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This list of books on Tennis and Rackets is specially prepared for the contestants in the Tennis and Rackets Association Centenary Doubles week, as well as for the many new interested parties whose names have been added to my lists of contacts. I have been able to acquire quite a large number of quality Tennis titles recently and this list describes them. All these items will be on display and available for sale in the Museum at The Queen’s Club from 19th to 26th April 2008.

The following books contain texts on the games listed above. They may be books entirely on their subject, or they may be books which contain sections, chapters or merely pages. Many books are second hand and will therefore bear limited variations of earlier use. Any deviations from that will be clearly described.

Fuller descriptions are immediately available as are photographs of any of them. UK 1st class costs are included in all the prices; airmail outside the UK is available at cost. Prices are listed in £ Sterling. These prices remain current until 31 May 2008, assuming stock allows.

Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, UK cheque in Sterling, US $ check payable to Alan Chalmers, or Paypal to


by David Best; 1st standard edition of April 2008 in tall 4to booklet format in paper covers with c75 pages. I know how much care and attention David has given to this book as we have had many conversations over the last 18 months about it. He has diligently looked into every nook and cranny of the T & RA throughout its 100 years and has produced a very readable account which should appeal to most members and players of Tennis and Rackets. The book is very well illustrated with photographs of many of the colourful characters who have devoted themselves tirelessly over 100 years to the benefit of the games. A small run of a de luxe collectors’ edition is being considered, and pre-publication names are now sought for that book; cost between £100 and £150. Proceeds from the sales of both editions go to T & RA funds. £10

01: ACADEMIE UNIVERSELLE DES JEUX; French language edition of 1825 in small 12mo format hardboards and dust-jacket with 460 pages in contemporary leather boards internally marbled; just a shade of slight water-staining to the tops of most pages. This book was published in many editions; it contains an A to Z of the sports played in France, concentrating on the rules. Longue Paume is at pages 169 to 172; Paume is at pages 202 to 209. £250

  Item 02
02: ANNALS OF TENNIS (The) by Julian Marshall; 1st edition of 1878 in small 4to format red boards with 226 pages. This is certainly the leading title of the 19th century, written by a great player and administrator in the games of both Real and Lawn Tennis. His history of the game is much borrowed by later authors and his study of the great courts of England is second to none. This copy has had some restoration to the boards; otherwise a very nice copy of a rare book. £1500

03: ANNALS OF TENNIS (The) by Julian Marshall; 1st facsimile edition of 1973 in green boards with 226 pages. This facsimile copy is virtually indistinguishable from the original and is a very good substitute for the original. £125

04: ART OF TENNIS 1874-1940 (The) by Gary H. Schwartz; 1st large 4to format paper covers with 171 pages. This book summarises and describes the various forms of paper art in tennis including posters, magazine covers, engravings, advertising, postcard etc. Whilst almost entirely about Lawn rather then Real Tennis, it is a lovely book. £25

05: ART OF THE TENNIS-RACKET-MAKER AND OF TENNIS (The) by A. de Garsault; facsimile USA edition of 1977 of the Hampton Court edition of 1938; 45 pages, 5 plates in red boards (small 4to) in card slip-case. This book describes the game as at the middle of the 18th century. See also the original German edition of 1768 below. £125

06: BOOK OF SPORT (The) edited by William Patten; 1901 edition de Grande Luxe in an edition limited to 450 numbered copies in very large folio hardboards with 411 pages. This is a series of chapters on the major sports as played at the leading country clubs on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries. As well as Golf, Polo, Hunting etc. there are also substantial chapters on Court Tennis, Racquets, Hand-Fives, and Squash-Tennis as played at New York, Tuxedo, Boston, and Philadelphia. It is beautifully illustrated with many photos of the leading players of the period. It is truly a stunning book. £500

07: CHASE DOWN UNDER (A) by Michael P. Garnett; 1st edition (Australia) of 1999 in large 8vo decorative hardboards (no dust-jacket issued) with 502 pages. This book is one of a series of fine books by the author describing almost every global facet of Tennis with a heavy slant on Tennis in Australia, including history, great matches, a bibliography, miscellaneous facts, trivia and much more all illustrated with photos. £50

08: COURT TENNIS with Notes on Racquets and Squash-Racquets by Frederick Charles Tompkins; 1st USA edition of April 1909 in small 12mo format hardboards with 115 pages. Court Tennis has 100 pages, Racquets and Squash-Racquets between them have the other 14 pages. This is primarily a coaching manual which is illustrated with 20 black and white photographs. It lacks the blank front end paper and external lettering is somewhat faded. £475

09: “Der Ballmeister”; an 18th century German engraving showing a game of hand-tennis, involving a tambourine. This is taken from a book and the image measures 7.5cm x 12.5cm (approx). The game is played in a walled court and appears to be a men’s doubles. It is accompanied by a short verse about ball play. £350

10: ELOGE DE LA PAUME, et de Ses Avantages, by M. Bajot; 4th French edition of 1854 in 8vo paper covers with 255 pages (page edges typically rough cut). Bajot’s book went into at least 4 editions, starting with the 1st edition of 1800. His book is not so much an instructional book on the game; rather it is designed to show you how good the game is for your physical and mental well-being. The rules of Longue Paume are also included and there are two illustrations showing court layout. This copy is in exceptionally good condition bearing in mind its age and format. £500

11: EXHIBITION OF TENNIS AND RACKETS (An) as organised by Jonathan Edwardes at The Queen’s Club in London from 9th to 17th October 2004. The illustrated catalogue (A4) of Edwardes’ exhibition listing books, images, antique rackets, silver trophies etc., indeed a very wide range of Racket Sports collectibles and artefacts. £15

12: FIELD BOOK or SPORTS AND PASTIMES OF THE BRITISH ISLANDS (The); 1833; 563 pages in 8vo green boards. This is a pre-Victorian A-Z dictionary of sports (both field and athletic) as played by the people of England. Racket Sports are covered minimally as follows: one line on Racket (sic) and 1¼ pages on Tennis. Note “chaces”! £75

13: FIFTY YEARS OF SPORT AT OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE AND THE GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS; three massive folio sized leather bound volumes of 332, 325 and 505 pages. The first two volumes were published in 1913; the third volume on the Public Schools was published in 1922. This is certainly the most impressive set of books I have seen, being exhaustive reports on all the sports in which Oxford and Cambridge Universities have competed against each other since the middle part of the 19th century right up to the date of publication. In addition in the Public Schools volume can be found all the representatives of sports at Eton, Harrow, and Winchester. All the racket sports are very thoroughly covered including Real Tennis and Rackets with many lists of records and individual match scores. £750

Item 019 Item 032

14: FIRST BEAUTIFUL GAME (The): Stories of Obsession in Real Tennis compiled by Roman Krznaric; 1st paperback edition of 2006 with 181 pages. This is a splendid collection of stories from the game featuring matches, personalities, opinions, occurrences etc over the centuries of the game’s life. £20

15: FRED COVEY WORLD CHAMPION OF TENNIS edited by Neil Covey; de luxe edition of 1994 in an edition of 60 numbered copies signed by the editor, in large 4to format hardboards and dust-jacket, the 160 page edges gilt, boards internally marbled. This is a compendium of the many press cuttings gathered through the competitive life of Fred Covey and they brilliantly illustrate his many competition triumphs. £150

16: FROM PILLAR TO POST: Chapters on the History of Real Tennis edited by Geoff Hiller; 1st edition Australia of 2007 in 8vo format hard pictorial boards (no dust-jacket issued) with 161 pages. This is a compilation of the lectures given at the RMTC on several of the top players from history including Etchebaster, Gould, Miles, Covey etc. It is a book full of fascinating Tennis achievement. This book was printed in a run of 350 copies only. £30

17: GAME OF TENNIS (The) Its History and Its Description by Chapus with an introductory essay by (Louis) Edouard Fournier; the 1st English translation of 2006 by Richard Travers of the original French of 1862; in large 8vo format hardboards (no dust-jacket issued) with 94 pages. Certainly the most important French book on Tennis in the 19th century and this translation accurately mirrors the French, of which a copy is listed below (Le Jeu de Paume). £75

18: HAZARD CHASE by Jeremy Potter; 1st edition of 1964 in small 8vo format hardboards and dust-jacket with 192 pages. Centred around a Real Tennis court, this is the very elusive 1st edition of Potter’s novel. £110

19: HIGH BORNE PRINCE JAMES DUKE OF YORKE (The) borne October the 13 1633. An original engraving showing the Duke on a tennis court, possibly Whitehall. This image is to be found in Marshall’s Annals of Tennis (1878) though this example does not appear to coincide with the Marshall, therefore it is almost certainly earlier and I date it as late 18th or early 19th century. It is loose and the image measures 13.5cm x 19cm. £110

20: HISTORY OF ROYAL TENNIS IN AUSTRALIA (A) by Michael P. Garnett; 1st edition of 1983 in 8vo format hardboards and dust-jacket with 224 pages. Garnett is certainly the doyen of writers on the Australian game and his history proves a very interesting read. There are memorable early photos of the great players and professionals. £50

  Item 21
21: HISTORY OF TENNIS (A) by E.B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark; 1st edition of 1924 in two folio sized volumes of 281 and 299 pages in original and exceptionally rare dust-jackets. No-one can doubt the importance of these books which were originally published in The Field magazine in a long series of articles, each of which has now been brought together. Noel was the foremost Tennis historian of his time. The books are well illustrated with photos and there is also the large fold-out chart of the dimensions of every UK court. Originally in a run of 800 sets, 348 sets were pulped in the early 1930s so it is a run of only 452 sets. This is only the second set I have ever seen in dust-jackets. A rare treasure! £2500

22: HISTORY OF TENNIS (A) by E.B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark; 1st edition of 1924, as above but this set does not have any dust-jackets and is in blue cloth boards, slightly faded. £750

23: HISTORY OF TENNIS (A) by E.B. Noel and J.O.M. Clark; 1st large format tall 4to facsimile edition in one volume of 1991 (1st edition of 1924 in two volumes) with 587 pages in hard blue boards, no dust-jacket issued. I am able to offer a small quantity of mint condition copies still in their original paper wrappings and box. £150

24: HISTORY OF THE LEAMINGTON TENNIS COURT CLUB 1846-1996 (The) by Charles Wade; 1st de luxe edition of 1996 in 8vo format hardboards and dust-jacket; all page edges gilt and with 213 pages. In an edition limited to 60 numbered copies signed by the author, this is a splendid story of the early days of this old club, how it was planned, formed and developed. Much of the book studies the last 30 years or so and it is well illustrated with photos. £225

25: HOW TO MAKE THE REAL TENNIS BALL FROM CORE TO COVER with an introduction by Sir Richard Hamilton; 1st edition of 1977 in small 12mo hardboards and dust-jacket with just 27 pages. This is an illustrated manual describing in detail the ages-old procedure and technique required to make the real tennis ball. £70

26: HOW TO MAKE THE REAL TENNIS BALL FROM CORE TO COVER; as above but this is the soft covered edition. This book was published by the Tennis & Rackets Association. £50

27: HISTORY OF THE ROYAL GAME OF TENNIS (A) by Albert de Luze; English translation of 1979 from the French of 1933; 395 pages in large 4to format in dust-jacket and blue card slip-case; in an edition limited to 500 numbered copies, each signed by the translator Sir Richard Hamilton. It is an astonishingly detailed history of Le Jeu de Paume in France through the ages. It is beautifully illustrated with engravings. £225

28: JEU DE PAUME ceramic plate; this is a modern reproduction of the famous Care/Masson plate dated 1757. This particular example was the last the manufacturers had and it has taken me several years to locate this plate, which is in perfect condition. It measures 23.5cm in diameter. The last 1757 original fetched £23,000 at auction in Paris! £475

29: JEU DE PAUME (Le): Son Histoire et sa Description by Chapus with an introductory essay by Edouard Fournier; 1st French language edition of 1862 in tall 8vo red boards with 71 pages and 6 original photographs tipped onto the pages, their original tissue guards still present. Certainly the leading French book on Tennis in the 19th century, this is at the same time a history, a coaching manual, a dictionary of the leading players of France and England and it carries a brief account of Longue Paume. The book was published in two editions in 1862, one with larger boards and as many as 14 photographs, and this slightly smaller edition, which is in very good condition, rather foxed internally. £5000

Item 29 Item 29 - title page Item 36

30: JEU DES ROIS ROI DES JEUX: Le jeu de paume en France; 1st French language edition of 2001 in broad 8vo format paper covers with 184 pages. This is the catalogue of exhibits displayed in 2001 at the reopening of the old court at Fontainebleau. It is very well researched and nicely illustrated with photos of many of the exhibits. It is an essential book for collectors of tennis memorabilia. £50

31: J.T. FABER BOOK OF TENNIS & RACKETS by Lord Aberdare; 1st standard edition of 2001 with 415 pages in large 4to format hardboards and dust-jacket. (There is also a de luxe edition in green leather boards in an edition of 150 copies signed by the author.) This is the revised and updated edition of the 1980 original wherein the author describes the history and development of Tennis and Rackets throughout their history right up to the start of the millennium. Every club in the world has its own section, and there are a great many photographs and records. £50

32: LOGIC visiting his old acquaintances on board the FLEET, accompanied by Tom and Jerry to play a Match at Rackets with Sir John Blubber, The fat knight floored! This item is an original engraving from c1820 as part of the Tom and Jerry series. (Tom and Jerry were not originally cat and mouse!) Probably later hand coloured, this is a nice example of a very early Racket Sports image, which measures 19.5cm x 13.5cm. It is contained in a cream coloured mount. £200

33: “M. Edmond Barre, Ancien Paumier de la Cour de France”; an original engraving dated 8 Fevrier 1873 showing the famous Barre nonchalantly leaning against a pillar, his racket in hand and tennis balls at his feet. The maximum dimensions of this oval picture are 13.5cm wide and 17.5cm tall. This example is contained in the original and complete French newspaper “L’Univers Illustre” of 16 pages, each measuring 27cm x 39cm. The page also contains the famous view “La Salle du Jeu de Paume sur la Terrasse des Tuileries”, the inside of the tennis court in play. £200

Item 33

34: MELBOURNE TO MYOPIA Reflections on my visits to the Real Tennis Courts of the 20th Century by George Limb; 1st standard edition of 2002 in large 8vo format hardboards (no dust-jacket issued) with 170 pages. Limb spent years touring the world to play Tennis on every existing court. There are plenty of court photographs. £75

35: MORE THAN A YARD WORSE by Jonathan Howell; 1st standard edition of 1995 in small 8vo format hardboards and dust-jacket with 173 pages. The life story (so far) of a charismatic Tennis player and professional who has worked in several of the great clubs of the world and who pulled together the project at The Oratory. This copy is signed by the author on the title page. There was also a de luxe edition. £60

36: PAUME ET LE LAWN-TENNIS (La) by E. de Nanteuil, G. de Saint-Clair and Delahaye; 1st French language edition of 1898 bound into contemporary brown boards within the original paper covers, with 422 pages. This is a most important book on racket sports in France as it carries both Tennis and Lawn Tennis. It is beautifully illustrated with many engravings of players and courts and deals with history, equipment, manner of play, scoring etc. £750

37: PLAISIRS ET JEUX DEPUIS LES ORIGINES par Gaston (Charles) Vuillier; 1st French language edition of 1900 in large 4to format original paper covers bound into contemporary hard boards with 345 pages including 250 engravings and other images of sports as played in France throughout the previous centuries. This is one of the “prettiest” books I have seen; it describes and illustrates the wide range of sports of France. Chapter V covers at pages 180 to 195 La balle, La paume, Le ballon. etc., ball games special to France and nicely illustrated. Printed in an edition of 3300 copies in 10 chapters, and with top edges of the pages being gilt. This is a very good copy. £400

38: QUEEN’S CLUB STORY 1886-1986 (The) by Roy McKelvie; 1st edition of 1986; 306 pages; 4to in hardboards and decorative dust-jacket. This famous London club is the home of Tennis and Rackets, but many other sports have been played throughout its 100 years. I was invited to research and write much of the history section on Squash. £35

39: PIERRE’S BOOK The Game of Court Tennis by Pierre Etchebaster; 1st USA edition of 1971 in small 4to format hardboards and decorative dust-jacket with 78 pages. This is Pierre’s coaching manual with lots of court drawings showing how to play the game. The last section is a series of tributes to Pierre from his competitive opponents. This copy is handsomely inscribed by Pierre on the title page in his typical hand-writing. £225

40: PIERRE’S BOOK The Game of Court Tennis by Pierre Etchebaster; 1st USA edition of 1971 as above. This copy is the copy presented to the Sun Tennis Club at Troon on the occasion of matches played there by the US Wanderers 24/25 April 1973. It is signed by Clarry Pell, Bert O’Neill and Dick Sears. The dust-jacket is complete but torn. £175

41: PIERRE’S BOOK The Game of Court Tennis by Pierre Etchebaster; 1st USA edition of 1971 as above. This copy is signed by Pierre on the title page and dated June 19 1973. £200

42: RACKETS, SQUASH-RACKETS, TENNIS, FIVES & BADMINTON; in the Lonsdale Library series; 1st edition of 1933 in 8vo hardboards and photo-mounted dust-jacket with 326 page. This book contains substantial sections on each of these sports, each section written by a leading exponent of the period, covering the rules, technique, the court and the implements used. It is very nicely illustrated with photos showing the top players playing their shots. £80

43: RACQUET & TENNIS CLUB (NY) MEMBERS BOOKS for the following years:
1914/1936/1939/1940/1943/1944/1945/1946/1947/1948/1949/1950/1951/1954/1955/1956/1957/1960/1961/1962/1963/1965/1966/1975/2004. Lists of members, rules, champions etc. Each at £10

44: RACQUET AND TENNIS CLUB: Some History and Some Memories by George Rushmore Read; 1st USA edition of 1976 in 12mo format hardboards in an edition of 500 numbered copies with 107 pages. Specially prepared for the RTC members, this is a thorough history of the early days of the famous New York club, its subsequent development, its leading personalities, their great matches, plus the other sports including Billiards, Squash-Racquets & Card games. £135

45: RACQUET CLUB OF THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA. Club Books showing lists of Officers, Members, Charter and By-Laws. The Club emblem of crossed rackets within a shield is on the front cover. Here are editions for 1936 and 1940. Each at £20

46: RACQUET GAME (The) by Allison Danzig; 1st USA edition of 1930 in small format 8vo hardboards with 283 pages. The book lacks its very decorative dust-jacket. This is Danzig’s first major book on Racquet Sports (see The Winning Gallery below), and it describes the state of the games of Court Tennis, Racquets, Squash Racquets and Squash Tennis in the USA at the beginning of the 1930s. There are many photos including the important fold-out photo of the group for the opening of the Greentree Court on January 10th 1915. This is an important book on the early history of racket sports in the USA with records of championships and many photos of leading players. £250

47: RACQUETS, TENNIS AND SQUASH by Eustace H. Miles; 1st UK edition of 1902 in 8vo format green hardboards in The Isthmian Library series with 336 pages. One of the greatest exponents of Racket Sports from England who finished up in the USA, here he writes the first book on these sports in the 20th century. He deals with history, technique etc, and it is illustrated with typically amateurish photographs of how to……..! £350

48: RAILING TENNIS COLLECTION CATALOGUE; for the auction of the Railing collection of books, rackets etc as auctioned at Christie’s South Kensington on 17th November 2005. This is a collectible for the future. £20

49: REAL TENNIS by Kathryn McNicoll; 1st paperback edition of 2005 with 40 pages. This is a pocket guide to Tennis covering all its aspects in a very easy to read style. It is very well illustrated. £5

50: ROYAL GAME (The) edited by L. St.J. Butler and P.J. Wordie in broad 8vo format paper covers with 144 pages. This is a compilation of interesting aspects of the game and its early history, including the images from 16th century emblem books, strange stories from the game and comments on the old court at Falkland Palace. £20

51: ROYAL TENNIS COURT (The): A History of Tennis at Hampton Court Palace; 1st standard edition of 2002 in large 4to format hardboards in dust-jacket with 331 pages. Covering some four centuries of Tennis at the RTC, this book expertly recounts the stories of how the court evolved, the many famous royal users, as well as the many great championship matches that have been played there. It is heavily illustrated with historic photographs. £30

52: ROYAL TENNIS COURT HAMPTON COURT PALACE (The) by Lord Aberdare and A. Negretti; small 8vo format paper covers with 12 pages, published first in the early 1950s, but here probably 1970s (undated). It is a tourist hand-out which describes in simple terms the history of the game and the manner of play. £10

53: ROYAL TENNIS IN RENAISSANCE ITALY by Cees de Bondt; 1st large 8vo edition of 2006 in hardboards and dust-jacket with 290 pages. Here is a labour of love from a man who travelled frequently to Italian institutions researching this marvellous book, one for the Tennis historian. It is lavishly illustrated with photos and engraving. £75

54: RULES & PRINCIPLES OF TENNIS by Pierre Barcellon; 1st English translation of 1987 by Richard Hamilton from the original French of 1800; in hardboards and dust-jacket (8vo) with 47 pages. This is a classic instruction book written as the 18th and 19th centuries met. Read it and you will see not much has changed. £25

55: SCAINO ON TENNIS by Antonio Scaino da Salo; 2nd English translation of 1984 (1st edition in Italian of 1555) in large 4to format hardboards and dust-jacket with 200 pages. In an edition of 400 standard copies, here we have the new English translation in which the original Italian and the English translation are side by side. £150

56: SCHAUPLATZ DER KUNSTE UND HANDWERKE (Showcase of the Arts and Crafts); volume Vll of a large run of volumes here in German (1768) but originally in French (1767). The volume contains a series of authoritative essays on a wide range of crafts, and prominent amongst these in this very rare volume is “Die Kunst der Ball-und Raquettemacher und vom Ballspiele” by Herrn von Garsault. This is better known in English as “The Art of the Tennis-Racket-Maker and of Tennis” by de Garsault, usually seen in large folio size. Here in the German the size is standard 4to, and this is bound into what appears to be its original leather boards and ribbed spine. The effect of the reduced size is that the French text of some 38 pages is now extended to about 50 pages. In addition, the 5 large plates are now folded and extend out from the book in landscape format. There is a very small element of water staining at the top of some of the pages though this seems not to extend into the plates. I have never seen an entire volume and I have only ever seen one of the German texts which had been extracted/removed from the original full volume. £4500

  Item 57
57: SERMENT DU JEU DE PAUME (20 Juin 1789). An original engraving from the late 18th century showing the Deputies on the court at Versailles swearing their oath of allegiance to the French people in defiance of the King. This engraving is loose and the image measures 23cm x 16.5cm. It is ready for framing. £150

58: SERMENT DU JEU DE PAUME LE 20 JUIN 1789. An original engraving from the late 18th century showing the Deputies on the court at Versailles swearing their oath of allegiance to the French people in defiance of the King. This engraving is loose and the image measures 16cm x 12cm. It is ready for framing. £110

59: SPORT A PARIS (Le) by Eugene Chapus (who later wrote Le Jeu de Paume 1862). This French language book is in small format 12mo hardboards of 1854 with 316 pages. It is a compendium of the many games and sports played in Paris and includes 10 pages on Le Jeu de Paume. There are no illustrations. £125

60: STICKE TENNIS by Graham Tomkinson; 1st small format paperback edition of 2004 with 35 pages. Here is an unusual cousin of Tennis invented probably by Victorian military men. It is still played in England in just a handful of courts. All copies are signed and dated by the author. £20

61: STORY OF TENNIS (The) by Lord Aberdare; 1st edition of 1969 in small 8vo format hardboards and decorative dust-jacket with 180 pages. This is the story of the process that saw Real Tennis give birth to Lawn Tennis in the early 1870s. The book was the forerunner of his much larger works on Tennis and Rackets. The dust-jacket has been repaired and is rather stained externally. This copy was formerly owned by Lance Tingay who was for many years the Lawn Tennis correspondent of The Daily Telegraph, and he has signed the end paper. £50

62: STORY OF TENNIS (The) by Lord Aberdare; as above but this is an uncorrected proof copy in trade paper covers with somewhat tattered dust-jacket with 173 pages but no photos etc. £30

63: TENNIS: A CUT ABOVE THE REST by Chris Ronaldson; 4th edition of 1999 in hardboards and highly decorative dust-jacket with 176 pages. This is the most popular and most modern coaching book on Tennis, now in its 4th print run. It is also a good personal study of a fine world champion and Tennis professional. £25

64: TENNIS: A CUT ABOVE THE REST by Chris Ronaldson; 1st edition 1985 as above; this copy signed by the author on the title page. Each of the four editions was printed in a run of 500 copies. £50

65: TENNIS AND OXFORD by Jeremy Potter; 1st de luxe edition of 100 numbered copies each signed by the author of 1994 in a special blue leatherette binding with 152 pages (8vo); the page edges being gilt, boards being marbled internally. In 12 chapters and with a foreword by Lord Aberdare, Potter examines the history of Tennis at the University since the 16th century. The book is nicely illustrated with photos. £225

66: TENNIS BIBLIOGRAPHY 1874-2000 compiled by Frank Phelps and Gordy Sabine; large 4to; 2004; 377 pages. Lists over 3200 English language tennis titles in A-Z order of author, category of book (biography, history, novel etc), A-Z order of title, and year of publication. The vast majority of these books is about Lawn Tennis, but it is a fascinating source of information on racket sports literature. £100

67: TENNIS CUTS AND QUIPS IN PROSE AND VERSE, with Rules and Wrinkles edited by Julian Marshall; 1st edition of 1884 in small format landscape hardboards with 295 pages. This is an odd Tennis titles, being a collection of verses and torrid tales mostly about Lawn Tennis as edited by one of the greatest names of the late Victorian era in Real Tennis. He is described not only as the author of the “Annals of Tennis” but also as the Hon. Sec of the All England Lawn-Tennis Club, so he clearly had a foot in both camps. The pages as usual are rather rough cut at the edges. £200

68: TENNIS IN NEDERLAND TUSEN 1500 EN 1800 by Cees de Bondt; 1st Dutch edition of 1993 in 8vo format paper covers with 179 pages. Cees is an accomplished authority of the early days of Tennis throughout Europe. Holland was a hotbed of Tennis in these dates and the book is liberally illustrated with old engravings. £30

69: TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES; the Badminton Library; 1st edition of 1890 with 484 pages in decorative brown boards; small 8vo. This excellent volume deals with each of the racket sports as to history, derivation, the court, the implements, the laws, some hints on play of each of the games in the title. It is beautifully illustrated with engravings of both the implements and of imaginary social scenes by Lucien Davies. £135

70: TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES; the Badminton Library; 2nd edition of 1891; 484 pages in cloth and leather (de luxe binding); with additions and corrections. This is a particularly rare edition. £125

71: TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES; the Badminton Library; 3rd de luxe edition of 1894; 488 pages.£125

72: TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS; RACKETS; FIVES; the Badminton Library as above; 3rd edition of 1894; 488 pages.£125

73: TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES; the Badminton Library; 4th edition of 1897; 488 pages. £125

74: TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES; the Badminton Library as above; new edition 1903; 491 pages.£125

75: TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES; the Badminton Library; new impression of 1908; 491 pages.£95

76: TENNIS: LAWN TENNIS: RACKETS: FIVES; the Badminton Library; facsimile edition of 1987. £15

77: TENNIS ORIGINS AND MYSTERIES by Malcolm D. Whitman; 1st USA edition of 1932 in large 8vo format hardboards (no dust-jacket issued) with 258 pages. This was in an edition of 450 copies on fine art paper. It is in two sections, the first being a study of many of the terms used in the game and their origins, the second being a large bibliography of both Real Tennis and Lawn Tennis upto 1932 as prepared by Robert Henderson, the Librarian of the Racquet and Tennis Club (New York). This is a very rare title. £600

78: TENNIS WITH REAL ATTITUDE compiled by Richard Seymour Mead; in small 8vo format paper covers with 64 pages from 2005. This little book was prepared as a celebration of the centenary of the Moreton Morrell Tennis Court. It is a series of cartoons with Tennis content, subtly illustrating the history text. £15

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79: TENNIS WITH REAL ATTITUDE; as above but this copy is signed internally by Rob Fahey, Chris Ronaldson and Roger Federer on the occasion of their doubles hit at the RTC in June 2005 with Matthew Syed of The Times who wrote a feature article on the experience. (Copy included). £200

80: TENNIS: The Development of the European Ball Game by Roger Morgan; 1st de luxe edition of 1985 in large 4to format hardboards and dust-jacket with 259 pages in an edition of 100 numbered copies signed by the author; page edges gilt and internal boards marbled. Morgan has diligently researched his slant on how the game of Tennis first started and his theories require close attention as they seem to oppose the traditional views. This is a lovely book and it is profusely illustrated with many ball-play photographs and engravings from right across Europe. £150

81: THEATRE DES BONS ENGINS (Le) Auquel sont contenuz cent Emblemes moraulx by Guillaume de la Perriere (original edition of 1539) and here reproduced in a facsimile edition of 1964 in 8vo format hardboards with 214 pages. At pages 20 and 92 are images of Tennis ball play. (Previous owner’s gift inscription internally) £100

82: THEATRE DES BONS ENGINS (Le) and LA MOROSPHIE by Guillaume de la Perriere; facsimile edition of 1993 in small 8vo format hardboards. Here are two editions of his emblem books reproduced in one large volume. Thus the two images of tennis ball-=play are reproduced. £75

83: TRATTATO DEL GIUOCO DELLA PALLA by Antonio Scaino da Salo; 1968 facsimile of the 1555 original being bound in marble boards with leather spine and corners in a card slip-case. In an edition of 500 numbered copies, this is an exact page by page copy of the original and excellent value for acquiring the text with its 6 wood engravings. £450

84; TREATISE ON THE ROYAL GAME OF TENNIS by de Manivieux; 1st English translation of the French original of 1783; in large 8vo format hardboards (no dust-jacket issued) with 98 pages. Originally published as “Traite sur la Connoissance du Royal Jeu de Paume, et des Principes”, this is almost the most difficult book to find in its original form. It is an excellent history of the game in France with chapters on paumiers such as Masson, Barcellon, Charrier etc., and on some of the great courts of France. There are some lovely photographs. £75

85: TUDOR TENNIS: A Miscellany by Roger Morgan; in large 4to format in hard boards and dust-jacket with 175 pages; in an edition limited to 50 numbered copies signed by the author copies; 2001 page edges gilt. Morgan writes here on the Elizabethan era and the popularity of Tennis in Tudor times; it is heavily illustrated with many town plans, engravings, drawings and photographs. £150

86: WAHRSCHEINLICHKEITSRECHNUNG (ARS CONJECTANDI) by Jakob Bernouilli; in small 8vo format in hardboards with 172 pages. This book (1899) is in German; the original was in French and was called “Establishment of the Fundamental Principles of the Calculus of Probabilities”. Almost entirely about mathematical theories, the end section studies the wisdom of betting and odds in games of Tennis. £125

87: WINNING GALLERY (The) Court Tennis Matches and Memories by Allison Danzig; 1st USA edition of 1985 in large format hardboards (no dist-jacket issued) with 347 pages. Danzig (see The Racquet Game above) wrote two seminal books on the game this being the second. He was a great student of players and watched many of the great matches which he wrote up in New York newspapers. With heavy USA emphasis, here he writes about Gould, Etchebaster, Phipps, Knox, Borthwick, Scott, and some of the very early Professionals. Oddly there are no photographs in this book. £100

88: THE ROYAL TENNIS COURT HAMPTON COURT PALACE 1530-1980. This is a wine-glass measuring 16cm tall specially issued to celebrate the 350th anniversary year of Tennis at Hampton Court. It is decorated with the RTC emblem of crossed rackets with rose and crown. There are three examples, each in perfect condition. Each at £35

89: WIGRAM RACKETS CUP 1934; A pewter tankard measuring c15cm high and with a hinged lid issued as a prize awarded to the Rackets pair which wins the Winchester College House Doubles. This example was awarded in 1934; the actual silver trophy was stolen in a burglary about 12 years ago and the competition seems to have fallen into abeyance. The tankard, which is in very nice if a little dirty condition, is engraved with the College crest and motto. £95


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