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INTRODUCTION: The summer exhibitions and Wimbledon are approaching all too fast! I am away from 8th June to 8th July, so no post, e-mails, or messages will be processed. My business phone takes messages. But, from 8th to 22nd June, I am on my mobile: 07860-395798

*** With so many 1000's of routine, uninteresting tennis titles offered around the world, I take great pleasure in offering this list of high quality, collectable titles, most in very good condition.

QUEEN'S CLUB…..EASTBOURNE…..WIMBLEDON: Here are the dates for your diary:

10/16 June: Stella Artois Men's Championships at The Queen's Club in London
16/22 June: Britannic Asset Management Ladies' Championships in Eastbourne
24 June/7 July: The Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon

*** I hear the LTA has formulated exciting new plans for increasing the amount of play on the outside courts during the week at Eastbourne. This is very good news, so well done the LTA!

*** For the exhibitions, I have accumulated a large selection of tennis collectables, including lapel pins & badges from £5, small selections of tennis ties, player posters, signed slips and photos, china plates, jewellery, watches with a tennis theme, prints and engravings, Real Tennis rackets, and finally an enormous range of programmes at only £3 each!

01: "Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Croquet, Troco, Racquets, Fives, Nurr and Spell, Bowling, Hurling, etc., etc.,"; by Captain Rawdon Crawley; 2nd edition of 1882; 96 pp in hardboards, small format. Externally the front board has a delightful Victorian mixed doubles scene. If the Wimbledon Library catalogue was able to list a copy of this book, it would appear at the top of only the 2nd page (out of 56 pages) of the Great Britain chronological entry. This book is the 2nd or the 3rd coaching manual on Lawn Tennis to be published. The section contains an early history, a description of the rackets etc, how to set out the ground, the first rules generally accepted, and advice and instruction on how to play. There are 5 engravings: 1) the curved rackets, 2) a rectangular court, 3) an hour-glass court, 4) a mixed doubles on an hour-glass court with a serving diamond, and 5) a mixed doubles on an hour-glass court with a serving diamond and extensive wing-nets. Views of Lawn Tennis with the serving diamond, hour-glass court, and wing-nets are as rare as hen's teeth. The book also covers other typically Victorian games mostly illustrated; Pallone is one of these. This is the first time I have seen this little book, which is in very good condition, but lacks a free end paper. It is offered at around £2950

HISTORIES OF NATIONAL LAWN TENNIS ASSOCIATIONS: Recently, I offered a short range of books detailing the histories of several national tennis governing bodies. As often, I was unable to satisfy demand, but have now built up my stock again, as follows:
02: "60 Anos de Harmonia: A historia do tenis no Brasil"; 1990; 100 pp in large format DW. The history of tennis in Brazil, with Maria Bueno apparently air-brushed out of the story. £110
03: "Svensk Tennis: Historiskt samlongsverk utgivet under samverkan med Svenska Lawntennisforbundet" by several authors; 1st folio edition of 1938; 431 pp in PB. This huge book is a copiously illustrated and detailed history of tennis in Sweden. Dedicated to the legendary King Gustav, just about every club and court is photographed and described. £350
04: "Tennis: The South African Story" edited by Russell Eldridge; 1978; 173 pp in large 4to in pictorial boards. Published to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the South African Tennis Union, there is a general history of tennis in SA, and each of the provinces is dealt with by local authors. Well illustrated by photographs, but a slightly confusing pagination order! £75

05: A SCRAP-BOOK FROM c1920: This old scrap-book consists of around 100 foolscap leaves, tightly packed with press cuttings about a huge range of mostly local UK and some international tennis events. Many of the cuttings came from The Telegraph, as A. Wallis Myers is often the correspondent. There are several articles on Suzanne Lenglen, with Bill Tilden, Mrs Dorothea Lambert Chambers and Elizabeth Ryan also getting good coverage. £200

06: WIMBLEDON CENTENARY CAITHNESS GLASS GOBLET, 16cm tall in its original plush presentation case; heavily engraved "Wimbledon 1877-1977" with the Centre Court. £225

07: "Budge on Tennis" by J. Donald Budge; 1st USA edition of 1939; 180 pp in DW. This is the top-selling, heavily illustrated biographical/coaching book written by this great USA player as he turned professional. It is accompanied by a nicely autographed envelope. £200

08: "The Annals of Tennis" by Julian Marshall; 1st edition of 1878 in green boards. This is the most authoritative 19th century English language book on Real Tennis. Written just as Lawn Tennis was starting, all subsequent Tennis titles refer to it with awe and worship. In very nice condition, this copy is offered a bit below the market value (£2500) for a quick sale at £1850
09: "Ball, Bat and Bishop The Origin of Ball Games" by Robert Henderson; 1st edition (1947) republished in 1974; 220 pages no DW. Games discussed include polo, tennis, golf, football, racquets, billiards, lawn tennis, cricket, and of course baseball. It is illustrated with engravings and photographs. This copy is inscribed and dedicated by the author to George Mars. £125
10: "Eedverbindnis in de Kaatsbaan, te Versailles, op den zoften van Zommermaand 1789". A Dutch view of "Le Serment du Jeu de Paume". As their Parliament had been closed to them, the French Deputies met instead in the Tennis court at Versailles at 10.30 in the morning of 20th June, where they swore their unanimous oath. This black and white engraving shows the court interior crowded with the excited deputies. Image measures 20cm x 17cm. £250
11: "Hazard Chase" by Jeremy Potter; reprint of 1989; 192 pp in DW. Murder and mayhem invade the usually very ordered world of Real Tennis, with plenty of hazards and chases! £50
12: "J.T. Faber Book of Tennis and Rackets" by Lord Aberdare. Featured in the last Newsletter, this book has sold well, understandably. Every club in the world has a major entry. I recommend this stunning book to all players and students of these two exciting games.
12 (a): The standard edition in hardboards and dustwrapper is available at £60
12 (b): The de luxe edition of 150 numbered copies in leather boards is now available at £350
13: "The Leamington Tennis Court Club 1846-1996" by Charles Wade; 1st standard edition (550 copies) of 1996; 213 pp in DW. This is the story of one of the most interesting gentlemen's sporting clubs in the UK. The author formulated the current handicap system used globally. £50
14: "Notice Historique sur la Salle du Jeu-de-Paume de Versailles" by Charels Vatel; 1st French PB edition of 1883; 103 pp and 4 engravings. This is a brief history of the famous old court; its main purpose is to describe the famous Serment. There is also a detailed list of the names of all the deputies present at the time. One of only 250 copies, this might not be considered a mainstream book on Le Jeu de Paume, but it is peripherally important. £250
15: "Public Schools' Rackets Championships Records". This previously unknown (to me) T & RA publication provides records of the winners of each the 15 Rackets playing schools' winning doubles pair, which then went on to play in the Public Schools Doubles, from the first year in 1868. The last section has the results of the "Final Ties", the winners & the runners-up.
15 (a): "Records 1868-1945"; 11 pp in PB 4to. This copy is in very good condition. £75
15 (b): "Records 1868-1949"; 11 pp in PB 4to. This copy has some added ink comments. £75
16: "Racquet and Tennis Club: Some History and Some Memories" by George Mead Rushmore; 1st edition of 1976 (500 numbered copies); 107 pp in hardboards. This is a history of the (New York) Racquet and Tennis Club. Racquets was played in New York City from about 1800 onwards. Major personalities and events are described, and the sports they played. £150
17: "Tennis and Oxford" by Jeremy Potter; 1st de luxe edition (100 copies only) of 1994; 152 pp. in luxury blue leather binding, all page edges gilt. This is the history of the several courts in Oxford over the centuries. This copy is signed by the author. £150
18: "Tennis & Rackets Association Records"; 28 pp in PB 4to. This slender book contains a substantial quantity of Tennis & Rackets event records, from c1750 (Clerge the World Champion) up to and including 1947. Tennis covers the Amateur, MCC prizes, Oxford vs Cambridge (from 1859), and Bathurst Cup. Rackets covers World Championship (1820 Robert Mackay), the Amateur, Oxford vs Cambridge, Public Schools etc. This is a very rare item. £125
19: "Tennis, Rackets, Fives" by Julian Marshall et al; 1st USA edition of 1891. This is the very rare USA edition; light green boards, the front board gilt decorated. Nicely illustrated coaching manual with each game described by great experts of the period. (the title page is loose) £675

"PELOTA" OR "PELOTE BASQUE" BOOKS AND DECORATIVES: Relatively few people have seen this game being played; all who have will agree it is a spectacular and incredibly fast ball game. Played mostly in the small area either side of "Los Pirineos/Les Pyrenees" bordering the Atlantic, the game is another of those in the family of "Le Jeu de Paume". Pelota literature is very thin on the ground. Rather like Real Tennis which is played by so few world-wide, and where the titles are in very short print-runs, so with Pelota. But unusually I am able to offer a small parcel of Pelota items, books in French, engravings, and even a chistera, the implement used. Pelota is still very strong in the Pays Basques, and supports a regular monthly magazine.
20: "Chistera"; yes I have a chistera for sale, date c1945, made of typical cane with glove attachment, the whole measuring some 2 feet in length including the pronounced curve. £150
21: "La Pelote"; a coloured lithograph by Xavier Gose; c1902. Image measures 19cm x 27cm. This is taken from a contemporary magazine, and shows a player in traditional white clothing, red beret and red sash, a chistera on his hand, in conversation with two supporters. £95
22: "La Pelote Basque"; a Belgian advertising postcard c1900. Illustrated with two highly coloured Pelote scenes, one a player with chistera, and the other a game in progress. £50
23: "La Pelote Basque, son art, ses secrets, ses regles" by Bota; 1974; 154 pp in PB. This is one of the most recent Pelote titles, being illustrated with photographs and diagrams. £50
24: "La Pelote Basque, Ses Jeux" by A. Tournier; 1958; 46 pp in PB. Illustrated with delightful vignettes of the games being played, this book discusses origins, the ball, the gloves, the chistera, the ground of play, the rules, traditions, and various derivatives of the game. £60
25: "Pelote Basque" by A. Jaureguy; 1944; 161 pp in PB. This book, illustrated with artistic sketches, describes Pelote and Trinquet, an indoor variety of Le Jeu de Paume. £75
26: "La Vie Au Grand Air"; edition for 22 May 1909. This is a large format French sports magazine. The front cover is a full page, dramatic action photograph of Heguy retrieving the ball in mid-air. The centre spread contains 10 photographs of several of the top players of the day playing Pelote Basque at the new fronton in Paris. There is also an amazing article describing and illustrating an invention by the Wright Brothers. Is it a plane? Yes it is!! £75
27: "Le Rebot et Autres Jeux de Pelote Basques" by Dr. A. Vergely; 1948; 46 pages in PB. From St. Jean-de-Luze, and illustrated with delightful vignettes, this lovely book describes the history, the courts, the implements, and Les Jeux de Trinquet, de Rebot, and de Fronton. £100
28: "An original pen and ink drawing of a Pelota player", c1930; measures 28cm x 38cm. The image shows a full-length player about to play a double-handed stroke. £125

BARGAIN BOOK CORNER: Here is a further selection from my shelves of reading copies of older books, not in top condition. Unsold items from last time are mostly listed at lower prices.
29: "Aces, Places and Faults" by William T. Tilden; 1938; 304 pp. £25
30: "American Heritage June 1971"; article (12 pages) called "Sphairistike, Anyone?". £25
31: "Athletic Journal Jan/Jul 1888"; one large volume mostly football but some tennis. £25
32: "Budge on Tennis" by Don Budge; 1946; 180 pp. (see also book 07) £15
33: "Death Serves an Ace" by Helen Wills & Robert Murphy; 1939; 317 pp. Tennis novel. £25
34: "Eton & Rugby Fives" by Egerton & Armitage; c1936; 96 pp. (see also book 50) £20
35: "Gordon Lowe on Lawn Tennis" by F. Gordon Lowe; 1924; 160 pp. £20
36: "Great Lawn Tennis" by A. Wallis Myers; 1937; 223 pp. A wonderful history. £20
37: "Grosse Meister (Der)" by Robert Geist; 1999; Austrian PB title on Ken Rosewall. £15
38: "Lawn Tennis for Club Players" by William T. Tilden; 1925; Jackie Smyth's copy! £20
39: "Lawn Tennis of To-Day" by F.R. Burrow; 1924; 121 pp. A gorgeous front board. £25
40: "Lawn Tennis Made Easy" by Bunny Austin; 1935; 109 pp. £15
41: "Lawn Tennis Tip Book" by A.E. Beamish; 1923; 59 pp. By a leading teaching pro. £15
42: "Lawns and Sports Grounds" by James Carter; 1923; 40 pp in illustrated paperback. £15
43: "Lessons for Beginners" by J. Parmly Paret; 1926; 174 pp. £25
44: "Mechanics of the Game" by J. Parmly Paret; 1926; 269 pp. £25
45: "Methods & Players of Modern Lawn Tennis" by S. W. Merrihew; 1922; fep absent. £25
46: "Rackets, Squash-Rackets, Tennis, Fives, Badminton"; the Lonsdale Library; 1933. £20
47: "Singles and Doubles in Lawn Tennis" by William T. Tilden; 1923; 228 pp. £20
48: "Text Book of Lawn Tennis" by M.J.G. Ritchie; c1910; 88 pp. £15
49: "Things That Matter in Lawn Tennis" by J.C.S. Rendall; 1930; 203 pp. £15

FIVES AND TABLE TENNIS: Books on Fives can probably be numbered on the fingers of one hand. However you would be surprised at just how big the Table Tennis bibliography is. It is not one of my normal games, but this early book with the Tilden connection caught my eye.
50: "Eton & Rugby Fives" by David Egerton and John Armitage; 1st reprinted edition of 1936; c100 pp in DW. This little book covers Eton, Rugby & Winchester Fives; with photographs. £45
51: "A Manual of Ping-Pong, The Game, Its Tactics and Laws" by Cornelius G. Schaad; 2nd edition of 1929; 68 pp in PB; introduction by William T. Tilden. Britain's Fred Perry and Ann Haydon (Jones) excelled at Table Tennis, as did Manuel Alonso and Vinnie Richards. £60

52: "A Centennial History of the Seattle Tennis Club" by James Warren; 1990; 98 pp in large format. Famous West Coast tennis club where my old friend Pat Bostrom plays! £30
53: "Ein Jahrhundert Tennis in Berlin" by Wolfgang Hofer; 1996; 243 pp (4to) & DW. About Berlin's top tennis club. With the author's personal inscription to Fred Perry's wife Bobby. £75
54: "Fox Meadow Tennis Club 1883 to 1983: The First Hundred Years" by Diana Reische; 1983; 104 pp. This is the story of a small, friendly tennis club in New York state. £30
55: "History of Philadelphia Tennis 1875-1995"; 1995; 64 pp in large format (500 copies only). Many fascinating articles illustrate tennis there through the years since 1875. £50
56: "A Love of Tennis: A History of the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club"; 1981; 144 pp in large format and DW. Illustrated with historical photos and documents about this Canadian club. £35
57: "Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club: 100 Years in Australian Tennis" by Richard Yallop; 1984; 148 pp in DW. This is about the most prestigious tennis club in Australia. £40
58: "A Serve to Authority: 100 Years of Heroes and Headlines" by Richard Yallop; 1992; 194 pp in large format. This is the history of tennis at Kooyong in Victoria, Australia. £45
59: "The Sweet Spot One Hundred Years of Life and Tennis in Geelong" by Graeme Kinross Smith; 1982; 191 pp in HB. The story of the oldest tennis club in Australia. (signed) £50

60: "Dinas Powis Lawn Tennis Club Centenary 1901-2001" edited by John Pikoulis; 122 pp in large 8vo PB. This is the story of a small but vibrant tennis club in South Wales, ably illustrated and accompanied by full lists of past champions and officers. £20
61: "A History of Roehampton Club 1901 to 1986" by Elizabeth Hennessy; 1986; 64 pp in DW. This is the story of a very famous multi-sports club situated in south-west London. £25
62: "Northern Lawn Tennis Club: History of the Club 1881-1936" by R.L. Fell; 75 pp. This is one of the earliest tennis club histories I have seen. It is a top north-west sports club. £110
63: "One Hundred Sporting Summers" by Bob Everitt; 1995; 186 pp in DW. This book is "A
celebration of Bilston Lawn Tennis Club's Centenary". Bilston is near Birmingham . £20
64: "The Hurlingham Club 1869-1953" by Captain Taprell Dorling (aka "Taffrail"); 1954; 69 pp in HB. Top London sports club, where polo, golf, tennis, squash & croquet were played. £35
65: "The Queen's Club Story 1886-1986" by Roy McKelvie; 1st edition of 1986; 306 pp in DW. This is a book which always gives me personal pleasure, firstly because I worked for Roy at Wimbledon for 12 years when he was Press Officer, and secondly because he asked me to prepare much of the research on the squash aspect. It remains a superb history of probably the top multi-sporting club in Great Britain. This copy is personally inscribed and signed by Boris Becker, dated 14 June 1986, a year in which he did not win. (Only 2000 copies printed.) £125
66: "Winchester Tennis & Squash Club A Historical Record 1906-1992" by Bernard Mussell; 1994; 108 pp (4to). This is the story of a famous club on the south coast of England. £25

WIMBLEDON PROGRAMMES FROM THE 1920'S AND THE 1930'S: These rare Wimbledon programmes are from a great period of tennis, and most are in very good condition.
67: 1924 2nd Monday (Borotra/McKane) £250
68: 1925 2nd Thursday (Lacoste/Lenglen) £300
69: 1927 3rd Monday (Cochet/Wills) £300
70: 1930 3rd Monday (Tilden/Moody) £300
71: 1931 1st Saturday (Woods/Aussem) £200
72: 1931 2nd Thursday (Woods/Aussem) £200
73: 1933 2nd Saturday Crawford/Moody) £250
74: 1934 1st Saturday (Perry/Round) £200

WIMBLEDON & WORLD OF TENNIS ANNUALS: See Newsletter 47 for availability & prices.

EDWARD CLARKSON POTTER Jr was born in New York City in 1885 and became a good player. He was an officer of both the USLTA and the Florida LTA, and he was Chairman of the USLTA Publications Committee. As such he became much involved in tennis journalism. He wrote the following three major tennis titles. Does anyone know his birth and death dates?
75: "Kings of the Court"; 1st edition of 1936; 252 pp in large 4to and decorative DW. He reviews the great players from the first Wimbledon Championships through to the Budge era in the USA. He also looks at the Davis Cup, great stylists, men & women greats, the development of the game in the leading tennis countries; all supported by fascinating anecdotes. £175
76: "Kings of the Court"; 1st revised edition of 1963; 342 pp in DW. Reprinted, including new text and photographs of the current top stars, viz. Kramer, Hoad, Rosewall, Bueno etc. £50
77: "The Davis Cup"; 1st edition of 1969; 142 pp in large format (4to) DW. This is a very readable history of the Davis Cup from the first challenge in 1900 up to the "Open Game". £35
78: "The World's Leading Tennis Players"; 110 pp in slim PB. This is a record of the achievements of 165 of the world's top players. This annual went into some 6 editions, but this copy is only the first copy of any edition I have ever been able to offer for sale. £150

TENNIS NOVELS: My last list of tennis novels resulted in 100% sales! I was cleaned out, and restocking has not been easy. Here are some repeats and some first timers.
79: "The Big Silver Bowl" by Philip Harkins; 1st USA edition of 1947; 218 pp in a super dust-wrapper. This is one that I did not know existed until recently. The hero, a football player, turns to tennis and after endless trials and tribulations helps his country to win the Davis Cup. £135
80: "Break Point" by Jeremy Burnham; 1st edition of 1982; 188 pp in DW (8vo). This is about young Barry and his struggles on the road to becoming a successful tennis player. £15
81: "The Finalists" by Russell Braddon; 1st edition of 1977; 224 pp in DW (8vo). This is about an amazingly long Wimbledon men's final. The excitement builds through the fifth set. £20
82: "First Serve" by Mary Towne; 1st USA edition of 1976; 214 pp in DW. This copy is ex-lib. Sixteen year-old Dulcie becomes a tennis player and sets her sights on the top. £20
83: "The Good Loser" by E. Richard Schayer; 1st USA edition of 1917; 59 pp in hardboards. The boy Billy is taken on by the coach Kendrick who makes him a good tennis player. This is an exceptionally early tennis novel from the USA and it even has its tissue guard at the front. £225
84: "Match Point for Murder" by Kin Platt; 1st USA edition of 1975; 185 pp in DW. The sub-title is: "A new Max Roper mystery in which murder calls set point." That says it all really. £30
85: "The Net" by Ilie Nastase; 1st edition of 1987; 254 pp in DW (8vo). Following on from "Tie-Break", (see 90 below), here are more exotic tour happenings experienced by the author. £18
86: "The Promising Young Men" by George Sklar; 1st USA edition of 1951; 304 pp in DW. Another superb dustwrapper encloses a rare tennis novel in which Steve Kropa strives to become a top tournament player but as ever it fails to bring him true happiness. £95
87: "Proudly She Serves" by Helen Hull Jacobs; 1st USA edition of 1952; 214 pp in DW (8vo). This is sub-tilted: "The realistic story of a tennis champion who became a Wave." Jacobs was a Commander in the USNR and she excelled at tennis fiction. The dustwrapper shows her in uniform. This copy is beautifully inscribed by her and dated June 1953. £175
88: "Tennis Shoes" by Noel Streatfield; 5th impression of 1952; 215 pp in nice DW. This is the most famous of all English tennis novels, being a charming family story of the late 1930's. £75
89: "The Tennis Terror and Other Tennis Stories" by Harold M. Sherman; 1st USA edition of 1932; 244 pp in DW (8vo). The dustwrapper is a classic of 1930's design. The six tennis stories range from tales about champions to tales about tennis novices, all pleasantly written. £125
90: "Tie-Break" by Ilie Nastase; 1st edition of 1986; 273 pp in DW (8vo). One could be forgiven for thinking the many on and off court experiences described here reflect Ilie's tennis life! £20

TWO BOOKS WITH TENNIS SCENE FRONT-BOARDS: I like Victorian and early 20th century books for girls which have front cover boards showing delightful tennis scenes.
91: "Daddy's Girl" by L.T. Meade; c1900 (8vo). The front board shows a late Victorian girl with her tennis racket. It is a coloured but rather impressionist view of a player. £25
92: "The Little Princess of Tower Hill" by Mrs L.T. Meade; c1925. The front board shows a full length scene of mixed singles in colour. It is a little worn but still a pretty tennis scene. £25

93: "Rye Lawn Tennis Club"; constitution, by-laws and ground rules. In beautiful condition is this little book from 1894 describing the administration of a small New York tennis club. £150

SOME SIGNED ITEMS: Here are some interesting items signed by great tennis names.
94: "Behind the Scenes at Wimbledon" by A.D.C. Macaulay (as told to Sir John Smyth); 1st edition of 1965 in DW (8vo). This excellent history of the Championships is signed by Duncan Macaulay; Jacky Smyth; AELTC secretary David Mills; tournament referee Michael Gibson. £225
95: "Davis Cup 1973"; programme (4to) for the Australia/Czechoslovakia semi-final played at Kooyong. This copy is signed on the front cover by Rod Laver, John Newcombe, Colin Dibley, Ken Rosewall, Neale Fraser, Mal Anderson, and Greg Masters (indistinctly). £125
96: "The Quest of the Davis Cup" by S. Wallis Merrihew; 1st USA edition of 1928; 377 pp. This rare book was written when the Davis Cup was only 28 years old, and contains the full scores of every tie played so far. It is well supported with photographs, and is signed by the author. £350
97: "Roland Garros" daysheet for 30 May 1997, boldly signed "Good luck! John McEnroe". £50
98: "Wimbledon Programme 6th July 1967"; this edition comes with a sheet of All England Club letter-head signed by these players in the Ladies' Singles draw: Billie Jean King, Virginia Wade, F. Durr, Christine Truman, Jan O'Neill, Lesley Turner, Joyce Williams, Nancy Richey, Carole Graebner, Ann Jones, Judy Tegart, Annie van Zyl, Winnie Shaw, Rosemary Casals, and Maria Bueno. In addition, there is Doris Hart and Angela Barrett (Mortimer). £185

"Wimbledon 1922 The New Ground and Centre Court"; by Alan Little; 32 pp in PB. This is the story of the planning and development of the new complex in Church Road; Tilden and Lenglen fans had outgrown Worple Road. To order, call the Wimbledon Shop on +44 (0)208-946-6131
"Slazengers and Wimbledon". To celebrate the 100th consecutive Championships in which the back page of the Wimbledon programme has carried a full-page advertisement for Slazengers, a book is being published in time for this year's Championships at just under £10.

AND IN CONCLUSION, here is a "pot pourri" of interesting and unusual tennis ephemera:
099: "Buster"; 1982, 1984, 1985. Swedish comics with McEnroe on front covers; each at £10
100: "Buster"; 1984. This is a Swedish comic with Lendl on the front cover. £10
101: "Fundamentals of Tennis" by Wm. T. Tilden; c1929. Tiny "Armour Strings" leaflet. £10
102: "Hartley Tennis Rackets" c1925. Australian 2 page racket manufacturer's leaflet. £10
103: "How to Play Better Tennis"; c1932; 24 pages. "Wright & Ditson" advertising item. £25
104: "International LTC France vs GB" programmes; Queen's Club 1933 & 1936; each at £10
105: "Lawn Tennis Nets 1929"; 8 pages. An illustrated tennis-net distributor's leaflet. £20
106: "Spalding's Tennis Annual 1925". Lovely action photo of Tilden on the cover. £45
107: "Stroking with Vincent Richards" c1935; by Dunlop. This is a tiny coaching manual. £25
108: "Tennis and How to Play It"; c1930. Advertising booklet for "Kent Rackets". £20
109: "US Open 2001 or Australian Open 2002" ; 1 only program & draw-sheet; each at £20
110: "Wightman Cup (GB vs USA) 1934" programme; at the All England LTC. £10
111: "Wimbledon: Official Journal of the Museum" ; 1978; 54 pp in A4 PB. Very rare! £15
112: "Wright & Ditson Official Lawn Tennis Guide 1920". A good, early edition. £60
113: "Wright & Ditson Official Lawn Tennis Guide 1931; 1938"; each at £40


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