Great Amateur, A Biography of Francis X. Shields” by William X. Shields; 1st USA edition of 1986; 204 pages 8vo. I suppose Shields is chiefly known as the only player to scratch from the Men’s Singles Final at Wimbledon, conceding to Sydney Wood in 1931 because of injury. Shields also had amazing good looks on his side and became a major celebrity in the 1930’s. In the 1970’s, Richard Laade of Chicago set out to accumulate cards signed by all the great tennis players; included is a card signed & dated by Frank Shields. £60/US$100

43: “COURT HUSTLER” by Bobby Riggs with George McGann; 1st USA edition of 1973; 203 pages 8vo. Here is the second of Riggs’ autobiographies, this one written after the notorious ‘love matches’ against Margaret Smith, whom he beat, and Billie Jean King who gained revenge for the women by keeping Riggs on the move. There is not much here about the equally notorious 1939 triple Wimbledon win, especially the Men’s Singles about which much has been written. He has inscribed and signed this copy and dated it July 1 1995, only a few months before his death. £100/US$175

44: “DON BUDGE: A Tennis Memoir” with Frank Deford; 1st USA edition of 1969; 184 pages 8vo. Not published in the UK, this is the story of a brilliant USA tennis player from the 1930’s, who won the first Grand Slam and then turned professional, forming part of one of the all-time great touring groups, who staged probably 1000’s of evening exhibitions all over the USA and further afield. This copy has a lengthy inscription related to the text on the front end paper, not in Budge’s hand; but Budge has inscribed and signed the title page, dating it 7/26/69, the date of publication. £100/US$175

45: “EDUCATION OF A TENNIS PLAYER (The)” by Rod Laver with Bud Collins; 1st USA edition of 1971; 318 pages 8vo. Written just after his best tennis moments in which he became perhaps the best male player in memory, but still with plenty of professional life ahead. Mostly biographical, but Rod also puts in lots of coaching advice illustrated with photos of himself. Rod has written a long inscription and signed it. £100/US$175

46: “EIN JAHRHUNDERT TENNIS IN BERLIN: 100 Jahre Lawn-Tennis-Turnier-Club Rot-Weiss Berlin” by Wolfgang A. Hofer; 1st German edition of 1996; 243 pages 4to. This rare title is a very thorough history of the first 100 years of Berlin’s leading lawn tennis club, where major events have been played since its foundation. The book is profusely illustrated with photos of not only the top players who competed there, but also the leading club players in their internal competitions. The author inscribed and dedicated it to Wimbledon Chairman Buzzer Hadingham. £100/US$175

47: “FRED PERRY: An Autobiography” by Ron Atkin; 1st UK edition of 1984; 204 pages 8vo. Here is the life story of Britain’s greatest tennis player of the 20th century, a man who had more charisma than any I have met. His tennis achievements will live for ever in the record, both as triple Wimbledon champion, then great touring professional, and finally back to Wimbledon where he was an expert match analyst and commentator. Signed copies of this book have become very hard to find and this copy is inscribed and signed by FJP on the title page. £60/US$100

48: “GOTTFRIED VON CRAMM: Der Tennisbaron” by Egon Steinkamp; 1st German edition of 1990; 224 pages 4to. This the only serious study of von Cramm’s life before, during and after his tennis life, where at Wimbledon he became a firm favourite amongst the crowd. The book is profusely illustrated. The author has inscribed the book and personally dedicated it to Buzzer Hadingham, a former Wimbledon chairman. £100/US$175

49: “JEAN BOROTRA: The Bounding Basque” by Sir John Smyth; 1st UK edition of 1974; 239 pages 8vo. Borotra is truly a tennis legend, especially at Wimbledon where he and the three other Musketeers dominated lawn tennis through the 1920’s along with Suzanne Lenglen. Smyth tells about his amazing tennis life and about his controversial wartime work. Borotra has inscribed and signed the book, dating it June 1976. £100/US$175

50: “KINGS OF THE COURT: The Story of Lawn Tennis” by E.C. Potter, Jr; 1st USA edition of 1936; 252 pages 8vo. Potter was a great tennis historian, writing a huge amount of material, and a range of tennis annuals. He was European lawn tennis correspondent for American Lawn Tennis 1928/1935, and wrote for the Chicago Tribune. He researched every facet of this book and each chapter vividly describes an important period of the game’s history from 1874 onwards. It is one of the earliest definitive lawn tennis histories; Potter inscribed & signed the front end paper. £175/US$300

51: “L’EPOPEE DES MOUSQUETAIRES” by Toto Brugnon; 1st French edition of 1978; 164 pages in 4to paperback. Brugnon’s personal account of the Musketeers’ travels round the world when they dominated tennis, both at major events and at the Davis Cup. Suzanne Lenglen was a direct contemporary and close friend of all 4. This copy is beautifully inscribed in German by Jean Borotra and signed by him dated Mai 1978. £250/US$425


  Item 52
52: “OFF THE RACKET: Tennis Highlights and Lowdowns” by Philip B. Hawk; 1st USA edition 1937; 391 pages in large 8vo. The author describes himself as the “black sheep of the tennis literati” and adds that the purpose of this marvellous book is to entertain and amuse. It is a massive study of the history of lawn tennis wherein he reviews all the major happenings, matches, players and other personalities, mostly from an American point of view. The book is superbly researched, mostly because he was there and knew the people. This is a first for me as the book has its lovely and not previously seen dust-jacket in stunning condition (see pic at top of page), and the author has inscribed & signed internally dated Sep 10 1937, publication year. £250/$US$435

53: “PAT CASH UNCOVERED” by Barry Flatman; 1st UK edition of 2002; 333 pages 8vo. Cash is a Wimbledon champion under whose feet the dust does not settle! His book was always going to be contentious and so it proved. Was it Not Rusedski who objected to it being on sale at Nottingham a few years ago? I wonder why. Unfortunately its publication was not a happy process. Cash has inscribed and signed this copy on the title page. £25/US$40

54: “PRIME TIME TENNIS: Tennis for Players Over 40” by Vic Seixas with Joel Cohen; 1st USA edition of 1983; 239 pages 8vo. Seixas won the Wimbledon Men’s Singles in 1953 and many other events especially in the USA. He was a very competitive touring professional through the 1960’s, engaging in many tough matches with Gonzales, Segura, etc. This is his coaching book, which he inscribed, signed & dated Nov 26 1983. £75/US$130

55: “SERIOUS: John McEnroe the Autobiography” with James Kaplan; 1st UK edition of 2002; 346 pages 8vo. This was a very big seller when it came out, but the book is now sold out from the publishers. He certainly stirred up the tennis world with his forthright comments on people and events. The USA title was “You Cannot Be Serious” which sounds like Big Mac! The title page has been nicely signed by him. £50/US$85

56: “WINNING TENNIS and How to Play It” by Sarah Palfrey Cooke; 1st USA edition 1946 8vo. Sarah was a very famous player in her time and won two Wimbledon doubles titles. This is her very popular (at the time) coaching book with a huge number of flicker-photos throughout showing her playing the major shots. She also won the National Singles twice in the early 1940’s. Internally signed “Sarah Palfrey Cooke”. £50/$US$90


*** Ian Roderick BARNES, born 1935, died Dec 2005. Ian was a well known journalist at Wimbledon. He became tennis correspondent with the Daily Express in 1971 and coined the expression “Superbrat” when referring to the doings and sayings of the young John McEnroe. Ian was Media manager at the ITF 1989 to 1996, until the night of the long knives, and then chairman of the Lawn Tennis Writers’ Association. He loved jazz and red wines.

*** Phyllis Evelyn MUDFORD, born 23 August 1905, died 27 Jan 2006. Known for most of her life as Mrs King, Phyllis was surely the oldest of the surviving great lawn tennis players of the 1930’s, having won the Ladies’ Doubles at Wimbledon as long ago as 1931, playing with Mrs Shepherd-Barron. Phyllis was also an important part of the Great Britain Wightman Cup team from 1930 to 1938 where she was a stalwart doubles player.

*** Katherine Esther STAMMERS, born 3 April 1913, died 23 Dec 2005. Better known of course as Kay Stammers, she was a popular and glamorous British tennis player of the 1930’s, who won the Wimbledon Ladies’ Doubles in 1935 and 1936 with Freda James. Her best singles performance was in 1939 when she lost the Ladies’ Singles final at Wimbledon to Alice Marble, who won all three titles that year. Kay was extensively coached by Dan Maskell, and she visited the All England Club as recently as last October, when she was entertained to what I hear was a lively lunch!

*** Charles Raymond Davys TUCKEY, born 15 June 1910, died 15 October 2005. Tuckey was one of England’s finest doubles players before the start of the 2nd World War, when the doubles game was taken much more seriously than it is today. In 1935 and 1936 Tuckey and his partner Pat Hughes were an important pairing in the British Davis Cup teams that won the Cup. Tuckey’s mother had won the Wimbledon mixed doubles in 1909 and 1913 and his sister played in the British Wightman Cup team. Tuckey holds the record as being the only man to have played in the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles with his mother, which feat was achieved in 1932 when his mother became the oldest Wimbledon competitor in a main event.

*** Bruce WILSON, born May 5 1941, died January 3 2006. Bruce was one of Australia’s finest and most versatile journalists, with a career as such for almost 50 years. He was happy writing everything from a battlefield dispatch to a tennis match report, and worked at Wimbledon for the Melbourne Herald for some 20 years. He was quoted as asking “Is there anything more one-dimensional in life than a dumb tennis-player?” This somewhat illustrated his dry approach to writing tennis but I well recall what fun he was in the Wimbledon Press bar after play ended.


The auction of the Railing Tennis Collection was a thoroughly memorable affair and provided a unique opportunity for some of the serious collectors to meet and exchange views over a particularly sociable dinner! I was more thrilled that I can adequately express in being successful in buying the elusive Barcellon of 1800 at £26,000/US$45,500 plus commissions. Last month, I delivered it in person to its new owner in the USA! The 123 lots grossed £295,000/US$516,000 including commissions, with only 4 lots unsold. Results are at sale references 17 November 2005 FTB-5687.

Since the auction, I have experienced an unusually high level of interest in the Tennis books market, both from buyers (established and new) and from sellers, whose collections I did not know existed. This has led to a healthy trade, and I encourage buyers and sellers to express their interest at this time whilst supply is relatively free and thus prices are stable, on average I suggest at or just below the hammer prices of the Christie’s auction. The following long list of Tennis titles contains very brief details, in order to list as many as possible. Much fuller descriptions are in Newsletter 60 at or they can be seen in a printed list which is freely available from me. All books are 1st editions, in hardboards with dust-jackets; unless stated otherwise all are in at least very good condition, and most modern titles will be in unused condition.

57: “ANNALS OF TENNIS (The)” by Julian Marshall; 1st facsimile edition of 1973 (1st edition of 1878) in green boards, externally gilt decorated; 226 pages small 4to. The definitive English language book on Tennis in the 19th century, by a master of the game and expert historian. £135/US $235

58: “ART OF THE TENNIS-RACKET-MAKER AND OF TENNIS (The)” by A. de Garsault; facsimile English edition (USA) of 1977 of the Hampton Court edition of 1938; 45 pages, 5 plates in red boards (small 4to) in card slip-case. The game at the middle of the 18th century. £120/US$210

59: “BALL, BAT, AND BISHOP The Origin of Ball Games” by Robert W. Henderson; 1st USA edition of 1947; 220 pages; 8vo. The librarian of the Racquet and Tennis Club (NY) writes about the terminology in tennis, and other major ball and racket/racquet sports. £125/US$220

60: “BALLARAT TENNIS CLUB: 20th Anniversary 1984-2004” by Phil Roberts; 1st paperback edition of 2004; 84 pages. This is a history of one of the most recently formed Tennis clubs in Australia, its planning and development into the thriving club it is today. £35/US$65

61: “CHASE DOWN UNDER (A): a history of royal tennis in Australia” by Michael P. Garnett; 1st edition of 1999 (320 copies); 502 pages; large 8vo in pictorial hardboards. Garnett’s profusely illustrated and thorough study of Tennis in Australia and elsewhere in the world. £55/US$95

62: “COURT TENNIS, RACQUETS & SQUASH” by Frederick Charles Tompkins; 1st USA edition of 1909; 110 pages in decorated boards. Early USA racquet sports coaching manual; Tennis has 100 pages, Racquets gets 9 pages, Squash-Racquets gets just 5; 20 pages of photographs. £550/US$975

63: “EXHIBITION OF TENNIS AND RACKETS (An)” as organised by Jonathan Edwardes at The Queen’s Club in London 9th to 17th October 2004. The illustrated catalogue (A4) of Edwardes’ exhibition listing books, images, antique rackets, silver trophies etc. £15/US$25

64: “FIELD BOOK (The) or SPORTS AND PASTIMES OF THE BRITISH ISLANDS”; 1833; 563 pages in 8vo green boards. A pre-Victorian A-Z dictionary of sports etc, including one line on Racket (sic) and 1 ¼ pages on Tennis. Note “chaces”! Not seen previously. £150/US$260

65: “FIRST STEPS TO RACKETS” by E.B. Noel and C.N. Bruce; 1st edition of 1926; 136 pages in small format 8vo hardboards and extremely rare dust-jacket. This is the only coaching manual of the 20th century which deals exclusively with Rackets/Racquets. £500/US$875

66: “FRED COVEY: World Champion of Tennis” edited by Neil Covey; 1st de luxe library edition of 1994; 125 pages in large 4to leather boards (only 60 numbered copies); page edges gilt; internally marbled boards. Competitive life study of the Crabbet Park professional. £125/US$220

67: “FRED COVEY: World Champion of Tennis” edited by Neil Covey; 1st standard edition of 1994; in dust-jacket. £50/US$85


  Items 68 75 84 & 109
68: “HAZARD CHASE” by Jeremy Potter; 1st edition of 1964; 192 pages in 8vo hardboards and dust-jacket. This is a murder/mystery novel about all sorts of devious doings on and around a mythical Real Tennis court in England. Potter also wrote the Oxford history. £125/US$220

69: “HAZARD CHASE” by Jeremy Potter; 1st paperback edition of 1966; 192 pages. Otherwise as above. £25/US$45

70: “HAZARD CHASE” by Jeremy Potter; reprinted edition of 1989 in hardboards and dust-jacket. £50/US$90

71: “HISTORY OF TENNIS (A)” by E.B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark; 1924, in two large volumes; 281 pages and 280 pages including fold-out table. The complete history of the game and its courts worldwide, major tournaments, literature, laws, technique and tactics, handicapping etc. £975/US$1700

72: “HISTORY OF TENNIS (A)” by E.B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark. As above. Volume ll with the exceptionally most rare dust-jacket with a coloured plate of the Haymarket court tipped onto the external front cover. I have only seen two sets in dust-jackets. The dust-jacket is available at £500/US$975

73: “HISTORY OF TENNIS (A)” by E.B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark; de luxe facsimile edition of 1991 in one large volume of 587 pages; in luxury blue leather boards, spine gilt tooled; page edges gilt; marbled boards. 1 of only 45 numbered copies. Signed by 7 World Champions. £750/US$1300

74: “HISTORY OF TENNIS (A)” by E. B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark; standard facsimile edition of 1991; one large volume of 587 pages. £125/US$215

75: “HISTORY OF THE LEAMINGTON TENNIS COURT CLUB 1846-1996 (The)” by Charles Wade; standard edition of 1995 (550 copies); 213 pages; 8vo in hardboards and dust-jacket. Detailed and scholarly history of the oldest Tennis club still in existence. £85/US$150

76: “HISTORY OF ROYAL TENNIS IN AUSTRALIA (A)” by Michael Garnett; 1st standard edition of 1983; 224 pages in hardboards, dust-jacket with cloth book-mark. This is an excellent history of all aspects of Royal Tennis in Australia. This copy is signed by the author. £75/US$130

77: “HISTORY OF THE ROYAL GAME OF TENNIS (A)” by Albert de Luze; English translation 1979 from the French of 1933; 395 pages in large 4to format in dust-jacket and blue card slip-case; (500 copies). Excellent historical study of Tennis in France through the ages. £350/US$600

78: “HOW TO MAKE THE REAL TENNIS BALL FROM CORE TO COVER” by Sir Richard Hamilton; 1st edition of 1977; 27 pages in small paperback 12mo. Illustrated manual on how the professionals make the Tennis ball in the traditional manner. £25/US$45

79: “J.T FABER BOOK OF TENNIS & RACKETS (The)” by Lord Aberdare; de luxe edition 2001; 150 copies; 415 pages; large 4to in leatherette boards; all page edges gilt; marbled boards internally; in slip case. Substantially updated and revised edition of his 1980 title. £500/US$850

80: “J.T.FABER BOOK OF TENNIS & RACKETS (The)” by Lord Aberdare; standard edition of 2001. Otherwise as above. £50/US$90

81: “MANCHESTER TENNIS AND RACQUET CLUB 1876-1980 (The)” by Nigel Kenyon et al; 1st edition of 1980 in large 8vo boards gilt decorated. One of the oldest clubs in England celebrates its centenary with an interesting local history of the two games. (350 copies) £250/US$435

82: “MELBOURNE TO MYOPIA: Reflections on my visits to the Real Tennis Courts of the 20th Century” by George Limb; 1st standard edition of 2002; 170 pages in large 8vo hardboards. George visits the 45 courts of the world, commenting on all and playing on most of them. £75/US$130

83: “MORE THAN A YARD WORSE” by Jonathan Howell; 1st de luxe 8vo edition of 1995; 173 pages. Jonathan describes the entertaining characters he has met, the tournaments he has played and the courts where he coached and competed. £75/US$130

84: “MORE THAN A YARD WORSE” by Jonathan Howell; 1st standard edition of 1995 in hardboards and dust-jacket; 173 pages. £30/US$50

85: “NATIONAL REAL TENNIS CALENDAR 2005 (The)”; large folio size with full-colour photographs of 13 of the British tennis courts, one for each month and one for the front cover. This is my last remaining copy and it makes a very attractive Tennis collectible. £20/US$35

86: “PIERRE’S BOOK: The Game of Court Tennis” by Pierre Etchebaster; 1st USA edition of 1971; 78 pages; 4to in hardboards and pictorial dust-jacket. Coaching advice of the undefeated World Champion 1928/54. His opponents write personal testimonies to him & his game. £150/US$260


  Item 87
87: “PIERRE’S BOOK: The Game of Court Tennis” by Pierre Etchebaster; 1st USA edition of 1971; as above but this copy has been handsomely inscribed and signed by Etchebaster in his very characteristic hand-writing. £300/US$525

88: “QUEEN’S CLUB STORY 1886-1986 (The)” by Roy McKelvie; 1st edition of 1986; 306 pages; 4to in hardboards and decorative dust-jacket. This famous London club is the home of Tennis and Rackets, but many other sports have been played throughout its 100 years. £35/US$60

89: “QUEEN’S CLUB STORY 1886-1986 (The)” by Roy McKelvie. As above; signed internally by Boris Becker & Jimmy Connors. £100/US$175

90: “RACKETS, SQUASH-RACKETS, TENNIS, FIVES & BADMINTON”; The Lonsdale Library; 1933; 328 pages in hardboards and dust-jacket. This large book deals thoroughly with each of these racket sports written by several distinguished exponents of each of them. £80/US$150

91: “RACQUET & TENNIS CLUB (NY )MEMBERS BOOKS” for 1936, 1939, 1940, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1975, 2004. Lists members, rules, champions etc. Each at £20/US$35 or all at £425/US$750

92: “RACQUET CLUB OF THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA (The)”. Club Books showing lists of Officers, Members, Charter and By-Laws. The Club emblem of crossed rackets within a shield is on the front cover. Here are editions for 1936 and 1940, each offered at £30/US$50

93: “RACQUET GAME (The)” by Allison Danzig; 1st USA edition of 1930; 283 pages small 8vo hardboards. This is the most detailed study of the games of Court Tennis, Racquets, Squash Racquets, and Squash Tennis as played in North America upto 1930. £250/US$435

94: “RACQUETS, TENNIS, & SQUASH” by Eustace Miles; 1st English edition of 1902 with externally gilt decorated board. Squash-Tennis also features in the first racket/racquet sports coaching book of the 20th century. Miles was an accomplished champion and coach. £400/US$700

95: “RACQUETS, TENNIS, & SQUASH” by Eustace Miles; 1st USA edition of 1903 in handsomely decorated green boards externally decorated with fine images of the three rackets/racquets used; 336 pages. Slightly smaller format but otherwise basically as above. £400/US$700

96: “RAILING TENNIS COLLECTION CATALOGUE”; for the auction on 17th November 2005. A collectible for the future. £10/US$20

97: “REAL TENNIS” by K. McNicoll; 2005; 40 pages small 8vo. Brief informative pocket book on the game. £5/US$10

98: “REAL TENNIS IN CAMBRIDGE: the first six hundred years” by Roger Morgan; 1st standard large format paperback edition of 2001; 60 pages. History of various Cambridge courts through the ages, and a detailed honours list of half-blues. £50/US$90

99: “RECUIL DE PLANCHES SUR LES SCIENCES, LES ARTS LIBERAUX, ET LES ARTS MECHANIQUES…..” by Diderot et d’Alembert; 1767/71. The entire volume containing “Paumier” with 9 plates. Slight spine damage, and slight water staining to plate 9. £1000/US$1750

100: “ROYAL GAME (The)”; L. St. J. Butler & P. J. Wordie; 1st large 8vo edition of 1983 in hardboards and dust-jacket; 144 pages. Compilation of mentions of Tennis in emblem books, with excellent reproductions of the images showing Tennis play and the accompanying text. £35/US$60

101: “ROYAL GAME (The)” by L. St. J. Butler and P. J. Wordie; 1st large 8vo paperback edition of 1983; 144 pages. Otherwise as above. £25/US$45

102: “ROYAL GAME OF TENNIS (The)” by Sir Anthony Hamilton, Bart; 1st paperback edition of 1973; 20 pages small 8vo. Published to recount some history of the Moreton Morrell Real Tennis court and club; and to raise funds for retiring professional Ted Johnson. £30/US$50

103: “ROYAL TENNIS COURT (The): A History of Tennis at Hampton Court Palace” by David Best; 2002; 331 pages; large 4to hardboards, decorative dust-jacket. Highly recommended and beautifully illustrated history of the various courts which have existed at Hampton Court. £30/US$45

104: “ROYAL TENNIS FOR THE RECORD” by Michael Garnett; 1st edition (Australia) of 1991; (500 copies); 110 pages; small 8vo. Garnett’s most useful reference book, especially for collectors of Tennis literature. The book also lists the courts in the world. £100/US$175

105: “SCAINO ON TENNIS” by Antonio Scaino da Salo; 1st English translation by P. Kershaw of 1951; 319 pages in small almost 12mo red hardboards. This was the first translation with notes by P.A. Negretti in an edition of only 250 numbered copies signed by him. £300/US$525

106: “SPORTS ET JEUX D’ADRESSE” by Henri Rene d’Allemagne; folio French pb edition 1903 morocco boards; 382 pages, 300+ engravings. Describes a very wide range of sporting activities in France, including Le Jeu de Paume and Le Jeu de la Balle. Front cover is loose. £500/US$875

107: “STORY OF TENNIS (The)” by Lord (Morys) Aberdare; 1959; 180 pages in hardboards and original decorative dust-jacket (small 8vo). His first book wherein he tells how Real Tennis gave birth to Lawn Tennis. This copy is inscribed, dated June 1967, and signed “from Morys”. £95/US$165

108: “TENNIS: A Cut Above the Rest” by Chris Ronaldson; de luxe edition of 1985 (100 copies), signed by the author; 176 pages; small 8vo in leather boards and gilt page edges. The RTC’s World champion writes an excellent coaching manual, great court diagrams, & biography. £250/US$450

109: “TENNIS: A Cut Above the Rest” by Chris Ronaldson; 4th edition 1999 (500 copies). Otherwise as above. £25/US$45

110: “TENNIS AND OXFORD” by Jeremy Potter; 1994; 152 pages 8vo. There has been a Tennis court at Oxford since 1450, and this book celebrates the 400th anniversary of Tennis in Merton Street. Potter describes Tennis at the various courts in the city through the ages. £25/US$45

111: “TENNIS BIBLIOGRAPHY 1874-2000” compiled by Frank Phelps and Gordy Sabine; large 4to; 2004; 377 pages. Lists over 3200 English language tennis titles in A-Z order of author, category of book (biography, history, novel etc), A-Z order of title, and year of publication £75/US$130

112: “TENNIS IN NEDERLAND TUSSEN 1500 EN 1800” by Cees de Bondt; 1st Dutch language edition of 1993; 179 pages in 8vo paperback. The story of the game of Tennis as it was played through the centuries in Holland; illustrated with many engravings and photographs. £30/US$50

113: “TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES”; the Badminton Library; 1890; 484 pages in decorative brown boards; small 8vo. This excellent volume deals with each of the racket sports as to history, derivation, the court, the implements, the laws, some hints on play, etc. £150/US$260

114: “TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES”; the Badminton Library; 2nd edition of 1891; 484 pages in cloth and leather (de luxe binding); with additions and corrections. This is a particularly rare edition. £135/US$235

115: “TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS; RACKETS; FIVES”; the Badminton Library as above; 3rd edition of 1894; 488 pages. £135/US$235

116: “TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES”; the Badminton Library; 4th edition of 1897; 488 pages; with later additions. £135/US$235

117: “TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES”; the Badminton Library as above; revised edition 1903; 491 pages. £125/US$220

118: “TENNIS ORIGINS AND MYSTERIES” by Malcolm D. Whitman; 1932 (450 copies); 258 pages; large 8vo. This book looks at the terms used in Tennis and describes their meaning and derivation. The second and third sections are large bibliographies of Tennis & Lawn Tennis. £875/US$1500

119: “TENNIS ORIGINS AND MYSTERIES” by Malcolm D. Whitman; as above but this copy is boldly signed by the author. £1750/US$2950

120: “TENNIS, RACKETS, FIVES” by Julian Marshall et al; 1890; 105 pages 12mo; the boards are rather faded and worn externally. History, the court and the laws, definitions, and technique hints to beginners. Contains the first publicly issued laws of Rackets/Racquets. £500/US$875

121: “TENNIS: The Development of the European Ball Game” by Roger Morgan; de luxe large 4to; (100 copies); 1995; 259 pages; leather boards and dust-jacket. Morgan identifies and describes many forms of ball play across the centuries as played by Europeans. £125/US$225

122: “TENNIS: The Development of the European Ball Game” by Roger Morgan; standard edition. Otherwise as above. £30/US$50

123: “THEATRE DES BONS ENIGINS (Le)” , (and) “LA MOROSOPHIE” by Guillaume de la Perriere; 1993 facsimile of two emblem books of c1550; in red boards the two books together in one volume. Volume 1 contains a splendid emblem of a tennis match. £75/US$130

124: “TRATTATO DEL GIOUCCO DELLA PALLA” by Antonio Scaino da Salo; facsimile edition of 1968; 500 copies in a card slip-case, the book in brown ¾ morocco boards internally marbled. This is a very little known edition and extremely hard to find. £500/US$875

125: “TREATISE ON THE ROYAL GAME OF TENNIS” by de Manivieux; from the French 1783, English translation 2004; 8vo green boards; (350 copies). The state of the game in the mid-18th century in France where it was incredibly popular. A de luxe edition will appear in 2006. £75/US$130

126: “TUDOR TENNIS: A Miscellany” by Roger Morgan; large 4to de luxe edition; (50 copies); 2001; 175 pages; signed by the author, page edges gilt. Morgan concentrates on the Elizabethan era and the popularity of Tennis; many town plans, engravings, drawings and photographs. £125/US$220

127: “TUDOR TENNIS: A Miscellany” by Roger Morgan; 1st large 4to format standard edition of 2001. Otherwise as above. £25/US$45

128: “TWO CENTURIES OF REAL TENNIS” by John Shneerson; 1997; (300 copies); 86 pages 8vo. The story of how the old Tennis court at Newmarket was transformed from a garage repair shop back to its original state as a now thriving Real Tennis club. £75/US$130

129: “WILLIS FABER BOOK OF TENNIS & RACKETS (The)” by Lord Aberdare; de luxe edition 1980; large 4to leather boards in slip-case; with 368 pages; (250 copies). Century by century history of both sports, reports from the clubs in the world, championships records, etc. £750/US$1300

130: “WILLIS FABER BOOK OF TENNIS & RACKETS (The)” by Lord Aberdare; standard edition; 1980. As above. £150/US$260

131: “WINNING GALLERY (The): Court Tennis Matches and Memories” by Alison Danzig; USA edition 1985; 347 pages in green boards. The history of Tennis in the USA written as a follow-up to “The Racquet Game”; also contains extensive championship records. £125/US$220

132: “YOUNG SPORTSMAN (The)” edited by E.T. Watson; 1900; 661 pages large 8vo. Chapters on athletic and field sports. Rackets is covered by E.O.P. Bouverie at pages 447/454, and Tennis is covered by G.E.A. Ross at pages 602/ 615. The laws of both games are listed in full. £150/US$260



English tennis circuit regulars may recall Gordon, who was one of the most passionate autograph collectors I have ever met. Not only did he frequent the southern circuit, Queen’s Club, Eastbourne, Wimbledon etc, but he also spent many windy evenings outside West End theatre stage-doors waiting for performing artists to come out so he could get personally dedicated autographs, to which he usually added a photo. Gordon died last year and his collection of tennis autographs has come to me for dispersal. He sought out players of all standards at his events and insisted on only the highest quality signatures, every one of which was done in front of him straight into his autograph book, thus these have my 100% guarantee as to authenticity. Most sheets (16cm x 14cm) have more than one signature, sometimes there are three or even four, so the autographs are listed below in these groups.

THESE AT £20/US$35:

A1: Jim Courier/Greg Rusedski;
A2: John Patten/Angela Mortimer;
A3: Jelena Dokic/Patty Schnyder;
A4: Tracy Austin/Donald O’Connor;
A5: Vic Seixas/Betty Stove;
A6: Dennis Ralston/Pierre Barthes/Francoise Durr;
A7: Gabriela Sabatini/Tessa Wyatt;
A8: Amelie Mauresmo/Guillermo Coria;
A9: Gerald Williams/Mark Woodforde/A Felwood/Matty Davis/David Felgate/Jeremy Bates/Jim Courier/Broderick Dyke/S Casal;
A10: Michael Chang/Tatum O’Neal;
A11: Marat Safin/Arvind Parmar;
A12: Patrick Rafter/Mark Petchey;
A13: Ken Rosewall/Frew McMillan/Bob Hewitt;
A14: Frank Sedgman/Dominque van Roost;
A15: Kim Klijsters/Malcolm Sinclair;
A16: Conchita Martinez/Claudia Kohde-Kilsch;
A17: Henri Leconte/ Robert Seguso/Ken Flach/Bruce Forsyth;
A18: Peter McNamara/Paul McNamee/John Francome;
A19: Sandy Collins/Katrina Adams/Linda Harvey-Wild/Kimiko Date.

THESE AT £10/US$20:

A20: Jan-Michael Gambill/Thomas Enqvist;
A21: Michael Stich/Sally Knyvette;
A22: Todd Martin/Luis Herrera;
A23: Manuel Santana/Dennis Spencer;
A24: Andy Roddick/Cristiano Caratti/Andre Se/Scott Humphries;
A25: Ilie Nastase;
A26: Cedric Pioline/Bryan Shelton/Tony Roche;
A27: Lisa Raymond/Robert Sangster;
A28: Andrei Chesnokov/Scott Davis/Eric Jelen;
A29: John Fitzgerald/Milan Srejber/Brad Gilbert/Jorge Lozano;
A30: Ross Case/Roger Utley;
A31: Leif Shiras/Paul Nicholas;
A32: Mark Cox/Jamie Morgan;
A33: Byron Black/Julie Halard/Julie Richardson;
A34: Wayne Ferriera/Diego Nargiso;
A35: Malivai Washington/Gareth Thomas;
A36: Patrick McEnroe/Grant Connell/Arnaud Boetsch/Glenn Michibita;
A37: Chanda Rubin/Caroline Vis/Meredith McGrath/Silvia Farina/Ines Gorrochategui/Elena Brioukhovets/Caroline Schneider;
A38: Miriam Oremans/Jimmy Hill;
A39: Nicole Provis/Sylvia Sims;
A40: Marc Goellner/Marcos Ondruska;
A41: Shuzo Matsuoka/Richey Reneberg; Sandon Stolle;
A42: Pascale Paradis/Justine Clarke;
A43: Patty Fendick/Kathy Rinaldi/Betsy Nagelsen;
A44: Sabine Apelmans/Isabelle Demongeot/Mary Pierce/Kimberley Po/Andrea Strnadova/naoko Sawamatsu;
A45: Kathy Jordan/Amy Frazier/Elna Reinach/Robin White; Manon Bollegraf/Donna Faber/Gigi Fernandez/Gretchen Magers;
A46: Samantha Smith/Mariaan de Swardt;
A47: Jason Stoltenberg/Anne Minter;
A48: Andrew Castle/Nick Brown;
A49: Dan Goldie/Desmond Lynam;
A50: Jim Grabb/Gary Muller;
A51: Richard Gasquet/Magnus Larsson;
A52: Sjeng Schalken/Christophe Rochus/Mardy Fish/Olivier Rochus;
A53: Jenny Byrne/Natalia Medvedeva/Jill Hetherington/Marianne Werdel;
A54: David Wheaton/Alex Antonitsch;
A55: Leila Meskhi/Rosalyn Fairbank;
A56: Clare Wood/Helen Kelesi;
A57: Imran Khan/Monique Javer;
A58: Catarina Lindqvist/Sarak Loosemore;
A59: Max Mirnyi/Jack Waite/Mahesh Bhupathi/Arnaud Clement/Brian MacPhie/Orlin Stanoytchev;
A60: Janette Husarova/Tathiana Gabin/Nathalie Dechy/Wynne Prakusya/Kristina Brandi/Emmanuelle Gagliardi;
A61: Cecil Mamiit/Martin Damm/Wayne Arthurs/Magui Serna/Tara Snyder/Nathalie Dechy;
A62: Anasatais Myskina/Maureen Drake/Lilia Osterloh/Hannah Collin;
A63: Tina Pisnik/Maria Alejandra Vento/Jana Kandarr/Sonya Jeyaseelan/Silvija Talaja;
A64: John-Laffnie de Jager/Eric Taino/Peter Tramacchi/Andreas Vinciguerra;
A65: Bryan Murray/Andrew Ilie;
A66: Andrei Pavel/Paul Goldstein/Lorenzo Manta;
A67: Stefan Koubek/Devin Bowen/Brent Haygarth/Ben Chapman;
A68: Michael Kohlmann/Vincenzo Santopadre/Jacobo Diaz/Kevin Ullyet;
A69: Karim Alami/Davide Sanguinetti/Christian Ruud/Hendrik Dreekmann;
A70: Vera Douchevina/Marion Bartoli/Stephanie Cohen-Aloro/Alina Judkova;
A71: Shinobu Asagoe/Dinara Safina/Ashley Harkleroad/Myriam Casanova;
A72: Radek Stepanek/Olivier Patience/Frantisek Cermak/Victor Hanescu;
A73: Igor Andreev/Nicolas Mahut/Gilles Elseneer/Paul Hanley;
A74: Julien Benneteau/Karol Beck/Alex Bogomolov/Wesley Moodie;
A75: Liezel Huber/Karolina Sprem/Susannah Fellows;
A76: Ken Wharfe/Maria Sanchez Lorenzo/Fabiola Zuluaga;
A77: Al Murray/Vladimir Voltchkov;
A78: Karen Cross/Elena Tatarkova/Anne Kremer/Suzanne Charlton;
A79: Katarina Studenokova/Elena Likhovtseva;
A80: Bradley Walsh/Jens Knippschild;
A81: Olivier Delaitre;
A82: Sandra Cecchini/Cathy Caverzasio/Catherine Suire;
A83: Anna Chancellor/Anne Miller/Tamarine Tanasugarn/Tatian Panova;
A84: Helen Anker/Ivo Karlovic;
A85: Paolo Tramezzani/Ivo Heuberger;
A86: Mana Endo/Kristine Radford;
A87: Irina Sprilea/Tessa Peake-Jones;
A88: Linda Hayden/Iroda Tulyaganova/Jennifer Hopkins/Marissa Irvin;
A89: Eleni Daniilidou/Dillie Keane;
A90: Vanessa Webb/Francesca Schiavone/Evie Dominikovic/Nicole Pratt;
A91: Elena Bovina/Cristina Torrens-Valero/Adriana Serra Zanetti/Stephanie Foretz;
A92: Evgenia Koulikovskaya/Liezel Huber/Svetlana Kuznetsova;
A93: Saoir Obata/Jill Craybas/Virginie Razzano;
A94: Claudia Porwik/Dora Bryan;
A95: Laura Granville/Clarisa Fernandez;
A96: Julian Knowle/Hyung Taik Lee/Harel Levy/Nicolas Coutelot/Thomas Shimida/Martin Rodriguez;
A97: Michael Llodra/Irakli Labadze/Michael Russell;
A98: Laurence Tieleman/Michael Tebbutt/Maria Vento/Sarak Pitkowski/Magdalena Grzybowska;
A99: Shaun Stafford/Tami Whitlinger/Laura Gildermeister/Yayuk Basuki/Patricia Hy/Debbie Graham;
A100: Chuck Adams/Terence Rigby/Christopher Ryan;
A101: Andrew Florent/Kevin Ullyett/Myles Wakefield./David Adams/David Macpherson;
A102: Robbie Koenig/Leos Friedl/Petr Luxa/Jarkko Nieminen;
A103: Jo Ward/Katrina Srebotnik;
A104: Louise Latimer/Colin Bell;
A105: Tatiana Perebiynis/Maria Salerni;
A106: Christine Truman/Des O’Connor/Colin Keyes;
A107: Marty Riessen/Eric Idle;
A108: Neil Fraser/Alistair Cooke;
A109: Fabrice Santoro/Richard Fromberg;
A110: Martin Lee/Nicolas Escude/Magnus Norman/Sargis Sargsian;
A111: Michael Tillstrom/Siobhan McCarthy;
A112: Anne Gaelle Sidot/Anna Smashnova/Yevgeny Kafelnikov;
A113: Jeff Tarango/Mark Arden;
A114: Stephanie Rehe/Jan Francis;
A115: Amanda Coetzer/Bernard Kay;
A116: Ramesh Krishnan/Anne Robinson;
A117: Todd Woodbridge/Slobodan Zivojinovic;
A118: Alexandra Stevenson/Viscount Linley;
A119: Bob Brtyan/Mike Bryan/Neville Godwin/Nenad Zimonjic/David Adams/Chris Haggard;
A120: El Aynaoui/Marius Barnard/Gaston Etlis/Alex Lopez-Moron;
A121: Niklas Kulti/Francisco Montana/Markus Hantschk/Brandon Coupe/Tomas Behrend;
A122: Andrei Medvedev/Ronald Agenor;
A123: Magnus Gustafsson;
A124: Marc Lopez/Robby Genepri/Takao Suzuki/Dmitry Tursunov;
A125: Mario Antic/Kathryn Hunter;
A126: Vera Zvonareva/Jie Zheng/Catalina Castano/Anne Keothavong;
A127: Samantha Reeves/Cara Black/Jane O’Donoghue;
A128: Emilie Lott/Alicia Molik/Elena Baltacha/Daja Bedanova;
A129: Lucie Ahl/Meghann Shaughnessy;
A130: Eyal Ran/Christian Vinck/Brent Haygarth/Marius Barnard/Mikhail Youzhny/Michael Hill;
A131: John Altman/Andrei Stoliarov/Paradorn Srichaphan/Edwin Kempes;
A132: Sandrine Testud/Rick Leach/Donald Johnson/Ellis Ferriera;
A133: Raemon Sluiter/James Blake/Ben Ellwood/Chris Woodruff/Peter Wessels/Michel Kratochvil;
A134: Justin Gimelstob/Jonathan Stark/Andrew Kratzmann/George Bastl/Anthony Dupuis/John-Laffnie de Jager;
A135: Xavier Malisse/Jeff Rawle; Mima Jausovec/Wiltrud Probst/Naoko Kijimuta/Alexandra Fusai;
A136: Ai Sugiyama/Patricia Tarabini/Rita Grande/Shi-Ting Wang;
A137: Jonathan Stark/Jenny Éclair;
A138: Andrew Richardson/Justin Gimelstob/Chris Wilkinson;
A139: Patrick Galbraith/Alex O’Brien/Rick Leach/Dick Norman;
A140: Brett Steven/Cyril Suk/Patrick Baur/Jan Siemerink;
A141: Jonas Svensson/Amos Mansdorf/Jakob Hlasek;
A142: Jerome Golmard/Henrik Holm/Scott Draper/Piet Norval/Neil Broad/Kenneth Carlsen;
A143: Daniel Nestor/Leander Paes/Andrei Olhovskiy/Jean-Philippe Fleurian;
A144: Brenda Schultz/Catherine Tanvier;
A145: Rachel McQuillan/Katerina Maleeva;
A146: Magdalena Maleeva/Nathalie Herreman/Ann Devries;
A147: Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario/Helen Rollason;
A148: Olga Morozova/Cliff Drysdale;
A149: Sherwood Stewart/Nana Miyagi/Janet Lee/Asa Carlsson;
A150: Sergi Bruguera/Noel Edmonds;
A151: Alberto Berasategui/Felix Mantilla;
A152: Albert Costa/Fernando Gomez/Carl Robinson/Ryan Green/Glen Crowe;
A153: Patrick Kuhnen/Warren Cahill/Wayne Sleep;
A154: Miloslav Mecir/Pieter Aldrich/Guy Forget;
A155: Wendy Turnbull/Molly van Nostrand/Brenda Schultz/Camille Benjamin/Lori McNeill;
A156: Raffaella Reggi/Arantxa Sanchez/Patsy Nagelsen/Rosalyn Fairbank/Gigi Fernandez/Shaun Stafford;
A157: Etsuko Inoue/Claudia Kohde-Kilsch/Isabelle Demengeot/Andrea Temesvari/Nathalie Tauziat;
A158: Clare Wood/Wendy White/Belinda Borneo/Pascale Paradis/Patty Fendick/Peanut Loui Harper/Jo-Anne Faull;
A159: Larissa Savchenko/Natalie Zvereva/Jean Rook;
A160: Petr Korda/Graham Kelly;
A161: Martin Sinner/Jared Palmer; Jan Apell/Vince Spadea;
A162: Jamie Delgado/Judy Dalton.

133: Autograph-book page signed by Jack Kramer, Pancho Segura, Dan Maskell, and others unidentified, probably in the 1950’s. £45/US$75


134: Australian Open 2006; a huge A4 magazine of over 220 pages filled with fascinating tennis articles. £10/US$20

135: Avenue Lawn Tennis Club (Havant in Hampshire) Annual Tournament, July 19th 1930, July 22nd 1933. each at £20/US$35

136: Beckenham Lawn Tennis Club (in Kent) 50th Jubilee Tournament June 10th to 15th 1935. £20/US$35

137: Bognor Lawn Tennis Club (in Sussex) Open Tournament August 21st to 26th 1933. £20/US$35

138: Eastbourne Ladies: 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000. each at £5/US$10

139: Inter-County Championships at Eastbourne, July 19th to 23rd 1971. £5/US$10

140: Inter-Services Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon, 14th to 16th August 1961. £5/US$10

141: LTA Hard Court Championships of Great Britain at Bournemouth, April 29th to May 4th 1935. £20/US$35

142: LTA Junior Championships of Great Britain at Wimbledon, September 8th to 13th 1947. £20/US$35

143: Masters’ Tennis Programmes: 1997, 2005 at the Royal Albert Hall; 1998 at Olympia (London). each at £5/US$10

144: Melbury Lawn Tennis Club (in Kensington, London) Open Tournament April 15th to 20th 1935. £20/US$35

145: Paddington Lawn Tennis Club (in West London) Hard Court Tournament March 31st to April 5th 1930. £20/US$35

146: Shooters Hill Lawn Tennis Club (in south London) Tournament April 27 to May 2 1931. Home-made but interesting. £10/US$20

147: South of England (the 45th since foundation) Lawn Tennis Tournament at Eastbourne, September 11th to 17t0 1933. £25/US$45

148: Tunbridge Wells Lawn Tennis Club (in Kent) Junior Tournament August 22nd to 26th 1949. £5/US$10

149: Wightman Cup: 1932, 1934 at Wimbledon, each £30/US$50; 1935 at Forest Hills £30/US$50; 1952 at Wimbledon £10/US$20


150: Championships of London on Grass: 1935 Finals Day. The Men’s Champion was Jean Borotra. £50/US$85

151: National Covered Courts Championships of GB: 1935 Finals Day. £50/US$85

152: Championships of London on Grass: 1961, 1962, 1963, 1967. each at £10/US$20

153: Stella Artois Championships: 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, 2004. (Generally draw-sheets are not included). each at £5/US$10

154: Stella Artois Championships: 2004 signed internally by Arvind Parmar, Goran Ivanisevic, Sebastien Grosjean, Paradorn Srichaphan, Sjeng Schalken, Guillermo Coria, Taylor Dent, Robby Ginepri, Xavier Malisse, and Todd Martin. £100/US$175


155: Final Editions: 1972, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. £15/US$25

156: Saturday July 4th 1925, Gentlemen’s Singles Final day between Borotra and Lacoste, Suzanne Lenglen having already won the Ladies’ Singles. An early programme in very good condition, a little loose internally where the staples hold it together. £250/US$425

157: Saturday July 6th 1935, Ladies’ Singles Final day between Mrs F S Moody and Miss H Jacobs, F J Perry having won the Gentlemen’s Singles. This programme is in very good clean condition. £150/US$250

158: Royal Box Editions: I can offer a very large selection of Royal Box programmes through the 1980’s and 1990’s, all over-stamped “Royal Box”, with a cloth book-mark in the All England Club’s colours. Choose a date. Each £3/US$5; 2 @ £5/US$10; 5 @ £10/US$20

ALICE MARBLE, born 28 Sep 1913, died 13 Dec 1990. Alice was the winner of four US national women’s singles titles and is alleged to have been the player who introduced the serve-and-volley style of play to the women’s game. She is famous above all for winning all three titles at Wimbledon in 1939, the year of the great Bobby Riggs scandal, and it was Riggs whom she partnered in the Mixed. Her success at tennis was all the more remarkable as she suffered tuberculosis in 1934 and was warned she would never play again. One of the first of the great “Teach” Tennant clients, she fought back and then turned professional in 1940. It is perhaps less known that Alice was a principal backer of the rising coloured star Althea Gibson on behalf of whom Alice conducted a very vigorous lobbying process to persuade the USLTA to support Althea’s entry into Wimbledon in 1957 and 1958, which she duly won!


  Item 159
159: “The Road To Wimbledon” by Alice Marble; 1st USA edition of 1946; 167 pages in small format 8vo hardboards and slightly grubby, repaired dust-jacket. Here is the self-written ‘life’ story, but really only upto the time she had peaked as a tennis player. She undertook great service during the 2nd World War in touring to entertain the soldiers and also to raise funds for fighting. This copy has been beautifully inscribed and signed internally by Jack Kramer, Bobby Riggs, Hal Surface, and Alice Marble. Signed by three Wimbledon champions, this copy is offered at £375/US$650

160: “The Road To Wimbledon” by Alice Marble; 1st USA edition of 1946; 167 pages in small format 8vo hardboards and edge-worn and repaired dust-jacket. This dust-jacket is very hard to find, as are most dust-jackets of the immediate post-War period, owing to poor paper quality. £35/US$60

161: “The Road To Wimbledon” by Alice Marble; 1st USA edition of 1946; as above but no dust-jacket. £15/US$25

162: “The Road To Wimbledon” by Alice Marble; 1st UK edition of 1947; 166 pages in larger format 8vo hardboards and dust-jacket. The UK edition has a very different dust-jacket, but otherwise the text is exactly the same as the USA edition. £20/US$35

163: “Courting Danger: My Adventures in World-Class Tennis, Golden-Age Hollywood and High-Stakes Spying” by Dale Leatherman; 1st USA edition of 1991; 255 pages in 8vo hardboards and dust-jacket. Published posthumously a few months after Alice’s death, this appears to be an authorised study of Alice’s entire life, and it seems she had as much fun during her tennis career as she did after it was effectively over, as can be judged by reading the sub-title! During the War, she and Mary Hardwick played over 500 exhibition matches to entertain the Forces. £20/US$35


164: 1986/1987/1988/1989/1992/1996/1998/2003, each @ £10/US$18; 2 @ £18/US$31; 3 @ £24/US$42; 4 @ £28/US$49; 5 @ £30/US$53; 6 @ £35/US$62

165: 1984, 1985, 1990 each at £125/US$220.

166: 1991, 1993, 1994, 1997, each at £75/US$130

167: 1995, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, each at £25/US$35; 2 at £46/US$80; 3 at £63/US$110; 4 at £80/US$140; 5 @ £95/US$165

Please remember that all credit card orders from now onwards MUST be accompanied by the 16 figures, the expiry date AND the three figure security code on the signature side of the card.


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